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The Psychedelic Society South Africa Podcast

The Psychedelic Society South Africa Podcast

By Psychedelic Society South Africa
Mushroom grannies, high status attorneys, world leading scientists and traditional healers: this podcast covers a wide range of guests, topics and unique perspectives. We are here to bring forward conversations covering the past, present and future potential of these mind-manifesting medicines that we see making their way back into our culture at this time, with a strong focus on what's happening in South Africa.
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Mushrooms, Unflinching Trust and Online Ceremonies with Monica Cromhout

The Psychedelic Society South Africa Podcast

Mushrooms, Unflinching Trust and Online Ceremonies with Monica Cromhout

The Psychedelic Society South Africa Podcast

Brigitte Heeb - Ceremony As an Extension of Soul, Lightworkers and The Essence of Channelling
In this podcast Nick interviews good friend, Brigitte Heeb.  Briggs or Mama B is a multi-facetted healer who's goal of guiding people through their ascension process has brought thousands within her frequency.  Her expertise lay within mushroom ceremonies and breathwork, but are in no way there limited. There's a beautiful moment in this podcast where Mama B stops us and asks us to take a heartfelt breath. If you're able to suspend your resistance, she plunges you into a sweet moment of serenity.  In this podcast:  * The processes of a Briggs-style ceremony. * Maternal energy and deciding who gets into the ceremony.  * What are frequencies?  * The awakened vs the indoctrinated state.  * How do we balance being a healer without generational teaching?  * What are lightworkers?  * Where is the balance between Light and dark?  * The dangers and gifts of charlotonne healers * What is channeling, and how to go about it.  * Light language and more. Links: Free Online Psychedelic Breathwork: Briggite's Website:
April 04, 2022
Hunting Magic Mushrooms in South Africa with Jon Mac Gillivray
Jon Mac Gillivray is an renowned mushroom expert, businessman and author in the field of Mycology.  He is a qualified field guide with vast experience in translating the wilds and has over 20 years of guiding experience and has been hunting fungi for over 14 years.  Jon is currently the president of the Mycological Society of Southern Africa (MSOSA) and the Chief Strategic Officer for Mycocorp, a company involved in mushroom facility design and production. In this episode: * Jon’s personal journey with mushrooms * Jon’s vision of reconnecting individuals to nature and each other through mushrooms * Mushrooms role of creating balance in our external and internal ecosystems * Hunting magic mushrooms in South Africa  * How foraging enhances your connection to the mushroom medicine  * Species of magic mushrooms Jon has discovered in South Africa - focus on the Natal Super Strength  * Empowering others by sharing knowledge in the psychedelic space * Having fun and connecting to your inner child through magic mushrooms * Jon’s involvement in the cultivation of the world’s first commercial crop of psilocybin mushrooms in Lesotho * Challenges involved in mushroom facility design and cultivation * Benefits of growing your own mushrooms  * Potency variance within the same species of magic mushroom and improving consistency
February 23, 2022
Vanessa Jarvis - How Psilocybin Saved My Life
Vanessa is a major social justice and cannabis activist and founder of the holistic cannabis organisation Neked in Clarens. Vanessa has struggled throughout her life with various mental health issues and cancers and has used a combination of psilocybin, cannabis, sound medicine and art therapy to heal herself.  Thank you so much to Vanessa for being on this podcast and for your advocacy and courage in the plant medicine sphere.  Here’s what we cover in this episode:  * The havoc that the pharmaceutical industry wreaked on Vanessa’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing  * How psilocybin mushrooms helped Vanessa completely wean herself off of pharmaceutical drugs and heal from her trauma * Traumatisation during the pandemic and the increasingly imperative role of plant medicine  * The magic mushroom as the most forgiving, understanding and all-encompassing mother * How Vanessa healed her cervical cancer using cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms * Intuitive dosing and the importance of dosage * How mushrooms can change your life - the importance of intention * Acknowledging, respecting and embracing the spiritual experience of plant medicines  * How plant medicine facilitates deeper connection in partnerships * Official announcement of South Africa’s first full cannabis experience hosted by Neked on the weekend of Human Right’s Day 2022 Find out more about Neked here -
January 14, 2022
Anton and Rhodi-Anne - At Home Soma Journeys and the Role of the Watcher
Anton and Rhodi-Anne are watchers at Somaland. They organise and facilitate online and in person mushroom journeys alongside Monica Cromhout. Thank you so much to Anton and Rhodi Anne for being on the podcast and for your unbelievable integrity and humility with which you serve. Here’s what we cover in this episode: Anton and Rhodi Anne’s personal journey with Monica Hosting various retreat spaces Serving as a watcher - understanding what mushroom people need Advice for people feeling called to facilitate or partake Trusting the universal wisdom of the mushroom Online mushroom retreats - advantages and challenges Couples journeying together How mushrooms are connecting us to love Find more about Somaland here If you believe that magic mushrooms shouldn’t be in the same category as heroine and crack cocaine, sign our petition to reschedule psilocybin here ( Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram
December 14, 2021
Jean Rossouw - Breathwork, Authenticity and Your Life Purpose
Jean Rossouw is a certified breathwork practitioner, yoga instructor and stress relief facilitator. In this episode we cover: What is conscious connected breathing? How breathwork compares to the psychedelic experience Jean’s first breathwork experience and his calling as practitioner Creating a safe space for individuals to connect to their inner healer How breath brings us back to our authentic selves Why being real can be hard sometimes How breathwork can align us with our life purpose How breathwork heals anxiety and depression Other benefits of breathwork Sign up for our FREE ONLINE BREATHWORK SESSION on the 16th of November  Find Jean’s work at Or follow him on Instagram @bodhi_breathwork If you believe that magic mushrooms shouldn’t be in the same category as heroine and crack cocaine, sign our petition to reschedule psilocybin here ( Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram
November 04, 2021
Maaz Si - The Intersection of Sufism and Psychedelics
Maaz has worked extensively with indigenous plant medicines and knowledge systems. Combining Islamic Sufi Mysticism with the medicine (Nixi-Pae/Ayahuasca) of the native Huni Kuin people from Brazil. As you’ll hear, Maaz is a man with a life-long calling to work with Ayahuasca, but also to reignite and integrate ancient knowledge systems back into society to reinstate harmony with ourselves and nature. I first met Maaz at a Nixi-Pae (Ayahuasca) ceremony. I was astounded by his extensive knowledge and wisdom about plants and fungi as well has his ability to articulate the spiritual dimension of the experiences that they bring about. His ability to remain so centered and composed after drinking copious amounts of Ayahuasca and hold space in the strong, elegant way that he does made me feel like I was Frodo fighting alongside Legolas. I have since learned that this energy shines through Maaz in all that he does, and I am so grateful that he agreed to share some of it with us in this episode. In this episode, we talk about: -  The Intersection of Sufism and Plant Medicine -  Maaz’ life changing first experience with Ayahuasca, and the journey he’s been on ever since -  How Maaz Combines the teachings of the Sufi’s and the Huni Kuin -  The risk of charlatans in the medicine world -  How to know if you’re being called to serve medicine -  Ayahuasca vs Mushrooms -  Why some people don’t have visions in Ayahuasca ceremonies -  What is surrender and is it the only thing we need to do in ceremony? -  Maaz recommends some tools for preparation and integration to support journeys
October 23, 2021
Birthing the Psychedelic Society, 'Bad Trips' at Parties and The Evolution of Mental Health with Mishka Latib and Nicholas Stubbs
Today’s episode is as close to home as it gets for us. Myself (Nicholas Stubbs) and PsySoc SA founder Mishka Latib have a conversation that covers many important but less spoken experiences that people new to the psychedelic space often find themselves in. We go from giving our two cents on what to do if you find yourself having a ‘bad trip’ at a party, all the way into the depths of Mishka’s unbelievable life story so far. The journey that lead Mishka to where she is now is one that should be heard by everyone going through any kind of struggle. The fact that she not only made it through, but has since developed into one of the most clear-headed and empowered people I know, is evidence that darkness precedes the light if you’re willing to face it. We hope you enjoy this conversation! IN THIS EPISODE: - Mishka’s profound personal journey with plant medicine - Where the Psychedelic society came from and where we see it going - The new paradigm of healing - Is plant medicine for you? - How to deal with a ‘bad trip’ at a party - The limitations and dangers of psychedelics - The dark night of the soul which often accompanies healing - The importance of finding a facilitator who ‘speaks your language’ - Surrendering and having the courage to become yourself - Microdosing - African and Western perspectives on plant medicine - AND A WHOLE LOT MORE! If you think that psilocybin should be rescheduled SIGN THE PETITION Want to find us and stay up to date on Psychedelic News in South Africa? Check out our website or find us on Facebook and Instagr
October 01, 2021
Reconnecting to Our Inner Healer with Gui Tantan
Gui is a trained spiritual psychologist, family constellations teacher, interpreter and natural born clown from Brazil. He has been working with a wide range of plant medicines and healing modalities, mainly Ayahuasca in Brazil and South Africa, for about 30 years now. He likes to talk down the idea of having a Dharma or purpose, but he is clearly a man in full alignment with his own. With the wisdom of an elder and the wonder of child, Gui brings his spirit of lightness and laughter to this conversation, making it an absolute delight to listen to! Enjoy! In this episode: Gui’s life path up until now How Gui came out of his shell as a shy young boy Gui’s involvement in the Santo Daime Death as the ultimate way to connect The alchemy of laughter 1 on 1 medicine sessions vs group ceremonies Family Constellations How psychedelics help release trauma The Medicine of Unity (San Pedro, peyote and Psilocybin, Ayahuasca and honey all mixed into one!) The healing potential of Marijuana. (The paranoia is the medicine working!) Psychedelic Therapy as a way to connect us back to our Inner Healers And a whole lot more… Find Gui on Instagram or LinkedIn. If you want to learn more about Shamanic Family Constellations, check here If you think that psilocybin should be rescheduled SIGN THE PETITION Want to find us and stay up to date? Check out our website or find us on Facebook and Instagram Our host is Nathan Maingard and you can find more of him and his medicinal music here
August 27, 2021
Françoise Bourzat on Becoming a Guide, How Mushrooms Heal and Celebration
Françoise Bourzat is a world leading psychedelic guide trainer. With over 30 years of experience combining indigenous wisdom with modern knowledge, she is truly at the forefront of the psychedelic renaissance and we could think of no one else we would rather have at the helm. It is such an honor to have Francoise on the podcast. To be honest, we were quite surprised when she responded to our invite. After reading her book Consciousness Medicine, I felt a sense of deep comfort knowing that someone is doing this work in a way that acknowledges every aspect of being human and integrates the best of the old with the new ways with so much love and integrity that it feels like she’s giving you a big hug through the pages.  And thats exactly what this episode is. A big warm hug. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we did. Thank you Francoise! In this conversation: What can the indigenous and modern ways learn from eachother? The importance of celebration in the healing process Preparation and Integration What qualifies the guide? The loving approach to the commodification of these medicines How do mushrooms actually heal? Why making the decision to heal is 50% of the journey Links to Francoise Work: Françoise is the co-founder of the Center for Consciousness Medicine, which is looking to become a world leading organization in training reputable psychedelic guides. Interested in becoming a trained psychedelic therapist? Check it out. Françoise’s Book, Consciousness Medicine : Indigenous Wisdom, Psychedelic Therapy, and the Path of Transformation: A Practitioner's Guide is the first book I've read that simultaneously feels like a text book and an adventure novel and a letter from a loved one. Highly recommended for anyone anywhere on the medicine path. Follow Françoise on Instagram @francoise_bourzat and the Center for Consciousness Medicine @centerforconsciousnessmedicine She leads mushroom ceremonies and retreats for parents who have lost their children, in Jamaica If you want to hear more of Françoise, checkout her recent podcast with Tim Ferris
July 19, 2021
Ayahuasca, Vision Quests and Giving Back with Liesl Kruger
From tax lawyer to prestigious medicine woman, Liesl Kruger is one of the most respected people in the plant medicine world of South Africa. With 18 years of training under various teachers from different traditions in Mexico and Brazil, working deeply with an extensive range of plant medicines such as Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, Peyote, San Pedro, Bufo and more, she has much wisdom to share on a range of topics. Liesl is now focused on facilitating plant medicine ceremonies, mainly Ayahuasca, as well as the Vision Quest, an initiatory rite of passage in which participants isolate themselves on a mountain for 4 days and nights with no food or water in search of a vision. Not only a bridge between ancient and modern ways of being, but also between the different generations, Liesl is somewhat of a mother to those searching for healing and seeking to find their way. IN THIS EPISODE: Liesl’s journey on the medicine path Thoughts on the  current psychedelic psychotherapy movement Advice for those curious about working with these medicines The importance of giving back to the communities that these medicines come from Tobacco as the original medicine The Vision Quest The necessity of discomfort for healing Healing little traumas and the self limiting beliefs that stem from them The value of intitatory practices for the next stage in life And much more... You can find Liesl here:  If you think that psilocybin should be rescheduled SIGN THE PETITION Want to find us and stay up to date? Check out our website or find us on Facebook and Instagram.
June 28, 2021
Psychedelics are a Human Right with Attorney Paul-Michael Keichel
"I think it is one of the most immoral things that has ever happened to western society - that the attempt by people to better themselves has been shunned and criminalized." - Paul-Michael Keichel, Paul-Michael Keichel is a force to be reckoned with. He is an internationally recognized and well respected lawyer at Schindler’s Attorneys. If you’re looking for someone to thank for the legalisation of marijuana in South Africa, he is your guy. With a vast range of knowledge, a bright intellect and razor-sharp wit, he is exactly the type of person that you want on your side of the court room. And he is currently spearheading the case to reschedule psilocybin (magic mushrooms) in South Africa. It is an honour to present to you such an important conversation with the legendary Paul-Michael Keichel. IN THIS EPISODE: ·  The current legal status of psilocybin in South Africa ·  How we ended up putting magic mushrooms and crack in the same schedule ·  Nate’s journey of healing his depression with psychedelics ·  Similarities between the Marijuana and Psilocybin cases ·  The argument for the decriminalization of psilocybin ·  Paul-Michael’s personal relationship with psychedelics ·  PMK’s estimation of when we might see psilocybin legalized ·  The Backfire effect: why pushing psychedelics (or anything) on people is counterproductive ·  Book recommendations on the topic ·  Can children take psychedelics? ·  Debugging unhelpful mental code ·  The difference between the Shaman and the Psychiatrist ·  LOTS MORE… NOTE: We lost our previous petition data as the host shutdown unexpectedly, so please sign again if you signed before this episode's release. If you think that psilocybin should be rescheduled SIGN THE PETITION Want to find us and stay up to date? Check out our website or find us on Facebook and Instagram. Resources mentioned: Michael Pollan's How to Change Your Mind Steven Kotler's Stealing Fire Graham Hancock Brian Muraresku's The Immortality Key Checkout this awesome article that Paul-Michael wrote on changing South Africa's mind on psychedelics Soundtrack: Somewhere Really Fun by Dom Benigno, LEEU and MeToo
May 26, 2021
Mushrooms, Unflinching Trust and Online Ceremonies with Monica Cromhout
On the first ever episode of The Psychedelic Society South Africa Podcast, our host Nate Maingard interviews the 'mushroom grandmother', Monica Cromhout. Monica has a kind of innocence and a very deep and organic sense of trust in life, and in that way is truly a phenomenal embodiment of the spirit of the mushrooms. She shares her unbelievable story, from her stumbling into Ayahuasca in a Graham Hancock book to hosting more people for mushroom ceremonies than anyone else in South Africa.  Topics covered include: Monica's ongoing experience of spearheading the court case to change the unconstitutional laws around psilocybin mushrooms in South Africa. Why she thinks that the psychedelic renaissance is the most important thing happening right now. How free falling into your depression is an essential part of your healing. The surprisingly successful global online ceremonies that have been taking place since COVID. Much more! A true hero of the modern times, we are so honoured to present you with Monica Cromhout as our first guest. Please sit back, relax and enjoy! If you want to find us, you can check out or find us on facebook and instagram. If you think that psilocybin should be rescheduled , PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION:  If you want to contact or find out more about Monica and her work, checkout Intro/outro song: Somewhere Really Fun by Dom Benigno and LEEU, featuring MeToo 
March 27, 2021