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Prove It Matters

Prove It Matters

By Leo Morejon
There isn't enough healthy debate in business. Prove It Matters is a show that changes that. Guests pick a topic, get 2:00 minutes to debate and prove their points matters. All while Leo Morejon pokes, prods, and generally tries to mess them up.
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Is investing only for the rich? (Ft. Katie Perry,
Katie Perry (VP of Marketing at says investing is not just for the rich, she thinks investing is for everyone. is a social investing app that makes the stock market inclusive, educational, and fun. Public is backed by Will Smith's Dreamers VC, Girlboss author Sophia Amoruso, NFL star J.J. Watt, Blavity Inc. CEO Morgan DeBaun, Scott Galloway, and the original investors in Venmo.    Follow Katie's investments:   *This is not in any way, shape, or form financial advice. You are responsible for yourself, maybe read a book.
November 24, 2020
Will we go back to normal after COVID-19? (Ft. Daria (Pace) Lamb)
Will we go back to normal after COVID-19?   In this episode Daria (Pace) Lamb, Director Of Partnerships + Ambassador to the Future (Institute for the Future), and Leo Morejon debate both sides of this topic.   Daria also talks about what the future holds for businesses and what they should, shouldn't, and should have been be doing pro, prep COVID-19.
November 24, 2020
Do Extravagant Employee Perks Matter? - Gregarious Narain
Gregarious Narain (Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Mentor, Innovation Advisor) thinks all companies should have extravagant employee perks like unlimited days off, access to chefs, and so on. Gregarious Narain Gregarious “Greg” Narain has been at the forefront of social media marketing, influencer marketing, and product marketing for more than 20 years. In his illustrious career, Greg has helped drive marketing verticals – such as content management, email and customer relationship systems, and marketing research – with a focus on product development and launches. Greg has been the founder of numerous startups in the influencer marketing space, as well as being the founder of his own agency that worked with startups and Fortune 500 companies on product development and business strategies. Greg brings his product experience to marketing by leveraging his experience and problem-solving skills to dissect industries, define problems and create innovative product solutions. Most recently, Greg was the CTO and co-founder of Chute, a visual marketing platform serving the Fortune 500 that helped drive influencer engagement with brand connecting with passionate fans and customers. Prior to Chute, Greg was the first employee and vice-president of product at Klout, the startup that defined influencer marketing with its social influence platform. Gregarious has spoken internationally at many leading industry events, including Cannes Lions Innovation, DreamForce, NAB, SXSW, AWS Re:Invent and is involved with numerous nonprofits and organizations. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from New York University in Sociology.
November 08, 2020
Can a book teach you Public Relations? - Karen Freberg
Karen Freberg (Associate Professor of Strategic Communication at University of Louisville) wrote a book on PR and she says you can become a PR pro from a PR text book. Sure… Karen Freberg I am an associate professor in strategic communications at the University of Louisville as well as an adjunct instructor for the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Graduate Online Program at West Virginia University. I am actively involved in researching in public relations, reputation management, social media and crisis communications. I have written several books, including my social media book Social Media for Strategic Communications: Creative strategies and research based applications, published with SAGE. This book most recently was awarded a 2019 APEX print book award. In addition, I have published my research extensively in the areas of social media, public relations, and crisis communications. Along with research, I also try to inspire and brainstorm creative applications for this research not only to the scholarly community, but also for businesses and agencies in public relations. I also am passionate about educating, mentoring, and teaching the future professionals in the field of public relations, strategic communications, social media and crisis communications.
November 08, 2020
Can you Outsource Sales? - Scott Zakheim
Scott Zakheim (General Partner at Landmark Ventures) takes the stance that it’s 100% possible (and beneficial) to outsource your sales. Scott Zakheim Digital marketing executive providing strategic advisory and business development services to Fortune 500 brands and emerging digital marketing technology companies. Landmark Ventures: A leading investment bank, events platform, and corporate advisory firm, Landmark has worked with hundreds of the top public companies, leading investment funds, and growth-oriented private companies over the past 20 years.
November 08, 2020
Is Bitcoin Legit? - Ft. Alex Adelman (CEO of Lolli)
Alex Adelman (CEO of Lolli) takes the stance that bitcoin is a viable currency and the future of money and Leo debates him. Lolli: We’ve created the easiest way for people to earn & own bitcoin. Our mission is to make bitcoin accessible to all. Alex Adelman My team and I are building Lolli, a rewards application that makes it easy for everyone to earn & own bitcoin. We are on a mission to make bitcoin easily accessible to all. Previously, my team and I built Cosmic, the leading commerce gateway, that made it easy for people to buy and sell anywhere. Cosmic was acquired by PopSugar (10/15) then again by Ebates/Rakuten (2/17). Always happy to help good people. Lolli Lolli is a bitcoin rewards site and browser extension that lets users earn bitcoin when they shop from our partner merchants. We form partnerships with top merchants and get a % of every sale. The reward (%) of bitcoin is determined by our participating merchants.
June 02, 2020
Pilot Episode - Owning Your Own Social Media?! - Ft. Jay Mandel
Prove It Matters - Pilot Episode   There isn't enough healthy debate in business and marketing. This is changing that.   I woke up yesterday with an idea:   Called @Brad Alperin to brainstorm (Cocreator creds)   Messaged David Berkowitz, Jay Mandel, and @Mark Avnet, and asked them, "Mind if we record a video later today?"   They said yes without hesitation (THANK YOU!!!)  This video is the result of that. A new show concept where guests pick a topic, I play devil's advocate, and we debate for 2 minutes.  With practice and great relationships, you can see how "easy" it can be to create content, so start creating yourself!   DM me if you're game for being a guest.  (Hosted by Leo Morejon)
June 01, 2020
Should Advertising be Outrageous? - Ft. Nick Palmisciano (CEO, Diesel Jack Media)
Nick Palmisciano (CEO of, President of takes the stance that outrageous advertising is a good for business, while Leo debates him. Follow Nick:   Twitter:  Instagram: Nick Palmisciano Serial entrepreneur, writer, producer, and I guess now I am an actor too. I try to be a positive example to future vetrepreneurs. I drink Bourbon.
June 01, 2020
Newsletters Suck?! - Ft. David Berkowitz (Serial Marketers, Marketing Leader)
Episode with David Berkowitz (Serial Marketers, Marketing Leader) debating the worth of newsletters in today’s world. David Berkowitz David Berkowitz is the principal of Serial Marketer where he generates demand for technology firms and agencies. Prior roles include running marketing for video production marketplace Storyhunter, leading the strategy practice at social listening firm Sysomos, serving as chief marketing officer of Publicis agency MRY, and co-founding the emerging media division of Dentsu agency 360i. Throughout his career, he has been a trusted advisor to world-class brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Estee Lauder, Kraft, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, NBC, Oscar Mayer, Porsche, Smirnoff, and Visa. He has contributed more than 600 columns to outlets such as Advertising Age, MediaPost, VentureBeat, and Adweek, and he has spoken at 350 events globally. Beyond consulting, he publishes the Serial Marketer Weekly newsletter and runs the Serial Marketers community.
June 01, 2020
Should Government Twitter Accounts be Funny? - Ft. Pearl Gabel (Digital Dr., State of NJ)
Pearl Gabel (Digital Director, State of New Jersey, NJGov Twitter) debates both topics on Prove It Matters and shares about her team’s work. Pearl Gabel Award-winning, Emmy-nominated creative professional and seasoned multimedia journalist with 12+ years of diversified experience in planning and executing multimedia projects and leading creative teams. Recently-named as one of the nation’s 50 Most Influential People in PR and Business by PR Week, one of Fortune Magazine’s 40 Under 40, and InsiderNJ’s Millennial 100 List. Currently working on high-profile projects as the Digital Director for the State of New Jersey, overseeing all digital operations for New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. History of success as a producer, director, reporter, videographer and photojournalist; combines raw creativity with proficiency across multiple creative software programs, photo/video hardware and social media platforms. Expert interviewer and visual storyteller with a natural knack for creating compelling narratives and engaging diverse audiences across traditional, digital and social media platforms. Ability to manage cross-functional teams as well as to contribute meaningfully to projects as a freelance production consultant. Clients include NBC News, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Beast, Newsweek, Reuters, Lenny and Atlantic Media. Versatile and highly adaptable with a track record of accomplishments in multiple industries including forprofit/corporate organizations, government institutions, news/media firms and non-profits. Strong project management and leadership skills with demonstrated ability to build and oversee creative teams, balance budgets and drive consensus across multiple stakeholders. Comfortable working with high-profile individuals including presidents, politicians, A-list celebrities and other VIPs. Thrives in a fast-paced, high-stakes work environment; leverages boundless reserves of energy to produce innovative, high-quality creative work on time and within budget. In short, Pearl gets it done. 🙂
June 01, 2020
You Can’t Teach Social Media in School - Ft. Brianne Fleming (Marketing Professor)
Episode with Brianne Fleming (Brand Builder, Marketing Instructor) about teaching social media in school. Is it possible? Brianne Fleming As a little girl, I’d spend every weekend consuming and admiring the pages of my favorite teeny bopper magazines: Tiger Beat, Teen Beat, Bop, Twist, and countless others I’d find at the newsstand. But it wasn’t just the hunky heartthrobs and fun quizzes that made me love these magazines. I was fascinated with the ads, colors, layouts, photography, graphics, and copywriting. And this fascination was more than a childhood phase — it lasted beyond my teenage years and influenced my career. That fangirl grew up to earn a bachelor’s in advertising and public relations and a master’s in mass communication. I’ve spent more than a decade studying, teaching, and working in marketing and media. Today, I coach individuals and brands on how to use the power of content to turn ordinary customers into passionate superfans. The result is a dedicated audience who will grow your business and remain loyal for life! But my coaching style isn’t rigid or something you can find out of a textbook. Nope, I find inspiration and takeaways from everyday moments in popular culture. Check out my podcast, Making the Brand, where I share marketing lessons with a pop culture twist.
June 01, 2020
Influencer Marketing Sucks!? - Ft. Jason Falls (Author, Digital Lead at Cornett)
An impromptu episode with Jason Falls (Author, Digital Lead at Cornett) covering Influencer Marketing. Jason Falls I’ve been called a thought leader and an expert, but I’ve also been called bad names by trolls, so it balances out. My job is leading digital strategy for a kick-ass agency called Cornett in Lexington, Ky. My experiences have given me the opportunity to speak at conferences, write two books (a third on the way from Entrepreneur Press in late 2020/early 2021) and be called all sorts of superlatives by Forbes, Business Week, Entrepreneur and others. To serve the small business community, I offer a few select marketing coaching calls each month. Let’s connect! I host a pair of podcast on C-Suite Radio. Digging Deeper – Make Creativity Your Business Advantage is a weekly interview series focused on creativity and marketing. Winfluence – The Influence Marketing Podcast dives deep into experts on influencer marketing. Some people know me from founding, which at one point was one of the top marketing blogs in the world according to AdAge. I’ve been involved in some really cool projects over the years that have won awards and recognition. I’m particularly proud of helping form the strategy for Wonderopolis, an education effort by the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) which was called one of the top 50 websites in the world by Time Magazine in 2013. Projects I’ve been a part of have also won SAMMY Awards, Shorty Awards and dozens of regional ADDY Awards. Some people call me insightful. Some call me funny and engaging. My kids just roll their eyes and call me Dad. I dig bourbon and sports.
June 01, 2020
Prove It Matters - Show Overview
There isn't enough healthy debate in business. Prove It Matters is a show that changes that. Guests pick a topic, get 2:00 minutes to debate and prove their points matters. All while Leo Morejon pokes, prods, and generally try to mess them up.
June 01, 2020