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PSA Today

PSA Today

By Kaliya & Seth
PSA Today = Privacy, Surveillance, Anonymity. Join Kaliya Young and Seth Goldstein for a spirited conversation at the intersection of the three themes driving modern identity: privacy, surveillance and anonymity. We wrestle each week with some of the most contentious issues facing our world as we try to find opportunities for agency and self-sovereignty within shared communities, both online and off.
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PSA Today #37: Kaliya and Seth talk with Julian Ranger, Chairman & Founder of about personal data governance (in a world of surveillance capitalism)
Check out for more about Julian and his company and how they are going to market.
March 29, 2021
PSA Today #36: Kaliya and Seth talk about Privacy, Anonymity, Pseudonymity & NFTs
Our first trip down the rabbit hold of NFTs:  how do issues of identity and anonymity play out in the world of creating and collecting digital art and collectibles on the blockchain.
March 22, 2021
PSA Today #35: Kaliya talks with Lucy Yang, Community Director of the COVID-19 Credentials Initiative Lucy  Yang is the Community Director of the COVID-19 Credentials Initiative and leads the operations and communications of the community, which has now grown to over 400 participants. Lucy is an entrepreneur and business leader, experienced in taking ventures off the ground and leading their growth from 0 to 10. Prior to moving to Toronto from Beijing, she was involved in many startups and helped expand their operations across China. During her MBA at the University of Toronto, Lucy co-founded a social project that was covered by over 10+ media outlets including CBC and CTV. While at a blockchain venture development firm post-MBA, Lucy led the business operations while supporting portfolio ventures in business development, market research, and product development. Lucy also holds a master’s degree in anthropology and proudly calls herself a lifetime anthropologist.
March 19, 2021
PSA Today #34: Kaliya & Seth talk LEIs (Legal Entity Identifiers) with Simon Wood, CEO of Ubisecure
Simon Wood is the CEO of Ubisecure, the #1 issuer of LEIs (Legal Entity Identifiers) We discuss the evolution of LEIs since the financial crisis of 2008, the difference between high assurance and low assurance, and the relationship between rights and ownership as it relates to identity management of entities.   Seth digresses about NBA Top Shot collectibles, and the role of the NBA in that case as an entity that is tied to the value of the market. Kaliya wrote this that sheds some additional light on entity identification registries.
February 17, 2021
PSA Today #33: Kaliya & Seth talk Synthetic Data with Harry Keen, CEO and co-founder of
Fascinating conversation about the emergence of Synthetic Data and its role in protecting privacy and preserving anonymity in various use cases including finance and advertising.   Hazy is the most advanced and experienced synthetic data company. We were founded in early 2017 by Harry Keen (CEO), James Arthur (CTO emeritus) and Dr. Luke Robinson (CSO). With one foot in big business and the other in academia, Hazy stands on the belief that privacy by design should not slow down innovation. Originally a UCL AI spin out, London-based Hazy was initially incubated by Post Urban Ventures and CyLon cybersecurity accelerator. Our startup began trying to fix the flaws of traditional data redaction and then data anonymisation. We soon discovered anonymised data will always pose a risk to re-identification.
February 12, 2021
PSA Today #32: Kaliya and Seth are joined by Biometric Scientist Asem Othman and Jack Callahan, CTO, of digital identity provider Veridium
There are so many physical and behavioral ways of establishing somebody's unqiue identity. We talk homomorphic encryption, synthetic data and the upcoming conference on Thoughtful Biometrics
January 28, 2021
PSA Today #31: Kaliya and Seth are joined by Matt Prewitt, President of the RadicalXchange Foundation: how data coalitions can overcome the addiction and exploitation of today's tech platforms
Matt Prewitt is President of  He is a lawyer, writer and technologist. On this episode, we discuss the evolution of RadicalXchange, from the seminal work of Glen Weyl and Eric Posner to the proposal for a Data Freedom Act.  We locate the birth of addiction and exploitation data dynamics in the Persuasive Tech lab of BJ Fogg at Stanford, and think about data coalitions (formerly known as MIDs in Jaron Lanier and Weyls 2018 HBR "A Blueprint for a Better Society") as a progressive alternative.  Note that Kaliya and Seth both contributed to the proposal that has become "The Data Freedom Act"; an appropriate declaration of data rights on this inauguration day.   You can sign up here to join the RadicalExchange mailing list and participate in monthly calls. Is there somebody that you think would be great to have on the show?  Maybe you? Please visit and let us know!  
January 20, 2021
PSA Today #30: Essential Readings: The Right to Privacy -- Kaliya & Seth read and discuss Justices Warren/Brandeis seminal essay from 1890. Part 2 of 2.
Part Two of our reading of The Right to Privacy A new feature of PSA Today called "Essential Readings" where we read a key work from the literature on privacy and discuss it like the Talmud.  We make it through about half of the essay in this episode... The Right to Privacy. Samuel D. Warren; Louis D. Brandeis. Harvard Law Review, Vol. 4, No. 5. (Dec. 15, 1890), pp. 193-220
January 15, 2021
PSA Today #29: Essential Readings: The Right to Privacy -- Kaliya & Seth read and discuss Justices Warren/Brandeis seminal essay from 1890. Part 1 of 2.
Today we introduce a new feature of PSA Today called "Essential Readings" where we read a key work from the literature on privacy and discuss it like the Talmud.  We make it through about half of the essay in this episode... The Right to Privacy. Samuel D. Warren; Louis D. Brandeis. Harvard Law Review, Vol. 4, No. 5. (Dec. 15, 1890), pp. 193-220
January 07, 2021
PSA Today #28: Kaliya & Seth welcome Philosopher Carissa Véliz to talk about her important new book "Privacy is Power"
We talk with Carissa Véliz about her book "Privacy is Power" which was just published in England by Penguin and will be coming out in the US in April.  We talk about privacy as a collective act, the problem with personalized ads, and some of the other thinkers who have inspired her work including Shoshana Zuboff (Surveillance Capitalism), Helen Nissenbaum (Obfuscation) and Thomas Nagel (Concealement and Exposure).   Carissa Véliz is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and the Institute for Ethics in AI, as well as a Tutorial Fellow at Hertford College, at the University of Oxford. Véliz has published articles in the Guardian, The New York Times, New Statesman, and the Independent. Her academic work has been published in The Harvard Business Review, Nature Electronics, Nature Energy, and The American Journal of Bioethics, among other journals. She is the editor of the Oxford Handbook of Digital Ethics.
December 24, 2020
PSA Today #27: Kaliya & Seth dig into DataLotto, last week's MyData conference, the pending subprime attention crisis, and look back at the year in privacy
Fun conversation comparing and contrasting the snarky American take on my data (ie with the more sober European one ( Kaliya talks about her new role in helping the self-sovereign Covid credential ecosystem within the Linux community, while Seth reveals his background in avant garde theater and drops references to Jerzy Grotowski and the Wooster Group in talking about the pendulum swinging back towards extreme physical community formation late year. They talk about Tim Hwang's book on Subprime Attention Crisis  And look forward to next week's guest Carissa Veliz who wrote Privacy is Power
December 16, 2020
PSA Today #26: Kaliya & Seth talk with Adrian Gropper, Privacy Engineer, about Fiduciaries, Generative Layers, Human Rights, and Self Sovereignty
Adrian Gropper ( graduated from MIT in the late 70's and has been a Privacy Engineer ever since.  Along the way he has started a number of ventures in the medical devices space.  He joined us for a fascinating conversation about the evolution of privacy from the late 70's pre-Internet to today's surveillance capitalism regime.  We discuss the need for privacy fiduciaries,  generative layers on top of internet protocols, self-sovereign technologies, human rights, and some of the roads not travelled that led us to the situation we find ourselves in today.  Particular emphasis on the three A's of the security/identity layer:  Authentication, Authorization and Audit.  
December 02, 2020
PSA Today #25: Kaliya & Seth talk with Jeff Aresty of the about the "Justice Layer" of the Internet and how it relates to Identity
Jeff joins Kaliya and Seth to discuss the evolution of Internet law, from the 80's/90's, through music rights and Napster, Creative Commons, to today.   Jeff is the founder/current President of, Inc. Mr. Aresty has been involved in international business law and the role of technology in the transformation of the practice of law for almost three decades. He is a past chair of the American Bar Association Section of International Law’s Information Services, Technology, and Data Protection Committee and is currently the deputy program chair and has volunteered in other capacities for the ABA and the Massachusetts Bar Association. Also, check out
November 30, 2020
PSA Today #24: Kaliya & Seth talk with Mark Kapczynski, Privacy Industry Expert about his experience at Experian, Yodlee, and more!
You can find Mark on Twitter at He has consulted for companies as diverse as Microsoft Entertainment, Experian, Yodlee, OneRep and others.  We talk about the evolution of identity theft, privacy for Gen Z, and the consumer tradeoffs of data, utility, convenience, and security.  The danger of people search engines, how they relate to data brokers, and what people can do to delete their PII.
November 21, 2020
PSA Today #23: Kaliya and Seth talk with Jeff Doctor from Animikii about Data Colonialism, Indigenous Data Sovereignty and applying 7 Generations thinking to technology.
What is we thought of Data as the new water instead of Data as the new oil?  What if we thought about data rights in terms of sustainability over the past 75 years and the next 75 years, instead of in terms of extraction and monetization? Jeff Doctor is Cayuga from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, and a Strategist at Animikii Indigenous Technology. His primary role with the company is ensuring that the experiences we design and develop are effective within Indigenous contexts. His focus is on (re)building Indigenous Data Sovereignty within communities — particularly regarding First Nations lands, housing, and infrastructure. I'm a passionate advocate for leveraging technology to accelerate Indigenous resurgence throughout the world. Additional links on Jeff and his work: In general this is the best starting point: The CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance:
November 05, 2020
PSA Today #22: Kaliya and Seth talk with Katryna Dow from about how their Privacy & Security by Design Platform was inspired by seeing Minority Report (and Jaron Lanier)
Katryna Dow from talks about watching Minority Report, talking with Jaron Lanier (who ended up writing this about MIDs - Mediators of Individual Data-- with Glen Weyl) who introduced her to our very own Kaliya nearly a decade ago.  Good clean ethical data fun.
October 28, 2020
PSA Today #21: Kaliya and Seth welcome Dave Birch on Digital Financial Services and “Smart” Money
Dave Birch is an author, advisor and commentator on digital financial services. He is a recognised international thought leader in digital identity and digital money. More at In today’s episode, we talk about his new book “Currency Cold War” and relationship, and lack thereof, between digital currency and identity. Dave describes how smart money is digital currency that embodies its community. We talk about how data is NOT the new oil. And Dave responds to Paul Graham’s recent suggestion that Stripe is the next Google with the key insight “data about payments is more valuable than payments themselves.” We talk about the idea of community-level digital currencies (ie a NY coin vs just a USA coin, or different ethnic currencies) as well as the emergence of QR codes as a vision for the future of post-pandemic, community commerce.
October 14, 2020
PSA Today #20: Kaliya and Seth welcome Craig Danuloff, CEO & Co-Founder of The Privacy Co (and the Priiv App!) to talk about the privacy market and building a successful consumer product
Craig Danuloff is one of the pioneers of the emerging consumer #privacytech industry, focused on enabling people to easily configure and bundle their privacy settings to achieve peace of mind.  He talks about co-founding and seeding his company with legendary cybersecurity firm K2.  We talk about his own evolution as an entrepreneur over the years, including his work on quantified-self startup that focused on empowering people to keep a record of their data.  This shifts into a conversation with Kaliya about self sovereign identity, the canonical 1890 essay The Right to Privacy by Justices Brandeis/Warren and of course the latest shock and awe documentary on Netflix The Social Dilemma.  Seth looks back twenty years and reveals how he passed on both Peter Thiel and Tony Faddell during his brief stint as a VC, before backing some Stanford mobile computing entrepreneurs who ended up leading him to the origins of BJ Fogg's Persuasive Technology Course that taught a generation of entrepreneurs how to dopamine hijack our attention.  —— Priiv in the AppStore: ThePrivacy Bundles: Website: Magazine: Social Dilemma Post: Apple and Privacy Post:
September 30, 2020
PSA Today #19: Kaliya and Seth welcome Tim Bouma, Senior Policy Analyst Identity Management for Canada's Treasury Board Secretariat to talk about SSI
Tim talks about his experience in the field of SSI (Self Sovereign Identity) and his work on the Pan Canadian Trust Framework.  And we learn the differences between working on PSA in a country with modern federal privacy laws like Canada, versus one in the United States where there is no such thing.  We also discuss the example of Google's ill-fated attempt to impose its own brand of surveillance capitalism on Toronto's Sidewalk Lab initiative.
September 24, 2020
PSA Today #18: Kaliya and Seth welcome Brian Hofer from to talk about how to figh local surveillance through privacy activism
A truly inspiring conversation about Brian's experience at a local city level in Oakland over the past 6 years fighting local surveillance, advocating for privacy, developing anti facial recognition campaigns, and warning about threats like "predictive policing." 
September 16, 2020
PSA Today #17: Kaliya and Seth talk with Jim Fournier of about data provenance, self-validating contracts and new models for surfacing social truths
Kaliya welcomes her long-time colleague and frequent collaborator Jim to talk about his history at the front-line of identity management through today.  From the site: "In many domains, starting with the COVID-19 crisis, the world literally needs a new way of “thinking together”, a new way of collaboratively engaging in a deliberative process, where content can be traced to its source, information has real accountability, and we can choose what to disseminate across society-at-large. As the realization of the need for this burst into the mainstream, it became clear that a general network solution is needed by all organizations, not just for climate, and Tru was born.
September 09, 2020
PSA Today #16: Seth talks about building Spartacus, Kaliya talks about the Identity Spectrum, and we mumble a bit over what Kamala Harris will do to Tik Tok
PSA Today #16: Seth talks about building Spartacus, Kaliya talks about the Identity Spectrum, and we mumble a bit over what Kamala Harris will do to Tik Tok
August 12, 2020
PSA Today #15: Kaliya & Seth talk with Cybersecurity Expert Haseeb Awan about secure mobile network security, protecting against SIM swaps, and what happened with the recent Twitter hack
PSA Today #15: Kaliya & Seth talk with Cybersecurity Expert Haseeb Awan from EFANI about secure mobile network security, protecting against SIM swaps, and what happened with the recent Twitter hack.
August 05, 2020
PSA Today #14: Kaliya & Seth talk with Dr. Jennifer King, the Director of Consumer Privacy at Stanford's Center for Internet & Society: Notice & Consent, CCPA, CPRA, GRPR... OMFG!
Dr Jen King is publishing a new paper on Notice & Consent, as one of the subtle pieces that most people ignore when arguing about the pros and cons of privacy vs surveillance. We talk about her story from Yahoo! to studying information science at Berkeley where she wrote her dissertation on “Privacy, Disclosure, and Social Exchange Theory."  We touch on a number of topics, including the elevation of privacy consciousness during civil rights protests and the emergence of corporate tech taxation as a potentially more scalable solution to compensation for personal data use.
July 29, 2020
PSA Today #13: Kaliya & Seth talk with Jihana Barrett, formerly Air Force, NSA and Verizon Dark Web Tracing, about Cyber Security and Privacy and Social Engineering
Kaliya and Seth welcome Jihana Barrett to talk about her experience educating people about Cyber Security and Social Engineering in the context of the Twitter Hack, Tik Tok, and more!
July 22, 2020
PSA Today #12: Kaliya & Seth talk with James Felton Keith about his recent congressional campaign in NY and his thoughts on a Data Dividend
Kaliya and Seth welcome James Felton Keith to PSA Today.  James is a ethicist, engineer, educator, economist, entrepreneur, and ethnographer, who just ran for congress in District 13 in Manhattan.  According to James, "#DataIsLabor and we owe you a #DataDividend from productivity because you #OwnYourData. " He describes how data is matter, transactions are friction, and value is energy.     James Felton Keith Campaign Website The Data Union Link to the book series on the Data Union site About the series on the publisher's site: Kaliya's Book The Domains of Identity: A Framework for Understanding Identity Systems in Contemporary Society also avail on AMAZON 
July 08, 2020
PSA Today #11: Kaliya & Seth talk about Andrew Yang's new Data Dividend Project (DDP) and the enforcement of CCPA
Today is July 1, the first day that CCPA is being enforced in California, as well as the launch of Andrew Yang's fascinating DDP (Data Dividend Project).  We think through the implications of both of these and discuss how realistic it is for consumers to see real $ in exchange for their data, and how this might play out in the future.
July 01, 2020
PSA Today #10: Kaliya & Seth talk about latest developments in facial recognition technology and some recent VC investments in the #privacytech space
Here are some of the companies we refer to in today's episode:, and
June 24, 2020
PSA Today #9: Kaliya & Seth talk about the two sided coin of surveillance and accountability in the context of the #blm protests
No guests, no agenda, just a good freewheeling conversation about how issues of surveillance and privacy are ebbing and flowing through the latest pandemic contact tracing dynamics and recent #blm protests.  We end with a discussion of the seeming paradox of a future that promises anonymity while also giving people their own unique, authentic "voices" to be heard.
June 11, 2020
PSA Today #8: Kaliya & Seth welcome Leah Houston, MD to talk about the medical privacy and the need for doctors to manage their own data
We start by discussing the latest news about the Senate's on-again off-again attempt to reauthorize Section 215 with an amendment that would prevent the FBI from being able to search our search and browser history without a warrant.  We then welcome Leah Houston, MD, onto the podcast to talk about her journey from Emergency Physician to Medical Privacy Advocate.  Leah is the CEO of HPEC, the Humanitarian Physicians Empowerment Community, which provides doctors with an easy way to organize in a digital space while also maintaining sovereign independence from centralized hierarchy and control.
May 27, 2020
PSA Today #7: Kaliya & Seth welcome Caine Tighe, CTO of Duck Duck Go, onto the podcast to talk about privacy
Caine Tighe, CTO of Privacy Company Duck Duck Go joins us from Montana to talk about the evolution of DDG from search engine to privacy company and educator.  We talk about trust, and how they have managed to build and scale trust over a distributed company of almost 100 people over the past decade.  How consumer attitudes to privacy have shifted.  How they  make money without tracking anybody.  "Serve, dont surveil!" How DDG searches have grown 17% since the start of the pandemic.  Privacy and the emergence of contact tracing.  The future of privacy and anonymity as it relates to password managers, VPNs, and more.  How in the end, it just needs to work for consumers and not become more friction than its worth.  What is at stake with the loss of privacy and how the Snowden revelations was DDG's breakthrough moment.  
May 21, 2020
PSA Today #6: Kaliya & Seth talk about anonymity as a form of self expression
Kaliya and Seth talk amongst themselves about this week in privacy, surveillance and anonymity.  How every day is the same day, and how we are breaking up the zoom brain dead zones to create some novelty in our lives.
May 13, 2020
PSA Today #5: Kaliya & Seth talk with Pavel from Spartacus about Jason Bourne-level Privacy
Pavel joins us from Europe to discuss what one should, and more importantly what one should not, share about themselves online.  He suggests some very clear action items for all of us in terms of turning off location tracking and auto app refreshes on our iPhones, deleting our social media accounts, and using different fake names for all of our accounts.  He and Seth talk about how they met and came to found Spartacus.  Kaliya updates us on the latest from her Internet Identity Workshop held virtually last week.  And Seth tries to connect the dots between privacy, next generation credit bureaus, private keys and self-sovereign identity.  We refer to this article about "The Scoring of America" that the FTC published in 2014.
May 06, 2020
PSA Today #4: April 27, 2020: Jogi from MyData joins Kaliya and Seth to talk about a global, open framework for personal data "operators"
Antti Jogi Poikola from MyData joins PSA podcast to talk about his upcoming, comprehensive paper on personal data operators  We talk about balancing fear vs greed when it comes to privacy and personal data monetization, as well as Jogi's own evolution from thinking about data advocacy in terms of privacy towards a more utilitarian perspective.
April 27, 2020
PSA Today #3: April 15, 2020: More on Contact Tracing: Diagnosis Keys and Fake Contagion Signals
Kaliya and Seth tackle further implications of contact tracing as it relates to privacy, anonymity and identity. How do we want to be cared for? What are we trying to protect? What happens when protecting ourselves digitally is at odds with our civil duty to protect our physical selves? And some neighbor drilling to heighten tension...
April 15, 2020
PSA Today #2: Wed April 8, 2020: Searching for Trustless Contact Tracing
Kaliya and Seth are joined by old friend, and green data activist, Johannes Ernst (of home data server company in a great discussion about the $Trillion dollar personal data and surveillance tech opportunities emerging from this epidemic. What can we do to trace each other’s contacts? What can we do to protect our privacy? How do we manage this tension? What is the role of Facebook among others to provide the scale necessary to enroll everybody in a pandemic protocol that won’t sacrifice their fundamental privacy values.
April 08, 2020
PSA Today #1: Wed April 1, 2020: How we got here / ZoomFails / DFF Differential Pandemic Privacy
Kaliya and Seth introduce each other and how we met and came to create this podcast. Then we talk about Zoom’s growth challenges vis a vis privacy. Then we start thinking through contact tracing as it relates to privacy and open up a broader conversation about how to preserve anonymity in a world that desperately needs to know where we have each been and who we have been in contact with.
April 01, 2020