Episode 2 - 10 Car Buying Tips

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By Keith Abell
After graduating from college with massive student loan, credit card, new car debt & 3 young kids I realized if I continued down the financial path I was on it would be years before I'd see light at the end of the tunnel. If I wanted to give those kids the life that I dreamed about something had to change. That's when I found Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University & Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad. By sharing the concepts that I learned & successfully implemented from Ramsey, Kiosaki & others, my goal is to give folks hope & show them how they too can build a life of peace & prosperity.
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15 Practical Ways to Save Money
Imagine how your life would change if you suddenly had money left in your monthly budget. What would you do with that money over time? Beef up your emergency fund? Pay off your car? Finally take the vacation you’ve always dreamed of? It can happen! Just take stock of your spending and identify areas where you can save. When you make a few tweaks to your expenses, you could be surprised at how much money you have left in your budget. In today's episode I want to share with you 15 Practical Ways to Save Money. _____________ Blog: Do you find yourself wondering where your money goes each month?   To help you I have created a free course that takes you through the process of getting control of your money. You’ll learn how to track your household budget and find the money to get the life you really want. I put together this free 2 part spending plan class to walk you through the entire process. In Part One we discuss the budget process and explain the importance of the different steps. In Part Two I will walk you through the process by creating a sample spending plan and explain the process in more detail. Instead of wondering where your hard earned money went learn how to create a spending plan and gain control of your finances.  To enroll in this FREE class visit --------------------- If you want to learn more about how to create extra income by starting a home business that requires no start up capital, no pyramid that requires a monthly auto shipment that cost you money every month instead of creating money, and no selling of lotions, or potions or pills, or quick magic diet aids that melt away inches in minutes or other such scam promotions visit   
February 9, 2019
Is it better to set goals or resolutions? Here are 8 tips to help out. Episode 16
Why do most of us fail at keeping our New Year’s resolutions and what simple change can we make that will help us achieve what we want to accomplish in the future?  It’s important to set some intentions for positive change in our life for the New Year, to hit the refresh button, so we need to take a different look at how we set those intentions for this New Year. By definition, resolutions are more do-or-die which makes them more intimidating and more likely to fail. The definition of resolution is “a firm decision to do or not do something” or “the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.” A resolution tends to be ridged and inflexible. More conducive to failure. Meanwhile a goal by definition is “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result; the destination of a journey.” Just by these definitions alone, a goal sounds more attainable. Instead of setting a “firm” resolution that requires a very specific result we need to set a goal which is a part of a journey and enjoy the road to reaching a better place in our life. It’s better to set a goal, so we can evaluate our progress and adjust along the way rather than write off a failed resolution and give up on it.  ______________ Do you find yourself wondering where your money goes each month?  One of the first steps to achieving health, wealth and prosperity is to get control of your finances. And the first step to getting control of your finances is to create a spending plan.    Instead of wondering where your hard earned money went learn how to create a spending plan and gain control of your finances. To help you I have created a free course that takes you through the process of getting control of your money. You’ll learn how to track your household budget and find the money to get the life you really want. I put together this free 2 part spending plan class to walk you through the entire process. In Part One we discuss the budget process and explain the importance of the different steps. In Part Two I will walk you through the process by creating a sample spending plan and explain the process in more detail. To enroll in this FREE class visit 
February 2, 2019
5 Steps to Prepare Financially for Retirement - Episode 15
74% of Americans Are Not Ready for Retirement. An estimated 79% of Americans work for an employer that provides a retirement plan, yet new research from the U.S. Census Bureau suggests that only 41% of those employees contribute to their retirement plans. Saving for retirement is not an area of strength for many Americans. Too often, meeting the financial demands of today means delaying, diminishing or simply never starting to save for the future. If the average person has to plan for 20+ years of retirement, retirement savings need to be a lot more substantial. The bottom line is that you should prepare to live a long time and save enough money to not only maintain your lifestyle but also cover unexpected health costs. In this episode we discuss 5 actions you can take to prepare no matter your age. Links mentioned in this episode: Free Spending Plan (Budgeting) Dave Ramsey, Total Money Makeover: ProsperityRx Blog: Side Gig Income:
November 9, 2018
How a Side Hustle can Supercharge Your Financial Goals - Episode 14
How a Side Hustle can Supercharge Your Financial Goals. Links Mentioned in show:
November 5, 2018
Episode 13 - Do You Want to Fail or Do You Want to Succeed
Do you want to fail or do you want to succeed? In this podcast we are going to talk about defining your dreams. Until you know why the how doesn't matter. Check out the show notes at:
July 27, 2018
The Mindset Pendulum
Visit my blog for more information. On today’s podcast I want to talk about the “Mindset Pendulum.” What goes on inside your brain as you embark on the financial peace and prosperity journey. Once you have an understanding of what’s going on in the 6 inches between your ears then you have a better chance of recognizing how your thoughts affect your success and you will be better equipped with ways to change what Zig Zigglar refers to as “Stinkin’ Thinkin’.” You will be able to stop the stinking thinking and get yourself back on track. Now is the best time to start taking control of your money! I’ll be covering many topics to teach and encourage saving and debt freedom. Be sure to subscribe to this blog at to learn how to save money, make a budget, pay off your debt, reduce your taxes and invest for your future. And if you found value in the information that I’m providing please like and share this with others.
July 25, 2018
Episode 11 - Independence Day 2018
Happy independence day! Over two hundred years ago there was a revolution. An American revolution; an event that literally changed the course of history. It was led by a group of unsatisfied people. A group of people that were tired of being told what they could do and when they could do it. People that were fed up with a lack of choices; the lack of personal freedoms; people fed up with their lives be controlled by others; fed up with being oppressed; fed up with being manipulated. They finally said enough I’ve had it and I’m not going to live like this anymore. Our ancestors were people that took full responsibility for what happened to them. It was that spirit that ignited a country, and formed what is now a giant in the free world. I have a question for you. Where is that spirit today?
July 7, 2018
Episode 10 - You’ve made the decision to get out of debt, now what?
Some people never get beyond this point because they don’t know where to start. The big picture is overwhelming, so people often quit before they ever write the first check to pay off a debt. But you don’t have to worry, because you’re about to discover the first step toward saying goodbye to debt! Before you learn this secret, you need to be forewarned: This step may surprise you. It will seem like the wrong thing to do. You won’t guess it offhand because most people don’t think it has anything to do with getting out of debt. Are you ready? Listen to this episode to learn more.
June 22, 2018
Episode 9 - 7 Baby Steps to Prosperity
I am a huge fan of Dave Ramsey’s baby steps from his book, The Total Money Makeover. It was the baby steps that helped us get rid of $140,000 in consumer and student loan debt, and we are not the only ones. Millions of people have taken his course and followed his baby steps as well, so you can be confident that if you follow these steps, you will build a strong financial foundation for you and your family. A foundation that will lead to peace and prosperity. Today we’re going to go over each step briefly and explain how they are so important to accelerating your path to peace and prosperity, financial independence. To help you figure out where you are in the process listen in for a breakdown of what each baby step entails.
June 19, 2018
Episode 8 - 5 Steps of a Zero Based Budget
Saving money isn’t a matter of math—it’s a matter of priorities. We often tell ourselves we’ll start saving once we reach a certain milestone, like when we get a raise, we pay off the car, or the kids move out. But without healthy money habits, you won’t save money when you get that salary bump, when you own your car, or even when the kids are grown. You’ll only start saving money when you develop healthy money habits and your future needs become more important than your current wants. It’s not as overwhelming as it sounds. Yes, it requires dedication. But with a few tweaks to your spending priorities, you’ll be on the fast track to saving money in no time. Zero-based budgeting is simple! It’s just a way of budgeting where your income minus your expenses equals zero. That’s all! With a zero-based budget, you have to make sure your expenses match what’s coming in during the month and you’re giving every dollar a name.
June 18, 2018
Episode 7 - Are the People in Your Life Keeping You in Debt?
On todays podcast let’s take a look at the, “Poor, Pittiful Me Excuses” broke people make. They have this belief, Why make more money? Uncle Sam will just take it all away. They believe the system is stacked against them, the little man can’t get ahead. I’ve even heard some folks say that If they earn too much they’ll lose their public assistance. They truly believe that other people are keeping them from success. So let’s overcome the “Poor, Pittiful Me Excuses,” by answering the question, “Are the People in Your Life Keeping You in Debt?” People. Sometimes you love ’em, and sometimes you don’t want to be anywhere near ’em. When it comes to your money, people can be a wonderful influence—like Dave Ramsey or your grandmother who never took out a loan in her entire life, even for those overpriced dentures she bought. But people can also drag you down. So who are the types of people you should be looking out for?
June 12, 2018
Episode 6 - 7 Characteristics of Debt-Free Living
Today let’s look at another attitude of broke people, "I Earned This." People that feel like they earned it tell themselves that debt is ok because "I work hard, I deserve it," or maybe they think "you’re only young once." And a big killer that drives people into debt  is "but we’re on vacation." That one has made the "Happiest Place on Earth, the Land of the Mouse" a lot of money.  Let’s talk about 7 Characteristics of Debt-Free Living and maybe that will motivate you to overcome the "I earned it excuses."  
June 10, 2018
Episode 5 - Reasons People Stay in Debt
On our last post we talked about 10 budgeting Myths and setting goals. Today let’s talk about some Reasons People Stay in Debt. Have you decided to get out of debt? Are you drowning in last year’s expenses and tired of paying for the past instead of planning for the future? You’re probably sick and tired of being sick and tired. You might even be angry at being in debt. Eventually, the stress of too many bills and the burden of debt piling up pushed you to your breaking point. Something inside "clicks," and you decided it’s time to make a fresh start. But what keeps people from getting out of debt? Why would someone want to stay in debt instead of living in freedom? Sadly, there are all sorts of reasons people choose that shiny credit card instead of being debt-free. Don’t fall for any of these! Links: ProsperityRx Blog: Start a business:
June 8, 2018
Episode 4 - 10 Budgeting Myths and Setting Goals
Welcome to Episode 4 of the ProsperityRx podcast. We’ve all procrastinated when it comes to getting our financial house in order. The key to do it successfully is by creating a budget. However you’ve probably heard a lot of trash talk about budgeting over the years. Or maybe you tried budgeting in the past and didn’t stick with it each month. But don’t judge budgeting until you hear me out! Having a budget is essential to helping you beat debt and win with money. It’s the map you need follow to get where you want to go in your journey. First I want to debunk some of the top budgeting myths so you can start winning with money. Then I want to show you how setting some goals can get you the motivation to overcome procrastination. Let’s start with 10 Budgeting Myths You Might Be Falling For.
June 4, 2018
Episode 3 - How to Make Getting Out of Debt Fun for the Family
Welcome to episode 3 of the ProsperityRx podcast. This is pharmacist Keith Abell with your prescription for prosperity. This is a podcast where I give you hope. I show you the path toward building a life of peace and prosperity. To build a life that you don’t need a vacation from. In this episode let’s look at How to Make Getting Out of Debt Fun for the Whole Family You’ve had it—you’re finally ready to say "hasta la vista" to debt. But how can you get the rest of the family on board? The journey to debt freedom is going to be a long one, and you’ll need all the support you can get. Every family handles the journey differently. Here are three important steps you can take once you’ve decided to get out of debt. Now schedule a family meeting, hit these three points, and get to work.
June 1, 2018
Episode 2 - 10 Car Buying Tips
Two of the most common myths about buying used cars are that old cars just aren't as safe and buying used is just inheriting someone else’s problems. Buying a car is a big financial decision, and one you shouldn’t just rush through over the course of a weekend. It has everything to do with where you are in your financial plan. I have been buying used cars now for 20 years now without any problems. The last used car that I bought was in 2013 when I paid cash for a Cadillac CTS. Five years later I now have 200,000 miles on that car and I still absolutely love it. The key is to start your research with these 10 car buying tips to help you find an affordable car that also fits your lifestyle. Links Mentioned in this Podcast: Kelley Blue Book Vehicle History Carfax ProsperityRx Blog Starting a Business
May 30, 2018
Episode 1 - 8 Excuses Broke People Believe
In this inaugural episode I discuss the 8 Excuses Broke People Believe about debt then I dive deeper into the first excuse and talk about creating an emergency fund and ways to do it. We also discuss the importance of an emergency fund and ways to generate the extra income to fund that emergency fund. Be sure to check out the blog for links to books and websites mentioned in the episode.
May 16, 2018
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