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By is a development podcast made by developers for developers. Learning how to be a developer is hard, will show you how to grow as a developer bit by bit. We continue this journey of building up purrfect peeps, by also including courses on

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0.10 - Amplify with Nader Dabit
AWS Amlify Guest Details Nader Dabit Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services Web and mobile developer specializing in cross-platform & cloud-enabled application development. Links Questions What is AWS Amplify? Do you see more people using AppSync vs. API Management? We have had a hard time differentiating DynamoDB Scan/Query from what actually gets filtered through AppSync, any perspectives on how to avoid common issues with this? Is there a way to debug using `amplify mock function` in VSCode with 4.18.0?? Do you recommend using Cloudfront to serve S3 images for your Amplify hosted site? Future I know the video plugin is coming along, are there any other cool features coming out for Amplify that people should know about? Purrfect Picks Nader Alex Amplify Video Tutorial for VOD
May 12, 2020
0.9 Jeff Delaney of
April 25, 2020
0.8 - Cloudinary with Tessa Mero
Cloudinary Guest Details Tessa Mero Developer Advocate at Cloudinary Get to know Tessa So you went to school in Washington correct? It seems like you have always been involved with helping people around technology whether teaching or evangelizing for an organization, what started that for you? You travel a lot, is it mostly for fun or the job? Cloudinary Questions How did you get started at Cloudinary? What is it like being a developer advocate for Cloudinary? How big is the staff that keeps the SDKs up to date? You recently took over the MDE (Media Developer Experts) program, was this a big shift for you? I feel like Cloudinary is very unique in the industry, do you know of any direct competitors? ImageKit... Random We met at Refactor.Tech and you took me to my first Korean BBQ, it seems like you have been ordering that stuff your whole life. So what is your favorite Korean BBQ dish? Purrfect Picks Tessa Alex`
February 10, 2020
0.7 - Scully with Aaron Frost Guest Details Aaron Frost - Web Architect, ng-conf Oganizer, Google Dev Expert, Podcaster, and Ice-fisherman-extraordinaire. Who is Aaron Frost? Tell us a little bit about yourself? Do you really like Tacos as much as I have heard? I have to know what led you to start one of the largest Angular conferences ever? So did Mulder come up with this name? Where you watching XFiles when trying to come up with a name? Will Angular 9 / Ivy be supported? Will it work with Angular Elements? Can I still have lazy Loaded Routes / Auth Guards? Will I run into weird “window” items like I have in Gatsby? Static Site Generator What is a SSG? How does it differ from a SSR? Why has it taken the Angular community so long to have a SSG? Will be able to compete with Gatsby and Vuepress? Random Question Do Aliens Exist? Purrfect Picks Aaron Alex P.
February 9, 2020
0.6 - NextJS with Guillermo Rauch
NextJS Guest Details Guillermo Rauch - CEO ZEIT Who is Guillermo Rauch? Tell us a little bit about yourself? What pushed you to leave your prior companies as CTO and take on the new role of CEO at Zeit? Do you still have time to code like you did back in the, … days. Or has your daily switched over to more business focus and making great products? Zeit What is Zeit in a nutshell? How do you compare Zeit to something like Netlify or Firebase? Does Zeit run in the big three (AWS, Azure, GCloud)? NextJS Why did you start NextJS? What does NextJS allow you to do vs. create-react-app? You can create static pages on NextJS, so why would you use Gatsby instead? I have forced some of the static built lambdas to work on Google’s cloud functions, but why does it work so easily on Zeit? Rando Question NextJS has its own page outside of Zeit, why Doesn’t NextJS have a twitter handle?? What is one of the most creative ways you have seen NextJS be implemented? Purrfect Picks Guillermo “Impossible just takes longer” Discord - React Native App Alex P. - amazing topics we will have a podcast booth setup so come on by and talk with us!
February 9, 2020
0.5 - Agile Methodology
Agile 101 Guest Details Alex Feldman - Agile Evangelist, Agile Coach Agile Related Questions Tell us a little bit about yourself? Why Agile? What are the biggest hurdles you see in organizations implementing an agile methodology? What is the most effective way for an organization to start working in Agile What are some resources you can give to developers and program managers to further their support in Project Management? Greg Larman Rando Question You have a lot of letters on the end of your LinkedIn Profile, what in your mind is most beneficial to your success and future career path. Purrfect Picks Alex Feldman Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell Nick R. Ray Dalio - Principles for Success - Mini Series. Useful resources Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell
February 8, 2020
0.4 - Guest Details Knut Melvaer Head of Developer Relations Sanity Questions What is a Headless CMS? What is How does Sanity fit into JAMStack? What is the idea behind Portable Text? What is GROQ all about? GROQ is a query language that lets you query, join, and transform JSON documents without having to create schemas, or resolvers How is it different than say Contentful? I know that Sanity is focused on content, but could you replace something like Firebase or DynamoDB with Random How did you transition from studying religion to development advocate? Purrfect Picks Alex’s: Knut’s Take a vacation…it’s good to take a break and shut the laptop down. Nick’s
February 8, 2020
0.3 - Cloudinary Community
Guest Details Maya Shavin Senior Frontend Developer @cloudinary and core maintainer of @StorefrontUI. Founder & Organizer of @VueJSIsrael Meetups. Vietnamese but live in Israel. Speaker. Blogger. Bookworm and hardcore Sailormoon fan. Tim Benniks Director of web development at Valtech Paris. Born in Amsterdam. Speaker. Writer. Organizing front-end meetups in paris. Shodipo Ayomide Senior Developer Advocate 🥑 & Software Engineer • Media Developer Expert @cloudinary • Lead: @unstack_, @react_summit, @oscafrica, @naijahacks. MDE Questions What is a Media Developer Expert (MDE)? How did you get started as an MDE (or select potential MDE - mainly for Maya :))? Producing content and tutorials take a long time, why are you passionate about it? What areas do you focus on the most concerning Cloudinary? Client-Side Server Side Mobile What are the inspiration and motivation for you to start contributing to the community despite your busy schedule? (like organizing a meetup, contributing to open source, etc) How do you get local community involvement? Random Can we put an overlay using Cloudinary to swap StreamYard for AJ?
February 8, 2020
0.2 - Purrfect Program Management
Guest Details Nicholas Rouech Infotainment Software Program Manager at General Motors Links PM Questions So you are a Project mana What is the difference between a Project  Manager and Program Manager? I noticed you have your PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification. What made you decide to commit the time to get the certification? Can you tell me how hard that was to get? Where do you see Program Management in the next 3-5 years. Random Questions So you have a side hustle that I help you out on from time to time called mi (my) blend coffee. Can you tell me what got you into the coffee business?
February 8, 2020
0.1 - Purrfect Origin Story
This is the Origin story for and its creators. We are still figuring out what we want to become, but having fun learning about everyone in the web development community. You can also find the video version at
January 16, 2020
0.0 - The Purrfect Beginning
We are on a mission to provide you with the latest tools and trends, that take you from a house cat to a fierce LION. Even when your code isn’t feline that good,  we ensure you’ll get there with the right cat-i-tude. Alright.. Let’s get up and GIT moving.. Right Meow!!! Learning how to be a developer is hard, will show you how to grow as a developer bit by bit. What We Cover JAMStack (Javascript, API, MarkUp) HTML CSS Gaming (Unity) Mobile AWS, GCP, Azure Serverless Agile Scrum Project and Program Management Showing developers the successful path Quickest way to get PAID Links 🎥 YouTube: 🌎 Site:😺 📦 GitHub: 🎓Lessons: 🗞AJ’s Week in Web: 💬 Slack: 🐦 Twitter: 🔗 LinkedIn:
December 15, 2019