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By Marik Hazan
PSYCHED explores psychedelics through social, economic, and political perspectives. We interview industry leaders to provide you with the most important information regarding the psychedelic ecosystem.

Insta: @psychedstudio
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Sophia Rokhlin: Ayahuasca and the Global Psychedelic Renaissance
We chatted with Sophia Rokhlin, an ethnobotanist who contributes to organizations such as Chacruna, works to implement regenerative agriculture projects globally and is the author of When Plants Dream: Ayahuasca, Amazonian Shamanism, and the Global Psychedelic Renaissance.
January 28, 2020
Synthesis: Building a Psychedelic Retreat Center
In this episode of PSYCHED we explore Synthesis, one of the most streamlined psychedelic retreat centers in the world. How do you screen customers to make sure people are safe? What are the challenges in getting a retreat center off the ground? How do we make sure the development of the psychedelics ecosystem progresses in the most ethical way?
January 26, 2020