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Productive Q Podcast

Productive Q Podcast

By Quamon Fowler
This show is all about empowering you with biblical principles and practical resources to help you overcome being stagnant and unproductive, so you can produce in the area of your passion.
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#35 | Dont Make Excuses, Make It Happen
Going down memory lane thinking about conversations I had with a friend that inspired the creation of many things that have touched lives through the years. I encourage the listener to plug in to the right sources and environments to motivate you to finish the work that's inside of you. Don't make excuses, make it happen!
July 30, 2022
#034 | Steps To Accomplishing Goals
I share nuggets you can use to be able to accomplish goals you have. 
May 04, 2021
#033 | The Quarentine Interview w/Doctor Thunder Pt. 1
Quamon goes on Dr. Shawn Thunder Wallace show to be interview for his Quarantine Interview series.
April 26, 2020
#032 | The Value of Diligence
Quamon talks about how to be diligent with your skills and talents in order to generate extra money. He talks about what he's learned from a biblical standpoint and also shares what he's learned from Robert Kiyosaki over the years that inspired him to invest in his own business and real estate.
March 24, 2020
#031 | What To Do Now In The Midst of The Coronavirus Scare?
Quamon share scriptures to encourage listeners on how to stay focused and realize that your strength and security comes from the Word of God.
March 16, 2020
#030 | Doing Better Today Than You Did Yesterday
Message inspired from prayer time with a friend. He prayed that God help us to do better today than we did yesterday and I really resonated with that idea so I wanted to expound on that idea here in this episode.
January 16, 2020
#029 | Part 2 - 4 Levels Of Competence | How To Make What You Need To Do A Reality
Quamon talks about the 4 levels of competence for understanding going through the process of learning and pursuing goals. 
December 11, 2019
#028 | Part 1 - How To Make What You Need To Do Your Reality
In part one Quamon talks about how to make what you need to do your reality. This was inspired from a video he saw where a guy was talking about tips for getting things done. He talks about how he used to write down his goals as a teenager both for his life and his musical pursuits. 
December 02, 2019
#027 | Journey To Developing A Business Mindset & Creating Multiple Streams Of Income
In this episode Quamon shares on a Facebook Live where he talks about what aided in shaping his mindset in his business. He also talks about what he did in creating multiple streams of income.
November 27, 2019
#026 | Part 2 - The Discipline of Practice - Interview w/Shawn "Thunder" Wallace
Dr. Shawn "Thunder" Wallace and Quamon Fowler talk about practicing, the different generations and their attention span, the different brain waves that are engaged and more. How To Improvise Over Chord Changes by Shawn Wallace
November 08, 2019
#025 | Interview with Shawn "Thunder" Wallace, Part 1
Quamon interviews multi-instrumentalist and department head of the Ohio State University Jazz Program, Dr. Shawn "Thunder" Wallace. They talk about Shawn's upbringing and how he developed as a musician. Shawn "Thunder" Wallace Website:
October 28, 2019
#024 | Key Words To Help Overcome Challenges
Quamon shares 4 words, their definitions, and 3 scriptures that will help you to overcome challenges you may face throughout your week.
September 19, 2019
#023 | Part 2 - Early Discipline & Developing Godly Character | Interview with Wendell Mosley
Part 2 of the interview with Wendell Mosley where they talk about the importance of know what your passion really is verus the things you're just may be passionate about.
September 05, 2019
#022 | Part 1 - Early Discipline & Developing Godly Character | Interview with Wendell Mosley
Quamon interviews his good friend Wendell Mosley. Quamon discuss with Wendell his journey as a kid developing skills and character as a football quarterback, songwriter, and engineer in business.
August 31, 2019
#021 | Gotta Apply The Principles To See Results
Quamon talks about the importance of focusing on the principles and applying them to your life in order to get the results you're looking for in what you're doing.
August 29, 2019
#020 | Getting Actively Involved In Real Estate
Quamon talks about his transition from investing in Mutual Funds and ETFs to actively investing in Real Estate. He also talks about his developing a new brand, The Investing Musician, where he will help others with his knowledge and resources in order to create assets with music and beyond. Check out:
August 28, 2019
#019 | Re-Introducing Myself
Getting started on a Anchor, a new platform to do my podcasts.
August 27, 2019
#018 | Don't Be Weary in Well Doing
Quamon announces the updates on pre-ordering his new cd, With You. He also covers the scripture passages from Gal 6:8 - 10 and shares some personal experiences he's had from applying the scriptures to his life.
May 23, 2018
#017 | Updates Rolling Into 2018!
Quamon shares updates of projects he's appearing on and his new single being released in 2018, "The Time Is Now" and more.
December 28, 2017
#016 | Growing Your Business As A Musician - Cryptocurrency & Social Media
I talk about: - Getting into trading Cryptocurrency - Opportunity to grow audience with social media - Using technology to increase earnings in music business - Growing from the mindset of a musician to the mindset of a business owner/CEO
September 03, 2017
#015 | Part 2 - Submitting To The Process
Part 2 of Submitting To The Process where Quamon discusses the processes he's gone through by completing his cds and his development as a musician. Website: Music: Education: Support Podcast
July 24, 2017
#014 | Part 1 - Submitting To The Process
Quamon breaks down the different levels of competence and how it applies to going through the process in our development in many areas. Website: Music: Education: Support
July 10, 2017
#013 | Part 2 - Conversation with Carl Wagner
Part 2 of the conversation with Carl Wagner and Quamon Fowler. They continue talking about the inspiration behind Quamon's new cd project, Forever.
March 14, 2017
#012 | Part 1 - Conversation With Carl Wagner Pt. 1
Quamon interviews Carl Wagner, pianist, saxophonist, producer, & recording engineer. Carl helped in the production for Quamon's newest cd release, Forever. Get it at
February 27, 2017
#011 | The Power of Determination
Quamon talks about his trip to TMEA representing Tenor Madness horns, his new CD release, Forever, and the power of determination.
February 13, 2017
#010 | Comparing Yourself To Others
Quamon breaks down the ins and outs of comparing yourself to others. This was recorded from a Facebook Live broadcast.
January 08, 2017
#008 | Publishing My Music
In this episode Quamon talks about his experience with releasing singles and republishing his music on ITunes, Amazon, and Google Play via CD Baby.
November 05, 2016
#007 | Home With Daddy
In this episode Quamon shares news about his summer releases on He shares about his new single to come out Wed, Aug 3rd, Home With Daddy. He talks about the experience from being in the hospital 8 months from his son's being born at 23 weeks premature and growing from 1lbs, 4oz to over 20lbs and home with his parents. Single Live Stream Concert is Aug 3rd, 7p.m. CST
July 21, 2016
#006 | Getting Over Yourself
Quamon announces the availability of the new TeXas10er Music App and also shares some insights on how to avoid being prideful and cocky while being skilled at what you do.
June 01, 2016
#005 | Updates & Career Choices
Quamon shares updates about upcoming performances and camps coming up this summer. He also share some insights about leadership and how to use Social media for better business opportunities as a musician.
May 11, 2016
#004 - News And Testimonials
Quamon shares people's comments, testimonies, and news of how TeXas10er Works has helped them through the music, videos, an book. He also talks about the new music available via
May 04, 2016
#003 | Primary and Secondary Income for Musicians
Episode #3 where Quamon discussing Primary and Secondary Income which is a chapter in his book, The Christian Musician, Learn What Your Real Gift Is and How To Succeed with and Beyond Your Music
April 27, 2016
#002 | Part 2 - Conversation with Rachella Parks-Washington About Quamon Fowler's New Book Release
Continuation of Quamon's conversation with his teenage saxophone mentor, Rachella Parks-Washington.
April 20, 2016
#001 | Part 1 - Conversation with Rachella Parks-Washington About Quamon Fowler's New Book Release
Episode #1 Interview with Rachella Parks-Washington about Quamon's new book release, The Christian Musician: Learn What your Real Gift Is and How To Succeed with and Beyond Your Music. New Book Available at
April 12, 2016