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Q. Alexander

Q. Alexander

By Q Alexander
My book Dangerous Intentions: Mouth Full of Lies gives you a detailed view into two hurtful experiences as I endured mental and emotional abuse, lies, betrayal and manipulation. I take you through the ups and downs as I show you how I was able to break free from unhealthy relationships. My writing was a healing process for me and my hope was to also help others out there to open up to tell their story in order to heal and move forward. After going through hurtful experiences I was able to turn something negative meant to tear me down into something positive. I hope you all enjoy listening ❤️
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Interview with my mentee Solielle
Join me as I get the chance to interview my mentee Solielle. We had a great time as always and I hope that you enjoy listening to this episode. So much more on the way! 💞
October 11, 2020
Stay encouraged and do what you love!
Join me on this episode of more encouraging words to hopefully inspire and uplift those who may need it. Sometimes it just takes a word or a message to touch someone at the right moment. I hope my words are helping some of you out there. Stay encouraged while doing what you love and encouraging others 💞
September 28, 2020
Protect Your Peace!
Join me as I talk about the importance of protecting your peace. Don't allow anyone or anything to disrupt your peace and happiness.
August 22, 2020
Toxic Relationships with Q. Alexander (Womxnhood Podcast)
I had the pleasure of being a special guest on the Womxnhood Podcast which took place on February 7, 2020 at The Women's Center at FIU with co-hosts Amanda and Vanessa who are the Program Assistants for the Women's Center. We discussed my experiences in two toxic relationships from my book Dangerous Intentions: Mouth Full of Lies. We had a much needed conversation which was very open, informative and full of positive energy. These are important conversations that need to be heard and shouldn't be swept under the rug. I would love to have more mature conversations with both men and women. I hope you enjoy listening 💕
July 25, 2020
The loss of a loved one 💔
This episode of my podcast is dedicated to Lisa Chaplin Alexander. She was married to my cousin Deryck for over 30 years. She was like an aunt or a godmother to me. Please join me as I take you through this emotional, but also healing episode. I miss her presence and she will always be in my heart. She is no longer in pain and at peace. Heaven has gained a beautiful soul. We love you Lisa 💖
July 6, 2020
We must listen and talk to our children
During this episode I will be speaking about the importance of parents, guardians and mentors being there for children to open up to and talk to about anything. We have to let them know that we truly care and give them comfort in knowing that they can come to us before going to anyone else to protect and guide them through life.
June 24, 2020
How I became a podcaster
Join me as I talk about how I became a podcaster. I have been enjoying this experience so far and I hope to continue creating good content that you will enjoy. Thank you so much for your support!
June 20, 2020
Q & A with Q Part 2
Listen to my podcast as I answer some of your questions that I received from people either from social media, in person at events or people I've met along the way. I hope you enjoy it! ❤️
June 12, 2020
We have had enough! Stop senselessly killing our people!!
This episode was extremely hard to do. The recent murder of George Floyd was so hurtful to watch. There have been countless murders of black people at the hands of white police officers with no consequences. We are tired of it and demand CHANGE!
May 31, 2020
Appreciate genuine people
Please join me on my podcast as I give you an update on recently reuniting with my brother. We have been communicating and spending time together. During this process of getting to know each other we are building a genuine bond. We are both genuine people so make sure you strive to be a genuine person and always appreciate the genuine people in your lives.
May 19, 2020
Missing our father
Take a walk with us as my brother Dontea and I talk about life before and after our father was killed. I wanted this podcast to be in the area where our Father lived. We took a walk around the neighborhood where our father grew up. You will hear us walking, the wind blowing, cars in the background and the sound of an ice cream truck. Not your typical podcast, but this is how I wanted it. I hope you enjoy it! Please like and share. Thank you!
May 17, 2020
Reunited with my brother ❤️
Please join me on this special episode of my podcast as I talk about being reunited with my older brother Dontea. I have been searching for him for many years and GOD has finally reconnected us and I look forward to this new journey together!
May 13, 2020
Avoid toxic people
Take a listen to my podcast on toxic people no matter who it is. TOXIC is TOXIC. It is not OK. Don't allow yourself to stay connected to toxic people. Let them go!! You will thrive!! Smile and Rise!!
May 6, 2020
Words of encouragement
Join me as I share positive words on how I chose to turn negative situations into positive ones. Choose to uplift yourself and others instead of allowing anything to keep you down!
April 10, 2020
How I became a mentor
Take a listen to my journey on becoming a mentor. I talk about how I began my journey and how amazing our journey together has been ❤️
April 8, 2020
Why is it so hard for some women to show support and be kind to other women?
In this podcast I speak about the issues some women have within themselves that hinders them from being able to be kind and supportive to other women. Don't allow this negative type of energy to bring you down. Address it if necessary or don't entertain it at all and let it go!
April 1, 2020
Keep believing in yourself and never give up!
Take a listen as I speak about the importance of believing in yourself in order to accomplish the things you want out of life.
March 28, 2020
The importance of healing
Join me as I speak about my journey and the importance of healing. In order to grow and make progress you must acknowledge and deal with anything that may be holding you back. There are different forms of healing, just make sure to go about it in a positive way.
March 28, 2020
Q & A with Q
Join me as I answer some questions about my book and my journey from a Magazine interview with Jamsphere Magazine. More Q & A with Q on the way!
March 28, 2020
Q & Solie
Hey everyone please join us as we speak a little bit about our journey together. As some of you know, I have been a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County for a few years now. Solie and I were blessed to be matched together in January 2017. We built an instant bond that continues to grow even stronger. I love her so much and we are looking forward to continuing on this amazing journey together! ❤️
March 27, 2020
Dear Daddy
This podcast is dedicated to my father. He was tragically killed many years ago. A hurt that has never left me. This episode is in memory of him.
March 26, 2020
Author Q. Alexander Interview with Lian Navarro at The Miami Rescue Mission
Hey Everyone! I am Q. Alexander and I'm a Self-Published Author, Mentor, Podcaster and Entrepreneur. In this episode you will get to hear me speak about my book, "Dangerous Intentions: Mouth Full of Lies" which is a non-fiction memoir based on my real life experiences. I hope you enjoy hearing about my journey! Get your copy online and share with family and friends. Turn your PAIN into POWER!!
March 25, 2020