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QS Simple Treasures Podcast

QS Simple Treasures Podcast

By QS Simple Treasures & Greeting LLC
QS Simple Treasures Podcast is all about entrepreneurship in many forms. QS Simple Treasures Podcast gives you brief segments of information, resources, Until's Coffee Notes and quotes, Until's Book of the Week and more. Creative business is our business.
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Resources pt. 1
We're back! To talk about resources on where to get your LLC and more, we will discuss PAFF, Wyllisa Bennett, California Crusader Newspaper, Cuisine Noir Magazine, and USC Small Business what?
February 10, 2020
Last. But not at all least.
QS Simple Treasures Podcast share in this last episode of the year the whole premise of the podcast. While saying goodbye to 2019, QS Simple Treasures Podcast explains what's next for season two in 2020.
December 22, 2019
Until's Book of the Week Recap.
This episode gives you a recap on the books that has been featured on QS Simple Treasures Podcast's, Until's Book of the Week thus far, that were paired to certain episodes. We also added a new one to the mix.
December 15, 2019
Creative, Business or Both?
In this episode, QS Simple Treasures explains why it is important to know if you're just a creative person, business person or both. As depending on which one you are can have a huge impact on your business.
December 08, 2019
One That Vends "Tips"
QS Simple Treasures Podcast gives insight to the newbies entering the vending world by sharing a few tips on how to begin, what you need to proceed.
December 01, 2019
Belief System. What keeps you going?
In this episode QS Simple Treasures podcast discusses what a belief system is and how that can also go hand in hand with your everyday regimen. QS Simple Treasures podcast gives you the benefits of having one and provide you examples of motivators and inspirational people to check out like the following: Dr. Dwayne E. Shigg, Jewel Diamond Taylor, Eric Thomas, Evan Carmichael and many more. The host Quanda R. Graves is clear in her mission as to making sure to inspire you to believe in yourself and keep going.
October 07, 2019
BBE2 After your beginning what's next?
This episode is about your paper work. 🤔 Once you've figured out the dream you want to tackle first. Write down what you need and how much it cost and you begin to chop down the list. What paper work do you need? QS Simple Treasures Podcast gives a brief overview of the paper work you need to create a legitimate business.
September 28, 2019
Where do I begin?
Where do I begin? Is the question that everyone asks when they want to start working to see their vision, dream, goal manifested. Some have the means, but don't know where to start. Others may not and have the slightest clues as to where to begin. Well, that's what this episode is all about.
September 21, 2019
Who I Am
QS Radio Simple Treasures is a podcast about business, Creative business that is; and this episode is an introductory what full scope.
September 14, 2019