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Quantum Bits

Quantum Bits

By Parham Pashaei
Welcome! Whether you are curious to know more about quantum computing or you think quantum is the future, Quantum Bits is here to help you with all you need to know. If you think it sounds like a complicated topic, you are not alone. In each episode I will have a discussion with an expert in the field to provide you with the latest and best quality of information in an easy to understand language. Are you curious to know more about the impact of quantum computing on finance, or drug discovery? We have got you covered; each episode will be dedicated to a specific topic on quantum computing.
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Bonus: Quantum Information Sciences with Jack Hidary
This bonus episode is the highlights of Jack Hidary’s talk on quantum information sciences at the University of British Columbia. Jack Hidary is the author of “Quantum Computing: an Applied Approach” and director of AI and Quantum at Sandbox@Alphabet.
April 07, 2021
Introduction to Quantum Technologies with Jack Hidary
In this episode, we talk about quantum technologies with Jack Hidary. Jack is the author of “Quantum Computing: An Applied Approach” and director of AI and Quantum at Sandbox@Alphabet and formerly at X (Google X). We talk about the history of quantum computing, quantum supremacy, applications such as AI, and lessons for transition to quantum computing.
February 19, 2021
AI, Robotics and quantum computing with Geordie Rose
In this episode, we continue our discussion with Geordie Rose. We focus on potential applications of quantum computing in AI and robotics. Geordie Rose is the founder and former CTO and CEO of the world’s first commercial quantum computing company, D-Wave. He has co-founded two robotics and AI related companies, Kindred and Sanctuary AI. Currently, he is the CEO of Sanctuary AI.
January 13, 2021
The world’s first quantum computing company with Geordie Rose
Our guest on this episode is the co-founder and former CEO and CTO of the world’s first commercial quantum computing company “D-Wave”. Geordie Rose founded D-Wave in 1999 in Canada. The company’s clients include NASA, Google, and Volkswagen. Currently, Geordie Rose is the co-founder and CEO of Sanctuary AI, working on artificial intelligence based robotics. In this episode, we talk about the challenges and history of commercial quantum computing.
December 21, 2020