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From the author of, a podcast about podcasting. Will Rice gives you everything you need if you are thinking of starting your own podcast or taking yours to the next level.

Will also talks about technology, audio, social media, and more.
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The Sound Episode
On this episode, something completely different as Will takes the show on the road. Well, not really on the road, but around his house. The show exits the studio today with a trusty Blue Yeti microphone to talk about sound. We have talked about recording spaces quite a bit on the show and written about that even more on the blog. However, there are still so many shows that would sound 100% better if the host could find a better space to record in. So, out of the confines of the sound treated studios we go, in search of a better sound space inside the house.  Learn more about the new service for starting a podcast at Check out some of the accessories mentioned on the show here:
July 16, 2019
Podcast Motivation: What Are You Hoping Will Happen?
Are you considering throwing in the towel on your podcast? Are you just starting a podcast and wondering if you will be able to push through enough episodes to really establish yourself? I feel too many podcasters give up before they should. I could wow you with stats about how many episodes most podcasters last before giving up or abandoning their show. But, I am not interested in statistics. Instead, I am thinking about your show. You were excited when you started it, but sometimes you think it is time to move on. Maybe it is time. But, maybe it is not. Special thanks to  Dave Thomas from the Walk the Talk Podcast for sharing with us what goes into creating his podcast. You can listen to his podcast at and follow him on Twitter @WalktheTalk18. For more on the topics from today's show, visit
July 2, 2019
The Podcast Interview
Interviews are one of the most fascinating aspects of podcasts. There are, of course, some podcasters (like me) who have never featured an interview. But, for some podcasters, interviews are the lifeblood of every episode. For others, they are an occasional feature. Whether interviews are a regular feature of your podcast or, if they only come along every once in a while, you want to do everything you can to make them sound great. Read more at:
May 14, 2019
Improving Your Podcast: The Crutch
There are a lot of tips for improving your podcast. In this post, I am going to share something that you can get rid of to improve your podcast: the crutch. What is a crutch? For this post, I am talking about a word, phrase, or sound podcasters (or anyone who speaks to an audience) use when they need a moment to think about what they will say next. Verbal crutches come in all shapes and sizes, but any of them can have a negative impact on the sound of your show. Read more at: Get a free Technical Podcast Review at Looking for a professional podcast intro? Head over to
March 13, 2019
Episode 13 - How YOU Can Sound Great on Your Podcast (5 Voice Tips)
How can you sound better on your own podcast? Practice. Like it or not, if you are the host of your podcast, you are the "voice talent." I have shared before that you don't have to have a "great voice" to have a great podcast. Podcasting is a great chance to share YOUR voice. Your voice works perfectly for your content. So, forget what people sound like when they are selling cars or telling you about new movies. Just be you. Read more at: Looking for a professional podcast intro? Head over to
February 18, 2019
Episode - 12 - Podcast Intros: Catching Your Listeners' Attention
If you want a professional sounding podcast, you need a professional sounding podcast intro. Full disclosure: A large part of my business involves voicing and producing podcast intros and outros. However, you don't necessarily need to hire a pro to have a great intro. In this post, I will discuss the elements of a great intro and how to go about either producing your own intro or hiring someone else to do it for you. Plus, we will hear from Dave Prichard, host of The Ultimate Ground Rules podcast about his show and the equipment he uses to put it all together. You can hear Dave's show at: For more on today's episode, check out Looking for a professional podcast intro? Head over to
February 10, 2019
Episode 11: Using Software to Make Your Podcast Sound Great, Part 2
In this series about using your recording and editing software to improve the overall sound of your podcast in this episode we will look at normalization and limiting. To read more and see and hear examples, check out the blog at
January 2, 2019
Episode 10 - Using Software to Make Your Podcast Sound Great
In this episode, Will talks about using your recording and editing software to make your podcast sound great. We started with the two most essential factors in audio quality: the space you are recording in and your microphone. Now, we will move on to the software. In this series, we will look at four aspects of audio production: compression, limiting, normalization, and equalization. Used together and correctly, these can make a considerable improvement in the sound of your podcast. In this episode, we will examine compression. To read more and see and hear examples, check out the blog at
December 14, 2018
Pro Voice Guy Podcast - Episode 9
Looking for some podcast tips? Want to make your podcast sound better? That is what we will talk about on this episode. So, you have started a podcast, or you are getting ready to make the leap. But, when you listen to your recordings, they don't sound the same as some great podcasts you listen to. What can you do to improve your sound quality? What can you do to make your podcast to sound as good as professionally produced podcasts? Get all the notes, plus images and links at
November 25, 2018
Episode 8: Promoting Your Podcast
Promotion: That's often the last thing people are thinking about when they are hit with the inspiration to start sharing their ideas via audio on the web. I have been a fan of the "Build it, and they will come," strategy ever since I saw Field of Dreams. Unfortunately, it rarely works. Learn more and get the links at: Get your own custom podcast intro or outro at:
October 26, 2018
Podcast Hosts: The Best of the Best - Starting Your Own Podcast
We have been talking a lot about what to look for when choosing a place for your podcast to live. Today, I am going to cover 5 great options for podcast hosting. Learn more and get the links at: Get your own custom podcast intro or outro at:
September 24, 2018
Episode 6: Monetization: Making Money with Your Podcast
Are you starting your own podcast? Or do you already have one? Are you hoping to monetize it, in other words, are you hoping to make some money? It is quite possible to do. But, if you haven't yet decided who is going to host your podcast, you might want to think about this before you choose. Maybe you are not trying to get rich or make a living as a podcaster but just hoping to afford a microphone upgrade or pay your hosting fees. There are a few ways to create an income stream from your podcast. Read more at: Get your own custom podcast intro or outro at:
September 4, 2018
Analytics and 5 Tips
Considering starting your own podcast or taking your current show to the next level? Pro Voice Guy can help. On this episode, we continue our series about features of podcasting hosts. We will be covering a topic that doesn't sound especially exciting but may be important for the success of your podcast: Analytics. But first, we are going to offer 5 things to think about before you start your own podcast. Check out the show notes at and
August 22, 2018
Episode 4: Features of Podcasting Hosts #1
"How much space do I need?" How much space do you need from your podcasting host? Buzzsprout, Libsyn, PodBean, SoundCloud, Anchor, and others offer differing amounts of storage and bandwidth. Read the show notes at
August 14, 2018
Pro Voice Guy Podcast Episode 3
Welcome to the Pro Voice Guy Podcast. My name is Will Rice. I started this podcast as an adventure of learning about podcasting to better serve my clients. Once you have a podcast, where does it live, how do people listen, how do they find it? Today we will be talking about podcasting hosting and syndication. Check out the show notes at
August 1, 2018
Pro Voice Guy Podcast Episode 2
Today I will be talking software. What exactly does that recording software need to do to get your podcast ready for broadcast? I am going to talk about the five functions of your recording software and talk through some of the options available. Check out the show notes at: and
July 26, 2018
Pro Voice Guy Podcast Episode 1
Welcome to the Pro Voice Guy Podcast. My name is Will and I started this podcast for a simple reason. I voice and produce intro and outros for podcasts every day. I thought it would be helpful to work through the process of writing, producing, and publishing a podcast on a regular basis. That way, I can offer more insight into some of the best practices of podcasting. On today's episode I will talk about one of the most important elements for a great podcast: your microphone. Check out the show notes at
July 15, 2018
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