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By Purple Ventures
Ahoy 👋 interested in startup investing? Welcome to Purple Ventures Zoom bringing you interviews with inspiring leaders & founders of startups, venture capital funds, family offices, incubators, angel investors, or private equity funds. These podcasts are created for all those exploring the venture capital world, just like us. Should you prefer, the interviews have video copies 🎥on our YouTube channel: Yours,
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Purple Ventures Zoom #8: Andrea Lauren - State of fundraising and investing in Rockaway.

Purple Ventures Zoom

Purple Ventures Zoom #9: Petr Vítek - Czech impact investing scene
In our next video Petr Vítek Co-founder of Impact Hub, Advisory Board Member at Social Impact Award and at Change for the Better, partner at Tilia Impact Ventures and last but not least Petr is also a Board member of Nadace České spořitelny.  With our Jan Staněk they discussed impact investing from all angles. How are and how were things in Impact Hub. And Petr uncovered a bit more from the kitchen of Tilia Impact Ventures. How they invest and what they focus on. They covered Petr's views on startups and many more...
July 15, 2022
Purple Ventures Zoom #8: Andrea Lauren - State of fundraising and investing in Rockaway.
In another episode with Andrea Lauren from Rockaway we discussed startups they invested in and what they are focusing on when doing the final decision on whether to invest or not. And we also shed some light on the state of fundraising in Rockaway. How is it going and some interesting details on their investors. Click play to learn about Andrea's opinion on latest global events and what advice would she give to new startup founders.
June 03, 2022
Purple Ventures Zoom #7: Petr Skondrojanis - Důležitost firemní kultury
This time we were speaking about company culture, hiring (attracting is the better word in this case) new colleagues and how to build more interesting companies with Petr Skondrojanis founder of Company Culture Market ( Tune in for very inspiring and also practical insights how to build better companies.
May 14, 2022
Purple Ventures Zoom #6: Petr Šíma - Angel investing in Central Europe?
In this video podcast, our dear guest is Petr Sima from Depo Ventures and we discuss angel investing 💸  You can discover how Petr defines angel investors, what they invest in, how much they allocate, and how much equity should angel investors should get. He also shares some of his first experiences.   We also talk about the VC investing ecosystem, how many pitch desks he usually needs to see towards investing into 15 startups, what is the approach of EU towards VC, success stories of angel investing in CEE, and many more interesting topics 💡
March 24, 2022
Purple Ventures Zoom # 5: Silke Horak - Impact investing in the Czech Republic
Another video podcast from the Venture Capital series is here. Today with our dear guest Silke Horak from Tilia Impact Venture 🌎   Why did she decide on impact investing? What social impact means for her? What are the criteria when deciding to invest in particular startups or founders?💡 And more such as her plans or what she has learned during running VC fund you can find out in this episode.
February 15, 2022
Purple Ventures Zoom #4: Wee Keat Lee - Building a fintech startup in Asia
The last video podcast of the year is with our dear guest Wee Keat Lee from Curfex in Hong Kong. 🇭🇰   What led him to start his company? What exactly do they do, and where they are heading? What were his most challenging or joyful moments? We reveal all in this podcast episode.   Moreover, being a CEO is a demanding role, and Wee Keat tries to describe what he has learned and what he needs to do as a leader for the company’s growth.
December 22, 2021
Purple Ventures Zoom #3: Santiago Espinoza - Journey of an impact startup founder
The third video podcast is here. This time it is part of "Founders Zoom" with Santiago Espinoza from Toronto, which helps companies be carbon neutral. 🌱🌎
December 03, 2021
Purple Ventures Zoom #2: Jaroslav Trojan - Venture investování do českých startupů
Enjoy the second Purple Ventures Zoom podcast which is in Czech with our guest Jaroslav Trojan from VC fund Nation1.
November 04, 2021
Purple Ventures Zoom #1: Miroslav Boublik - Investing in EU financial services
Welcome to the first Purple Ventures Zoom podcast with Miroslav Boublik.
September 13, 2021