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What would need to change if the Mighty Ducks were made today?

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Each week, Mike, Tommy, Kevin and occasionally a special guest or two break down the Mighty Ducks, Iceland, Eden Hall and everything else there is to look at in the greatest trilogy of all time. You'll think, you'll laugh, you might even cry. But you'll never forget where you were when you discovered The Quack Attack is back, Jack.
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Each week, Mike, Tommy, Kevin and occasionally a special guest or two break down the Mighty Ducks, Iceland, Eden Hall and everything else there is to look at in the greatest trilogy of all time. You'll think, you'll laugh, you might even cry. But you'll never forget where you were when you discovered The Quack Attack is back, Jack.

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We asked Steve Brill about the Mighty Ducks TV series, plus the trivia mega-final
The whole crew is back together! Mike, Tommy and Kevin reunite just in time to discuss news about the Mighty Ducks TV series. Then, they welcome in Jeremiah and John for the trivia megafinal. Yes, we have some controversy. Would you expect anything less? Send us a voicemail! Become a producer of the show!
November 14, 2019
The Mighty Ducks' horror movie sequel, Duck Hunter 2: Hunting Season
Editor's note for some reason the audio skips about four minutes in. I'm not sure what happened, but it straightens itself out. Tommy is gone, but that doesn't stop Mike and Kevin from what is now a yearly tradition: a Mighty Ducks horror movie. In Duck Hunter 2: The Hunt is on, we pick up where the first Duck Hunter left off and see the return of horror movie legend McKill. Send us a voicemail! Become a producer of the show!
October 31, 2019
REBROADCAST: What happens when the Mighty Ducks are dropped into a horror movie?
Kevin's flight got cancelled and he has the equipment so we couldn't pod. Instead, enjoy this throwback to Halloween 2018, when Mike, Tommy, and Kevin outline what happens when the Mighty Ducks are dropped into the newest 90s Horror Film: 'Duck Hunter'. The legendary monster 'McKill' is terrorizing the camp ground the Ducks are staying at. McKill: He's doing his job.
October 24, 2019
What would need to change if the Mighty Ducks were made today?
Mike, Tommy, and Kevin are back together once again and doing what they do best: bullshitting about some random topic. This time they break down what would need to change if the Mighty Ducks was made today.  Would The Oreo Line still stand? How does the ability of group texting affect the crew? Send us a voicemail! Become a producer of the show!
October 10, 2019
Hawks coach Jack Reilly's job and the trivia semifinals
With Tommy gone, Mike and Kevin tackle a couple of questions on Jack Reilly. In the process they get some stories from Mike and the search for the root of Reilly's anger. Then the trivia semifinals begin. The old-school format lends itself to a HIGHLY controversial finish. Send us a voicemail! Become a producer of the show! Connect with Eli on LinkedIn!
October 3, 2019
The Mighty Ducks debate round Part 2: Gordon Bombay's death, Charlie Conway's selfless act
Mike and Tommy welcome Joyce, the original Quackolyte, to replace Kevin, who is still MIA. The three of them then welcome on more competitors for the final two debate rounds. The topics: Was Gordon Bombay dead in D3? Should Charlie Conway have given up his spot in the Junior Goodwill games championship? Send us a voicemail! Become a producer of the show! Connect with Eli on LinkedIn!
September 19, 2019
The second round of Mighty Ducks trivia goes debating, with special guest judge Matt Doherty
Mike, Tommy, and guest judge Matt Doherty open the trivia quarterfinals with two matchups. The Lincoln/Douglas-style debate format features two questions: Was putting Julie "The Cat" in to face the final shooter a smart coaching move? And, Would Gordon Bombay have made the NHL had he not gotten injured?  Finally, you can get a  to check out all of Matt's work. Buy Dignity, Matt's EP. Also you can get a personalized message from him via Cameo for $20.  Send us a voicemail! Become a producer of the show!
September 12, 2019
The many questions surrounding Michele MacKay and her role in the Mighty Ducks universe
Mike and Tommy reunite while Kevin is out on another international scouting trip. The topic this time: Michele MacKay. Was she a Hendrix plant? Why did she travel back in time? Also, does she hookup with Bombay? So many questions, so little questions. Send us a voicemail! Become a producer of the show!
September 5, 2019
How many Mighty Ducks could the three of us take in a fight?
Mike and Kevin -- Tommy isn't here -- take a look at the the original Mighty Ducks roster and try to figure out how many of those 10-year-olds they could kill in a combination between a Royal Rumble and an Anchorman-style brawl. Want to get on the show? Send us your voicemail! Keep the show going: A small donation to the podcast will go a long way.
August 29, 2019
Mighty Ducks minute No. 142: Don Tibbles continues the brainwashing of Gordon Bombay
Mike, Tommy and Kevin are reunited (briefly) to tackle another Mighty Ducks Minute. In minute No. 142, Gordon does a photoshoot and Don Tibbles continues his subtle indoctrination of Bombay in the Hendrix Hockey brainwashing while also being a dick. Want to support the show? Even a mere $0.99 per month will go a long way. Send us a voicemail! Send us your best impressions of us, a #QuackQuestion, or anything else you desire. If it's good we'll put it on the show.
August 22, 2019
A double dose of Mighty Ducks trivia: an epic clash and a bonehead finish
 With Tommy and Kevin away, Mike takes the reins for a double dose of trivia. First, John and Bryan havve an epic clash that includes a full run through a category. Then, Jeremy and Eli have an all-time trivia moment.  
August 8, 2019
Justin Wong (Kenny Wu) on trashing talking, being forced to tell Canada it sucked, leaving acting
Mike, Tommy, and Kevin welcome on Justin Wong, who played Kenny  Wu, for a premature Episode 200 extravaganza. Justin talks about how he became Kenny Wu despite being a Canadian, why he wore No. 16, our terrible podcast quality, and leaving acting.  
July 25, 2019
Bo Brauer, Official Minor Leaguer of the Quack Attack Podcast, on life in the ECHL
Mike and Tommy -- Kevin is "sick" -- talk with Bo Brauer, Official Minor Leaguer of the Quack Attack Podcast, about his first season in the ECHL. Among the topics covered: terrible mid-week crowds, sweet promotions, overpacking then being traded and more.
July 18, 2019
Grab bag! D1 shootout orders, a Mighty Ducks musical and more
 Mike and Tommy -- Kevin is absent -- field a number of #QuackQuestions before the really take a back seat to trivia. Among those on the list: What would a D1 shootout order be? Were the Ducks playing to name the school? What about a Mighty Ducks musical? 
July 11, 2019
Was Charlie Conway REALLY the real Minnesota Miracle Man?
With Tommy away, Mike and Kevin tackle a #QuackQuestion on whether Gordon Bombay really told Coach Orion that Charlie Conway was the real Minnesota Miracle man. Was it just a line to make Conway cry? We then move on to the fourth trivia matchup, this time with less controversy. 
July 4, 2019
What if Adam Banks had remained a Hawk?
Mike, Tommy, and Kevin break down what would've happened to Adam Banks if Bombay hadn't found the loophole to rip him away from his friends. Does Banks have the same path or does he fall apart? Then, we have the most controversial trivia round yet. 
June 20, 2019
The Quack Attack’s biennial Mighty Ducks trivia extravaganza opening ceremonies
Finally, we have the long-rumored return of the Quack Attack’s Mighty Ducks trivia extravaganza! First we have an all-Long Island matchup between Bobby and Danny. We then move towards the middle of the country as St. Louis-based Jarrod takes on Houston-based Ty.
June 13, 2019
D2 director Sam Weisman on Kareem, thinking Michael Eisner would have him murdered (Part 2)
In Part 2 of our conversation with D2 director Sam Weisman, he talks about wanting to kill himself after seeing the first edit, why Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is in the film, having to be the person to tell Melissa Etheridge she'd been cut from the movie, the crazy first test screening and much, much more. Show Notes Here are two quick shots from the trailer regarding the beach scene: We talked about the America the Beautiful sequence in Episode 139 with J.A.C. Redford. One of Sam's proudest scenes, the locker room speech: One of the most difficult scenes? The three-bar game between Wolf and Bombay: Emilio's hair as an homage to Pat Riley Kareem just in the movie because Sam wanted to hang with him: George of the Jungle is a classic. Thanks to @quackscuses93 for the #QuackQuestion. A special shoutout because her Twitter bio is "for kids who want to coach." Was any of the tension between the OG Ducks and New Team USA real off-screen? Were there any cliques that formed between the kids who had been there before? #QUACKQUESTIONS— Dani (@quackscuses93) May 19, 2019
May 30, 2019
D2: The Mighty Ducks director Sam Weisman talks mob connections, idiot PAs, lost footage (Part 1)
Mike, a slightly late Tommy, and Kevin talk with D2: The Mighty Ducks director Sam Weisman in part one of one of the best interviews the show has ever done. In this part 1, Sam talks about how the mob got him to Hollywood, Canadian porn, how a run-in with Steve Brill at a Los Angeles Kings game eventually led to his directing of D2 and the mystery of the idiot production assistant and the lost D2 footage in a rental car. Show Notes Thanks again to Sam Weisman. He's one of the greats. By the way, Sam has a great IMDB photo: Photo by Avnet/Kerner Productions We talked with D2 director of photography Mark Irwin, who got his start in porn, in Episode 65. Is this line change real or part of the re-shoots? The Amazon click-through purchase of the week: A Voice from Old New York: A Memoir of My Youth by Louis Auchincloss. I have no idea who Louis Auchincloss is but he seems like a chill dude.
May 23, 2019
Mighty Ducks Minute No. 246: The Eden Hall JV’s good times against the Blake Bears
Mike, Tommy and Kevin are back to break down another minute. This time they take a look at the good times during the Blake Bears. How the hell did Luis Mendoza jump over the net? Why is Fulton flexing on dudes away from the play? Answers to those questions and many more. Show Notes Keep clicking through that Amazon link. Great crowd at this JV game. Banks with the classic 90s cut: Here is the full Melrose Place Wikipedia entry. Luis Mendoza's stride: The goalie watching Luis instead of the puck: Is Vladmir Putin the greatest hockey player in the world? 14:7 - Команда Путина и Шойгу победила в гала-матче Ночной хоккейной лиги команду Звезд лиги— Дмитрий Смирнов (@dimsmirnov175) May 10, 2019 Full highlight video, including him falling on his face when he's waving to the crowd: The kid in the blue sweat jacket bobbing his head too hard: Look in the background and you'll find Fulton checking two people way away from the puck: Orion pulls Julie The Cat after Blake's seventh goal. That's too late. Terrible coaching by Orion. Thanks to @erock3382 for the #QuackQuestion. @QuackAttackPod guess this is sort of a crossover Quack Question courtesy of cable TV. Which feat is more impressive/improbable. The D-5 Ducks beating the Hawks in the state finals or Daniel LaRusso beating the Cobra Kai/Johnny in the All Valley Tournament?— Erik Lundquist (@erock3382) May 13, 2019 Here are the light bulbs that were the purchase of the week last time: TCP LA927KND6 LED Light Bulbs 60 Watt Equivalent This week's purchase of the week: MCS 12.75x12.75 Inch Shadow Box Frame Holds
May 16, 2019
Guest Pod! Be Kind and Rewind talks Mighty Ducks with The Quack Attack
This time, Mike, Tommy and Kevin wander off the pond and straight into another podcast. Be Kind and Rewind joined forces with The Quack Attack to talk about weird moments in the Original Adam Banks, weird Mighty Ducks facts, and the wild lives some of the Mighty Ducks are leading. Show Notes It's insane that's we've been doing these stupid podcasts for five years. Our greatest moments: Dwayne Robertson roping You lost it for yourself: Something about a shrinking sphincter: The Norwegian Traditional touching of the ice: We talked about Mighty Ducks 4 in Episode 100. According to Variety, 'The Sandlot' series is coming to Disney+. It will feature a whole new cast, will be set in 1984, and will focus on the children of the original characters. Our Mighty Ducks TV series is fully fleshed out in Episode 166. The Ted Orion spin off is outlined in Episode 134. Here is the few seconds of the beach scene in the D2 trailer:
May 2, 2019
We created a Mighty Ducks amusement park…kind of
Mike, Tommy and Kevin do the improbable and record shows in back-to-back weeks. This time, they tackle the task of creating a hypothetical Mighty Ducks amusement park. Take a mental stroll through all three lands and the hottest ride in the park: Journey to Puckworld. Show Notes Here is the official duck call of The Quack Attack Podcast: Primos Hunting 805 Duck Call, Easy Mallard Single Reed The rides: Gordon Bombay's Wild Ride Journey to PuckWorld Fulton Reed's Roller Adventure Invasion of the Eden Hall fire ants Dwayne's Hop-a-long playground The Iceland Viking ship Jack White's Varsity tryouts Zamboni Go Karts The city playground Here is where you go to Hell in Mr. Toad's Wild Ride: Thanks to Danielle for the #QuackQuestion. The Amazon purchase of the week: TCP LA927KND6 LED Light Bulbs 60 Watt Equivalent | Energy Efficient Lamps (9W) | Non-Dimmable | A19 Shape E26 medium base, Pack of 6, Soft White, 6 Pack Great thinking by the Quackolytes. Energy efficient light bulbs save money and the environment.
April 25, 2019
Mighty Ducks of Thrones: Who ends up on The Iron Throne?
Mike, Tommy and Kevin return and waste no time using a cheap gimmick to try to get some listens. In this episode they take the Mighty Ducks to the world of Game of Thrones. Who fits in where? Who is dead? Will Julie "The Cat" Gaffney win this just like she wins the rest of our hypothetical contests? Show Notes The link to the trivia pentathlon quiz. The high score right now is 6 out 10, which has been accomplished by multiple people. Final week to get it in. Entries are due by April 24, 2019. Kevin running into a random women wearing a Mighty Ducks jersey in Minneapolis: Lake Calhoun, now called Bde Maka Ska, is the largest lake in Minnesota. There is a park around it. That's nice. Here is Calhoun Lake on the map. If we take that and graft it on Hans' map: It looks like we're looking at either District 6, which would be Hawks territory, or District 5, depending on what side of the lake Kevin's AirBnB was on. In fact, Lake Calhoun is probably the lake Hans refers to when he says "the lake is now the boundary." Bombay's address (450 N. Hennepin Ave.) is northeast of the lake, while Edina is southwest. This is what Tommy is referring to regarding the AAF. Ducks of Thrones roles: Ted Orion - A member of House Stark, will battle White Walkers The Hawks - House Lannister Gordon Bombay - Has a small rag tag bunch, sends them into a battle with the White Walkers Adult Charlie Conway vs. Euron Greyjoy How the Mighty Ducks fit into the Game of Thrones Hans and Jan - The Maesters. Dead. Gunnar Stahl - Bronn. Alive. Averman - Podrick the Squire. Alive. Adam Banks - Jamie Lannister. Alive. Charlie Conway - Dead Tommy Duncan/Tammy Duncan - The Freys. Dead. Julie Gaffney - Daenerys Targaryen. Alive. Guy Germaine - Tommen Baratheon. Dead. Greg Goldberg - Hodor. Dead. Jesse Hall - A member of the Greyjoys. Alive. Terry Hall - A member of the Greyjoys. Alive. Luis Mendoza - Oberyn Martell. Dead. Connie Moreau - Sansa Stark. Alive. Dean Portman - A reckless king. Dead. Fulton Reed - Jon Snow. Alive. Dwayne Robertson - Benjin Stark. Turned into a White Walker. Russ Tyler - A very loud Greyworm. Alive -- for now. Ken Wu - Syrio Forel. Dead. McGill - On the Knights Watch. Alive? Cole - The Mountain. A zombie. Larson - Tyrion Lannister. Who ends up on The Iron Throne? Thanks to @DuckTalks for the #QuackQuestion. Bigger sports comeback...Tiger Woods winning his first Masters title since 2005 or Mighty Ducks down 4-0 to Iceland in the Championship game? @QuackAttackPod— DuckTalks 🎩🦆💬🍍 (@DuckTalks) April 14, 2019 Keep using that Amazon link. Our Quackolytes are using it to become super humans and learning about The Three Roosevelts. Knowledge!
April 18, 2019
Jack White talks training actors, original Adam Banks, acting in all three Mighty Ducks films (Rebroadcast)
Kevin is still wandering around the streets of Minneapolis in sadness after Texas Tech's loss in the NCAA national championship game and he has our microphones in his condo, so we've got a rebroadcast this week: the first appearance by our great friend Jack White who dished on a little bit of everything. Also Kevin plz come home. Show notes: Paul Michael Glaser in all his glory: Eric Strobel, for those who aren't familiar with him. The original Adam Banks fired a puck at his chest. Touch and Go is a story about an ice hockey star who befriends a troubled kid and his mother after the kid's gang tried to rob him. The plot synopsis for H-E Double Hockey Sticks, taken straight from IMDB: "Griffelkin, a young devil-in-training is sent to the surface of Earth to steal the soul of Dave, a hot shot pro-hockey player aspiring to be the youngest man to win the Stanley Cup." Thanks to @ak2themax for the #QuackQuestion. Here are some pictures Jack sent us: (A team picture with the new members from D2 donning the D-5 jerseys) (Jack with the actor who played a young Gordon Bombay) (Jack, middle, with his ref buddies. Notice that they're in the Cardinals' rink) (On set D1) (On location: D1) (Jack teaching Luis Mendoza how to stop) (Jack with J.D. Daniels, who played Peter Mark) (Jack's daughter Brooke working as a double for Marguerite Moreau) (Josh Jackson, Jackson's double Scott, and Brooke White) (All in the midst of filming the rollerblading trek in D2) (The moment Jack talked about in the podcast, with his son P.J. kneeling down next to Gordon Bombay after Bombay hurt his knee) (Wayne Gretzky with the whole crew) (Jack with some skaters while working on D2) (Publicity shots for D2) (Jack playing in a celebrity game with Gordie Howe) (Jack with the actor D.B. Sweeney. The two worked together on The Cutting Edge (1999). Jack said D.B. Sweeney was a pretty good hockey player) (From some work Jack did with the Roseanne Show)  (Jack pulling Michael J. Fox away from a fight in The Iceman Hummeth) Video of The Iceman Hummeth:
April 11, 2019
Grab bag! Updated drinking game, Ducks names in alternate universe, a #QuackQuestion first
Mike and Tommy make fun of Kevin while he's gone. They also catch people up on the latest podcast news, revise the Mighty Ducks drinking game and deal with a #QuackQuestion first while determining discussing the lives of Ducksworth's law partners. Show Notes Still time to take our Quack Attack Trivia quiz to join the trivia pentathlon. You have a one minute time limit. Searching for stuff on Amazon? Click through here. The Mighty Ducks hotel is located at Disney's All-Star Movies resort. It appears to still be there: Send us your suggestions for a Mighty Ducks-themed resort. The Mighty Ducks Drinking game update rules: TO START THE GAME The host puts a coin purse out with a bill of some denomination out on the floor. The first person to go for it has to take a penalty shot. That person must then be referred to as “Petey” for the rest of the night. Anybody who does not address said person as Petey during the showing must take a drink. DRINK Each time a goal is scored by any time you take a drink. When Gordon is drinking and driving: Everybody takes a drink when Gordon does. Bonus points for making car noises. Each time someone is called a cake eater: Take a drink (or eat a piece of cake.) Each time Steve Brill makes an appearance. Each time Jack White shows up on the screen. Drink and say, “That’s hockey.” If you don’t say you take another drink. Each time the words “Ducks Fly Together” are said. Any time there is a triple deke or a triple deke is mentioned: Take three drinks. Any time Charlie has a “Spazway” moment. Bonus points if you mutter “Spazway” Any time Russ messes with Dwayne. Any time there is a classic “Bash Brothers” moment. Any time someone gets put in the penalty box. Any time Guy and Connie almost kiss. At Hans’ funeral and when D3 touches the ice. You must touch the floor while you take a drink. If you don’t touch the floor while you drink you must take another drink due to your disrespect for Hans and Norwegian traditions. Any time Hans or Jan gives sage advice to Charlie/Gordon. You take a drink and then you have a silent moment of introspective before continuing. Any time Guy comes on the screen wearing a scarf. If you're wearing a scarf you're immune from taking the drink. Any time the team does a non-hockey related drill during practice. When they pick up the trash, you must also pick up some trash around the area. If someone doesn't make an effort to pick up the trash, they get put in the trash can. CHUG Any time there is Quacking: Everybody drinks for the duration of the Quacking. When Fulton and Charlie are puking in D3. Bonus points if you also are puking. FINISH YOUR DRINK Any time ‘We are the Champions’ comes on. Bonus points for singing along. When they unfurl the banner in D3. WATERFALL DRINK Any time Gordon Bombay does his introspective skating. The first person to yell "Waterfall" starts and then it goes down the line. EAT AN OREO Any time the Oreo Line is mentioned. PENALTY SHOTS
March 28, 2019
The Mighty Ducks Drinking Game, version 1.0
Mike, Tommy, and Kevin attempt to spice up your next viewing of the Mighty Ducks Duckumentaries via an old-fashioned drinking game. Come for the "Petey" rule, stay for the ceremonial drinking while touching the floor. It's a Norwegian tradition.
March 14, 2019
The Quack Attack takes a road trip to see Bo Brauer and the Worcester Railers
In their first ever road trip audio diaries, Mike, Tommy, and Kevin take a road trip to "rural" (not really) Allen, Texas. There, they watch official minor leaguer Bo Brauer as the Worcester Railers face the Allen Americans in some hot ECHL action. Show Notes Follow Bo on Twitter: @BoGo_Gadget. For updates on Bo, the Worcester Railers team Twitter does a good job: @RailersHC The person who asked about the non-OG Mighty Ducks getting D5 jerseys was Eric S. Duck Call to him. The video of the Mighty Ducks Q&A. Thanks to the Conti family for joining the podcast. Here is Bo scoring and then waving to us: Here is @BoGo_Gadget's goal followed by his celebratory wave to us -- and Quackolytes everywhere.— Quack Attack Podcast (@QuackAttackPod) February 16, 2019 Thanks Bo
February 28, 2019
Matt Doherty (Averman) talks Mighty Ducks reunion, his album, lack of game
Matt Doherty rejoins the podcast after a two-year hiatus. He gives a first-hand account of the recent Mighty Ducks reunion in Anaheim, before talking about his album, which is actually good and not just an actor trying to be a musician. We also get into some D4 talk. Show Notes Support Matt! Go to Matt on Instagram: @archiedohman. Go get Matt's Album, Dignity. You can get the whole thing on iTunes for $9.99. That's a steal. "Either Ducks Fly Together or they don't." The Flying V returns 25 years later: Here is a Matt's afro from his days in a funk band: Courtesy of Matt Doherty The clip we played is from a song called Isadora. "You guys are doing this podcast. It's a big deal." -- Matt Doherty Matt, completely and 100 percent out of context: "I'm actually on set right now, in my skates." Thanks to @gioffatre for the #QuackQuestion: Picking numbers for your jerseys/uniforms was a big thing in youth sports. Did you get to pick your numbers for your Duck jerseys? #QuackQuestion— gioffatre (@gioffatre) February 18, 2019 Get your gear from the shop.
February 21, 2019
Mighty Ducks Minute No. 156: Gordon Bombay yells at children, has some good points
Mike, Tommy, and Kevin tackle another Mighty Ducks minute. This time it's a breakdown of Gordon Bombay's speech after the U.S.A.'s 12-1 loss to Iceland. Bombay gets challenged by a bunch of 12-year-olds and claps back. Was that the right move? Show Notes Spring is coming. Get your gear from The Quack Attack shop now. Ken Wu's face while everyone else is disgusted: One of two closeups for Goldberg: Little Charlie is crushed: TFW Bombay calls you pathetic, Portman vs. Fulton versions: Donald Trump Jr. vs. Gordon Bombay. Who wore it better? The Miracle sprints scene That happened in real life. And the U.S. beat Norway 8-0 the next day. But the "I play for the United States of America" thing didn't happen according to Jack O'Callahan. The 1980 U.S. Olympic team did indeed beat Finland to win the Gold Medal. Thanks to @ByTheGunk for the #QuackQuestion: @QuackAttackPod How does Jack Reilly view Banks in D2 and D3? Proud or haunted ? #quackquestion — ByTheGunk (@ByTheGunk) January 25, 2019
February 7, 2019
What’s behind the Mighty Ducks’ pop culture resurgence?
In the aftermath of the Mighty Ducks' mini reunion, Mike, Tommy and Kevin trace the influx of Ducks stuff in pop culture. Was this inevitable or did have we just witnessed an incredible confluence of events? Also, how much credit should we take for it? Show Notes (Editor's note: Our recording software skipped like four seconds at the beginning when we were introducing Kevin's Kin Token disaster. You can follow his slow-motion disaster in real time here.)  According to their Wikipedia, Wheeling's ECHL team is named the Nailers because of the city's long history of nail manufacturing. The Danny Tamberelli instagram photo with Fulton Reed's jersey in the background:   View this post on Instagram   What a sweet day!! Thanks to the @anaheimducks for a great day reliving my #mightyducks season with some old friends! Photo cred by my lovely wife @katelyndetweiler A post shared by Danny Tamberelli (@dannytamberelli) on Jan 20, 2019 at 4:44pm PST The Anaheim Ducks are going hard on the Mighty Ducks. Their Feb. 12 showing will have eight Ducks in attendance.  Here is Time's oral history if you haven't read it. It's about the Mighty Ducks, not D2 as Mike said. Photos from the first Mighty Ducks reunion are here. The Turkey Leg challenge for those who missed it when it happened: Murphy Brown has a 41% (audience only) on Rotten Tomatoes. It is still on the air. Check it out on CBS. The Islanders are still splitting games between Barclays Center and Nassau Coliseum. Their game against the Ducks was played on at Nassau Coliseum. Thanks to @PhilaHoov for the #QuackQuestion. @QuackAttackPod if Adam Banks never joins the ducks in D1 would the ducks have still won the championship? Also if any of the Ducks were traded for Adam Banks who would the hawks have wanted and why? #QuackQuestion — Matt Hoover (@PhilaHoov) January 25, 2019 Our official trade: DUCKS GET: Adam Banks Reid Larson   HAWKS GET: Fulton Reed Jesse Hall Terry Hall Connie Moreau Charlie Conway
January 31, 2019
#QuackQuestion of the year winner Stevie Yanks throws down the gauntlet
Mike, Tommy, and Kevin welcome 2018 #QuackQuestion of the Year winner Stevie Yanks on for the first pod of 2019. They talk about Stevie's love for D3 (*sigh*), Taiwan, and then pass the torch with the first #QuackQuestion of 2019. Show Notes Thanks for sticking with us into 2019! Also the shop is still going strong.  Congrats to Stevie Yanks a.k.a an American Hero: Here is Bo Brauer's first professional goal. Terrible backchecking from the Greenville Swamp Rabbits: 🚨 BRAUER 🚨@BoGo_Gadget scores a goal in his first game with Worcester to put the boys up 2-0! — Worcester Railers HC (@RailersHC) January 6, 2019 The Railers do not play in Greenville again this season. The final #QuackQuestion results: @StevieYanks: 55% Ben Young: 24% @AirLemaire: 13% @MariaPianelli: 4% @Prayformilan: 4% Bug Hall has had the a pretty prolific career. He has acting 49 credits. The Martin Lawrence movie was indeed called Rebound. It has a 15 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Like Mike has a respectable 57 percent.  Go Army. Beat Navy. Thanks to @akd56 for the #QuackQuestion. @QuackAttackPod How did the lady in the Rodeo Drive boutique who is a big fan of Team USA in D2 become a disgruntled board member in D3? #QuackQuestion — AKD_56 (@AKD_56) January 2, 2019 Mary Brill has a credit as "Woman at Boutique" in D2 and Jeannie in D3. Mike said Brill's wife, it's more likely that it's his mom.
January 17, 2019
Scott Whyte a.k.a. Gunnar Stahl a.k.a. Scooter the Goalie talks becoming a cult hero (REBROADCAST)
In this Best of 2018 rebroadcast, Scott Whyte joins the podcast to talke about how he went from a Slim Jim commercial with Macho Man Randy Savage to playing both Gunnar Stahl and Scooter the goalie. He explains learning an Icelandic accent, what he said to Jesse Hall, how he almost added "Crazy Dave" the comic relief guy to his roles in D3 and much, much more. (Original Air Date: 4/19/2018) Show Notes Thanks to Scott Whyte for being a true scholar and a gentleman. Follow him on Twitter and on Instagram and his YouTube channel. Here's his IMDB. You've definitely heard his voice without realizing it. Wayne Gretzky came to the Los Angeles Kings in 1988. Here is Scott in the Slim Jim commericial. Check out those bangs: Here he is in the Pop Tarts commerical. "Cool things happen in the morning with the warm taste of Kellog's Pop Tarts": Here is Macho Man getting bitten by Jake The Snake Roberts' snake: We talked with Jordan Kerner in Episode 55. Scott Whyte, the original Eddie Murphy: Here is "You lost it for yourself" and "Let's go shake their hands." Notice the difference in his dialect. Scott lost the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor that year to Martin Landau in Ed Wood. (Other nominees included Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction and Gary Sinise in Forrest Gump.) Tom Hanks won best actor that year for Forrest Gump. Thanks to Ben Young, Andy Tattersall and Kristian Garcia for the #QuackQuestion triple team via our Facebook page: This could've gone differently: Duck call to Andy the Pitbull: A post shared by Scott Whyte (@thescottwhyte) on Mar 25, 2018 at 4:24pm PDT
January 10, 2019
The 2018 #QuackQuestion of the Year nominees
We've arrived at the end of the year, which means it's time for the fourth annual #QuackQuestion of the year. The five nominees were hand selected by Mike. Vote for your favorite in the poll in this episode's show notes at Show Notes Editor's note: Sorry for the terrible introductory audio. I recorded it on my phone at 6:30 a.m. The #QuackQuestion of the year nominees (poll is below): Ben Young (with assists from Andy Tattersall and Kristian Garcia): (To Scott Whyte) Why did you decide to stop on the shootout and do a slapshot? (And what was the point of doing a triple deke if you were got to stop and let the goalie reset? And how come it took so long for everyone to know whether or not it went in?) -- Episode 157 @MariaPianelli: (To Adam F. Goldberg) If you could cast one of the Ducks to be in The Goldbergs, who would it be, who would they play, and why? -- Episode 165 @AirLemaire: Assuming that the Ducks beat the Varsity team in the middle of the season in D3, what happens to the Varsity team for the rest of the year? Does their championship streak comes to an end? Is it possible to recover from that loss? -- Episode 167 @StevieYanks: Who was more vital to their team's success: Adam Banks, Juan Morales, The Icebox or Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez -- Episode 174 @prayformilan: Die Hard aficionados strongly believe that the film is a Christmas movie, and Steven E. de Souza (one of the writers) confirmed this. Shouldn’t Quackalytes fight for Mighty Ducks to be considered a Christmas film as well? -- Episode 180   (Editor's Note: You can vote once per hour.) Who had the 2018 #QuackQuestion of the year Ben Young @MariaPianelli @AirLemaire @StevieYanks @Prayformilan Honorable mention Brendan: Why do Bombay's minor-league teammates take his helmet off when it's his knee that is injured? - Episode 151 @cjgjmg: Did Fulton start the rumor of having a football scholarship so people would get off his back about playing hockey. When Bombay asked him he said people talk don't mean nothing. So did he have offers or not? – Episode 157 @Derickbucsnp: Why was Julie the cat ejected against Iceland and Sandersen was not? – Episode 159 Stevie Yanks: What did Bombay choose: breath, blood, or urine? – Episode 164 Quack Question Leaderboard
December 26, 2018
Did Gordon Bombay have a realistic chance at the NHL?
Mike, Tommy and Kevin take a look at Gordon Bombay's realistic chances of cracking an NHL roster at age 29 (or older). It requires an in-depth look into Bombay's injury, his questionable recovery and the time range between his injury and the start of the Junior Goodwill Games. Show Notes Be like Kevin. Get some gear from the shop. Thanks to @dannyhockey12 for the #QuackQuestion. Not impossible but definitely rare for a 29 or 30 year old to make the NHL #quackquestion — Dan R (@DannyHockey12) November 29, 2018 It's a bit tough to see but this USA TODAY cover from after the Trinidad and Tobago game says Tuesday March 1, 1994: The weather when Bombay returns to Minneapolis. It's rainy: The full quote from the announcer on Bombay being "one step away from the NHL": "What a story this is. He went from a legal career to coach the Minneapolis Mighty Ducks to a state peewee championship last year. And this year, at age 29, he's one short step away from the NHL." Fred McGriff in the Tom Emanski video: Mike THINKS the 30 for 30 on the Little League team is called "Little Big Men." The Rookie is Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with an 84 percent. Thanks to @prayformilan for the #QuackQuestion: Die Hard aficionados strongly believe that the film is a Christmas movie, and Steven E. de Souza (one of the writers) confirmed this. Shouldn’t Quackalytes fight for Mighty Ducks to be considered a Christmas film as well? @QuackAttackPod #quackquestion #quackquestionoftheyear — Nikolas Makaratzis (@PrayForMilan) December 15, 2018 The kiss at the winter ice festival that created this controversy: Mr. Deeds has a 22 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Blank Check has an 11 percent. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me is our leader at 54 percent. Batman & Robin brings up the rear at 10 percent.
December 20, 2018
Mighty Ducks minute No. 37: Is this the last time Gordon Bombay sees his father?
Mike, Tommy and Kevin tackle another Mighty Ducks Minute. This time: Gordon Bombay's flashback scene. We talk about Bombay's mother's camera work, Gordon dressing in full hockey gear to play pond hockey, what Gordon's dad knew, and when he knew it. Show Notes Thank you to everybody who has bought things in the shop. Use FREESHIP11f5b49d to get free shipping. Get your #QuackQuestion of the Year nominations in.  Yeah, Bombay doesn't have the greatest stride: Bombay's dad fidgeting with Gordon: Charlie's apartment address number is 1009. Here's the Bowling for Columbine scene where Michael Moore just opens random people's doors: Bombay with the scarf, hoodie, jersey combo:  Thanks to @erscimia for the #QuackQuestion. @QuackAttackPod Here's a personal #quackquestion: got to the finals of a regional curling event where the winner goes to a national championship, but lost on the final rock. How do I avoid a Bombayian collapse into drinking and lawyering? — Ed Scimia 🥌 (@erscimia) December 10, 2018 The full short Dottie Gets Spanked is on YouTube. God Bless the Internet.
December 13, 2018
Does Gordon Bombay end up in jail if the Mighty Ducks win the game they try to cheat in?
Mike, Tommy, and Kevin return to the topic of Gordon Bombay cheating. Where did he learn the tactics? Did it help create the Hawks dynasty? Does Gordon Bombay in jail if the Mighty Ducks win the game where they're taking the fall? Full show note at
December 6, 2018
Sign painter Phil Vandervaart on his building made of Mighty Ducks signs, meeting Lindsay Lohan
Mike, Tommy, Kevin welcome in Twin Cities legend Phil Vandervaart to talk about painting all the signs for the Mighty Ducks films. He talks about his shack made of Ducks signs, what Lindsay Lohan is like, and explains why 13 is the true 12. Show Notes Thanks to Phil for coming on. You can check out some of his work here. Here is the feature where Mike first found out about him. You can see his shack made out of the Mighty Ducks signs here: Knock out your entire Christmas list in one go by going to the shop. Some of Phil's work in the film: Shoe Fix:  Mallrats holding strong with 52% on Rotten Tomatoes but an 82% audience score.  Burning Flesh tanning salon from Mallrats: The Cure actually has a similar score to Mallrats: 45% among critics, 84% from the Audience. Thanks to @Totally_Offside for the #QuackQuestion. Did you paint anything funny, hidden in any of the store fronts? — Totally Offside (@Totally_Offside) November 19, 2018 The Way came out in 2011. It is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with an 83% from critics and 82% from the audience. Phil talked with Lindsay Lohan on A Prairie Home Companion (2006). It has an 82% on Rotten Tomatoes from critics, and a 59% from the audience.
November 22, 2018
Evaluating the Mighty Ducks trailers and its apparent breakout star (Hint: it isn’t Charlie Conway)
Mike, Tommy, and Kevin go back in time -- even further than usual -- to take a look at the trailers for each film in the Mighty Ducks trilogy. They discuss why one Duck is highlighted in all three trailers, the suspicious absence of Charlie Conway, the great deal Emilio Estevez's agent made, and more. Show Notes RED ALERT: FREE SHIPPING IN THE SHOP RIGHT NOW WITH PROMO CODE: FREESHIP11f5b49d Here is @jbeasley777's Kevin Malone costume: “At least once a year, I like to bring in some of my Kevin's Famous Chili....It's a recipe passed down from Malones for generations. It's probably the thing I do best.” — jbeasley777 (@jbeasley777) October 31, 2018 But the overall winner of this year's Quackolyte costume contest goes to @AlexHorwitch. Sorry for pronouncing your name wrong on the air, Alex. "Now here's the long and the short of it: I hate hockey and I don't like kids." — Alex Horwitch (@AlexHorwitch) October 31, 2018 Mighty Ducks trailer: Mike was wrong about the original Bad News Bears. They narrowly lose to the Yankees in the championship, 7-6. Such a classic 90s move: Here is the D2 trailer: The California scenes: Here is the D3 trailer: Thanks to Zach Grouwinkel for the email #QuackQuestion. Was Eden Hall a hockey power before Bombay? Or was Bombay choosing to go there the catalyst that created the hockey power at Eden Hall? We talked about the documentary made about Gordon Bombay childhood in this episode.
November 15, 2018
What happens when the Mighty Ducks are dropped into a horror movie?
Mike, Tommy, and Kevin outline what happens when the Mighty Ducks are dropped into the newest 90s Horror Film: 'Duck Hunter'. The legendary monster 'McKill' is terrorizing the camp ground the Ducks are staying at. McKill: He's doing his job. Show Notes A showcase of Chris Sacca's travels with Steve Brill. 🏒🏈⚽️🏒🏀⚾️ YES!! Six games. Five sports. Four guys. One day. No matter the scores, we‘ve seen nothing but smiles and high fives all day. You’re beautiful, LA. Thank you. 🙏🏼#SuperSportsEquinox @LAKings @RamsNFL @LAGalaxy @AnaheimDucks @LAClippers @Dodgers — Chris Sacca (@sacca) October 29, 2018 Here is the 538 article on Los Angeles' Super Sports Equinox.  Also here is where Chris Sacca mentioned us out of the blue: Time for a little trivia: One of our team for today, @stevebrill, literally created the Mighty Ducks and wrote all the movies. FLYING V!!! cc @QuackAttackPod #sixgamesoneLAday — Chris Sacca (@sacca) October 28, 2018 Thanks to @stealthgent and at @HighwayHodge for the #QuackQuestions @QuackAttackPod The mighty ducks is a horror film. Who dies, who survives? Does Karp make it past the credits? #quackquestion — StealthGent (@StealthGent) October 19, 2018 @QuackAttackPod If the Ducks (D1 only) were the protagonists in an 80s horror film (think Stand By Me/Stranger Things/Children of the Corn/The Goonies, loosely), how would they fare? #QuackQuestion #Halloween — John Hodge (@HighwayHodge) October 15, 2018 The pond hockey NATIONAL championships are in Minnesota. The pond hockey WORLD championships are in Canada.  Banks' murderous eyes: Our antagonist: A full list of deaths. Note: Mike misspoke. Peter Mark latches on to somebody and survives. He is never killed off. Dave Karp - dies first, before anybody really knows what's happening. Don Tibbles - Dies trying to protect the Mighty Ducks. His demise really sets the Ducks off on a panic Connie and Guy - Die trying to sneak off Terry Hall - Should've listened to his brother Tammy and Tommy Duncan - Dead as the group splits up Goldberg - Dies because karma Dwayne Robertson - Final destination rope death Ken Wu - Dies after heroic figure skating distraction saves the rest of the team Dean Portman - Dies early along with Don Tibbles Russ Tyler - Can't keep his mouth shut and dies because of it. That's 10 deaths. Eight Mighty Ducks, including the adults survive. Thanks to @prayformilan for the #QuackQuestion. #QuackQuestion @QuackAttackPod Of all the celebrities that Goldberg could have name dropped, why does he claim relation to Aaron Spelling? (This takes place during the infamous Rodeo Drive scene of course. One of my favorite scenes from my favorite documentary, btw.) — Nikolas Makaratzis (@PrayForMilan) September 7, 2018 Aaron Spelling's life story, via Wikipedia. Goldberg could've definitely dropped Cheech's name at the Rodeo Drive shop:
October 31, 2018
Meet Bo Brauer, certified cake eater and official minor leaguer of the Quack Attack Podcast
Mike, Tommy and Kevin introduce the newly-minted official minor leaguer of the Quack Attack Podcast: Bo Brauer, forward for the ECHL's South Carolina Stingrays. An Edina native, Brauer talks about being called a cake eater, how the Mighty Ducks goes over in the locker room nowadays, life in minor league hockey, and more. Show Notes This is your official minor leaguer of the Quack Attack Podcast: Follow Bo on Twitter: @BoGo_Gadget. Here's a look at Bo's career stats. Here is the South Carolina Stingrays official site, where you can see their schedule and catch Bo when he's in your town. You can also follow them on Twitter: @SCStingrays. The only Twitter mention of Bo and Cake Eater is this guy calling Bo one: Hey @BoGo_Gadget even though you are a cake eater, good luck tonight big guy! #HighOffTheGlass — Tony Roisum (@troisum) April 5, 2018 This Twitter photo has Adam Banks playing at Notre Dame: The 'Official Mighty Ducks @collegehockey Choices" list has been officially released. — Mark Majewski (@markmajewski) May 28, 2013 Thank to @stevieyanks for the #QuackQuestion: Which one of this Mount Rushmore was most vital to their team: Get some dope stuff from our shop right now.
October 18, 2018
Looking at the Mighty Ducks movies through Adam Banks’ eyes
Mike, Tommy and Kevin, go back through the Mighty Ducks films -- mostly D1 -- and break it down through Adam Banks' eyes. In the process they realize what a lonely life Banks leads as his new team doesn't accept him and his old team turns on him. Show Notes To be clear: Mike FORGOT an undershirt at Tommy's wedding. He didn't just choose not to wear it. The floss dance has its own Wikipedia page. What a time we live in. Adam Banks, bored after beating the Mighty Ducks, and maybe a little scared of Reilly. The Hawks beat District 5: We talked about why the Hawks didn't play the Mighty Ducks in the first round in Episode 10. Here is the table we came up with based on district location: It was actually Tommy Duncan who gives a weird face as he walks out on Adam Banks: Thanks to Erik for the #QuackQuestion via email: Dear Mike, Tommy, and Kevin, First, congratulations and best wishes to Mike on your marriage! Here is my Quack Question for you... Why does Bombay keep popping aspirins at the first District 5 game against the Hawks in D1? Does he have a headache from all the stress of dealing with kids and having to play against Riley? Or is he paranoid about having a heart attack like the previous District 5 coach? Best Regards, Erik (with a K) Bombay popping aspirin: Gear up for fall at The Quack Attack Shop. Recapping Adam Banks' journey in D1 -He plays with his friends on the Hawks and he dominates. -A weird old guy he's barely heard of rips him away from his friends because the old guy wants Banks to play for his team. The old guy apparently is a former Hawks star. As the adults try to work this out, Banks' dad and coach rip this old guy mercilessly. -In the name of just playing hockey, Banks relents and figures he might be able to learn something from this former star. His friends immediately turn on him. At the same time, his new teammates don't accept him. -Once he finally gets most of his new team to accept him, he gets hurt and misses the rest of the biggest game of his career to that point. After he is injured and carried off the ice, his new teammates immediately forget about him and there is no talk of him at all the rest of the night.
October 11, 2018
Michael T. Ryan, supervising music editor for all three Mighty Ducks films, explains what he covered up, why there is so much Queen
(Editor's note: We had a bit of trouble with the audio. First, Mike didn't have Michael T. Ryan's line recording, so you miss the first bit of what he says. Michael says he has a degree in music education from Oklahoma State. He went out to California to be a high school band director. The audio picks up from there. You miss about 20 seconds of Michael talking.  Also, Michael's line cuts out a couple times. Bear with it. He comes back quickly each time.) Michael T. Ryan, supervising music editor for all three Mighty Ducks films, joins the show and talks about how he ended up there. He explains what parts he's particularly proud of and the gift he got for being one of the few to survive all three films. Show Notes Here is Michael T. Ryan's IMDB.  Disney snuck a nice Queen song in there at the end of D2: Here is the end of the original Mighty Ducks, in which Queen's "We are the Champions" played instead of the big score suite that Steve Brill wanted: We talked with composer David Newman in Episode 61. This is the great score that Michael alluded to: Here are some of Michael's favorite pieces of work that aren't an obvious: 101 Dalmatians. A sampling: Others: Holy Man, Source Code, Sherlock Gnomes. Here is the opening score for Source Code: Sneaky Pete is a good show. It has a 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Thanks to @bberg19 for the #QuackQuestion: The "We Will Quack You" sequence in D2 has kind of weird audio, almost like you realized how lame it was and tried to bury the chant behind the Queen song. Is that how it actually went down? — Bryan (@bberg19) October 2, 2018 Here is the scene Brian describes in his question: We  Will Quack You up on the electronic board: The musical moments for each new player that Michael established: Here is work on SEAL TEAM on CBS as well as in the kids movie Sherlock Gnomes. It's got a fun soundtrack. 
October 4, 2018
What happens at Connie Moreau and Guy Germaine’s wedding?
In honor of Mike's wedding, the group takes a look at the most likely Mighty Ducks wedding: the union of Connie Moreau and Guy Germaine. Which Ducks stand up in the wedding? Who makes a speech? Who don't Connie and Guy invite and who crashes it anyway? Show Notes Make fun of Kevin's terrible investment, and monitor it in real time. Our best (and possibly most-recent?) Ducks wide-hypothetical came in Episode 79: What happened at the Mighty Ducks prom? Is this Guy's main crew? The Mighty Ducks in Guy Germaine and Connie Moreau's Wedding Party: Guy Germaine: Groom Connie Moreau: Bride Gordon Bombay: Officiant Jesse Hall: Best man Charlie Conway: Groomsmen Dave/Les Averman: Groomsmen and he gives an excellent toast Julie Gaffney: Bridesmaid Terry Hall: Usher Other Ducks and what they do at Connie Moreau and Guy Germaine's Wedding: Tammy Duncan: She is on the border line of the invite list, but attends as a result of being Terry's date. Tommy Duncan : He gets a pity invite  due to Tammy and attends. Adam Banks: Guy and Connie invite him mostly because he's famous. He ends up attending but leaves early. Adam Banks' parents: They send a nice gift instead of actually attending Dwayne Robertson - He attends and he gives a delightful little speech. Greg Goldberg - He and his parents are invited. They all not only go, but cater the event. They give Connie and Guy a great deal on the food. Dean Portman - Connie vetoes his invite, but he learns about it from somebody else -- probably Fulton -- and crashes the wedding. Luis Mendoza - The couple doesn't invite him due to a possible fling he and Connie had, but he ends up going anyway as the date of a bridesmaid. Fulton Reed - He attends and is a model guest. Russ Tyler - He attends. Everybody loves that guy. Ken Wu - Despite receiving an invite, he doesn't plan on going, but then he learns Portman's plans. He and Portman end up crashing it together. Jan - He is invited but is too old to go Hans - Several of the Ducks honor him with a ceremonial touching of the dance floor. A Norwegian tradition. Coach Orion - He attends. Gunner Stahl - He is invited and he's playing in Canada, so he makes it. Scooter - He attends as Julie Gaffney's date. Dave Karp - He is not invited and therefore does not attend. Peter Mark - He is not invited and therefore does not attend. For those paying attention the Ducks that go to rodeo drive are as follows: Greg Goldberg, Dwayne Robertson, Les/Dave Averman, Jesse Hall. Quack Question Thanks to  @NostalgicDrips for the #QuackQuestion. @QuackAttackPod Better trick shot Fulton or Russ? #quackquestio — NostalgicDrips (@NostalgicDrips) September 10, 2018 Any shot that can do this through a goalie's glove is the winner. This is probably the best example of a knuckle puck in the NHL.
September 20, 2018
Mighty Ducks Minute No. 66: Gordon Bombay’s team speech
Mike and Tommy -- Kevin is gone -- tackle another minute from the Mighty Ducks movies. This time it's Gordon Bombay telling Ducksworth, Reilly and Phil Banks about the time his dad gave him a convoluted meaning to the word "team." Show Notes ONE MORE DAY FOR THE SALE IN THE SHOP. Get your gear now.  Kevin is on a trip to the East Coast. He should be back on September 16. Until then Tommy and Mike are going solo. Gordon Bombay's facial expressions after he's is told that the peewee hockey league needs him to drop his protest for the whole Adam Banks situation is settled: In Episode 1, we talked about whether Gordon Bombay learned anything at all.  Here's what Ducksworth says about Banks before the minute: "Actually Phil is one of my oldest friends." He says nothing about Jack Reilly, which fits with our theory that Ducksworth and Banks were drinking well before this meeting took place. Reilly, still with his coat on, appears to have just walked in. Bombay's wardrobe: As you can see, he's going with the white T-shirt, hoodie, jacket-with-leather sleeves combo. Does it work for him? What say you? Thanks to @Newbjob for the #QuackQuestion: @QuackAttackPod Why did Karp change his identity to Gerry Garner? #quackquestion — NewbJob (@NewbJob) August 26, 2018 While we talk about Gerry Garner (Karp) and Josh Burnbalm (possibly Goldberg?) we don't really discuss the other player making the transition from the Mighty Ducks movies to Heavyweights: Russ Tyler. He is named Roy in Heavyweights, so maybe they just got his name wrong on the first day and he never bothered to correct them.
September 6, 2018
What happened to the Eden Hall varsity after it lost to the JV Mighty Ducks?
In a continuation from last episode, Mike, Tommy and Kevin discuss what the Mighty Ducks movie doesn't show: the fallout from the varsity losing. Does Riley ever recover? What happens to Cole and Scooter? Is the varsity coach on his way out after an embarrassing loss? Show Notes Thanks to Bryan, David, Joyce and Luke for the donations. Previous times we've seen the varsity team struggle:  Orion and the varsity coach seem to have no hard feelings: Cole is NOT an alternate captain: There are three Sonics in Minneapolis alone. Thanks to @StevieYanks for the #QuackQuestion: Genius has a 51 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Brink! has a 76. Johnny Tsunami has a 62 percent. The girl from Brink! that Kevin said could play hockey is named Gabriella. The villain in Brink! is named Val. Look at those X-Blades uniforms:
August 23, 2018
The Luis Mendoza, Mindy, Riley love triangle
Mike, Tommy and Kevin return from a two-week break to talk about t-shirts, bachelor parties and Shaun Weiss' legal troubles before diving into the real topic: Who was in the wrong in the Luis Mendoza, Mindy, Riley love triangle in D3? Show Notes The Bachelor Party fund is here.  Follow Kevin's ongoing Kin Token investment. Buy your "Make America Quack Again" shirt. It's a great conversation piece. Keep clicking through the Amazon link.  According to the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife, pretty much every hawk is a protected bird. Shaun Weiss was on Episodes 53 and 62. The details from Shaun Weiss' recent troubles via TMZ: his arrest and his "downward spiral" Here is the GoFundMe set up for Shaun. A side-by-side of Shaun Weiss and Hector Salamanca. Are they making the same face. The most popular Better Call Saul podcast is the "Better Call Saul Insider Podcast". Who was in the wrong here? "Our letter secret": Thanks to @cine8bit for the #QuackQuestion. @QuackAttackPod While at Eden Hall, does Jack Riley send someone to "finish the job" and put Banks out for good? #quackquestion — Cine8bit (@cine8bit) August 6, 2018 Tommy got the Dan Marino quote exactly right:
August 16, 2018
A look at the Eden Hall varsity program and the politics behind it: what scandals were covered up?
Mike, Tommy and Kevin start talking about the varsity team but quickly delve into the politics at Eden Hall. How much cheating was going on during Eden Hall's 10-year state championship run? Should the Ducks and Eden Hall parted ways? Show Notes Be sure to check out the newest feature on our site: Is Kevin a millionaire yet?  The Carmel High School girls swim team has won 32 state championships in a row. Here more info on IMG Academy. The board reluctantly voting the Mighty Ducks back in: We talked about whether the prank war crossed the line with the varsity in Episode 56. Is this an offense worth of expulsion? Thanks to @AirLemaire for the #QuackQuestion: @QuackAttackPod assuming that The ducks beat the Varsity team in the middle of the season in D3, what happens to the varsity team for the rest of the year? Does their championship streak comes to an end? Is it possible to recover from that loss? #quackquestion — bobby lemaire (@AirLemaire) April 23, 2018 Major Payne with a cool 33 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Audience score is 68 percent though. It's a classic.
July 26, 2018
What should a realistic Mighty Ducks show look like? Introducing Los Patos Poderosos
Mike, Tommy, and Kevin return to the spin-off well. This time they take Adam F. Goldberg's advice on what the Mighty Ducks TV series would have to be to gain any traction and come up with a realistic series. Disney can just send them a check. Show Notes Free shipping in the shop! Promocode: FREESHIP718 If you haven't listened to the Adam F. Goldberg pod, listen to it now. We have a new page: Is Kevin a millionaire yet? It allows you to track his Kin Token investment in real time. We did spinoffs in Episode 127, Episode 134, and Episode 141. The title we had for Orion's Lifetime Movie was "Stay at Home Defender." First two Episodes of Cobra Kai are free: The full history of Mexicans in the NHL: Auston Matthews, the Toronto Maple Leafs center and the No. 1 pick in the 2016 draft has Mexican roots by way of his mother. Jorge Perez became the first Mexican-born player to make the Canadian Junior 'A' Hockey level, playing with Rayside-Balfour in the Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League for the 2016-17 season. He had 14 points in 51 games. According to Elite Prospects, he played in Mexico this season. He is from Mexico City FWIW. Here is that article I read if you're interested. The Mighty Ducks in Spanish: Los Patos Poderosos. Justin Timberlake bought a piece of Myspace in 2011. Thanks to @StrokesofRetro for the #QuackQuestion: @QuackAttackPod If Banks isn't hurt in D1. How does final shot play out? Does he take the shot over Charlie? Does Connie still say Guy? #quackquestion — StrokesOfRetro (@StrokesOfRetro) July 1, 2018 If Banks is available does Bombay give the same speech?
July 12, 2018
‘The Goldbergs’ creator Adam F. Goldberg on pitching Steve Brill on D4 at a Christmas party, Mighty Ducks vs. The Goonies
'The Goldbergs' creator Adam F. Goldberg talks about how he cornered Steve Brill at Christmas party and pitched him D4 and how that sort of set the stage for the in-de