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The First Lady of PRS Radio - Gloria Carnevale

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By Eugene Leonard
This station will document the personal experiences and background of long term expats in the Shenzhen and Hong Kong area as well as local residents.

We will explore how they ended up in Shenzhen and significant events in their lives in the lead up to arriving here.

Their perspectives on life in China and how Shenzhen has changed over their time here promises to be fascinating.
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The Vadas Experience
On this episode, I speak to Andrew Vadas, a North-Shore Sydney Gentleman, of Hungarian descent who has lived in Shenzhen (Shekou) for nearly 16 years arriving in 2004.  Andrew decided to torture himself by supporting St.Kilda's, a Melbourne based team in the AFL.. A shocking decision; let's hope his decision to come on the podcast is a better one......  We hear about his life growing up in Sydney; pursuing the great Australian dream of wife, family, car, house and business and how he achieved all this by the age of 25, yet how his real passions including music fell by the wayside in the process.  After his divorce, Andrew suddenly was presented with an opportunity to move to China ("where?") and how he seized this opportunity with both hands and reaped the benefits, both personally and professionally.  Andrew has experiences the highs and lows that China has to offer; he speaks candidly about doing business within China and some of the pitfalls involved including a cautionary tale about a friend who lost $6 Million in a deal gone bad.  We hear about his love of taxi driving and where this stems from and some of the interesting experiences he had while driving in Sydney. We somehow manage to relate taxi driving to the need of expats to develop a support network when to move to Shenzhen! Andrew has rambled along the pathways of China this last 16 years and has many tales to share with us including how he resurrected his musical career in Shekou. Being an expat in China can be a challenging experience and not everyone is cut out for it to be honest. We talk about this and  how being out of your comfort zone and having no support network in place can lead to personal problems for people moving to Shenzhen.   We hope you enjoy the show and please share with your friends and rate the show in Apple Podcasts/Google Podcasts.  The full uncut extended episode can be found here on Youtube.  You can find me on Twitter @EugLeonard and you can follow PRS Radio using the #PRSradioSZ  You may also be interested in a new show I have about the SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals) and this is also available on Anchor  Thank you Andrew Vadas for joining us on PRS Radio; an absolute gentleman. 
October 1, 2019
The First Lady of PRS Radio - Gloria Carnevale
A truly inspirational woman and leader in the Shenzhen Community.  Listen to the story about her life in Canada, her artistic influences and her life in Shenzhen including many achievements both personally and professionally in particular within the art community of which she is a leading member. Gloria speaks openly and candidly about her current fight with breast cancer, her hopes and dreams for the future and the positive mental attitude that she is drawing upon to overcome this illness.   Read more on Gloria Carnevale....  Thank you Gloria for joining #PRSradioSZ and you will forever be our First Lady. 
September 15, 2019
Episode 2 - Claudio Giannantonio
#PRSradioSZ  More to follow.......
September 1, 2019
中国通 Paul Delahunty - The Virgin of PRS Radio
Welcome Note from the Host and Founder of PRS Radio Eugene Leonard   Originally from Aghabog City, Co.Monaghan, Ireland, Eugene Leonard is the host of PRS Radio, and has lived in Shenzhen for five years. He is a Technology Integration Coach at Shen Wai International School (SWIS) in Nanshan. This is his second podcast station with SWIS ROC Radio, a school podcast channel being the first one he formed several years ago. It can be found on a number of platforms. He is currently creating new staff orientation podcasts on Anchor, of which this new podcast series will compliment.   Guest Introduction   Originally from Co.Wexford in Ireland, Paul Delahunty, the virgin guest on PRS Radio, has lived in China for 17 years. In the first part of the show we hear about his journey from the farm yard in Eniscorthy to China to begin his teaching career a long time ago. Paul is now a very happily married man with two wonderful children aged 14&12 who attend schools near where he works in Shenzhen.   Part 2 - Cultural Differences  In this section Paul tells us some hot tips for how to adapt to life in China including a bizarre, yet excellent tip, which I hadn’t thought of previously sharing about shoes…but rubber soled shoes folk! We hear about the Do’s and Don’ts of living in China, and Paul offers unique perspectives from his lengthy experiences over this past 17 years. We also talk about the huge changes Paul has seen over this time including technological, transport and construction (Don't mention his waistline; it's a sensitive topic)  Part 3 - Books  Paul, an avid reader of books (not just comics) talks us through some of the excellent books he has read over the years including;  Petter Hessler - River Town, Oracle Bones & Country Driving:  Daniel Kane - The Chinese Language;  Rob Gifford - China Road.  Paul choose a book from Christopher Hitchens entitled ‘The Portable Atheist‘ to take with him to read on a Des(S)ert Island if he had only one choice.   Part 4 - Music Career (Including Emmet O’Halloran’s amusing question!) We hear amusing stories including Paul’s time in The Beatles and his thoughts on The Galway Girl! Paul talks about favorite musicians and albums. He also offers some hot tips on essential apps to have on your phone to survive in China.  Part 5 - Favorite Podcasts (including Blindboy @Rubberbandits) Paul talks about a number of podcasts he enjoys including; Lazslo Montgomery’s China History Podcast Kaiser Kuo’s Sinica Podcast The Irish History Podcast - Finn Dwyer We then have a more detailed discussion about one of our personal favorite - The Blindboy Podcast. We highly recommend this to our listeners and formulate (poorly) a question for Blindboy regarding mental health and advice for expats specifically.  Final Part - Brexit and The real reason Paul is in China.... Paul may be on the run from Ireland because of the fear of Brexit according to Emmet O Halloran…. We hope you enjoyed the 1st episode of PRS Radio #PRSradioSZ #Shenzhen @mr_leonard_SWIS
June 2, 2019
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