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Join us as we delve into the world of e-learning. We chat to industry leaders to find out what they're thinking. We find out about the latest tools and technology, and we look at how we learn.
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Burnout, being human, and the workplace


Burnout, being human, and the workplace
In a time when employees are taking on more work with shorter deadlines, how do we protect them from themselves? This episode is a deep-dive into those two words organisations dread: office burnout. From two survivors of serious office burnout, Heather Beach and Clive Johnson, we find out about the early warning signs, causes, fixes, and more. 00:00 Introductions 01:05 Meet Heather Beach 02:19 Meet Clive Johnson 03:21 What’s burnout all about? 06:05 Our guest’s burnout stories 09:14 The organisation’s role in burnout 15:44 How to combat burnout Our guests Heather Beach is the founder of The Healthy Work Company. She helps organisations understand what they need to do to create a healthy workplace. She also provides training to people, especially managers, on how to promote better working environments. You can contact Heather at Clive Johnson is the managing director of Business Risk Solutions. He’s focused on raising the profile of mental health and wellbeing so it’s on an even footing with health and safety. You can reach Clive at Additional resources Mates In Mind programme Mind (especially good for managers) CALM (campaign against living miserably) Got something to say about eLearning? We’re always looking for bright and opinionated people to join us on the podcast. If that’s you, shoot an email to
October 9, 2019
Bringing AR/VR to Enterprise
Clive Elleforde, Head of Digital and E-learning at PTW, presents the PodEum podcast. The market is exploding, and most people, still associate it with practical applications to support learning. However, other opportunities exist across the soft skills too. Irrespective of the application, AR/VR it’s the safe place to fail, and that brings vast benefits to the corporate markets. Hear the views from both a supplier and client aspect across construction, banking, media and NHS. Host Clive Elleford, Email: Linkedin: Web: Tel:   +44 (0) 7375 031 318 Guests John Fecci – Commercial Director - E-Learning Studios: John Kersey -  HSEQ Business Partner – ISS UK: The PodEum podcast is sponsored by PTW.
September 10, 2019
AR and VR in Education
Clive Elleforde, Head of Digital and E-learning at PTW, presents PodEum.  We debate the current trend in Augmented and Virtual Reality, in both education and the commercial world. Is it working across education from primary age, through to the obvious benefits in the commercial world. What are the pitfalls, what do we know and what don’t we know of the potential negatives to AR/VR. In this episode, Joanna Webb of 3R’s Consulting, and David Sime of Oncor Reality bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to discuss the benefits and what the future will bring in the next phase of AR/VR. Clive Elleforde Linked In profile Email Web David Sime Linked In profile Email Web Joanna Webb Linked In profile Email Web The PodEum is sponsored by PTW.
August 19, 2019