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Quantum Computing Now

Quantum Computing Now

By Ethan Hansen
Quantum Computing is pretty cool, but how cool is it exactly? I can't answer that, but if you listen to the podcast you'll quickly learn that it lies somewhere between Very Cool and Extremely Cool. @1ethanhansen
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Travis Scholten and News from IEEE Quantum Week - Episode 23 [Hybrid]

Quantum Computing Now

Travis Scholten and News from IEEE Quantum Week - Episode 23 [Hybrid]
An excellent talk with an excellent person! Learn all about what IBM’s been up to recently! Link to QCN show type poll: IBM and Unitary Fund: Qiskit quantum optimization module: Qiskit Metal: Qiskit: Qiskit Metal: IBM Q Experience: Will Zeng Jungle slides: IBM Roadmap: Quantum Aviary: Episode w/ Zlatko: Episode w/ Nathan: Sound effects obtained from QRL: Q0106000c95fe7c29fa6fc841ab9820888d807f41d4a99fc4ad9ec5510a5334c72ef8d0f8c44698 Monero: 47e9C55PhuWDksWL9BRoJZ2N5c6FwP9EFUcbWmXZS8AWfazgxZVeaw7hZZmXXhf3VQgodWKwVq629YC32tEd1STkStwfh5Y Ethereum: 0x9392079Eb419Fa868a8929ED595bd3A85397085B
November 10, 2020
Dr. Christopher Savoie and Life Sciences – Episode 22 [Hybrid]
QED-C survey of life sciences companies: NSF starting 3 quantum institutes: QED-C website: Zapata Computing website: IBM Q Experience: MIT OpenCourseWare QC course: QC: Orquestra Commercial Release: Sound effects obtained from
September 29, 2020
Michał Stęchły and QOSF – Episode 21 [Hybrid]
What is the role of higher education in QC?: QOSF mentorship program open for applications: Optimization on Sycamore processor paper: Reachability Deficits in quantum approximation paper: Michał’s email: Michał’s blog: Michał’s Github: Michał’s LinkedIn: Michał’s Twitter: How I got a job in QC: How to get started in QC: Sound effects obtained from QCN (thursday at 1 UTC)
September 5, 2020
John Prisco and Quantum Cryptography – Episode 20 [Hybrid]
Quantum Xchange website: Quantum Xchange linkedin: Quantum Xchange twitter: NIST PQC enters selection round: China’s Micius satellite sets new record: DOE quantum internet blueprint: Sound effects obtained from
August 30, 2020
Zlatko Minev & Error Correction – Episode 19 [Hybrid]
I had a great time talking with Dr. Zlatko Minev in this episode! We got to talk about new quantum physics, error correction, and qiskit community, as well as quantum mechanics for doing the dishes Qiskit community: Zlatko’s twitter: Zlatkos’s website: Open Labs’ website: Computerphile error correction series: Qiskit now runs on AQT trapped ion machines: Qiskit Global Summer School: Quantum Information Science Seminar Series: Zlatko Minev’s website: QCN Sound effects obtained from
August 10, 2020
Peter Johnson & VQE - Episode 18 [Hybrid]
I had an excellent, thoroughly entertaining, and long chat with Peter Johnson from Zapata Computing. We got to talk a lot about VQE, quantum advantage, and new algorithms that try to squeeze performance out of quantum hardware.  Zapata Paper Announcement video (MUST WATCH):  arXiv link to paper:  A Quantum Festschrift for David Poulin:  Qiskit blog about quantum advantage:  QCN  Time zone converter for QCN Gather meetup:  My Zapata blog post on Why Workflows?  Sound effects obtained from
August 3, 2020
Nathan Shammah & Unitary Fund - Episode 17
Ethan talks with Nathan Shammah about unitary fund, open science, and science communication  Unitary Fund link:  Sound effects obtained from
July 13, 2020
Johan Vos - Episode 16 [Interview]
In this episode I sit down with Johan Vos to talk about his new book Quantum Computing for Developers Manning affiliate link:  Johan’s Twitter:  Affiliate link to book:  Strange on Github:  Quantum Computing for the Very Curious:  Paper on higher education and skills in quantum industry:  Sound effects obtained from
July 5, 2020
Anisha Musti & Quantum Machine Learning - Episode 15 [Hybrid]
Ethan and Anisha Musti chat about what’s going on in the world of quantum, and Ethan learns a thing or two about quantum machine learning.  Anisha’s Medium: Anisha’s Website: Anisha’s Twitter: Q-munity website: Anisha on The Quantum Daily: AlphaZero for Quantum: Tensorflow Quantum: Microsoft Quantum Impact: Sound effects obtained from
June 23, 2020
Quantum Intuition - Episode 14 [Basics]
In this episode Ethan relinquishes the reigns to a guest: Quantum Intuition! Quantum Intuition channel:  My first video on Quantum Intuition:  My takeover video on Quantum Intuition:  Daniel on The Quantum Daily:  Sound effects obtained from Also funny side-note: I tried to get a transcript using DeepSpeech and their default trained model. It went less than well
May 29, 2020
Anastasia Marchenkova - Episode 13 [Interview]
I had the opportunity to sit down (virtually) with Anastasia Marchenkova, a QC researcher/programmer/does-everything-extraordinaire at Bleximo to talk about how quantum computing has progressed, where it's going, and how it can be leveraged in the short term with NISQ devices Anastasia’s website: Anastasia’s twitter:  Bleximo’s website: Sound effects obtained from
May 18, 2020
Junye Huang - Episode 12 [Interview]
In this episode I sit down with Junye Huang, a Quantum Developer Advocate for Qiskit and IBM. We talked a bit about hackathons, a bit about quantum materials, a bit about topological qubits, really a bit about everything! Junye on twitter: Qiskit on Twitter: Join the Qiskit slack and send me a ‘hi’ : Qiskit YouTube (invidious mirror): My TQD article: Sound effects obtained from
April 30, 2020
Abraham Asfaw – Episode 11 [Interview]
In this episode I sit down with Abe Asfaw to talk about all things qiskit, quantum computing education, and quantum programming. Oh and I hope you like interviews because I have a lot coming up :) Qiskit Textbook: Coding with Qiskit: Pulse Level Programming with Lauren Capelluto: Qiskit website: Abe on Twitter: Sound effects obtained from
April 17, 2020
Season Two Intro – Episode 10 [General]
 The world is ending! I’m quitting podcasting! Quantum computing is still cool! Wait what do you mean we aren’t playing two truths and a lie? Oh and I forgot to mention, my brother did the updated cover art for season 2. Thank you! Happy April Fools’ Day!
April 2, 2020
Robert Sutor - Episode 9 [Interview]
Dancing with Qubits by Robert Sutor: Blog post on IBM Q readout: AXIOM: The Scientific Computation System The Quantum Daily’s review of Dancing with Qubits: Follow me on twitter: Produced in partnership with The Quantum Daily:
February 17, 2020
QuantumFight2019 - Episode 8 [News]
Can you even call it "news" if it's 3 months old? Maybe it should be tagged with [olds] Blanket of light Volkswagen Google’s Paper: IBM’s response: Microsoft Azure Quantum Qiskit 0.13 has support for trapped ion qubits Horse Ridge Amazon Braket IBM Quantum Volume 32 w/ Raleigh PennyLane and Strawberry Fields Yao Quantum Inspire Quantum Frameworks lists Distributed Quantum Computing The Quantum Daily
January 13, 2020
All the Frameworks - Episode 7 [Basics]
From Qiskit to QuTiP, from Cirq to Ocean SDK, there are a lot of different frameworks to start with quantum computing out there. Which one you should start with can get confusing. In this episode I hope to break down and give an overview of the major players that you’ll hear about in the quantum community. Qiskit QuTiP Q# Pyquil Cirq Ocean SDK Q.js
December 2, 2019
Amira Abbas - Episode 6 [Interview]
Qiskit Camp 101 by Amira Abbas: Follow Amira Abbas on Twitter: Supervised Learning with Quantum Computers: QuantumFight2019 stuff:
November 4, 2019
Google's Quantum Supremacy - Episode 5 [News]
Google Quantum Supremacy: Full paper here: Fortune report: The Verge report: John Preskill on Quantum Supremacy: IBM 53 qubit machine Probabilistic bits: Original paper: New material:
October 21, 2019
Quantum-safe Encryption - Episode 4 [Basics]
    • General Info on post-quantum cryptography         ◦      • Open Quantum Safe         ◦         ◦      • Bitcoin         ◦     • How many qubits to run Shor’s Algorithm         ◦         ◦         ◦         ◦         ◦      • Quantum-resistant Cryptocurrencies         ◦         ◦ IOTA:         ◦ QRL:         ◦ Ethereum:     • If you want to donate some IOTA to me:         ◦ BCLIGDITATGZBUFRLYIYFQK9BJETNSDPXCDEDEAGQVAKQFMWPWTHEBXWUQKQONORFSCGG9HWKUFOVALOXLUSAJWGEA
September 30, 2019
Dr. James Wootton - Episode 3 [Interview]
Link to Dr. James Wootton’s Medium page: Link to Qiskit’s Medium page: Link to Qiskit textbook: Produced in partnership with The Quantum Daily
September 14, 2019
Speedy Two Qubit Gates - Episode 2 [News]
We've got a lot of news this week, some of which we couldn't get to because of time constraints. However, this episode contains a lot and a lot of it is really interested, so stay tuned! On two qubit speedy gates: On Neven's law: On qudits: On limitations: On quantum-classical transition: 
August 5, 2019
Intro to QC - Episode 1 [Basics]
What even is a Quantum Computer? What is a qubit? Does Ethan even know what he's talking about? {SPOILER} No one does... Frame of Essence video on how QC works: Minutephysics video on Shor’s Algorithm:  Hello Quantum from IBM: Decodoku - Quantum Error Correction: Crash Course Computer Science:  If you're interested in learning more about Quantum Decoherence, check this out:
July 22, 2019
Pilot - Episode 0 [General]
Bloch Sphere: Dwave website:
July 7, 2019