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Purple Hood Adventures

Purple Hood Adventures

By Marie Elena Terbeck Menyes
You've seen full time nomads and you've seen...well... NOT full time nomads. But what about everyone in between who secretly desire something more to life and are ready to drop everything and just go but just can't yet because it's still a work in progress? Look no further.
I'm here right there with you. Let's help EACH OTHER do what drives us, whether that's living a life of creating, experiencing, just sharing your story or all of the above. Why? Because life is just too short not to!
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Spooky Frights, Festive Nights & Reaching New Heights - Season 3 Grand Finale Episode!
This is it! Everything has lead you up to today! Season 3 GRAND FINALE episode! During our season 1 finale, we talked spooky adventures from around the globe. In season 2, we talked both real life terrors and nightmares of the world and the most festive Christmas celebrations across the nations. And today...we tie all of it together with this season's theme: conquering life, step by step! Today, we bring back this season's most memorable moments and words from our guests, as we trek to the summit of our personal goals. We talk about 6 different "camps" along the way, which we will stop at to help us truly grow and prosper in ALL areas of our lives. At each camp, we talk about what's terrifying, how to persist and then about everything there is to celebrate this holiday season...the gifts of life that have resulted from our endeavors! Because what was once a Halloween scare will soon become a breath of fresh air as a result from our dare. It's the ultimate Halloweenmas celebration today! The one that lasts a lifetime!
October 30, 2021
Bottoms Up! To the Top of Kilimanjaro we Trek!
Jambo Bwana! This is it! The moment we've all been waiting for! Our special Kilimanjaro episode that our entire season has lead up to! Today, my husband and I talk everything you need to know about the trek to the world's highest free-standing mountain...the top of Africa and the world! From what to pack and how to train to the physical, cultural and mental challenges, to a day-by-day breakdown of our journey, we cover it ALL! Plus, each of our previous Kili climb trivia questions will finally be revealed today! Find out how you did! This week's episode was recorded in some...let's just say...unconventional locations, as we make stops to locations where we prepared for our journey. Plus, hear never-heard-before video audio clips from each day of our trek, right up until the very summit! You definitely won't want to miss the peak of our season! Just enjoy today, every step along the way. So Pole Pole and Hakuna Matata, as they say!
October 23, 2021
Playing by the History Books; A Venture to the Most Historical Places Around the Globe!
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time? What would it be like to take a journey into the past? Today, swap out that factual book on the shelf for an actual look yourself as we experience a little blast from the past in the most historic cities, towns and sites on every continent! Plus, travel back with US on OUR personal history in the making to historic town, Athens, Ohio, for our 11th consecutive homecoming at Ohio University! The mysteries and histories are awaiting to be uncovered and discovered. They're all around just waiting to be found! And, as always, don't forget about our all new historical travel-themed listener game and our FINAL WEEK'S Kilimanjaro trivia question of the season! This one is for all the marbles!  So today, let's get to making history! And the rest? Well, the rest is also history, historically speaking, anyway.
October 16, 2021
The Road More Traveled; How Travel & Experiencing Actually Alters Our Brains!
You know what would be nice? Spending money on something that would ACTUALLY make us richer in the long run. Something that, not only would do this, but also last a LIFETIME. Something that would keep us well-balanced and understanding of ourselves and others. Something that would always keep us reflective and give us perspective. As luck would have it, something like that DOES exist. It's experience! Today, we connect with special guest, longtime friend from the Netherlands and fellow solo traveler met on the other side of the world, coming to us today...from the other side of the world! Hear about just HOW traveling the globe and experiencing all life has to offer can actually change our brains and our mindsets to help us live our ideal lives. But today, you don't have to hop on flight to have a learning experience and interaction across an ocean. All you have to do is find those earbuds!  And as usual, listen out for today's Kilimanjaro trivia question of the week and partake in our most unique, Dutch-inspired, world travel game yet! Don't miss out. Because "I'm glad I didn't take that adventure," said no one ever! Just remember to have the time of your life so that the memories last a lifetime.
October 09, 2021
From Enduring the Day to Entrepreneuring Away; The Forgotten Manual on How to ACTUALLY Succeed!
Have you ever noticed that it is actually the NORM to hear phrases like "It's only Monday," "It's hump day" or "TGIF!"? Why is it that we perpetually wish our lives away and then wonder where the time went when we wake up one day? Why is it that "what we do for a living" seems to be what defines us in society? What we do for a living should be what we do to live. Today is about ditching the "OK job" we are just looking to get through and developing our OWN businesses as entrepreneurs in the interest of having more days we look forward to! Listen to some critical and basic components that took us over six years to learn in terms of where to begin, how to build an audience and online presence and how to successful nurture and grow a following! Plus, hear a few words from fellow entrepreneur, Joy, the web designer, about real and tangible ways to turn your "side hustle" into a successful "front hustle." And as always, stick around for our entrepreneurial-themed game and this week's Kilimanjaro trivia question! Your journey to loving EVERY day of the week begins today.'s THAT for an offer letter?
October 02, 2021
A Tale of Two People; An Inspiring Story of a Husband and Wife of 62 Years Through Their Immigration Journeys and Travels Around the World
Have you ever wondered what words and stories you will have to share with your friends and family one day, years and years down the road? Will you share your childhood experiences? Maybe you'll talk about how first met your spouse. What crazy or life changing stories have you had? What adventures WILL you have that you don't even know about yet? Today, we hear a few words from family members, beloved grandparents and husband and wife of 62 years and counting, Terry and John Menyes. Listen to their inspiring stories from their lives in Hungary and Romania and immigration to the United States and how they have grown together and continued to honor traditions and values by carrying them on through family traditions, as they continue to travel the world together, even now in their mid 80s! It will, quite literally be, the story of a lifetime!  And as usual, stick around to hear this week's game and Kilimanjaro trivia question! You will love our time together today. You have my word (an theirs)!
September 25, 2021
Let's Get This Show on the Road! Concerts & Music Festivals of the World!
Getting the shakes from lack of concerts over the past year of 2020? Yeah. Us too! Well, the good news is they're back. Back with a vengeance! This week, we went to see our all-time favorite band (for the 13th time) and first concert since the pandemic, which prompted an entire episode dedicated to top concerts and music festivals of the entire world by the genre! And as usual, stay tuned for our brand new listener game and weekly Kilimanjaro climb trivia question. You can play that one by ear. Now, let's get this show on the road! Sound like music to your ears?
September 18, 2021
Love it & List it; A List of Worldly Destinations for Special Niche Interests!
Think about your favorite hobbies. Bringing you good thoughts? Now think about your favorite travel memories. Bringing you more good thoughts? Now think about engaging in your favorite hobbies AS you are making new travel memories around the world. You had better be grinning from ear to ear by now! Old passions are always best experienced in new places. Today is all about collecting experiences with YOUR niche hobbies and special interests around the globe. This week, we traveled to Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin to visit our 24th and 25th baseball parks of the country! Join in on OUR memories as we talk top destinations around the world to experience some of YOUR favorite special niche interests. Experiences and memories of our favorite pastimes are truly the only thing that we can buy that make us richer in future times.  Oh, and as usual, play along with our brand new listener game this week and listen for this week's Kilimanjaro climb trivia question, of course! It's time to head to that ballpark or pursue whatever it is you do in some place new! It's game time!
September 11, 2021
Nature & Nurture: National Parks of the World and the Benefits of Nature on our Health
We've been long awaiting to produce this episode! This week, we travel to Acadia National Park in Maine as we talk top national parks of the world perfect for interests of all types, whether that be active adventures, history and culture, wildlife or even water activities! And that's not all! We'll further discuss just what physical and mental health benefits we can obtain just by being in nature as we talk with special guest, former rafting guide at Glacier National Park and fellow podcast host of Xapiens, Jake Muniak. And as usual, stick around for this week's Kilimanjaro trivia question, to partake in this week's adventure game and to hear just a few more interesting fun facts about all of the above! Oh, today will be quite a walk in the park!
September 04, 2021
Turning Redundance & Regularity into Abundance & Prosperity; A Return from a Special Guest
Have you ever wondered how some people are seemingly "lucky" all the time? Have you ever stopped to wonder what THEY are doing differently than you?? Is it possible that those people have actually LEARNED how to attract everything that they want in life just by being authentically themselves and giving out what they desire to receive the most? Let's talk about the law of attraction and how to initiate and actually go out and obtain the life that we want just by valuing ourselves, acknowledging our intuitions and choosing the vibes we give out. Today we also have brought back special guest, Sophie Pace from our season 1 series to update us all on her life as she does exactly this throughout her travels around the world, as an artist, an intuitive and a syncronist. Plus, stick around for our all new travel game and this week's Kilimanjaro trivia question! Oh, the fun is beginning already! You can already sense it just through this description!
August 28, 2021
You Land, I Land; To The World's Most Unique Islands We Go!
You're back to commuting to work in the hustle and bustle of modern society and all YOU can do is dream about that next scheduled vacation. You want to explore and experience something unique and adventurous but you also SERIOUSLY need a little R&R! How do you escape the noise and light pollution? Why, an island seems like the perfect solution! Come with us on our trip to Put-in-Bay in Lake Erie this week as we extend our travels to oceans and lands far and wide, both internationally AND stateside! Plus, join us for this week's Kilimanjaro climb trivia question, our unique listener game of Island Survivor AND just a few more interesting fun island facts! You won't want to miss today's adventures to the volcanoes, caves, wildlife and white sands of foreign lands!
August 21, 2021
Cheap Flights & Foresights; Why 2021 is the Perfect Time to Travel and Build a New Life!
It's about that time again! Our annual kickoff episode of Purple Hood Adventures Podcast Series! Entering into our THIRD SEASON, today we talk, once again, about everything we stand for: living a life of adventures around the globe, breaking free of an "OK" life in the interest of building a GREAT one and connecting wanderlusters and creatives from all corners of the world!  But unlike last year, THIS is perhaps the single most opportune time to both travel AND finally build a life you wake up excited for every single day. With this semi "more normal" yet "not quite normal yet" year, it just may be the perfect time to get the best travel deals, unique and exclusive experiences, a chance to connect more intimately with local cultures and even a new career, entrepreneurship or even remote work opportunities in pursuit of TRULY living a life of passionate EVERYDAYS! Today, find out just HOW! Oh, and just a few more fun surprises just may await you too! Welcome back, fellow travel and lifestyle junkies!
August 14, 2021
The Christmas Before Nightmare; Holiday Celebrations & Haunted Locations-Season 2 Grand Finale Episode!
It's finally here! It's Purple Hood Adventures Season 2 grand finale episode! It's also the last week in October but you'd never know it in a seasonal grocery store aisle! Christmas seems to come first every year! But as much as you love night freights and apparitions, you also love bright lights and traditions! Today we explore the country and the world's most haunted locations and most festive Christmas celebrations as I draw together a web of snippets and references to all of this season's previous episodes. Can you find these references in the dark corners and lit up grocery store aisles? You definitely won't want to miss this year's last connections of and final destinations!
October 30, 2020
Worlds Gone Wild!
Last week we talked about connecting with people around the world but what about animals? This week, travel with me to the Cincinnati Zoo for a behind-the-scenes penguin encounter and to the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in Sarasota, Florida! We'll also talk interesting facts and unique animal and wildlife encounters from all over the world. From the monkeys in the trees to the spotted cats in their natural habitats to the wallabys under the gum trees and the manatees from overseas, there is so much out there! Today, let's live life on the wildlife side!
October 23, 2020
From the Bond Across the Pond to the Friend Around the Bend; Let's Get Connected!
We've talked about what traveling the world and living a fulfilling life filled with experiences can give us. But what is it that we are really seeking out as we go through life? The answer is having valued connections and relationships. Connecting with people is how we grow to understand not only the world but also ourselves. This week, come with us as me as I visit my alma mater, Ohio University, in Athens, Ohio for many traditions with lifelong friends. Today we will talk about how to stay connecting not only with our old friends but also with new faces in new places all around the world as we talk with special guest and creative influencer, Shanay Braxton, as she shares her journeys and experiences with forming connections and communities in Morocco and also right here in Cleveland, Ohio. Today is all about forming bonds all over the world and learning just how to have nights we'll always remember with the people we love that we can never forget and the people we haven't even met yet! Let's get connected!
October 16, 2020
From Hiding to Guiding; Becoming OK with Changing Direction in Pursuit of Living a GREAT Life
Do you live everyday of your life loving what you do and doing what you love? How is your relationship with yourself and others? For some reason it can be the norm in our society to "just get by." For some reason changing direction in life isn't always looked upon as something admirable. But what if instead of being seen as indecisive or lost, we were seen as brave and bold for recognizing what is weighing us down and having the courage to change course in life? The best way to learn about and experience ourselves and life is it ourselves! Today, we bring back special guest Beth Borchers from last season to share her incredible journey in creating a life she loves that fulfills her everyday one year later after she took it in her own power to achieve not just a good life but a great one! We will also talk real ways on how to begin following the music of our own souls everyday in every way. Today, we begin our journey on the road to...well...that's for only us to decide.
October 09, 2020
Love Thy Neighborhood; Exploring Your Own Backyard!
Who says that you have to take an expensive vacation to have that next adventure? Just because you may not be crossing any borders right now doesn't mean that you can't go across town! It's time to take advantage of what's in your own backyards and experience all there is to do right where we are! So many of us take advantage of all there is to do in our own hometowns so why not...take advantage of all there is to do in our hometowns?! Today, we'll discuss ways to go about exploring unique adventures right outside our front doors as well as talk unique hidden gem adventures in some of the more well-known regions of the United States. All of this right along with our special "explore local" edition of the 1990s game Barbie Dream Date! Today we stop closing our eyes to what's right under our noses and make every day one big amazing date night adventure! 
October 02, 2020
Hops, Malt, Pretzels and Salt; Oktoberfest Prosts in Munich and Around the World
Finally! The best season of the year: Oktoberfest season! Today we take a trip to Munich, Germany with some real festival veteran guests on today's show! It's everything you ever have wanted to know about these lively traditions of Germany's rich culture and heritage. Can't make it to Germany? Don't worry. We will also visit some other well-known unique Oktoberfests around the rest of the world! The festivities maybe "cancelled" in 2020 but they are very much still on in our hearts, memories and traditional celebrations this year! So today enjoy a few beers and cheers and prosts and toasts wherever you may be from coast to coast!
September 25, 2020
Wishful Living; Learning to be Present and NOT Indefinitely Postponing Life
Why is it that it is the norm in our culture to indefinitely postpone our lives in the pursuit of being "prized" some reward at the end? We would never intentionally wish our lives away yet we do it every day when we are wishing our work days and weeks to be over. Missing out on our present life is often the "norm" as we are perpetually looking forward and skipping ahead. It's time to wake up to life and take real steps to achieving that fulfilling and extraordinary life that you deserve. Everyday. Today, you will hear real techniques and insightful words from a life coach who dedicates her life to living and helping others do the same. Purple Hood Adventures is about more than just traveling. It's about living an entire life of what travel gives us. Let's take a look at how!
September 18, 2020
From Grape Vines to Great Wines; Historic and Unique World Wineries Featuring a Special Guest
What is red and white and consumed all over? Why, wine of course! Today we visit the most unique wineries around the world as we talk with Claudia Taller: the author of Ohio's Lake Erie Wineries who gives us insight into the process and history of wine making. So make a toast from coast to coast! Remember, bottling things up is never a good idea anyway. So pour the glass half full and let the wine, good health and good times flow! Wine not?
September 11, 2020
Go Take a Hike (to the Most Exhilarating Trails in the World)!
It's no secret that getting outside in nature and spending time off the grid is not only healthy for our physical bodies but also our psychological well-being. In fact, if you think about it, accomplishing an exhilarating hike can be easily paralleled to accomplishing a life of balance, dedication, spontaneity and fulfillment. Today, my husband and I recount some of our absolute favorite trails in the world ranging from the Inca Trail in Peru to local hidden paths of Ohio as we share our personal stories of journeys "off the beaten path." We'll also talk the ins and outs of some of the top rated trails in the country and the WORLD. Oh, and you JUST may get to play a little "hiking trail mini golf" right along with us. If you love active adventuring, you'll definitely want to hit the trails with us today! 
September 04, 2020
Life Bites; Exploring the Best Cuisines of the World!
Alright, so your kitchen has seen some dark times this year. It has seen everything from your "new dish" experiments to the same recipes being made multiple times in a week. You long to be sitting in that little cafe somewhere in Paris or an off-the-beaten-path ristorante or winery in Tuscany right now but alas, the meatloaf ingredients remain on your countertop awaiting to be made...AGAIN. OK, it's definitely time to change your tastes with some food for thought as we make our way around the world today and explore both famous AND obscure dishes from both our own country and around the globe! Whether you're planning your future travels or just looking for a way to spice things up in your own kitchen, you won't want to miss our culinary adventures today! 
August 28, 2020
Life's a US Beach Town!
Taking time to relax and reduce stress is a critical part of our mental and physical health and overall wellbeing and what better place to do this than on a beach? Come with me today on my adventures in Myrtle Beach for my 33rd birthday this weekend as we talk about my favorite unique US beach towns around the country that will charge your battery but not your wallet. Hint: if you're looking for overrated and overcrowded beaches, well...I'm sure those podcasts are out there somewhere!
August 21, 2020
From Fear, Hoarding & Strife to Cheer & Boarding for Life; How to Turn 2020 into the Best Year Yet!
You can't escape it. Negativity, fear and word about hoarding grocery items are EVERYWHERE! If you've watched the news more than once since March, you're likely ready to lose your sh?!*t on the next person that utters a phrase like "new normal, "period of uncertainty" or "social distance" to you. Nevermind your missed flights and adventures this year! Is it even socially acceptable to display disappointment about your cancelled trip without getting dirty looks??! I'm here today to give you a breath of fresh air and perspective. Today, on our first episode back of season 2, I bring the good news about how to make this the best and most adventurous year you've had yet! We've been working hard behind the scenes to plan your biggest escape yet right when you need it most!
August 14, 2020
Ghosts, Coasts & Toasts; Halloween Around the World and Season 1 Grand Finale Episode!
This is it! This is my finale episode of season 1 of Purple Hood Adventures. Don't miss it!  We end today on my favorite holiday of the year: Halloween. And I'm going out with a BANG.  Tonight, I invite you to trick or treat with me around the world as we talk about ghoulish celebrations and cultural traditions both nationally and internationally. And just for some extra excitement on Halloween Night, we will talk scary travel stories and interesting homemade Halloween costumes. I will also cross reference moments from all of my previous episodes to tie in one final message of Purple Hood Adventures to all of my listeners. Can you spot the references hidden within the dark corners of today's topics? If so, you just might receive a special travel treat. Happy Halloween and see you next season!
October 30, 2019
"Story of My Life"- A Reminder to Not Live Life by a Script
Life should not be a book to be read but a story to be written and told. Today, I interview Sophie Pace: an inspirational traveler-lover who is not afraid to take risks, explore the world, trust locals and most importantly, trust her own intuition and heart. She will share her travel stories and insights and I will share my own as I discuss rules of thumb for OWNING your life and seeing the "journey" in everything and trusting yourself, the world and most importantly... trusting yourself IN the world!
October 23, 2019
Let's Study Abroad; Bizarre & Extraordinary Schools Around the World
This weekend, I returned for my 10th homecoming at Ohio University. So much of our lives, sense of selves and understanding of the world begins in school. But this can be drastically different depending on your culture, location and even socioeconomic status. Listen today to hear about the fascinating, bizarre and extraordinary schools of the world while you come along with me to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio at my very own alma mater!
October 16, 2019
Living Location Independent While Traveling the World and NOT Being Rich-This Week...Richmond, VA!
Last week, we talked about starting a business and living a free life, but there are certainly other ways to maintain an income on the road. Today, we will answer all of your how-to's and why's when it comes to remote work and working around the globe!  This week, I take you to Richmond, Virginia as I lived my usual accident-prone real-life unintentional comedy show as I balanced a remote working life with a life filled with adventure...and of usual mishaps!
October 09, 2019
Get Busy Living; Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Starting a Business and Breaking Free!
You've talked the talk and now it's time to walk the walk. Today, we give another meaning of getting your steps in. We talk about everything you ever needed to know when it comes to starting an entrepreneurship and living a free life while experiencing the world! I have a special guest today on the show today willing to share her story of how life has quickly taught her to live to the fullest and never take life for granted.
October 02, 2019
Paw-some Niche Festivals Around the USA; Next Stop...Athens, Ohio!
This week, we traveled to the Paw Paw Festival and Ohio University in Athens, Ohio with my good friend Lauren. Today, we talk with her and we take a look at how interesting the world really is and how much we can learn from simply talking to people and checking out small local niche events wherever we happen to be!  Don't live in Ohio? We will discuss other fascinating events around the country given each month of the year! Oh...and don't worry. I've included some good old fashioned entertainment in the mix for this week!
September 25, 2019
The Nightmare Before Vacation; How to NOT Go Broke Seeing the World
Halloween is a whole month away, so why are we talking about that scary " "budget" word now?? Well duh! That's because you'll need to be able to plan in September if you want to already BE somewhere cool this year for your next spook fest in October! Budgeting your travels shouldn't have to be a circus act (or a nightmare before your vacation). Today, we face everybody's least favorite part of trip planning head on. The sooner we turn a negative into a positive, the sooner you can be on that next flight. Join us today as I interviewed Becca Holstein; the budget AND travel guru!
September 18, 2019
Get a Day to Get Away! Next stop...Gatlinburg!
We've covered major travel destinations, but what about weekend getaways? Last week, I traveled to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, which is one of the many weekend get away hotspots. You'll not only hear audio clips from my adventures there, but we will discuss highlights and "under-the-radar" destinations around the country for YOUR next getaway!
September 11, 2019
The Day Before Tomorrow
Today, we talk about the importance of always making time to do what you love. Not tomorrow, but today. This week, I interview my own father who is battling cancer. We talk about just how much personal happiness is directly correlated and even influential to physical and psychological health. Today, he also takes us through his journeys all over the world as someone who has lived and will continue to live a remarkable life of adventure.
September 04, 2019
Last week, we talked about how many people don't have the chance to travel, but today we talk EVERYTHING travel and about HOW to go about getting out there. I will answer every why, when, how and where today as well as share some of my own travel! We'll also discuss world news and world weather. I meant it when I said EVERYTHING travel!
August 28, 2019
The American Culture; An Insight into Forgotten Vacation Days
Today we take a look at our American culture, corporate life and the drive to compete and "succeed." But what is success? Do we, as Americans become so wrapped up in our work routines that we forget why we're there in the first place? We talk today about not forgetting to enjoy life and just how we stack up against the rest of the world when it comes to taking time off and experiencing the world. Think you know how many vacation days are wasted in our country each year? Listen and find out just how many and WHY!
August 21, 2019
What IS Purple Hood Adventures? A Synopsis of the Accident-prone Wanderluster in the "Regular World"
You always hear about either homebodies or full time nomads. But where are all the people who balance both lives? Hear about a NEWLY FORMED worldwide travel network in the works and about what it's like to live a real life accidental comedy show as a travel-obsessed entrepreneur and a remote speech-language-pathologist behind the scenes. Want to get started in full time adventure with me while making lifelong friends around the world? Let's begin... TOGETHER. Listen to find out that you might not be the only one who lives a secret life of wanderlust. Let's make it your "not secret" life!
August 14, 2019