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Purple Butterfly Squad

Purple Butterfly Squad

By Kayla Hightower
Here you are encouraged to break out of "YOUR" Cocoon and become the UNIQUE BUTTERFLY you were created to be. We will be discussing all aspects of life! No judgment and nothing off limits! We will respect one another's uniqueness and built a wonderful community! Check out YouTube channel and website
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I am weaning you from other dependencies.
January 21, 2018
My way
On days when your plans are thwarted, no on the lookout for me!
January 20, 2018
Seek My Face
When you seek Me, you find Me and are satisfied.
January 19, 2018
Thankful Heart
Come to Me with all your needs, knowing that My glorious riches are more than adequate supply.
January 17, 2018
Help Me, Jesus
As long as you focus on me you are safe. The closer you live to Me, the safer you are.
January 15, 2018
Open Heart and Mind
Talk with Me about your struggles and feelings of inadequacy.
January 14, 2018
Each Day Is An Adventure
Recognize that each day of life is a precious unrepeatable gift.
January 13, 2018
Let Me Prepare You
You\u2019d feel more prepared if you could somehow visualize what is on the road ahead.
January 13, 2018
Trust me!
This is My world: I made it and I control it.
January 11, 2018
Affirm your trust
The more you trust Me, the more I empower you to do so.
January 11, 2018
Far Beyond
God can do above and beyond anything you can ask or dream of. Just trust HIM.
January 6, 2018
Battlefield of the Mind
You must align your thoughts with your goals. If you want to be successful it is important to have thoughts of you accomplishing your goals. The mind can be a wick place if you don\u2019t take control of it. Success or failure start with your thoughts.
January 4, 2018
Talk about the good stuff
We are going to retrain how we think \ud83e\udd14. We are not going to give any negative to negative feelings. When we go it just seems to make them multiple. We will focus on giving all our energy to the positive things that are going on in our lives.
January 2, 2018
It is what it is!
Do not covet what others have! God will provide you with everything that you need in your life. Wishing that you had what someone else has is wasted energy. Learn to be content with your life. Meaning you can be happy where you are in your life or that you will do the best you can with what you have.
January 1, 2018
Refuse to give up
When you feel like quitting, make the declaration: I will not give up! God is with me, and He will help me move forward one step at a time!
December 21, 2017
Chosen by God
If we continue being faithful to God, we will eventually get where God wants us to be.
December 20, 2017
Cultivate the Fruit
When our fruit is \u201csqueezed,\u201d and we get caught off guard, we discover how developed or undeveloped our fruit is.
October 29, 2017
Rejoice in each day
Today is the day God has given you; choose to rejoice and be glad in it \ud83d\ude00.
October 19, 2017
Living Message
The Lord reveals His thought to those who are diligent about reading the Word.
October 17, 2017
Balancing Work and Rest
Pray for God to show you how to bring balance to your life one step at a time!
October 9, 2017
You’re there
Receive God\u2019s love for you. Meditate on it. Let it change and strengthen you. Then give it away.
October 3, 2017
Is it worth it?
God wants you to have your needs met abundantly and be in a position to bless others. Never doubt that God wants to bless you, but don\u2019t seek to have anything if you cannot have it peacefully\ud83d\ude00.
October 1, 2017
God understands You
Make up your mind to stand with God and do what He says, even if nobody understands or supports you. Jesus understands you, and He is enough. Website:
September 29, 2017
Convincing God or Trusting God
God does not need your counsel in order to work; He just needs your Faith! Website:
September 27, 2017
God is Never Late
Enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going! Website:
September 25, 2017
Word of God Sets You Free
Studying the Word is the number one way to draw close to God!! Website:
September 24, 2017
Courage to be UNIQUE
It is only when you embrace the person God made you to be that you will really enjoy the life Jesus does to give you! Website:
September 22, 2017
Preparing for the best
Make up your mind that you will be happy if you get your way today...and if you don't \ud83d\ude00\ud83d\ude00.
September 20, 2017
Conscious of God's Love
Perhaps the best thing you can do today is simply observe God's love, recognized and celebrate it with thanksgiving.
September 19, 2017
First things first
Seek God before anything else, abide in Him, and you will draw closer to him then ever before.
September 18, 2017
Going over the mountain
The Power and presence of God in your life will lift you ab life the circumstances that others can't seem to overcome! Website:
September 17, 2017
The Servant Test
Look for ways to serve others today. \ud83d\ude00
September 16, 2017
Seeing People as God Sees Them
Ask God to show you who you can help and bless today \ud83d\ude00\ud83d\ude00
September 12, 2017
Focus on Potential
If God has called you to do something, you will find yourself loving it despite any adversity you may face.
September 11, 2017
Greatest Thing
God's love for you is perfect and unconditional. When you fail, He keeps on loving you because His love is not based on you but on Him. Website:
September 10, 2017
Hanging Tough
God often does His deepest work in some of the most difficult circumstances! Website:
September 8, 2017
Exceedingly Abundantly Above
When your desire seems overwhelmingly big, and you don't see the way to accomplish them, remember that even though you don't know the way, you know the Waymaker! Website:
September 7, 2017
Letting Go of the Ashes
Allow the Holy Spirit to blow away the ashes and replace those ashes with beauty. Website:
September 6, 2017
When you lose your joy and peace, check your believing! Website:
September 5, 2017
Peace in any circumstance
The believer who is experiencing God's peace through his relationship with Jesus can have pray even in the midst of life's toughest storms. Website:
September 4, 2017
Key to Conquering Frustration
Let go and trust God to do what only He can do. Let God be God in your life. Website:
September 3, 2017
No More Insecurity
Ask God to strengthen you in the inner man, that His might and power may fill you, and that you may not be overcome with the temptation to give in to fear. Website:
September 2, 2017
Doers of the Word
You will walk in victory if you make the decision to do what the Lord says. Website:
September 1, 2017
Everyday Gratitude
Look around you and find something to be thankful for- a relationship, a provision, a past victory, an answer to prayer. Nothing is too small to praise God for today!
August 31, 2017
The Truest Test of Character
Our character is seen in how much we choose to do the right thing even when we don't want to it. Website:
August 30, 2017
Waiting Expectantly for God
The Lord makes a covering over us and defends us. He fights our battles for us when we praise Him. Website:
August 29, 2017
A Merry Heart
Don't spend your life waiting for things to change before you can become happy. Make the decision to be happy NOW. Website:
August 28, 2017
Drop it, Leave it, Let it go
When you decide to "drop it, leave it, and let it go," joy and contentment are natural results. Website:
August 27, 2017
Father know best
Make the choice to always put God's will ahead of your own. Website:
August 26, 2017
Accepting Who You Are
You can be at peace with your past, content with your present, and sure about your future, knowing they are in God's loving hands. Website:
August 25, 2017
In Times of Crisis
There is power in the name of Jesus for every crisis you will EVER face. Website:
August 24, 2017
Drawing upon God's Strength
God wants to do more than just give you strength- He wants to be your strength. Website:
August 23, 2017
Molded into His Image
You can always trust God that he has your best interest at heart, and all that He does in your life is for your benefit. Website:
August 22, 2017
Staying Positive
Practice being positive in each situation that arises. Even if whatever is taking place at the moment is not so good, expect God to bring good out of it. Website:
August 21, 2017
The Truth of God's Word
When the devil tries to lie to you, Billy declare the truth of God's Word over your life. Website:
August 20, 2017
Love Is Patient
When you learn to respond patiently in all kinds of trials, you will find yourself living a quality of life that is not just endured but enjoyed to the full. Website:
August 18, 2017
Faithful in the Wilderness
God loves you and He is right here with you-whether you feel it or not. Be faithful in the wilderness as well as on the mountaintop. Website:
August 18, 2017
Come as a little child
We do not want to be childish in our relationships with God; we want to be childlike. Website:
August 16, 2017
Entering the Rest of God
A life of rest in Him is where God wants you to be every day of your life. Website:
August 15, 2017
Power of Attorney
When the name of Jesus is spoken by a believer in faith, all of heaven comes to attention. Website:
August 14, 2017
What Is Holding You Back?
Lay aside everything that hinders and run the race of holiness. The reward is God himself. Website:
August 13, 2017
Keep Moving Forward
Never, Never, Never...Give Up!! Website:
August 12, 2017
A Steadfast Heart
Press on with holy determination, and God's plan will be fulfilled in your life. Visit Website:
August 11, 2017
Free From Anxiety
Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; then all these other things we need will be added to us (Matthew 6:33). Website:
August 10, 2017
Greatly Loved
If you had been the only person on the earth, Jesus would have gone through all His suffering just for you. Website:
August 9, 2017
You are never alone
Hope in God's love and know that He is always with you. Visit website:
August 8, 2017
An Atmosphere of Worship
Worship creates an atmosphere where God can work! Visit website:
August 7, 2017
The Power of Declaration
Pray and then let what you say be in agreement with what you have prayed and you will surely see amazing results. Website:
August 6, 2017
No More Self Doubt
The way to end the torment of self-doubt is to look to God and have faith in His mighty power. Visit website:
August 5, 2017
A Bigger Plan
God is honored when you trust Him to do the big things that seem truly impossible. Visit website:
August 4, 2017
His Grace Will Carry You
Welcome the presence of God in your life and get excited about seeing His grace empower you for whatever you may face. Visit website
August 3, 2017
A Tender Conscience
When you have a tender heart toward God, you will hear His voice more clearly and obey His word more readily. Website: YouTube: hightower
August 2, 2017
When You Feel Insecure
God knows your faults and He loves you anyway. Nothing will ever change His love for you!
August 1, 2017
Kingdom Living
There is no better life in the kingdom of God
July 31, 2017
Open-Book Tests
In order to grow in God and do what He has called you to do, choose to be faithful. His character will be revealed in your life over time.
July 30, 2017
Fullness of Joy
The reason we can laugh and enjoy life in spite of our current circumstances is because Jesus is our joy.
July 29, 2017
God's Timing Is Right Timing
When you are feeling impatient, remember that God's timing is always perfect!!
July 28, 2017
When You Need Him The Most
Hold your peace, remain at rest, and God will fight for you!!
July 27, 2017
Looking Forward
Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift from God.
July 26, 2017
The Power of a Renewed Heart
When God seeks to promote someone. He chooses a person after His own heart.
July 25, 2017
Approach life with boldness. The Spirit of the Lord is in you-so make up your mind not to fear.
July 24, 2017
Interview- Keondra Steagall
Fantastic interview done with Keondra Steagall of Brand New Image Salon in Murfreesboro, TN. Keondra also gives a Beyonc\351 hair fun fact (I had no idea \ud83d\ude2c).
July 24, 2017
Being Consistently Confident
Focusing on God's great love for you helps you to have great confidence to do great things!
July 23, 2017
God's Fantastic Plan For You
Remember that the most important thing in receiving God's blessing is not our great faith but His great faithfulness.
July 22, 2017
Silence is Golden
I regret often that I have spoken; never that I have been silent. Cyrus
July 21, 2017
Turn Whining Into Thanks
Jesus can turn water into wind, but can't turn your whining into anything. Mark Steele
July 20, 2017
The Blessed Act of Giving
You may give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.
July 19, 2017
Forgive and Forget
"Forgiveness ought to be like a canceled note- torn in two, and burned up, so that it never can be shown against one." Henry Ward Beecher
July 18, 2017
Avoiding Temptations
Watch out for temptations the more you see of it the better it looks.
July 17, 2017
Being There
"God didn't save you to be a sensation. He saved you to be a servant."
July 16, 2017
Cast Your Worries On Him
Worries does not solve the issue and/or concern you are having in your life. There is only One that solve your issue and/or worry. Let Him intervene! You were created to live an abundant life\ud83d\ude0a.
July 15, 2017
Let Go and Let God
Are dangling and holding on to dear life? Are you one situation away from life collapsing on you? Are you worried, stressed, or depressed? If any of this applies to you listen to this message.
July 14, 2017
Pray Pray Pray
God wants to hear from you!
July 13, 2017
Making Christ Your Partner
Check out new podcast
July 13, 2017