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Punching the Clock

Punching the Clock

By Steven Ryan
A sports culture medium where all angles of a topic are discussed. Great takes, fun re-drafts, life on the lines (Sports betting). Hosted by Steven Ryan who in his spare time is a twitch streamer where he also dives into some of the sports world hottest debates.
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Championship Sunday Preview - NBA Drama

Punching the Clock

Championship Sunday Preview - NBA Drama

Punching the Clock

Super Bowl Preview- NBA catchup
This week on Punching the Clock we cover most things Super Bowl. We give you our predictions and some fun prop bets you should play if you are feeling frisky. We also review the off-season news and cover all things NBA from the past two weeks. We are so thankful for your support on punching the clock. Make sure you like rate and subscribe.
February 5, 2021
Championship Sunday Preview - NBA Drama
We preview the Championship Sunday and touch upon all of the NBA happenings. James Harden is Net, and is LeBron just bored?? We appreciate all of the support make sure you Like, Rate and Subscribe.
January 22, 2021
NFL Playoff Preview- Whats Wrong with College Football, NBA update
We cover a wide variety of topics in today's episode. We appreciate all of your support coming into 2021!!! Thank you
January 7, 2021
Year in Review
We want to wish you here at Punching the Clock a happy new year full of prosperity and so much more. Enjoy our year in review. Make sure you like rate and subscribe
December 31, 2020
NBA Seasons Eve!!
The squad goes Over/Under on the NBA regular season which starts today!! Enjoy! like, rate and subscribe
December 23, 2020
Week 15 Preview, NCAA playoff thoughts
We let you know what to expect in the upcoming week on the NFL and discuss the politics behind the college football playoff
December 18, 2020
Season 2- The Return again
We are back to preview the NBA season and all the chaos that ensued over the past couple of months. Joined by Blacktopgrizz and Gbeverly we breakdown each team and their position in the league and how they will compete for a championship.
December 10, 2020
NFL Week 6 and NBA off season chatter
I am joined by my guys blacktop grizz and Gbeverly24 as we dive into this weeks sports topics and debates
October 24, 2020
Episode 15- Return of the Pod
We appreciate you sitting with us through this awkward time in all of our lives, but we are happy to bring back the squad in punching the clock. Join me, Blacktop Grizz and Gbeverly as we discuss all of the current news in sports today
October 14, 2020
Round Table Week 2
It is one of the most viewed concepts on Punching the Clock. Do not worry I will be bringing the show back slowly. But make sure you check us out at Clocker Sports. We have a lot of fun talking about the NBA bubble and possible postseason matchups
August 27, 2020
Clockers Sport Round Table
WE ARE BACK and with several guests. I join the writers at clocker sports and we discuss all things Chicago on today's episode
August 13, 2020
The Return - NBA/MLB/PTC returns and we redraft the 2000 NBA Class
We are back and better than ever before baby. We appreciate all of the support these past few months but we are happy to have basketball back and much more. My main man Josh joins to discuss the current state of things and segway into a variety of topics
July 2, 2020
Black Lives Matter
On Today's Punching the Clock. I am Joined by a good friend Julian Walters. Me and him discuss what is really important in the world right now and that is that Black Lives Matter.
June 3, 2020
Re Listing ESPN's Top 100 Hoopers
On Today's Punching Thy Clock. Steven, Shiquille and Garret dive deep into the ESPN's Top 100 NBA players list. We break it down from 100 to 1. Make sure you follow me on twitter @illiniRyan7 if you have some adjustments for the top 100 list.
May 30, 2020
2001 NFL ReDraft- Final thoughts on the Last Dance
Will D Clark Joins Steven in another edition of Punching the Clock. We Gave our Final thoughts on "The Last Dance" and Re-Drafted the very intriguing 2001 NFL Redraft
May 23, 2020
Last Dance on Last Dance-Whats wrong W/ ESPN TOP 100 and more...
Punching the Clock brings back friends of the program in Shiquille and Garret and we dive into the Last Dance, The ESPN Top 100 NBA players of all time. We also discuss Tyler Herro and the Mount Rushmore of Wisconsin Hoopers. Thank you for checking us out. To get in contact about the show. Follow me on Twitter at @illiniRyan7
May 20, 2020
Last Dance Review Episode 7 & 8, NFL off Field Happenings, Current Day Bulls projection
Shiquille is back to give us his thoughts on the last dance, the ridiculous happenings of Earl Thomas and how the current Bulls are poised to rebuild properly this time around.
May 18, 2020
Last Dance Episode Review-NFL Draft Review- with Garret and Shiquille
Todays Punching the Clock consist of a review of the latest Last Dance episode, and a review of the NFL Draft!! I bring in my dear friends Garret and Shiquille to discuss both of these topics.
May 5, 2020
Mock Draft-Last Dance Review
Today on Punching the Clock. We dive into the NFL draft and explore what teams may be thinking at each position. We also discuss the last dance and my takeaways from the first two episodes
April 22, 2020
PTC- The Bulls are Back!!! Rudy and Tony Join
Rudy and Tony join Steven in rejoice as the Bulls are back. The Bulls recently hired their new president of Basketball operations. Come listen to the discussion about the bright future of the bulls and relive old times as former classmates get together.
April 15, 2020
PTC- The Return- Deep Dive into Chicago Sports
Today on Punching the Clock. My old Co-host returns and we discuss the current events of Chicago Sports. John Paxson of the Bulls has some interesting news for us to dive into. We discuss Cubs/Sox and Bears as well 
April 8, 2020
2011 NFL Re-Draft
In Today's Quarantine filled world, Me and Josh Buckhalter dive deep into the class of 2011 for the NFL and redraft the first round. Let us know your thoughts on if we left someone out. Follow me @illiniRyan7 on twitter. Make sure to check us out at
April 4, 2020
Punching the Clock- E Sports with Athletes, Cam Newtons Destination, Last Dance Doc
In todays episode, I discuss the importance of Athletes playing video games. I give you my best bets for the Madden simulation games, discuss landing sports for Cam Newton, and talk about the cultural impact of the "Last Dance" documentary.
April 2, 2020
The Premiere- Punching The Clock
Welcome to Episode 1 of Punching the Clock. Hosted by Steven Ryan. On this Podcast we will be discussing the current events in the sports world, culture and the E-sports world.
March 27, 2020