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Purposely Loved

Purposely Loved

By Jennifer Lee
Hi I’m Jennifer Lee, a wonderfully weird Latina who loves Jesus Christ from New York City trying to maneuver through life. On this podcast we will discuss self-love, what it means to be authentically yourself and tons of other things. If you’re looking to listen to life lessons, laugh, and be a part of my socially awkward life then tune in every Wednesday because this podcast is for you! We’ll laugh, cry and grow together. It’s going to be epic!
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When Fangirling Goes Left...
We all see fangirls as those teens who just obsess over celebs, scream at the top of their lungs, and pass out when they see them but there's another side to it that I don't think many people want to talk about. You can't really understand it until you are the fangirl/fanboy and you feel like it's consuming your life. In today's episode I let you see my skeletons in my closet, in hopes to help others out there who may be in a similar place. To connect with me on Social Media you can find me on Instagram Personal IG | Faith-Based IG |
March 10, 2021
Welcome to Purposely Loved: Biting the Bullet and Following a Dream
A brief introduction and we talk about being scared and doing whatever your dream is anyway.
March 05, 2021