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Puff Chornicles

Puff Chornicles

By Puff Chronicles Podcast
Sexiest podcast on the planet. Follow @iamjasmine_j_ and @jellohello_jessi confer sex, wine, and blop (black entertainment). Enjoy listening to sex tips, stories, and kinks while being updated on the latest blop news. Support the podcast by leaving a review, purchasing a wine selection reviewed, and read the wine tasting blog on We promote and welcome all entrepreneurs!
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Cuties and Handies
Wine - Handies (Hand Jobs) Kansas City Chief’s fans boo unity Cuties on Netflix Andrew Gillum Patti Labelle vs Gladys Knight
September 16, 2020
Wakanda Forever And Ever
This week’s episode was recorded before a horrible accident involving @jellohello_jessi. If everyone that is watching this episode could please keep her in your prayers and send love and healing energy we would appreciate it SO much. She IS ok and we will do our best to record again soon. ❤️. On this week’s episode iamjasmine_j_ and jellohello_jessi discuss... REST IN HEAVEN Chadwick Boseman Pony fetish Bella Thorne $1 Million dollar Only Fans come up NBA strike Lori Harvey is a bad bih G. Floyd’s killer asking judge to dismiss case
September 4, 2020
A Foot For A Foot
Initiating Sex Morning sex Officer Assaults 15 year old boy – Trey songs vs Celina Powell Landon James speaks out regarding Breonna Taylor Release CMurda? Meg Thee Stallion Vs Tory Lanez Monica vs Brandy Earn our vote
August 25, 2020
Who Do Yal Think Yal Are?
Jasmine has a new IG! iamjasmine_j_ and jellohello_jessi discuss on this episode... Since it’s episode 69 we talkin SIXITY NINE what we love and what we hate Boss up - BLOP WAP PUSSY = POWER GIRL POWER ABOVE ALL ELSE
August 13, 2020
Good D
This week on Puff chronicles _iamjasminej and jellohello_jessi discuss Boss up wine selection - Cock OClock – What is bad sex? Talking during sex BLOP – Rest in Love Regis Philbin Nicki Minaj is pregnant! Draya VS Meg Thee Stallion Tamar Braxton Suicide Hotline – 1-800-273-8255 Kanye VS Kim K Swiz Beats and Timberland bring Verzuz to Apple Music Congratulations Ciara on Win!!!!
July 31, 2020
2020 Ain’t It
This week on Puff Chronicles _iamjasminej and jello discuss... Boss up - Cock o clock - Gag reflex training Sex outdoors Conjugal Visits Blop - Rip Naya Rivera Thank you Porsha Williams And Yandy for being on the front lines BREONNA TAYLOR BLMBLMBLMBLM Meg the Stallion Vs Tory Lanez Nick Cannon Vs Everybody
July 22, 2020
Not So Happy Fourth
Cock o clock – Yoni Eggs and Kegel balls This week on Puff Chronicles _iamjasminej and jellohello_jessi discuss... Wine Selection 🍷 – Blop – Isnt it a happy 4th of July or is it? Arrest Breonna Taylor’s Killers! August Alsina VS The Smith’s Wearing a Masks Mid year/RONA update
July 7, 2020
Rata Tatat
This week _iamjasminej and jellohello_jessi discuss Cock o clock – Alvinophilia New music reviews for Jcole, Spike T, and Beyoncé Teyana Taylor preggers Thank you celebrities that are standing up and speaking out on BLM CHAZ An update on how much Trump cares not BYE BYE AUNT JEMIMA AND ALL THE OTHER RACIST HISTORY Dave Chapel 8:46 Beethoven trending Happy Father’s Day Boss up -
June 24, 2020
Crossover with The Nite Hype Podcast
This week on Puff Chronicles _iamjasminej and jellohello_jessi collab with the Erika and India on the Nite Hype Show for the KC Podcast Crossover Challenge and they discuss... This week’s wine selection - Being in the house... COVID-19 blessing and a curse... Starbucks taking back their stance on BLM gear... Starting a podcast... We love our podding community!!
June 15, 2020
Gummy Worm
This week on Puff Chronicles _iamjasminej and jellohello_jessi discuss Boss up with Boisset - Cock o clock - Slobbing on the softy Phone sex accents Penial piercings Blop culture - Future vs Baby Mamas Fast-food Trump Support What the hell we bout to do about Trina ? Latin kings working with police Rest in love Breonna taylor BLM BLM BLM BLM BLM WE CANNOT SAY IT ENOUGH BLM
June 11, 2020
This week on Puff Chronicles _iamjasminej and jellohello_jessi talk about… Boss Up Selection – Cock o clock – Cremated Cock and Peak Sex Age Blop Culture – Jagged Edge vs 112, Nationwide Riots, and George Floyd murder
June 3, 2020
The Ugly Dickling
PUFF CHRONICLES IS NOW BEING AIRED ON KC WARRIOR RADIO Monday’s @ 12pm and Wednesday’s @ 1pm!! KC WARRIOR RADIO – Cock o clock – Length vs GURTH Swollowing Tasting yourself Blop culture- The chi coming back Tamar on To Catch A Beautician Wildn Out with TANK Rayj and Princess Sophistakit – Boss Up Selection – ‼️🚨 FREE magazines for Puff Chronicles supporters!!! P.I.F.F. ALERT!! Due to our new found success, we are giving away our first 100 print copies FOR FREE!! (normally priced at $9.99)!! To qualify, you must do the following: 1.) Follow the Puff Chronicles on Facebook at: 2.) Follow the Puff Chronicles on Instagram at: 3.) Follow the Puff Chronicles on Twitter at: 4.) Share this post on ALL of your social media accounts and tag at least ten (10) friends 5.) E-mail us screenshots of the first 4 steps completed and send your phone number and name and best time to call you so we can order your copy of P.I.F.F. – a collector’s item moment!! For more info on this, please contact: “Classy” – Secretary / Booking Agent at P.I.F.F. Classy Promotions 602-473-9447 ALSO: Check out our $10,000 Music Challenge coming soon!! More details to follow shortly!
May 26, 2020
Cock o clock – Orgies Vibrators Stud attraction Gay porn Gang bangs and Cyber orgies Blop Culture – Nelly vs Luda Trina vs Khia and Future vs the baby mamas This week’s wine selection –
May 18, 2020
MILFs List - Shout our to the sexy moms! #Blackpornmatters BECOMING - Michelle Obama Documentary on Netflix Jill Scott VS Eryka Badu The Black takeover Rip Andre Harrell Rip little Richard Congrats to the podcasts that made it to the final round! We are so proud of you ❤️KC This week’s selection -
May 12, 2020
We have a new friend of the show… Bright swimwear!!! Please visit BRIGHT SWIMWEAR and use PROMOCODE PUFFCHRON15 to get 15% your purchase! Cock o clock – What is our favorite position? Rest in Love Ahmad Arbury Happy birthday Gigi Beyoncé and Meg Savage REMIX Doja cat and Nicki Minaj Say so REMIX Jidenna FINE AS HELLLLLLLLL ATL VS Corona The BLACK vote This week’s selection –
May 5, 2020
Mothers and Mother’s Boys
The sound quality has a small echo in the beginning so if you can’t take it skip to min 15 it should be gone. BUT THIS EPISODE WAS SO RELATABLE AND FUNNY!! We had a great freaking time……. Cock o clock – Would You date a mamas boy? Losing virginity. Most awkward places to have sex. “Left Eye” Lopez 18th Afterlife Day Lisa Rey comments on the Kardashians Kanye is officially a billionaire Nelly vs ASAP rocky Will we get a Dre vs Diddy IG live concert? Offset and Cardi b vs Baby mama – what not to do
April 28, 2020
Happy Easter
56 Happy Easter Cock o Clock – Tantric Meditation What will we do when we are done with quarantine? Is there such thing as too much porn? Who watched Diddy’s State of Emergency ? Who received their stimulus checks? Random thought – What is the first thing u wanna do when we can go back outside. Is there a such thing as too much porn or racially degrading porn? Yaya Mayweather This week’s selection –
April 13, 2020
This Feels Like The Song That Never Ends...
Wine Selection – Cock o clock – Stelthing Random thought segment – What’s the FBI really up to? T pain vs lil John
April 5, 2020
Korona Lashay Davirus
his week’s episode was recorded during the nationwide quarantine. Jasmine and Jessiqa were not able to meet as they normally would to produce the show because of this. However, because we cannot not be stopped, we were able to record via ANCHOR.FM which was a learning experience so the audio is not as clear as it normally is but we did have a great show!! We hope you enjoy. Cock o clock – GRiiindIIING (grinding) Everything is shut down… Is there anything to be thankful for while this is happening? Universal Pictures will start streaming movies because of the corona virus.  What will you do with your Trump Check? Watch them say this is our reparations. Kim K and Kourtney fight on their show… Are we going to watch? Listener Letter – Dead Beat Parents
March 30, 2020
Heeey Ma CaRONA
Cock o clock - sleeping with someone you work with. Jay z just dropped some songs Da baby hitting someone else Bill gates leaves microsofrt Things the Corona Virus has changed or things it could change Did Russia do this?
March 16, 2020
This Is How We Do It
Free Eyebrow wax tiiiimmmee! Congratulations Shavel THANK YOU BOISSET this week’s selection found here – Cock o clock – Kissing in other places Thank you PiffMag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.I.F.F. Magazine and Coleman All Star Agency are throwing it down next Saturday in Atlanta, Georgia.. They’re taking auditions for a coming industry seminar and are also doing a $500 cash giveaway so hit them up to register for next week To register and book your slot today, hit the link: Kenneth Petty needs to register Pleasure P arrested for battery Are we doing Lent?
March 13, 2020
Man in The Mirror
RIP Pop Smoke killed in a robbery home invasion Dem Debates! Chad paying people’s rent Cock o Clock – Lingerie Are we watching Tami and Floka march twelth – wack reality shows the circle fave reality shows Braxston’s
March 3, 2020
Fifty, Feeties, and Fopping
Happy Valentines Day! Self love is KEY Cock o Clock – Foot fetish Story Time – Toxic Relationships Future gifts Lori Harvey with a tons of roses.
February 18, 2020
Don't Be An A**Hole
This week was jam packed with fun things! Thank you to our sponsors!!! PIFF Magazine – @touchofarosewaxandskincare Jean-Charles Boisset Cassandra Melhuish Purchase this week’s selection here Happy New Years ! Cock o clock – Double penetration Listener letters – Fake pregnancies, suicide texts, and parenting advice on masterbation Rob Kardashian VS Blac Chyna Future Vs People that love Lori Harvey WW3 Azriel VS Jocelyn Ctha god gag gift to dj envy NETFLIX critiques were: YOU and DONT F*** With Cats
February 9, 2020
GO CHIEFS WE KNEW YOU COULD DO IT! Venmo VS Cashapp Gale King Vs Snoop Dog Omeeka Vs Barbie and Ken For CockoClock Thumb in the bum or D in the Bum? WWYD Listener Letter Questions!!!
February 9, 2020
Rest In Love Black Mamba
This week on Puff Chronicles _iamJasminej and Kiki Life discuss CHIEFS GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL! Did the lady say Nakers? Girl dads, black girls ,and their relationships with their fathers Cock o clock – Fruit and fellatio…. On to the mess Russel Wilson and Ciera are having another baby Clive Davis is making a movie about Whitney Houston Wine Selection –
February 9, 2020
For Those Who Like To Swang
This week Jasmine and Kiki Life discuss Jasmine's DM's  Aaron Rodriguez Doc Cock o Clock - Shaving your woman for her and Couples Swinging Rules On to the mess... A black man was arrested after receiving a discrimination check and trying to deposit it DaBABy pushes a man after he tried to take a picture of him and his child Wine selection this week -
February 9, 2020
Happy Anniversary
Tune in to learn how to take advantage of some cash, food, and spa treatment prizes! Contest rules are below. Cockoclock – Travis Scott and the leaked sex tape, who has made homemade sex tapes? And, moaning. President Trump is impeached? Black face or slap in the face? For this weeks wine selection please click the link below
December 24, 2019
Puff Chronicles birthday brunch
This week on Puff Chronicles... Rest in heaven Juice World Offset gets hacked Cock o clock segment Sexting And going through your significant other’s phone
December 23, 2019
Find The Hole
This week on Puff Chronicles... Cock o clock - Women guiding the D! Akon city Judge Joe Brown vs Black women Millennium tour SPECIAL Thanx to our sponsors!! @touchofaroseqxandskincare
December 7, 2019
Black Woman Butter
This week on Puff Chronicles… Monique VS NETFLIX Cock o clock Farting during sex & Smothering Ari Lennox and Summer Walker Disney+ is hacked Julia Roberts as Queen Harriet Tubman This week’s win selection-…
November 27, 2019
Episode 39 – John Legend
This week on Puff Chronicles with @iam_jasminej and @jellohello_jessi… Prayers to the Santa Carlita victims Kc and Shout out to the 85 south show. Cockoclock What defines a fuck boy? Kissing Facials Daing younger Disney plus and Nickelodeon John Legend is People’s sexiest man…
November 27, 2019
To the Tatas
This week on Puff Chronicles...  We ask that all appreciate titties in some way! Drink to the tatas! Whitney Houston and her BFF TIP going to the OBGYN with his daughter every year Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Vs Chic Fil A Halloween BDSM and Anal Sex Woman gets arrested for whooping her child at school Lisa Rey  Angie Martinez Growing up poor HIV Tattoos Solange  And... Netflix won’t be available on certain TVS next month  Thank you to our sponsors at Boisset, Piff Magazine, and Touch of a Rose Wax and Skin Care!  Special shout out to Meesh Cosmetics
November 27, 2019
Episode 36 – Love…
This week on Puff Chronicles ! @iam__jasminej and @K’klife welcome back jellohello_jessi to the show after an unexpected health scare which we are pleased to announce that both Jess and our new precious Bailey have recovered swell! RIP to Atatiana Jefferson. On to da mess!!!!!!! The Beautiful list Kimye and their spat on Kim’s dress style Gina Rodriguez says the N word Cock o clock … Masterbating Swallowing And emo and ego sex wars between men and women! Please enjoy this week’s wine selection that can be found below!
October 28, 2019
Episode 35 – Daddy
JT from City Girls is home Bet hip hop awards G Herbo’s child’s mother turns to ig when he brings their child around another woman Was Jason Brown murdered by police? Drake and his daddy issues Cock o clock!! Do you call your man daddy? This week's wine selection:
October 28, 2019
Episode 34 – A Time to Kill and a Time to Heal
Black woman enters the lion’s den at the Bronx zoo Chick-fil-a ranked the slowest fast food line Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott show the Kardashians how to break up properly OG VS Evelyn – Basketball Wives reactions Botham Jean trial conviction reactions This week's wine selection:
October 28, 2019
Episode 33 – Light day
Hustlers Cardi B talks on Angie Martinez “Untold Stories of Hiphop” Kevin Heart Beyonce losing to Carpool Karaoke Spanking kids The Read Fellatio
October 27, 2019
Episode 32 – Build a Thug
Dj Statx and KC peoples choice awards How do gentlemen approach women today ? Rihanna is pregnant Fantasia and submissive wives TK69 Antonio Brown patriot accused of rape this weeks wine selections:
October 27, 2019
Episode 31 - Shout Out to The Moon
This week on Puff Chronicles! Jasmine and KKLIFE discuss Nicki Minaj retiring to start a family. Rick Ross’s 17 year old daughter gets pregnant Lizzo on the cover of ELLE and Azealia hating ass Tracy Ellis Ross starts a new haircare brand Happy birthday to Queen Beyoncé Rip to The Diamond Princesses Mother and MacMiller Mac Miller’s drug deal gets arrested And we review Power and Snowfall Please like, share, subscribe, and follow!
September 12, 2019
Episode 29 - Kool-aid is Really Crack
Reports on T Grizzly and his manager shot Attack of the Popeye's chicken sandwich We are still talking about the NFL The Dmx challenge Sean King and the Diamond ball fiasco Young thug VS YFN Lucci Snow Fall & POSE
September 12, 2019
Episode 28 - Is it F the NFL or na?
This week on Puff Chronicles... Jasmine and Kklifee discuss... Nicki Minaj vs err body Jay z and the NFL For our cockoclock segment we discuss role play.
September 12, 2019
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
This week's listener letter asks the question, "Would you remove your child from a daycare if your child's teacher was a porn performer." Cock o clock - Kklife discusses her likeness for Pop culture - Nicki Minaj and Meg The Stallion have an ig chit chat. Did we sell our information to Equifax? Katie Perry and Lil Nas X being sued over beats Mario Lopez and his comments on trans-children
September 12, 2019
Light Skins Akkin Up
This week on Puff Chronicles We have a uniform name @puffchron on all socials!!! Listener letters!! What if...renewing marriage licenses every 3 years was a thing? How do you How do I change the foundation of a relationship where the conversations are bland, and awkward? Cock O'clock! What is the rule of thumb for kissing after oral sex In our shenanigans segment... Meek mill off probation Cardi tweets "wish I was dead" The lion king
September 12, 2019
Attack of The Face App
This week on Puff Chronicles Like The Lion King says, be prepared. We are talking about black funerals and Life insurance policies Congrats to Colin Kaeprnick’s nominatation for the Nike Commercial ASAP Rocky, KimYe, and Sweeden..nuff said Wutang should have taught us how to handle money and friendships April, Swaelee, the Simmons Sisters love acting up on Instagram Be a has been not a never was This week’s selection can be purchased from the link below
September 12, 2019
Like Mike
   This Week on Puff Chronicles... The Little Mermaid reboot Snowfall season premier Insecurities, we all have them Jermaine Dupri and Cardi B on women rappers stepping up their lyrics.  You can find this week’s selection if you click the link below.
July 15, 2019
Episode 22 – Getchi Getchi YaYa
  This week on Puff Chronicles… What does Getchi Getchi Ya Ya really mean? What is barbecue beef? Porcha Williams and Fiance of 8 months split. Hairy Vs Bald vagi Big clitoris What’s the going rate for golden showers in Dubai? What does it take to get and keep a man? Jessiqa updates on the Florida man that drug an officer from his car. How do we feel about ruthless memes, whats the worse meme you have ever seen that you know you shouldn’t have laughed at..but you did anyway? and… The first episode of Black Mirror. The wine Jasmine is drinking in this episode can be found if you click the link below!
June 23, 2019
Life’s a Bih and So is Her Cousin Hindsight
 Puff Chronicles wants to thank our sponsors @ Boisset and P.I.F.F. Magazine for bringing you this week’s episode. The first portion of the show is blacked out for the very grown topics that we discussed such as polygamy, polyamory, and more The second portion you will see Jasmine and K’klife discuss Diddy and Casey, Chris Brown and Karruche, Daria, The Chi, and Black Men Don’t Cheat Day. Songs we listened to were “No Guidance” and “Tia Tamara” To purchase today’s selection please visit
June 19, 2019
Puff Chronicles Episode 17 - We’re Still Weird
 We discuss fun and weird things we have done and still do! We discuss Avengers End Game RIP to Toni Braxton’s Neice and John Singleton THE FOOD FACTORY KC is our KC business we are supporting this week. 
June 10, 2019