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🎧Mandala Vinyasa, Vedic Teachings & the Gift of Being a Single Parent - Interview with Daniela Garza Rois

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🎧Mandala Vinyasa, Vedic Teachings & the Gift of Being a Single Parent - Interview with Daniela Garza Rois
Show Notes: https://pureflow.yoga/podcasts/danielamandala In this Episode, Daniela shares: Her Yoga Journey: Her mom as her first big inspiration, how Yoga found her, and her passion for sharing her unique Teacher Trainings What is Mandala Yoga and how she uses this practice to dance with life and connect with the rhythm of Flow Words of wisdom for the single parent – How becoming a Single Mom, challenged not only her morning practice, but also helped her transform the traditional concept of what it means to have family, to recognise that family and support is all around Obstacles as tool for Self-growth - Self with a capital “S” - The harder the teaching, the thicker the blessing. Acro-Yoga as a way to experience and understand how the body moves, by feeling meridians and anatomical planes Bhakti Yoga – and what it means to be in devotion Dharma Yoga & the 20 Value of Values – Why it’s important to follow your life’s purpose Sacred space, and the power of having an altar, and working with nature and the 5 elements to help connect with and transmute emotions Non-Dualism and her passion for studying Vedanta - the sacred teachings of Yoga from the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata – and the importance of having a experienced guide to unfold the teachings Some of her beautiful life philosophies and nuggets of wisdom:  ***The more you honour life and have complete validation and trust in what life brings, and take it as prasada, which is the blessed food after the puja, ritual of gratitude, even if its bitter, or sweet or sour, everything is a gift, and is in perfect order. ***Life is happening for you, not to you – it’s your friend. ***As much as we resist life, life will resist us. As soon as we embrace and trust, life blossoms in front of you ***If you follow your dharma the dharma will always protect you ***Pain is part of he process, that’s why we’re here: “When the pain comes, the rain comes, and eventually a thousand flowers will blossom”.  **From the what to the so what? Vedanta – how fast can you go through the threshold of the ego, of what you expected life to be, from the what to the so what? ------- About Daniela Mandala: Daniela Mandala is the spirited founder of SOHA - the global School of Healing Arts Yoga Teacher Training, and Co-Founder and Spiritual Director of Sutra Yoga Studio, Monterrey, Mexico, where she’s from. She’s also the proud mother of a beautiful 2 -year old boy. Daniela has been immersed in bodywork and spiritual practice for more than 16 years, and along her travels has become certified in Osteopathy & Bioenergetics, Medical Magnet Therapy, Chinese Medicine, Mandala Vinyasa Yoga, Prana Flow, Krama Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Acroyoga, and Thai Massage.  Daniela is known for her highly positive attitude, a devoted practice and a sense of service, all of which are present throughout her teachings. Her work as a Yoga and Holistic practitioner inspires very clear technique and a deep understanding. She emphasizes acquiring awareness and sensitivity on how to listen, feel, and support each individual back to the Self. Currently Daniella is one of the main teachers at Bali ‘s famous Yoga barn, where she shares all her trainings, Daniela also shares class online classes, in Spanish and English on Udaya.com, and is currently working on her first book.
August 20, 2019
🎧Yoga Nidra, Ayahuasca & The Changing Landscape of the Yoga World - Interview with Simone Mackay
Show notes @ https://pureflow.yoga/podcasts/simonemackay/ Podcast Made with 💖.  Please Support us: - Monthly Contribution: https://pureflow.yoga/podcast/ - Subscribe in Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast player or device.  - Please leave us a  5-Star review on Itunes. --- In this Episode, Simone shares about: Defining the Yogi’s Journey Why she’s letting go of teaching 200 hour trainings after 10 years and over 500+ graduates The changing landscape of the Yoga World, and the irony of Yoga and social media Yoga Nidra– Yogic sleep as an effective and useful way to integrate healing –especially for trauma work, addictions, anxiety, depression, and stress in general Symbol of Aum as it relates to the brain states that we experience in Yoga Nidra, Medicine work and daily life – alpha, beta, theta, delta, gama. Vision quests, Rights of Passage & the value of exploring different cultural and experiential lenses and perspectives Bridging Yoga and Plant Medicine World Ceremony & Dieting with Plant Medicines like Ayahuasca, Wachuma – San Pedro – What are they? Why are they being used? Who are they of benefit to? What does it mean to feel “called? How the plant intelligences work: Hint: They give you what you need, not what you want… Re-defining self-practice and it’s important role in integrating transformation
July 29, 2019
🎧Transforming Cellular Memory, Yoga Deep & the Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival - Interview with Cathy Pearson
Visit https://pureflow.yoga/podcast/ for show notes --- Born in Ireland, Cathy Pearson, founder of Yoga Deep and the Celtic Woodland YogaFestival, is an award-winning feature documentary filmmaker, Yoga teacher and Spiritual Educator. She’s also a mother and proponent of natural birth, who has been involved with yoga for over 20 years.  In that time she has been living between Ireland, Thailand, India & Bali offering group and one to one sessions and deepening her understanding of the incredible depths of yoga. studying and practicing a variety of styles and disciplines, from Iyenger and Hatha, to Ashtanga and meditation . In this Episode, Cathy shares about: Moving from depression in her teens in Ireland to meditation, using meditation instead of medication Her fascinating journey as an an award-winning documentary filmmaker Transforming Cellular Memory, and the language and anatomy of sacred energy and purification Embracing and Transforming challenging energy through Universal Connection Uplifting and Giving back to the Yoga scene in Ireland through her creation of the 1st ever International Yoga & Spirit Festival A trillion trees project and the importance of doing our bit to support worthwhile endeavoruss to help with climate crisis The Power and Bliss of Natural Birth
July 14, 2019
(#26) Allowing, Receiving & Letting Go - 90 min Dynamic Flow
Welcome! Join us for this dynamic Yoga practice to help cultivate the art of allowing, receiving and letting go.
May 10, 2019
🎧 Yoga & Taboo: Sex, Death & Wealth - Interview with Emily Kuser
Visit https://pureflow.yoga/podcast/ for show notes --- It’s a true honour and pleasure to welcome the wise, accomplished and fascinating Emily Kuser to the Pure Flow Yoga podcast. Emily is a true seeker at heart, and has journeyed from her humble American roots, to becoming a prominent international Yoga teacher based in Bali and offering her Self-Care, Woman's work and Taboo exploration workshops worldwide. Emily has a passionate curiosity for exploring the big questions of life (and death), and also how can she be best be in service to humanity a teacher. Emily is known for her skills and passion teaching Anusara Yoga, Embodied Flow, and now the more juicy and unexplored topics of sex, death & wealth, which we talk a bit about today.    In this Episode, Emily shares about: How she literally followed her dream to come to Bali and start a life here Yoga as a way to bring order to the chaos of life, the importance for both women and men to explore spirituality for the female psyche, to understand our cyclical nature What is Self-Care and why she's offering teacher trainings and workshops in this area Business as a great spiritual path and teacher, and the importance of refining our communications, agreements and contracts Tantra as a nature-based teaching and philosophy, and how to allow your self to perceive the world through body and senses  Why she' inspired by those working most closely with birth and death 
April 29, 2019
(#24- YTT Edition) - I approve m myself - L2 - 90 mins
In this strong level 2 practice, we build our inner fire, and core strength, with some strong sequences, including arm balances, some side plank, and a few more yin in postures towards the end of the class to balance. We hope you enjoy!
February 27, 2019
(#23) 🔥 Fire Flow - Transforn through Practice
Welcome to our • Fire-flow - What in your life are you ready to transform? What thought, belief, pattern or habit is no longer serving you? In this level 2 practice, we build core power, and openness in the hips and hearts as we dedicate our practice to transformation.
February 21, 2019
(#22) Balance- Be All And See - 90 mun Energising Flow
Today we focus on building clarity, balance, and strength in our body and mind. Starting with a balancing pranayama, and moving into a flow sequence that cultivates core strength, hip opening, and steadiness in our center as we balance.
January 24, 2019
🎧Walking the Beauty Way - Interview with Malaika Darville
Visit https://pureflow.yoga/podcast/ for show notes --- Introducing Malaika Darville - shamaness, ceremonialist,  Yogi, musician, community elder, 5-elements Ecstatic Dance facilitator, and DJ. In this episode, Malaika shares: the Rise of the Feminine and why we need to balance Shiva & Shakti Being in the body, Ecstatic Dance & Community‘s for Healing ourselves and our planet the Beauty Way – Emergent Culture and the rise of festival and retreat culture the Importance of Ceremony, Ancestors, & Tribe for initiating people and bringing people together to heal, Indigenous Wisdom – Ho’oponono – conscious relating to bring freedom from the trauma / drama cycle Elemental Awakening and the benefits of planting seeds for exploring our shadow as well as our light Going with the Flow & why we need to have experiences timelessness for our inner evolution
January 16, 2019
(#20) Fall in Love with where you Are
We start by setting our intentions, coming into an inner silence meditation, and then we slowly awake in the body coming into a beautiful and powerful standing flow and balancing sequence. In this flow we explored dancers pedals, levitation pose, wild thing, side plank and more. We end in gratitude with a song. We hope you enjoy this dynamic practice!
January 11, 2019
(#19) Flooooooow - Awaken the 2nd Chakra
In this rigorous practice today we practice the art of flowing on our mat, and with our breath. Yummy hip openers and an awesome playlisy help us to stay focused on our intention.
December 19, 2018
(#18) Love & Connection Flow - 1 hr 25 mins
Happy dark moon. In our practice today we build lots of heat and strength in our body, opening our hearts and our hips with some nice backbends and building some heat for a pretty flowing yet fiery warrior sequence, to help build the strength and resilience to purify and create space in our lives for more love and connection. Grab yourself some props and enjoy this yummy flow. 💜🙏
December 6, 2018
🎧Ayurveda & Optimising your Life - Interview with Kimmana Nichols
Visit https://pureflow.yoga/podcast/ for show notes --- Yoga nerds, this episode is for you!   In this episode, Ayurvedic expert and Naturopath Kimmana Nichols shares wisdom from traditional systems to create holistic models for a balanced and happy life. In this episode, Kimmana shares about: - Ayurveda & the 3 Dosha System for balancing the body - Yin & Yang, and how we can incorporate these understandings in a practical way - Trinity of Vedic Sciences - Yoga, Ayurveda & Jyotish - to align the mind with the divine - Trigunas - Sattva, Rajas & Tamas - Practical tips for balancing Vata - Dinacharya and the importance of routine and regularity - Indecision fatigue and how to manage stress  For awesome FREE DOWNLOADS, show notes and to leave us a comment, please visit: https://pureflow.yoga/articles/kimmana-nichols-ayurveda-yoga-therapy-how-to-optimise-your-life/  If you like what you hear, please consider to LIKE, SHARE, LEAVE A 5 STAR REVIEW XOXO
November 21, 2018
(#16)- Metta Meditation with Ellanah
✨ Join Ellanah Fawcett for a beautiful Loving Kindness meditation to bring more peace, love, compassion and groundedness into your day. If you like what you hear, please consider leaving us a 5 -Star Review The benefits of Loving Kindness, or Metta meditation, are incredible for healing, well-being, connection and emotional intelligence. It is particularly effective in helping with challenges and pain associated PTSD, depression and anxiety and increases compassion, acceptance and self-love 🧘‍♀️
November 8, 2018
(#15) Moving forward with Grace & Ease - 90 min dynamic flow
Today we embody flow with some simple sun salutations, a balancing superhero sequence, and some deep and balancing hip and heart openers. We are joined at the end, post savassana, for a beautiful and deep heartsong with special guest Mel Dobra. 🧚‍♀️💜🎼Check her out at https://meldobra.bandcamp.com/album/sacred-tides
October 18, 2018
🎧Self-Care, Sacred Activism & Staying Curious - Interview with Atira Tan
Visit https://pureflow.yoga/podcast/ for Show Notes  and other Goodies! --- Welcome to our first ever Conversation episode of the Pure Flow Yoga Podcast with Atira Tan. Atira Tan is truly a force of love and good. She is empowering and inspiring the world through Sacred Activism and Feminine Embodied Spirituality through her work as a Yoga teacher, Trauma therapist & Coach, and through the oganisations that she’s founded, Art to Healing & Yoga for Freedom. In this inspiring podcast episode, Atira shares her journey of Yoga, the Path of Service & Awakening, Sacred Activism, Self-Care being in Pure Flow, and her way of navigating life’s challenges. To find out more info, including the show notes, check out Www.pureflow.yoga/podcast 💜🙏
October 11, 2018
(#13) Yin Yoga - the Timeless Inner Being - 90 minute practice
In this 90 minute Yin Yoga session, we open the kidney and bladder meridian, and cultivate a quality of mindfulness - dropping in to each thought, feeling, and sensation as they arise, and practice letting them go. We remember that we are not the little voices in the head, but rather the spacious awareness that can witness them. Have a great practice!
September 19, 2018
(#12) Jai Ganesha! - 90 min Bhakti Flow
The obstacle is the way! Often the challenges that present in our lives, be they in the body or in the mind, are gateways to a higher good. Sing, Play & Join us for this dynamic bhakti flow to honour the more dark, dense, and fertile aspects of our being to harness our sweat and effort into a tool for self empowerment. We finish with progressive relaxation to integrate the goodness of the practice.
September 12, 2018
(#11) 💗 Devotion in motion - 90 minute dynamic flow
Yoga is a practice that can help us to open our hearts in love.Today we start and end our practice with a little storytelling and singing, learning how to harness the power that is within each of us for the highest good of love. Hope you enjoy!
September 11, 2018
(#10) 🌺 No mud. No lotus - 90 min All-Levels Flow
In this 90 minute sweet and slow vinyasa flow, we take ourselves and our lotus mudras on a hip and hamstring opening journey from the mud of our beings to ourinfinite blossoming potential. All levels welcome!
September 8, 2018
(#9) Yoga for Freedom - 90 minute Beginner Flow
🦋 Freedom in our bodies, freedom for our minds, our hearts and spirits. Freedom for others. This is why we practice Yoga. This week we dedicate our practice and raise funds for a beautiful initative, Yoga for Freedom, that brings trauma informed Yoga and empowerment programs to sex-trafficked women and girls in Nepal. For more info and to donate directly, please visit www.YogaforFreedom.Org.Au
September 3, 2018
(#8) 🙏 Gratitude Flow 💕 - 90 minute Flow
What are you grateful for? Purna = fullness. Life is full. The more we can appreciate how much we have in life the more we cultivate contentment, or Santosha. Join me in this practice today to cultivate the feeling of enoughness: remembering that there is Enough love, enough money, enough time and space for every one.
August 28, 2018
(#7) Express - 90 min Yang/Yin Flow
Beginning and ending with mantra singing, to open the channel of our throats that connects our heart and our minds, to bring balance and then moving into a dynamic strengthening warrior sequence, followed by deep and slow Yin flow.
August 24, 2018
(#6) Loving kindness - 90 minute Vinyasa flow
In this dynamic, challenging and heart-opening practice, we dedicate our sweat and effort to someone in our lives who could benefit from more love, using a metta, or lovingkindness mantra throughout.
August 23, 2018
(#5) Receive - Yin Yoga Practice
Cultivate receptivity, opennessand letting go with this 90 minute Yin practice, focusing mostly on the Earth element, and closing with a crystal bowl and progressive relaxation meditation
August 23, 2018
(#4) What do you wanna Feel? - 90 min dynamic Flow
Why practice? What feeling do you wanna cultivate with your practice?
August 22, 2018
(#3) Open your Heart & Heal - 90 minute Vinyasa Flow
Yoga is a system designed to help us heal. In this strong level 2 slow flow class, we stretch and strengthen, with some deep backbends, expansions and core work.
August 22, 2018
(#1) Get Clear - 90 minute Flow
Starting wth Nadi Shodhana, we begin with the intention of settling the Proverbial glass of muddy water, so we can see more clearly the truth of who we really are.
August 22, 2018
(#2) Connect to Earth - 90 minute Flow
Dynamic Flow. Opening with trust, connecting to the earth element, both in our outer world and in our body.
August 22, 2018
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