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The Purpose Project with Josh Miller

The Purpose Project with Josh Miller

By Josh Miller
Interviews with entrepreneurs and others who have found more purpose and meaning in their work. What are they truly passionate about and what drives them as individuals? Josh Miller digs into their journeys and discovers where they had a moment of clarity to seeing what really gave them purpose and how they created a business and career around that purpose.
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Creating community & supporting causes through coffee with Kenny Sipes of The Roosevelt Coffeehouse | The Purpose Project 02
Kenny Sipes experienced a lot before starting The Roosevelt Coffeehouse. From getting through substance abuse treatment as a teenager to traveling around the world as a youth pastor, he realized that he was destined for more. Kenny sits down with Josh Miller of Matchbox Ltd to talk about his journey and how he ended up starting a non-profit coffee shop in Columbus, Ohio. Find out more about Kenny on social media @KennySipes and see what's happening at The Roosevelt at Get all of the details and updates on The Purpose Project at and on Instagram at @MatchboxLtd
February 1, 2021
Creating experiences through murals with Dylan Menges of Menges Design | The Purpose Project 01
Dylan Menges told his mom at a young age that he'd be an artist. After moving up in the big agency world, he missed the act of being able to create and making things with his hands so he left the corporate gig and started Menges Design. Dylan sits down with Josh Miller of Matchbox Ltd to chat about where he started compared to where he is now and how murals became his primary focus. Find out more about Dylan on Instagram at @MengesDesign and at For a list of Dylan's book reccomendations and for more on The Purpose Project with Josh Miller, check out Matchbox on Instagram at @MatchboxLTD and at
January 4, 2021
The Purpose Project Trailer
My name is Josh Miller and this is The Purpose Project. This series gives you a seat at the table where I meet up with entrepreneurs and others who have cracked the code on finding more meaning in their lives. We dig into their life experiences and discover the eye-opening moment where they discovered their purpose and learn about the journey they took to create a business and a career around it. Join me for weekly interviews and check out for more.
March 27, 2020