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PSJA Super Chats Podcast

PSJA Super Chats Podcast

By Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD
Listen to the latest highlights and inspiring stories from around our district anytime and anywhere through our PSJA Super Chats Podcast!
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Super Chats Episode 26 - National Athletic Trainers' Month
In celebration of Athletic Trainers Month, PSJA Superintendent Dr. Jorge L. Arredondo chats with Coordinator for Athletic Trainers Jeffery Darr about the role athletic trainers play in schools and how they’ve been assisting with the PSJA COVID-19 Taskforce during the pandemic. Additionally, hear from PSJA North Class of 2014 Alum & Former Student Athlete Sammy Lopez who is currently pursuing a Master's Degree from UT-Arlington in Athletic Training. Sammy has an internship lined up with the Dallas Cowboys this May!
March 3, 2021
Super Chats Episode 25 - Career-advancing opportunities through PSJA CTE
On this episode, PSJA Superintendent Dr. Jorge L. Arredondo chats with PSJA Career & Technical Education Director Adriana Garcia about the different career-advancing opportunities available for students through the program. Additionally, hear from PSJA Early College High School 11th grade student Josue Domingo Trigo currently participating in the Culinary Arts Program about his experiences and the impact it's had on his life and future.
February 25, 2021
Super Chats Episode 24 - Scholarship opportunities for Seniors from the PSJA Education Foundation
On this podcast episode, hear from the nonprofit's President Jesse Vela as he chats with PSJA Superintendent Dr. Jorge L. Arredondo about the 2021 Scholarships opportunities now open for all students, application requirements, and ways businesses or individuals can give via namesake scholarships honoring causes or individuals or donate. Additionally Vanessa Diaz, a PSJA Alumna and $16,000 Scholarship Recipient, will share her story and how the scholarship helped make her educational dreams come true.
February 19, 2021
Super Chats Episode 23 - Life-changing opportunities through the PSJA Dual Language Program
On this PSJA Super Chats podcast episode, PSJA Superintendent chats with Dual Language Director Olivia Martinez about the importance of learning multiple languages and how being exposed to different cultures prepares students for success in today’s global society.   Additionally, hear from students currently participating in the program about their experiences so far and the impact learning multiple languages has had on their educational journey!   Thank you to Selene Guajardo from PSJA Southwest Early College High School and Stephanie Serna from @PSJA Memorial Early College High School for taking time to share their experiences with us. Listen to this and more episodes anytime, anywhere at
February 19, 2021
Super Chats Episode 22 - Advanced Academics to host 2021 Virtual Spelling Bee District Competition
On our latest podcast episode, PSJA Superintendent Dr. Jorge L. Arredondo speaks with leaders in our Advanced Academic Department Director Michael Murray and GT Coordinator Noemi Serna about various opportunities available for all students! In addition, learn about the first ever Virtual Spelling Bee District Competition to take place February 5, 2021! Listen to this and more episodes here:
February 4, 2021
Super Chats Episode 21: 2021 School Board Recognition Month
In celebration of Texas School Board Recognition Month, hear from PSJA School Board President Jorge Zambrano as he chats with our Superintendent Dr. Jorge L. Arredondo regarding the latest efforts and accomplishments led by our School Board of Trustees.
January 29, 2021
Super Chats Episode 20 - PSJA ISD takes on 2021 Community Challenge
Learn about districtwide efforts to take on the It’s Time Texas Community Challenge as part of the PSJA Family Health & Wellness Initiative. From promoting exercise at the campuses to sharing easy and healthy recipes families can do, tune in to hear from our leaders as they share how our PSJA Family can participate and earn points throughout this statewide competition. Host Superintendent Dr. Jorge Arredondo. Guests Assistant Superintendent Dr. Orlando Noyola, PSJA Parental Engagement Director Norma Garza, and PSJA Wellness Coordinator Valerie Garza. 
January 21, 2021
Super Chats Episode 19 - GT & Advanced Academics
On this episode, PSJA Superintendent Dr. Jorge L. Arredondo chats with Advanced Academics Services Director Michael Murray about the various opportunities like UIL programs and GT available for students! Watch anytime, anywhere here #PSJATogetherApart
November 3, 2020
Super Chats Episode 18 - Crime Prevention Month & National Bullying Prevention Month
On this episode, PSJA Superintendent Dr. Jorge L. Arredondo chats with PSJA Police Chief Rolando Garcia regarding joint efforts to keep PSJA students, staff, and campuses safe during the pandemic.
October 26, 2020
Super Chats Episode 17 - Supporting Seniors
Hear from our Superintendent as he chats with our PSJA College Transition Team about the efforts to help seniors apply to college and financial aid!
October 12, 2020
Super Chats Episode 16 - Social emotional learning for students
In honor of #WorldMentalHealthDay, our Superintendent took the time to chat with some key staff leaders about mental health resources and social-emotional learning support available for students! Thank you to Assistant Superintendent of Student Services Dr. Orlando Noyola, PSJA Counseling Director Virginia Saenz, and Licensed Professional Counselor Loretta Sanchez for sharing this information with our PSJA Family! #PSJAStrongerTogether
October 9, 2020
Super Chats Episode 15 - Meal Distributions During Virtual Learning
On this SuperChats episode, our Superintendent talks with our PSJA Child Nutrition Director Aurora Palacios and PSJA Operations Division Chief Nick Martinez about the tremendous behind-the-scenes efforts behind the weekly meal distributions for our families. In addition to distributing meals at most PSJA schools this week and 11 sites via buses, our team is also going out of their way to deliver meals for those families without any access to transportation to ensure they get food. #PSJAStrongerTogether
September 14, 2020
Super Chats Episode 14 - New Vision and Mission
Hear about our district’s journey in developing the new Vision and Mission and how this will guide current and all future work at PSJA ISD!
August 12, 2020
Super Chats Episode 13 - 2020-2021 Back-to-School Options
On this episode, hear from Chief of Academics Dr. Rudy Treviño as he chats with our Superintendent Dr. Arredondo about the behind-the-scenes efforts to help continue providing a quality education for our students this upcoming 2020-2021 school year
July 15, 2020
Super Chats Episode 12 - Construction continues during closures
On this episode of our PSJA Family SuperChats series, PSJA Superintendent Dr. Jorge Arredondo took the time to chat with our PSJA Chief of Operations Nick Martinez and Construction Project Manager Jerry Lopez about the construction and renovations that have continued to make progress at PSJA ISD during the school closures. Listen to this and more episodes anytime, anywhere #PSJAPodcast
July 8, 2020
Super Chats Episode 11 - PE Via Distance Learning
On the latest episode of our PSJA Family Podcast SuperChats series, our Superintendent Dr. Arredondo took to the time to chat with some of our awesome PE coaches who have been leading these efforts. Stay connected this summer by following our PSJA PE team on Facebook and Twitter @PSJAPE! Listen to this and more podcast episodes anytime, anywhere at #PSJATogetherApart
June 30, 2020
Super Chats Episode 10 - Providing Learning Opportunities for Parents
Hear about how parents in our district have been able to continue learning and engaging from home through efforts by our PSJA Parental Engagement.
June 23, 2020
Super Chats Episode 9 - Promoting Literacy Through Distance Learning
On this episode of our PSJA Family Podcast Super Chats series, hear about our district’s efforts to promote reading and literacy during the summer from our PSJA Library Services Department! Thank you to our amazing librarians for all that they do make sure #PSJAReads! You can also follow our Library Services Department on Facebook and TikTok @PSJAReads #PSJATogetherApart
June 15, 2020
Super Chats Episode 8 - Supporting Students in High School and Beyond
With nearly 2,000 PSJA ISD seniors recently graduating and over 540 earning Associate Degrees, hear from our PSJA College Readiness and PSJA College Transition Department about the support and resources available to students and alumni as they pursue a post-secondary education. Also learn about how alumni can connect anywhere in the world through the PSJA Alumni Network!
June 9, 2020
Super Chats Episode 7 - A Chat with the 2020 Valedictorians and Salutatorians
As graduation week comes to an end for the PSJA Class of 2020, hear from our Valedictorians and Salutatorians as they talked with our Superintendent about what it meant to them to achieve the important accomplishment of graduating at the top of their class! Listen to our PSJA Family Podcast anytime, anywhere #PSJAClassof2020 #PSJAFamilyPodcast
June 4, 2020
Super Chats Episode 6: Graduation efforts from High School Principals
In this episode of our PSJA Family Podcast Super Chats series, hear about the tremendous efforts made by Principals and district leaders to make sure the PSJA Class of 2020 gets a special celebration despite these challenging times! Our high school Principals also shared about the importance of hearing from students during the planning process and shared a special message to their Seniors!
May 27, 2020
Voices of PSJA Episode 2 - Key department leaders discuss efforts to promote mental health and safety
In honor of Mental Health Month, hear from some of our department leaders who play a key role in promoting mental health and safety for students and staff in our district. Thank you to PSJA Health Services Director Sulema Solis, @PSJA Police Department Chief Rolando Garcia, and PSJA Counseling & Guidance Department Director Virginia Saenz for discussing some of the behind-the-scenes efforts taken at PSJA ISD to promote mental health support, provide safe COVID-19 testing sites, and protect our PSJA Family and campuses.
May 21, 2020
Voices of PSJA Episode 1 - Teachers Share Highlights of Distance Learning
On this episode of our PSJA Family Podcast Voices of PSJA series, three of our amazing educators discuss their experiences stepping up to the challenge during distance learning. From seeing students shine as they learn using technology and working closer than ever with parents to collaborating with fellow colleagues and learning to use tech gadgets to teach students, our teachers share how this pandemic has made us all stronger than ever. Thank you so much to Lezlie Neeleey from Daniel Ramirez Elementary, Klarisa Espinosa from Raul Yzaguirre Middle School, and Sarah Arciniega from Henry Ford Elementary for taking the time to be part of this episode.
May 21, 2020
Super Chats Episode 5: A conversation with the PSJA Class of 2020
On this very special episode of our PSJA Family Podcast, our Superintendent took the time to hear from our High School Student Council Leaders about what it means to them to soon finish their high school journey. The students also got to share heartfelt messages to their fellow classmates and PSJA Family. Listen to this and more episodes of our PSJA Family Podcast anytime, anywhere here #PSJATogetherApart #PSJAFamilyPodcast
May 18, 2020
Super Chats Episode 4: Promoting outdoor classrooms at home through Grow With Us Program
With the pandemic affecting everyday lives, sustainability has become more important than ever. In this episode of our PSJA Family Podcast, hear from our PSJA Superintendent and Wildlife Specialist Allen Williams about the new Grow With Us Program to learn about our efforts to promote gardening at home and sustainability. 
May 12, 2020
Super Chats Episode 3: PSJA teachers stepping up during COVID-19 to ensure learning continues
As a special way to wrap up Teacher Appreciation Week, PSJA Superintendent Dr. Arredondo took the time to hear from Daniel Ramirez Elementary Teacher Lezlie Neeley! With over 35 years of experience, Mrs. Neeley shared how the pandemic has challenged her and her colleagues to step up and continue educating the future.
May 6, 2020
Super Chats Episode 2: Keeping our PSJA Family safe during COVID-19
As part of National Nurses' Day, Superintendent Dr. Jorge Arredondo chats with PSJA Health Services Director Sulema Solis about the district’s efforts to keep students and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
May 6, 2020
Super Chats Episode 1: PSJA ISD's meal distribution efforts during COVID-19
Listen to the first episode of our new PSJA Family Podcast where Superintendent Dr. Arredondo & our Child Nutrition Director Imelda Palacios discuss the tremendous efforts behind the current meal distributions!  #PSJATogetherApart
April 30, 2020