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The Quantumyth

The Quantumyth

By The Quantumyth
The Quantumyth is a series of unified mythical stories written, illustrated and narrated by Australian artist Albert Chessa. Each episode is a chapter of The Evertelling: 100 collected parables, kept in The Resonant Library of Vynth, told across 50 years.
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Episode 1 - Origin
On the first episode of The Quantumyth, Albert tells The First Tale — Aeva Ranur, as it is known in Resonant speech — and gives a glimpse of what’s to come. Enjoy! If you enjoy my content, feel free to like, share, subscribe and send through a shout via DonorBox at, Ko-Fi at or Sending you all good vibes from Australia! Official Site Official Store Official Facebook Official Instagram Official Twitter Official Patreon Official Tumblr Official TikTok Official Snapchat Official PayPal Official DonorBox Official Ko-Fi Official YouTube Official Reddit Official Twitch Official LinkTree Official StreamerLinks
June 19, 2021