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So, You Want to Publish Your Book?

So, You Want to Publish Your Book?

By Sean Buvala
"I want to publish a book." Let's talk about the ins and outs of modern publishing. The rules have changed. Options are everywhere. Come for random rants about publishing, questions answered, interviews held. Your host is Sean Buvala, publisher at The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group.
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Interview with Kidlit Author Marc Severson.

So, You Want to Publish Your Book?

Interview with Kidlit Author Marc Severson.

So, You Want to Publish Your Book?

Authors Write to One Reader (Avatar) (Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group) When you write your book, write it to one person. Sean Buvala discusses the role of the reader "avatar."  Rough Transcript Excerpt: Sean Buvala: When you write a book, particularly a non-fiction book, but it's true of fiction too, what we want you to do in the publishing industry, what we want you to do is to write specifically to one person. In other words, get an avatar of what that person looks like. Some authors literally find a picture and put it up on the wall and they write to that picture but know who you're writing to. So for example, in my first book, I put out called "Daddy Teller," DaddyTeller was a book that I wrote to help dads in particular, although we use it in all of our parenting training programs, to help them learn to be able to tell stories to their children. Not only to read stories but to put the book down, look their children in the eye and read them stories. And so daddy teller was a book I wrote very specifically.
October 16, 2019
Five Things About Modern Publishing (Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing) Sean Buvala, the publisher at The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group, shares 4+1 things you need to know if you are looking to have a book published. Getting started on writing a book? Think about these things as you write your next work.
October 16, 2019
Interview with Kidlit Author Marc Severson.
Our publisher, Sean Buvala, sat down with author Marc Severson to talk shop about his new book "Don't Throw Me in the Cholla Patch!" recently published by us. A transcript is included below. It's a transcript, not a polished, printed document. Enjoy the "flavor" of it all.  Get the full transcript at Sean Buvala:        Hey. This is Sean Buvala with Small Tooth Dog Publishing Group. I'm talking today to one of our new authors. You've been around the block for a while. Marc Severson:      Thirty years or so. Sean Buvala:        This is Mark Severson. He has just released with us, Don't Throw Me in the Choya Patch. The wood rat and coyote story. The first of the woodrat stories. Marc Severson:      Absolutely. Sean Buvala:        Mark, how are ya? Marc Severson:      I'm doing great. I like to say that over the last 30 years, I've become an overnight sensation. Sean Buvala:        Yes, that's right. That's all it takes is 30 years. Hey, so we are really pleased to see this book come out with you. Marc Severson:      Not as pleased as I was. Sean Buvala:        That's good. Look, even your name is on it. Marc Severson:      I know. Sean Buvala:        Where does the story come from? What is the history? Marc Severson:      That's a great question. When I was an archeologist, I used to be out in the Sonoran desert and I'd find these piles of brush and such. They were surrounded by cholla. I always wondered about them. The fellow that I was doing the survey with said they were woodrat nests. I just thought, "Wow, what a fascinating creature." They can bring cholla to its nest to protect it from all the other animals.
May 8, 2019