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Information Security Tips and Gist

Information Security Tips and Gist

By Alabi from Provarex
We talk every day to make the world a little better, safer, and more connected. We have designed our talks to teach the simple principles and best practices that mobile, desktop and gaming device users need to keep themselves safe, both at work and home.
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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Also called multi factor Authentication, this security feature makes it harder for hackers to exploit your social media accounts as it has two keys (password) instead of one.
September 03, 2020
Online Money Doubling Scheme with Alabi and Buhari
In this Podcast, Buhari Dauda, The Team Lead Eight Steps Resources talked about how people run away from things that are real and go for something that is too promising such as a very high return on investment which makes quite a lot of people fall for fraudulent online investment. However, our financial literacy don dey increase. People are looking forward to having multiple streams of income. He also let us know that communication is more of text nowadays. Friend's social media accounts are hacked and used to trick in other friends to invest or subscribe to a fake service which makes their money vanish. He advised us we should also try and call to confirm any form of monetary actions that will be carried out on social media platform just to confirm if it's actually who they claim to be.   Other things that were discussed are: How do people believe in the genuine StartUp investment system coming up in Nigeria? How has EightSteps been able to maintain integrity with its users and future users? Base on the rate of cybercrime, we rounded up the Podcast with advice for internet users who are looking for trustworthy investment platforms. It is really an eye-opening talk which we believe we should all listen to.
March 07, 2020
So What is this Cloud Storage?
Have you ever lost your laptop or your phone was stolen or it crashed? I guess you may end up losing your pictures, documents, videos, files, WhatsApp messages and your contacts. Its high time we start using the cloud storage no matter what happens to your device either been stolen or misplaced, you have nothing to worry about. So how can this cloud storage help out?
February 12, 2020
Why should I request for my computer's hard drive when taken for repair?
Our computer can develop an unexpected fault and may need to be taken for repair. Remember, all your important files are stored on that hard drive which is like your phone memory card or internal storage where all your videos and music are stored. There is a possibility that files or documents on the hard drive may be altered if it gets to the wrong hand. There is an example of how a company document was altered and do find out simple ways you can prevent such scenarios from happening.
January 02, 2020
A simple guide on creating a strong password and managing them in 1 place — hosted by Alabi from Provarex
We have heard from security experts recommending we should keep a strong password across multiple accounts without reusing them but remembering these passwords can be a challenge. Personally, I forget most of my passwords because I keep generating stronger passwords which are hard for me to remember. However, there is a way to manage all these passwords you create. Hold on! Do you know this password manager can also generate a very strong password for you? Yeah! Remember to use a TRUSTED PASSWORD MANAGER! Enjoy!
December 28, 2019
Intro - Information Security Tips and Gist — hosted by Alabi Abdulhafeez
This podcast is a place where you can get to know ways all these online and offline malicious things happen and how to prevent yourself, organization or business from such acts, you will get tips, guides, and best practices. Ok! That’s not all, we have some category of people that are overlooked and they also suffer cyberattacks or mostly social engineering that's our market women and men, traders or business people generally. So these quick tips are also for them to know some ways they can be protected.  Our talk show will comprise of several engaging activities from quick tips, to pro talks and student gist. Trust us, we love engagement as much as you love it, that let us open the window to allow our audience to engage with us via audio message and social media and we will reference their chats on our next talk show. We will be glad to also invite you to our studio or have a phone chat with you anywhere you are so you can share what some of your cyber attack experience. This expands our threat intelligence. 
December 27, 2019