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By PsychAndSales
Are you a sales professional or in a related field? Do you ever struggle with Anxiety, Depression, Burnout? Are you looking to find ways to stay mentally strong while executing on the fundamentals that make us successful sellers? Well, this is your place. We are here to bring guidance, best practices, and community around the much needed topic of mental health in sales. Join us! And if we can help you with anything, let us know.
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Interview with Jeff Bajorek
Do you hold yourself to unfair standards and beat yourself up when you don’t reach them? Do you base your self with on your results? Sales is a results oriented game Which can make it hard to know what “fair” standards really are And create inner turmoil when factors beyond your control prevent you from achieving your goals In this episode of PsychAndSales, David Weiss and Ehrin Weiss talk to Jeff Bajorek about finding the balance between high standards and what’s fair as a sales professional The importance of being kind to yourself Learning to focus on controlling only what you can control And not judging yourself on what you can’t
January 12, 2021
Interview with Marcus Chan
Our Goals, shouldn't just be about our number and our metrics As Marcus Chan says, "You need to manage the territory between your ears, it all starts and stops between your ears" The best goals are nothing if you can't execute them And, when we struggle with burnout, depression, and when the thoughts and feelings that swirl around our get in the way of this execution, we will never perform to the levels we desire This year as you are doing your goal setting Are you adding into your goals, and making a plan around your #mentalhealth? In this episode of PsychAndSales, David & Ehrin dive into these topics with Marcus Chan As we move into 2021, keep an eye on both sides of the success equation. Side 1 - Skills & Fundamentals Side 2 - "The Territory Between Your Ears" You need both!
January 5, 2021
Interview with Belal
Are you afraid of committing career suicide? Does taking about mental health seem too taboo? When you’re judged on your “work ethic” As we often are in sales These conversations can feel scary and dangerous to have But what happens if you don’t have them? The chronic stress of being always on Always judged And the feeling that you are crazy and alone in your struggles Can have an impact on your body and mind That can lead to a downward spiral In this episode of PsychAndSales, Dr. Ehrin Weiss and I talk to Belal Batrawy about Dealing with bad managers Finding safe spaces to get support And making sure you have a life beyond your desk If you want straight talk with no fluff, you won’t want to miss this interview!
December 15, 2020
Interview with Jeff Riseley
“Anxiety in sales is not optional” -Jeff Riseley ...but we all like to pretend it’s not important. Sales is a largely mental game But we’re taught to focus on honing our craft The mental piece is largely ignored This is one of the reasons we started PsychAndSales And why Jeff started the Sales Health Alliance In this interview, we talk to Jeff about the mental game, dealing with micromanagement, and continuing to grow during the COVID pandemic.
December 8, 2020
Interview with Ron Hubsher
I seem to have a lot of "I thought I knew a lot until..." stories. At least I'm willing to admit when I have more to learn! For today's "I thought I knew a lot" story... Negotiation! So, I thought I knew a lot about negotiation when I started working at ADP Then they trained me in Ron Hubsher's approach Now, I say "Everything I know about negotiation, I learned from Ron Hubsher" Ehrin Weiss and I had the pleasure of interviewing Ron for this episode of PsychAndSales Ron talks about his tenants of negotiating And layers in an important aspect for our audience of knowing the mental state of our buyers before entering a negotiation How often are we doing that? Ron's advice in this episode is straight fire! Excited for you all to listen!
December 2, 2020
Interview with Dale Dupree
Are you battling inner demons? Struggling with things like addiction, anger, depression? Looking for ways to escape those vicious patterns through faith, communication, love and community? You can't miss this episode with the leader of The Sales Rebellion, Dale Dupree. Heavy Metal rocker turned sales saint. 
November 23, 2020
Interview with James Buckley
In this episode you will hear from James "Say What Sales" Buckley about burnout. Burnout is a systemic issue in sales. We are always on, always pushed to do more, and have an internal thought that says "If I just work harder, if I just hustle more, I will be more successful". This thought is a great driving force...until it isn't. This episode will help you see when burnout may be approaching for you, what to do about it, and how to strike a potential balance in your life to stay productive without going too far. Thanks for listening, and if we can ever do anything for you, let us know. 
November 17, 2020
Self Defeating Beliefs - Anxiety
Are you too nice? Do you feel like you should always feel positive and in control? Do you avoid negative emotions in an attempt to keep everyone happy? Do you feel like others are overly demanding? That you have to impress people or run the risk of everyone looking down on you? Do you ever feel like you have to worry obsessively about things or run the risk of something going very wrong? What do all of these questions have in common?? In the final installment of the Self-Defeating Beliefs series, we cover the 7 core beliefs Dr. David Burns has listed as leading to anxiety. How can these beliefs help you? How might they be hurting you? And what can you do about it? Listen to find out. Plus, an exciting announcement at the end!
August 3, 2020
Self Defeating Beliefs - Depression
Do you ever feel like you don’t matter? That you can’t do anything right? That things can never get better? Do you find that, even when you’re feeling good, setbacks can throw you way off? In this week’s episode of PsychAndSales, hosts David Weiss and Ehrin Weiss talk about Dr. David Burns’s category of Self-Defeating Beliefs relating to depression, how they may be impacting your sales career, and steps that can be helpful for dealing with them. What steps have you found demodulation when you’re feeling this way?
July 2, 2020
Self Defeating Beliefs - Demandingness
This episode is all about the pros & cons around the belief of demandinessness. Things like, what is the value of blaming others? Is entitlement a good thing? What about the idea of needing to be right and speaking your truths. We will unpack these ideas, and discuss if they are helping or hurting you.
June 22, 2020
Self Defeating Beliefs - Submissiveness
In this episode we cover three Self Defeating Beliefs related to submissiveness, and specifically how this can both help and hurt you in your sales career, as well as what you can do about it. Give it a listen, there are some very common areas we discuss that can be hurting your potential.
June 8, 2020
“You know you're gonna have to face it, you're addicted to love…”
In this week’s episode, we address another of Dr. David Burns’s categories of self-defeating beliefs - those relating to love. Turns out these beliefs could impact your sales career. Listen to find out how, and some steps for what you can do about it.
June 4, 2020
Self Defeating Beliefs - Achievement
In this episode we introduce the idea of self defeating beliefs. We start with the Achievement category which is internal & external need for perfection, followed by Achievement Addiction, which is an affliction of many successful people. Link to the Self Defeating Beliefs List -
May 25, 2020
So you just got laid off
What to do if you just lost your job
May 16, 2020
Working from home
Tips and Tricks for working from home
May 16, 2020
How to deal with feelings of being alone during Covid19
May 16, 2020
Dealing with Uncertainty
In this episode we talk about Uncertainty and how to mentally manage through it.
May 16, 2020
Listen to this to get past mental blocks of motivation, and then tactically how to get started to accomplish your goals
May 16, 2020
What is your personal brand?
In this episode we discuss what it is, why it is important, and how to build yours to recession proof your career.
May 16, 2020
Top Stressors In Sales
How to manage the top two stressors in sales - Micromanagement & Missing Plan
May 16, 2020
The Role of The Brain in Sales
In this episode of PsychAndSales Ehrin Weiss and I dive into the Amygdala & Cortex and their role in the old saying, "People Buy Emotionally and Justify Rationally" and how to apply that to the sales process.
May 16, 2020