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Proven By Ruben PODCAST #29 with Kent Temple (The Temple Team)

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By Ruben Garcia
Ruben Garcia is the CEO/Founder of PROVEN BY RUBEN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT where he works with start-ups, CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs to train, hire and bring in proven systems and models that build EMPIRES!
He is also the former Vice President of The Locker Room Business Development Division and the former CEO of Keller Williams Fayetteville where him and his team were able to break ALL-TIME records in agent count, closed units, gross commission income, listings taken, listings sold, contracts written and profit share in 2017.
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Proven By Ruben PODCAST #37 with Jessica Pegg (Pegg Properties)
Looking for a firecracker of a leader?? Look no further than Jessica Pegg! Jessica is the Assistant CEO of the KW Ballantyne office in NC (most profitable KW office in the UNIVERSE!) AND the team owner of Pegg Properties! With her team closing 74 units ($19+M in Vol) in 2018 AND her having a leadership position in the office, leverage has served her well! Shes learned a lot in the 6yrs shes been licensed and she tells all in this podcast! Listen to how she got started, when she wanted to quit, what pulled her through and what it takes to stay in the grind to achieve all shes achieved. Video mentioned in podcast: More info: 
February 13, 2019
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #36 with Joseph Klosik (Salt Marsh Properties-The Temple Team)
Joseph was a successful CEO serving two KW offices and now is a co-owner (with his wife) of Salt Marsh Properties in Charleston, SC. In 2017, the Klosiks partnered with The Temple Team (I talk with Kent Temple in PODCAST #29) out of Charlotte, NC where Joseph serves as the Director of Expansion and Lead Generation and in 2018, they did 156 transactions that equated to over $57M in production! Flexing his coaching and training muscle he also serves as the Operating Partner of a Keller Williams Market Center in Charleston, SC and is a KWU approved trainer where he travels to coach and train agents all over the Carolinas! His passions have carried him far and he humbly knows, there’s so much more to learn and give! Listen to this podcast and get the insight to the falls and the wins of his career. MORE INFO: SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel:
January 16, 2019
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #35 with Mike and Tianna Dean (Cornerstone Design Co.)
Mike and Tianna Dean are serial entrepreneurs and the founders of Cornerstone Design Co. in Fayetteville, NC. Hear in this podcast WHY they started CDC, the challenges they overcame and HOW they have built an amazing team culture! Quick Run Down: Jesus is the Cornerstone of their lives and they believe that the dinner table is the cornerstone of every home. Their hope is that each piece of handmade furniture brings people together in your home, carving out space for fellowship, family meals, work, art projects, or sharing a cup of coffee. Creating space for you to slow down, laugh, and connect is the vision behind each piece of furniture they create. Many of their pieces are a patchwork of pine, oak, mahogany, walnut, poplar, and other reclaimed woods. This blending of materials is a purposeful reflection families, partnerships, friendships, and communities and stays true to the simplicity of the farmhouse style furniture they love so dearly. Creating beauty from the discarded, bringing it to new life, but not hiding the scars and nail holes accumulated along the way is how CDC honors the province of each piece of wood. They appreciate the history and unique story each piece tells and want to create beautiful heirloom pieces that will last your family a lifetime. MORE INFO: SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel:
December 19, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #34 with Toby Prudhomme (Military First BnB Solutions)
Toby Prudhomme is the CEO/Founder of Military First BnB Solutions and IS the business of my dreams! I’ve personally wanted to get into AirBnB investing but didn’t want to be the person changing towels, doing inspections, cleaning everything, restocking house hold items, guest communications, repairs, monitor the Air BnB market for pricing, etc. For Toby and his team to fill this gap has made my life easier and many others as well! Listen to this podcast and find out how he strategically prices the properties they manage to build up demand and get a sneak peak in the tips and tricks on how they utilize cutting edge tools and systems to make it all work! MORE INFO: SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel:
December 12, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #33 with Shelby Osborne (Five Pillars Realty Group)
Shelby Osborne is the CEO/Founder of Five Pillars Realty Group, Founder of Pints & Properties and no stranger to hard work, persistence and is extremely attracted to growth! How do I know that? As you’ll hear in this podcast, she has only been in real estate for a little over a year and in 2018 is projected to closed 45 units in her sales business! Also, she currently has 16 doors in her investment side of the business, and is projected to have 35 by Feb 2019. Shelby - “Our team members are the best, too. Every member of Five Pillars has huge team and personal goals. We’re comprised of active duty or prior service military who personally invest in real estate so we understand both the military lifestyle and investor mindset. We are driven, focused and passionate about what we do. Real estate pumps us UP and we’re excited to help our clients feel the same.” Some Goodies: -Captain at Ft. Bragg, NC in the 2-508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division -Senior Human Resources Manager Company Name5-3 Field Artillery Regiment, US Army -Executive Assistant To The CEO and Senior Leadership Group Company Name17th Field Artillery Brigade, US Army -Strength Manager / Assistant HR Officer Company Name17th Field Artillery Brigade -Executive Assistant To The COO and Senior Leadership Group Company Name308th Brigade Support Battalion, US Army “Five Pillars” - Foundation to their success: 1. Educating 2. Network 3. Plan 4. Creativity 5. Action More info: SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel:
December 5, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #32 with Ann Milton (Ann Milton Realty)
Ann Milton is a small town girl with BIG TIME RESULTS! Based out of Lillington, N.C., her and her team have closed approx. 270 homes in 2017 that equated to approx. $1.2M in Gross Commission Income! With her leadership and team building skills, she left a big box brokerage and opened her own brokerage in January 2018 (Ann Realty Group). We talk about the wins, struggles, hard times and great times in this podcast along with how her days are structured so be prepared to take notes and take action while listening to this Rockstar’s story! More info: SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel:
November 28, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #31 with Alyssa Hennessy (Writer and Dream Interpreter)
Like most women, Alyssa wears many hats – military spouse, mom of 3 young kids, marketer, writer, counselor, public speaker, dream interpreter, & storyteller! Quick Details: For 15+ yrs, Alyssa worked as photojournalist. Her work has been nationally recognized & published by several national organizations including, NBC, Fox News, CNN, & the Associated Press. She also worked as the Director of Events & Promotions for CEED, a local 28-year-old nonprofit. You might recognize her from local food truck events & her time running the What The Truck Program. Alyssa is very involved in the local community & volunteers as a spouse mentor for military spouses affiliated with US Army Special Ops Command at Fort Bragg. PLUS, the day we did the podcast, she shared she is now a 20yr Cancer Survivor! She believes in the power of encouragement and truth and dedicates her time to sharing that with those around her. Check out more here: SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel:
November 7, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #30 with Bill Claydon (Tattoo World)
Bill Claydon is the founder of Fayetteville and Fort Bragg's oldest tattoo shop, the world famous Bill Claydon's Tattoo World. Bill started his shop in 1986 and on this podcast, he tells some great stories that lead up to him starting his shop (including his first few tattoos), stories of him getting his shop off the ground, along with what he'd like to be remembered as. Don't miss this podcast with a true LEGEND! Check out MORE here: Check out the video on YouTube @ Proven By Ruben
October 31, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #29 with Kent Temple (The Temple Team)
Kent Temple is the CEO of The Temple Team where him and his wife, Pam Temple, run a real estate team that is on track to close approx. $65 Million in real estate in 2018. If that doesn’t keep them busy enough, Kent is also an investor in 6 KW offices, they are actively expanding their business across the Carolinas (including Charlotte, Asheville, Charleston and The Triad) and both Kent and Pam travel across the nation teaching business owners how to think and execute on their vision (approx. 62 classes/workshops in 2018)! The Temple Team is a highly sought after, top-ranked real estate enterprise, focused on growth and success which has solidified them as the #1 group in Lake Norman at KW Mooresville. Other Goodies: Kent and his wife are both members of KW Luxury Homes International Network and Global Property Specialists Network. In 2016, Kent was accepted as a KW University International Master Faculty. Check out more:
October 24, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #28 with Brian Pate (Pate Realty Group)
"Gross Stinks, Average Sucks" Brian Pate is the former CEO of a real estate office that has over 300+agents! He is now the CEO of the Pate Realty Group. Him and his team have closed 100+ units equating to approx. $26M+ in closed production in the last 12 mths! When it comes to his real estate portfolio, he currently has 54 properties ($33M+) with over 400 doors! On top of that he also owns a title company, he's the elected commissioner of the Town of Wake Forest (Since Nov. 2015) and he's a North Carolina Real Estate Commission Instructor. If I told you this is all he was involved in, I'd be lying. He always has a new plan and a new venture around the corner that will benefit all that he surrounds himself with! Check out more here:
October 17, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #27 with Jerome Bell Sr. (Real Estate, Marijuana Investor)
Jerome Bell Sr. is a former active duty Marine and the CEO/Founder of Rajj Investment Properties, Inc and ExpressTax Professionals. By the end of 2018, he will had closed over 70 flips and have almost 70 buy and hold investments in his portfolio. Jerome reads approx. a book a week which has put him in contact with the greatest minds in the universe. With his love of reading came his love of writing and he plans to release his first book by the end of 2018 titled “China Rules”. As Jerome combs the landscape for more investments, he has recently started moving his cash into marijuana-based companies. What attracts him to these investments? Tune into this podcast to find out how Jerome built his real estate portfolio and why/how he is moving into marijuana investments!
October 10, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #26 with Aimee Freeman (Aimee & Co)
Aimee Freeman is the CEO/ Founder of Aimee & Co. Currently, her business in Wilmington, NC is projected to close 150 homes this year (2018) which has secured her and her team in the top 1% of her real estate market! Aimee’s team currently consist of 9 agents and 3 admin with a goal to have 20 agents by the end of 2018. Listen to this podcast to hear just how she has doubled her business from 2017 and how agent referrals have been a huge contributor to that! Check out more here:
October 3, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #-25 with Jonathan Rivera (Rivera Realty Group)
Jonathan Rivera is the founder/CEO of the Rivera Realty Group and with only 3 yrs in the real estate business, he has increased his business 443% year over year! After leaving Chicago for NC to pursue a baseball scholarship at UNC-Pembroke he immediately started exercising his entrepreneurial spirit and started a community childhood obesity prevention program that empowered families through health and fitness education. Although he made NC his home, he never let go of the Chicago mentality and applied it in a big way in a small town (Robeson Co.) which has allowed him to dominate that market. Jonathan leverages social media, technology and innovation which has revolutionized his business and has been a great vehicle to tell his story and the story of his clients. As for the future, Jonathan plans to develop his team and expand into different service areas. He is also in the process of earning his GC license to expand his services in development and new constr.
September 11, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #24 with Blake Ginther (The Ginther Group)
Blake Ginther started his real estate career in 2003 in NY City where he was also an actor. Although he loved acting, he started seeing his passion lean more towards real estate and architecture which ultimately had him jump into real estate full time. He now lives in Winston-Salem, NC where his business is selling approx 330+ homes a year which breaks down to approx. $75+M in production. He not only is focused on building a BIG BUSINESS, he entends to have 20 people around him create wealth upwards of $1M! Listen closely to what this humble empire builder has to say! Other quick stats about Blake: -His real estate team (The Ginther Group) has sold over 1000 houses since 2015! -His real estate team was ranked #183 in units SOLD in the US in the Real Trends teams rankings! -He opened a KW office in a previously failed city (shut down in 2012) and after opening in 2015, was #1 in Winston-Salem, NC in homes sold in 2017! Check out more here:
August 29, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #23 David Fowler (FOWLER'S Southern Gourmet)
David Fowler is a Fayetteville, NC native who, along with his family, operated a food truck previously known as The Blind Pig NC, and has now opened their own stand-alone restaurant named FOWLER’S. A premier place to get some of the BEST Quality Smoked Meats around! With David’s stint as a sommelier in Napels, FL, he was trained to become a knowledgeable wine professional. Working in fine restaurants, he specialized in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food pairing. He uses the skills he learned there and has brought a unique flavor to his meats, meals and sauces at FOWLER’S. At this point (Aug. 2018), him and his crew have almost 150 customers a day to taste the meats which are smoked anywhere from 8-10 hours and because of that, the Fowler’s have stapled themselves as one of the BEST places to get BBQ! Check out more here:
August 22, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #22 Brigit Clevenger (REALIST HOMES)
Brigit Clevenger is the CEO of REALIST Homes with KW. Her team is on pace to close over $25M in production in 2018, almost doubling her business from 2017! When Brigit entered real estate, she noticed some agents had 1 or 2 of the pieces she believes are necessary to help all types of clients, and she thought to herself, “How was I going to master doing it all?” Plan of action: She recognized the fact that one person could not do it all on the level you expect. So, she set out to find the highly successful talent to bring in & formed a team! Each member of the team specializes in specific areas: Listings, Luxury, Buying, Relocation, Investing, Customer Support, & Marketing!! Combining all their resources they are able to focus on each clients needs, while always maintaining the level of professionalism they feel should be non-negotiable! Check out more here:
August 15, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #21 Bertha Fernandez (Bertie's Retro Boutique)
Collecting vintage clothing and antiques is in Bertha “Bertie” Fernandez blood. Her beautiful mother (shown on store tags) has always been her inspiration. Bertie adored looking at photos of her growing up in the 50's, listening to her stories and admiring her style of clothing and home decor. Born in San Antonio, Texas, graduated from FIDM in Los Angeles and earned a Bachelors in Design from the University of Hawaii. With two then three beautiful kids in tow she began her journey from costume designer to pin up photographer and now owner of Bertie's Retro Boutique! She is extremely grateful for all the wonderful people she has met, mistakes she's made and things she's learned. Cheers to loving ourselves just the way we are! More here:
August 8, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #20 Brian O' Connell and Sharon Hedgepath (Welcome Home Team)
Brian retired after 20yrs of service from the US Navy in ‘06. He moved to FtBragg to work as a contractor. He had an interest in real estate & started his career in '07. Sharon had lived in the Fayetteville area since 1988. She had a 20yr career as a Registered Nurse but has always had a passion for real estate, as evidenced by the many personal homes she had purchase & sold before getting into real estate. Her philosophy was "some people buy cars every few years, I bought houses". Fast forward to ‘11, Brian & Sharon met, married in ‘12, & started working together. WHT is now a group of professionals that all hold the same vision & standards to be your expert resource whether buying or selling a home--or looking for a great career! Their agents & their admin staff consider the chance to educate, coach, & represent people with one of their biggest invest a privilege & this passion allowed them to help buyers & sellers close on 270+ homes in ‘17!
August 1, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #19 with Leslie and Justin Pearson (Fayetteville Pie Company)
Leslie and Justin Pearson are serial entrepreneurs and are the owners/founders of the Fayetteville Pie Company and Vizcaya Villa. When Justin, and Leslie decided to open a local lunch spot, they knew they wanted to make large quantities of food using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and yet have it served quickly. They decided on serving individual savory and sweet pies and thus Fayetteville Pie Company was born! Now their company pushes out 4000-5000 (even more for special events) pies ever single month! These amazing pies have been recognized and rewarded the Mayors Small Business Award in 2017, deemed Best Pie in NC by, voted BEST new restaurant by Up and Coming Magazine and voted BEST lunch spot by the Fayetteville Observer Readers Choice Awards. Even Alton Brown got down on the action and had to get a taste of these savory and sweet pies! Check out more here:
July 25, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #18 with Ladd Gasparovic (Keller Williams Wilmington)
Ladd's career as a serial entrepreneur with a focus in real estate began in 2004 when Ladd launched his first law firm as a solo attorney. His firm became one of the top real estate/business firms in the area. In 2009, Ladd sold his law practice to the attorneys in his practice, and beginning as CEO/Dir. of Markt/Business Dev. for his wife's fast growing real estate company. In 2013, Ladd left a traditional real estate company and was launching Operating Principal of a new Keller Williams franchise in Wilmington, NC. Ladd acts as the OP of Keller Williams and under his leadership and guidance has become the fastest growing real estate company in southeastern North Carolina, growing to over 235 agents with over 1600 closed units and $370M in closed sales vol. for 2017. During this time, the original sales team now known as REACH Properties still operates averaging over 150 units/yr since 2014. Check out more:
July 18, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #17 with Ben Stout (Ben Stout Construction)
Benjamin Stout is the Founder and President of Ben Stout Construction. Graduating from the University of GA with a degree in business mgmt, he is no stranger to business & entrepreneurship. Thru Stouts hard work, he was recognized for excellence in dollar vol. and units sold at a local ERA franchise. In 2003, while flipping homes himself & gaining greater knowledge on how homes were built in new construction, he earned his NC Gen. Contr. License and in 2012, earned his Unlimited License! Projects conducted by his company range from custom homes & renovations, to commercial up-fits & new buildings. Stout also served on the Board of Directors for the Fayetteville Association of HomeBuilders, as well as serving on various committees within the organization from 2012 until 2015. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the City of Fayetteville Zoning Commission, which allows him to help grow the city in the most responsible manner possible. More info here:
July 11, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #16 with Tim Dudley (Quick Property Solution)
Timothy Dudley is currently the 28 year old owner of Quick Property Solutions, a remarkable company that specializes in property acquisition and management. After leaving college to pursue his dream, Timothy purchased his first property at 23 years old and aggressively continued to build toward the $500,000 in real assets that his company possesses today. Some of Timothy’s favorite aspects of building his business include working with wholesalers and other real estate agents, networking and collaborating with other investors, and ultimately putting together and closing the deal. Timothy’s vision is to create wealth through his real estate endeavors while teaching other individuals the concepts and principles that continue to make him a success. Being from Arapahoe, NC, a rural area that lacks access to many wealth-building opportunities, Timothy realizes the importance of providing opportunities for others.
July 4, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #15 with Kelsy Timas (Guiding Wellness Institute)
Kelsy Timas is the CEO/ Founding Director of Guiding Wellness Institute. She is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Life Coach and Wellness Educator assisting the world in discovering and recovering a life in balance. A proud member of the American Holistic Health Association (AHHA), International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), National Board of Drugless Practitioners, Board of Directors for Connections of Cumberland County, Chambers for Hope, and Sustainable Neighbors. Kelsy is on a mission to serve humanity in their journey and return to holism, she invests her time and talents in people and organizations looking for wellness solutions that move us toward a more balanced and integrative world. Her vision for the future is the driving force behind the growth and development of her company, Guiding Wellness Institute Inc. Check out more here:
June 27, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #14 with Tiffany and Jimmy Niles (AXES & X'S)
Tiffany and Jimmy Niles are the owners of Axes & X's which is Fayetteville's FIRST indoor axe throwing range! You'll hear about their struggles, where they are going next and WHY they do what they do! Book their mobile targets for private parties, corporate events, team building, and more. "Transforming ordinary events into AXEtrodinary adventures!" Check out more here:
June 20, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #13 with Patrick Leclair (LECLAIRS GENERAL STORE)
Patrick Leclair is the owner of LECLAIRS GENERAL STORE in the Haymount community in Fayetteville, NC. LECLAIRS GENERAL STORE provides customers with a nostalgic feel of all things old and new. It's a one-stop-shop for most of life's necessities offering a wide variety of items such as, coffee, tea, wine, craft beer, apparel, books, plants, art, vintage decor, antiques, local goods and more! Quick background on Patrick: -He graduated from Oswego State University with a degree in Marketing. -Director of Visuals for the US - Club Monaco: Ralph Lauren -Regional Manager of Stores at Club Monaco: Ralph Lauren Check out more here:
June 13, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #12 with Ashley Thompson (PRESSED)
The PRESSED Story started in 2011 when owner Ashley Thompson moved to North Carolina to begin her journey as a military spouse. A creative spirit and a passion for design led her to begin a design company while her husband was deployed overseas. In 2015, Ashley took her love for design, creative marketing experience and retail background and opened PRESSED - A Creative Space. She wanted to create a place for people to be inspired through great design and unique products. Where people can find unique treasures, meet like-minded friends and discover what drives their creativity. Now located at 120 Hay Street, PRESSED is a retail store that features uniquely curated, beautifully crafted and well designed products. PRESSED also hosts events and creative workshops where you can learn a new creative skill or just hang out with friends in an inspiring space! Check out more here:
June 6, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #11 with Matt Perry (The Perry Group at KW)
From #TEACHER to Mega Agent! Some stats... 🔥 2017= The Perry Group @ KW Closed 224 Units ($64M in vol) 🔥 He's also the Operating Principle (OP) at KW Durham (launched 19 mths ago) and has already sealed their position as #1 in Durham City and Durham County! What are the #'s? 125 agents closed 1131 units ($288M in vol) and profit shared $97,000+! Check out more here: Ruben Garcia is the CEO of Proven By Ruben Productivity Coaching and Business Development. He is the former CEO of Keller Williams Fayetteville where him and his team were able to break all time records in agent count, closed units, GCI, listings taken, listings sold, contracts written and profit share in 2017. Lets connect on ALL social media platforms @ProvenByRuben
May 30, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #10 with Zan Monroe (CEO of the Longleaf Pine REALTORS)
Zan Monroe is currently the CEO of the Longleaf Pine REALTORS in Fayetteville, NC. Zan Monroe is an entrepreneur who started his first business at the age of 16 and his first corporation at the age of 21. He now oversees the operation of numerous businesses and corporations. Zan is a writer, speaker and consultant. He has published two books, Stories of Uncle Adrian and 7 Lessons for Success. He records, writes and speaks to thousands of people each year about mastery, business, sales, marketing, leadership and investing. Zan’s Leadership and Management coaching helps entrepreneurs raise their production and become more profitable. His events enable companies to create a clear vision of the future and develop the skills that turn talent into production. Zan travels the world serving the needs of his clients but his heart is with his family, in his hometown of Fayetteville, NC. Check out more here: Lets connect on ALL social media platforms @ProvenByRuben
May 23, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #9 with NC CEED
Alyssa Hennessey, Suzy Hrabovsky, Ingrid Marthy, and Sylvia Ray (who came in unexpectedly and to our delight, near the end of the podcast) sit down with me to talk about ALL that The Center for Economic Empowerment & Development (CEED), formerly known as the Women’s Center of Fayetteville, has to offer our community! Check out more here: Ruben Garcia is the CEO of Proven By Ruben Productivity Coaching and Business Development. He is the former CEO of Keller Williams Fayetteville where him and his team were able to break all time records in agent count, closed units, GCI, listings taken, listings sold, contracts written and profit share in 2017. Lets connect on ALL social media platforms @ProvenByRuben
May 16, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #8 with Ryan Harrell (American Tattoo Society)
William Ryan Harrell is an award winning marketing consultant for several marketing firms, and an active entrepreneur. He is the Co-Owner at American Tattoo Society, Founder at The All American Tattoo Convention and the head honcho at Creative Champion. In the last 15 years Ryan has built and sold 3 award winning marketing firms. With over a decade of experience designing and building brands online, Ryan brings together creative marketing knowledge and the nuts & bolts of web technology to give clients flawlessly executed new media expertise. Ryan has personally won 60+ national and international awards for design, marketing & business since 1999. Check out more here: Ruben Garcia is the CEO of Proven By Ruben Productivity Coaching and Business Development. He is the former CEO of Keller Williams Fayetteville. Lets connect on ALL social media platforms @ProvenByRuben
May 9, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #7 with Eric Chandler (Cutting Edge Gifts)
From working at Able Body Labor without guaranteed work to the CEO of his own company, Cutting Edge Gifts. Eric Chandler started his selling career when he started selling CUTCO knives. He went from the worst in his class to ending his 17 week period as the #1 rep in the office and remained the top rep for the rest of the year. By his 2nd year with CUTCO he was running a CUTCO branch in Burlington, NC, recruited 63 sales reps in 3 months and finished #1 in the division which was amongst the top in the nation. With a high school wrestling record of 135-3, three state titles, and a national title in college, he’s no stranger to high level pressure and competition. Check out more here: Ruben Garcia is the CEO of Proven By Ruben Productivity Coaching and Business Development. He is the former CEO of Keller Williams Fayetteville. Lets connect on ALL social media platforms @ProvenByRuben
May 2, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #6 with Tiffany Spell (The Spell Team at Movement Mortgage)
Tiffany Spell started off in the mortgage industry in 2002 as a receptionist at a local mortgage company. Quickly moved from processor, to closing department to working side by side with a top producer at Wells Fargo. In 2012, Tiffany decided to go out on her own and in those three years, placed herself in the Top 10 for Movement Mortgage in units and in the top 1% of loan originators in America for the last two years. Check out more here: Ruben Garcia is the CEO of Proven By Ruben Productivity Coaching and Business Development. He is the former CEO of Keller Williams Fayetteville where him and his team were able to break all time records in agent count, closed units, GCI, listings taken, listings sold, contracts written and profit share in 2017. Lets connect on ALL social media platforms @ProvenByRuben
April 25, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #5 with Ginger Vereen (Ginger & Co. at KW)
Ginger Vereen is the CEO and founder of Ginger & Co. A native of Wake Forest, and a graduate of East Carolina University, she proudly calls North Carolina and the Triangle home. With a degree in finance and tons of determination, Ginger embarked upon a career in real estate in 2010. After recognizing her leadership skills and the principle that strength occurs in numbers, she founded Ginger & Co in 2013. Despite building a real estate career in rocky economic times, Ginger has experienced enormous success. In 2014, Ginger was named a National Association of Realtor’s Top 30 under 30, a Rising Star by Keller Williams and the North Carolina Association of Realtors. This drive, determination, and unwavering professionalism has launched Ginger & Co into one of the Triangle’s award winning real estate teams. Check out more here: Lets connect on ALL social media platforms @ProvenByRuben
April 18, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #4 with Ralph Locklear (South Eastern General Contractors)
Ralph Locklear is the CEO of Southeastern General Contractors and has over 12yrs of experience Designing & Building Commercial & Residential Structures. SEGC has grown to become one of the most sought after custom builders in North Carolina. Check out more here: Ruben Garcia is the CEO of Proven By Ruben Productivity Coaching and former CEO of Keller Williams Fayetteville where him and his team were able to break all time records in agent count, closed units, GCI, listings taken, listings sold, contracts written and profit share in 2017. Lets connect on ALL social media platforms @ProvenByRuben
April 11, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #3 with Lee Vasi (American Idol)
Halle Vargas-Sullivan, who performs under the name Lee Vasi, attended school in Fayetteville and got her start performing in “The Lion King” on Broadway when she was 9 years old. She played the role of Nala and performed with the award-winning show for about a year and a half. She is also a veteran of Cape Fear Regional Theatre performances, including “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,” “Hairspray” and “Return to the Forbidden Planet.” Lee has her own unique style and she calls it “Spanglish-pop-R&B". She said, "I use R&B chords and trap percussion, but I also incorporate Latin percussion and rhythms and sounds, and my lyrics are always bilingual because I’m multi-racial. So I feel like it’s important for me to express every part of who I am.” Check out more here: Ruben Garcia is the CEO of Proven By Ruben Productivity Coaching and former CEO of Keller Williams Fayetteville. Lets connect on ALL social media platforms @ ProvenByRuben
April 2, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #2 with Trenton Reid (Dogwood Realty Group at KW)
Trenton has worked in the Real Estate market for 11+ years. Being born and raised in Fayetteville, Trenton knows Fayetteville and surrounding areas as well as anyone. His understanding of today's market is second to none. His goals are to show clients the ease of selling and/or buying a home when done correctly and to build positive relationships that extend well beyond closing. Trenton opened Dogwood Realty Group in March of 2015. He and his wife Natasha have two boys that keep them very busy. Trenton is the Worship Pastor at his church in Fayetteville. He enjoys spending time with his family, working out and has a passion for playing golf. Check out more here: Ruben Garcia is the CEO of Proven By Ruben Productivity Coaching and former CEO of Keller Williams Fayetteville. Lets connect on ALL social media platforms @ProvenByRuben
March 27, 2018
Proven By Ruben PODCAST #1 with Michael Glaspie (Real Estate Investor)
Mike Glaspie grew up in Texas and joined the military in 2009. As his career progress he moved to Ft. Bragg, NC in 2012. During his active duty career he continued to pursue his entrepreneurial drive and started real estate investing in 2017. Since he started investing in real estate he has acquired 4 properties and is set to close on 4 more by the end of 2018 and his current goal is to own 100 properties by 2023. Ruben Garcia is the CEO of Proven By Ruben Productivity Coaching and former CEO of Keller Williams Fayetteville where him and his team were able to break all time records in agent count, closed units, GCI, listings taken, listings sold, contracts written and profit share in 2017. Lets connect on ALL social media platforms @ProvenByRuben
March 27, 2018
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