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The Publishing Mindset

The Publishing Mindset

By Marina Aris
What does it take to successfully write, publish, market, and distribute a book? And how will having a publishing mindset help you? Join Marina Aris, author, publisher, publishing strategist, and founder of the Brooklyn Writers Co. as she interviews industry experts and shares tips, ideas, and strategies for navigating today's ever-changing publishing landscape.
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Introduction to the Publishing Mindset Podcast
This podcast has been brought to you by the Brooklyn Writers Co. If you've always wanted to write a book and get published, this podcast will offer you tips, ideas, and strategies for determining which publishing option is best for you. In today's publishing landscape writers have more options than ever before.  In this episode, I briefly introduce myself and give an overview of what you can expect from tuning in. If you have questions or an idea for an episode topic, please feel free to email me at or log onto
July 31, 2020