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P.S.A with Saché

P.S.A with Saché

By P.S.A with Saché
My name is Sátin Marché and I have a lot to say! This podcast was created with real $hit, real intent and a whole lotta zen $hit! It gets real and raw around these parts. I have always had an over-active Sekhem or throat chakra so I have experienced many moments of silence in order to hear the messages that spirit intended for me to hear. Now that I Am in control of my words, I Am ready to speak my truth; an expressive truth. I am coming with a lil bit of ego & a whole lotta love. Melaninspo™ will be hosted once a month to highlight a Melanated business owner. For features, send an email.
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June 8, 2021

P.S.A with Saché

Are you still trying to fit into a niche (someone's box)?  "Years ago, we didn’t identify ourselves as “creatives” to prove it, we just did it. Being creative, it was not always easy to stick to one thing or a few things. I wanted to do it all; whatever I dreamed about because I know I was & still Am creative enough to achieve it. I Am excited to see what other innovative ventures I dive into in the future."~ Sátin Marché
October 20, 2021
This is a message to listeners that we are not all the same & we are not all likeminded! Things we need to leave in 2021: Thinking we are all the same or like minded because you PERCEIVE one's work to be aligned. Placing people on unstable ass pedestals based on superficial shit such as followers & fiat. Trying to save "your people". ALL SKIN FOLK AIN'T SKIN FOLK. Calling people sis, KNOWING you envy them. Allowing everything in your mental field. Clinging to oppression. Thinking people are better or less than you. Clinging to the depression/anxiety narrative, then turn around & mention some contradicting shit pertaining to the mental. Shape shift the boxes they TRY to place you in!
October 13, 2021
Welcome back to SZN 2!  As I have expressed before, thank you for holding it up for me as I journeyed through life. During my rising routine, I just had to take a moment to reflect on some triggering experiences, my highs & lows in comparison to where I am now. It prompted me to say I am greatFULL so I wanted to share with you... and not just share with you, but influence you to stop for a moment to reflect & express your gratitude to the divine. We often hear "be present", but it does not hurt to time hop & reflect a bit. To know that you listened to this episode makes me feel greatFULL, too. Thank you! Just BE - breathe & embrace. Protect that!
October 6, 2021
Lady Justice (the figure you typically see in court rooms) is an ersatz or copy of Maat & even she represents reciprocity to a degree. We always speak on what we are open to receive, but what are you willing to give and or sacrifice? Thank you all for your YOUniversoul love & support! Feel free to leave a review on whatever platform you are listening from + leave me a voice memo
July 21, 2021
Another week where it gets real & raw with Sátin Marché.  As per Sacred Self Affirmation & Mantra cards: "Your evolution is ever-changing, even when you think you have found yourself." "You are here for a reason. You are 1 of 1. This is your true power." My advice to you is SHAPESHIFT THAT $H!T. DO IT ALL; WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES! You are not meant to fit into just one box. Everything has its season. Shout out to our KemUNITY member Breonca @_uniquewallflower for that beautiful & divine voice memo! THAT is how you send a voice memo. (  Be sure to send us some YOUniversoul love + support by leaving a voice memo, sending a review via apple podcasts & all other platforms. BE full - Mer Ankh RA [Love Life Light] Just BE - Breathe & Embrace -- Book referred to: Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki: Level 1 10 FACTS ABOUT OUR SACRED SELF AFFIRMATION & MANTRA CARDS HOW SACRED MELANIN BEGAN (someone stole our t-shirt logo)
July 7, 2021
Melaninspo™ ft. Amanda Michelle
Aforementioned, I will be hosting Melaninspo™ at least once a month to highlight Melanated business owners. Melaninspo™ is Melanin inspiration brought to you by Melanated business owners. Our first guest is Amanda Michelle of Tales by Chelle aka #TheMoonlightinArtist. These days Chelle spends her time as Auntie, sitting in a Brooklyn park barefoot with her dog named Crem, or home with her boyfriend, their two cats, and a turtle name Clyde.  She believes it's a child's future that holds the most possibilities. Yet to help them, we must first help ourselves. To evolve, we must love, and with ourselves, we must start first. That alone inspired her to publish her first children's book + coloring book: The Weeping Willow Tree. Get acquainted with Amanda Michelle at Instagram: (@talesbychelle) Twitter: (@moonlightinart) If you like this segment, be sure to send us some YOUniversoul love & support by leaving a voice memo and reviews via Apple Podcasts.
June 30, 2021
Peace, KemUNITY Please excuse Shu (air/wind). The old me would have gotten upset, in an attempt to delete this episode after hearing how perfect it is not, but... It is real & raw, right? I know the message about my Journey to Sacred Alignment was well received & I Am greatFULL! The YouTube video that I Am referencing is on my personal channel (Sátin Marché): P.S.A with Saché the Blog speaks on the part of my journey where I began attracting Kemetic tools.   Thank you all for listening to me talk my $hit! I love you all! Feel free to send me YOUniversoul love + support via voice memo and reviews. And Udja Seneb [Life Proserity Health] Be FULL - Mer Ankh RA [Love Life Life] Remember to Just BE - Breathe & Embrace
June 23, 2021
Release the stank coochie attitude! It is time to heal the bitch within ourselves, our mothers, daughters, sisters, and KemUNITY as a whole. It is time for us to get back to nature. It is time for the divine feminine to restore the cosmic balance; restore Ma'at. Getting back to nature is getting back to self. KNOW THYSELF! We can't change the past, but we can change the future.  Readings are inspired by the Sacred Women book by Queen Afua & The Willie Lynch Letter and The Making of a Slave. Thank you all for your YOUniversoul love & support! Feel free to leave me a voice memo & other reviews
June 16, 2021
Being told "you have a smart mouth", "you always gettin' slick" or "your attitude stank" was more than enough to break my spirit as a youth. As I began to process my trauma(s) & shadow work in real time, I birthed something beautiful; P.S.A with Saché.  In this episode we dive into my "why" behind P.S.A with Saché the Podcast. Thank you all for joining me on The Journey to Sacred Alignment as I begin a new chapter. Be sure to send me some YOUniversoul love by leaving me a voice message + a review. Gratitude!
June 9, 2021
June 8, 2021
June 8, 2021