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By The OVT Network
A Millennial podcast featuring a wide variety of Black professionals! Featuring international and domestic guests from across the African diaspora; We showcase the BEST, BRIGHTEST, and BLACKEST in their respective fields and, talk about how #quarantine is affecting themselves and their businesses! From celebrities to everyday people, #WeTellBlackStories ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

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Accentism in the UK 🇬🇧
Hey what’s up people, long time no speak! #YourFriendlyNeighborhoodNegro is bringing a SPECIAL episode of #QuarantineTalks! Today me and one of my best friends, Tim, discuss #accentism in London! I felt with the passing of “Queen” Lizzie and all of the controversy surrounding the “royal” family, that this was the PERFECT time to revisit this conversation! The term "accentism" describes discriminatory or unfair behavior centered on someone's accent or language use. Tim is an Australian born and raised man, who’s mother happens to be welsh! He came to the UK at 23 and has been there ever since (minus vacations and sabbaticals). We discuss the DOZENS of different accents the city of London has, and the class differences therein!! The myriad of ways that SOUNDING a certain type of way in the UK can either help or hurt your chances in jobs, relationships, social-economic circles…basically EVERYTHING! Then we go macro to talk about the difference of the Scottish and Irish accents, along with a little history on how the monarchy of britain have systematically discriminated against the other isles (Welsh, Scotts, Irish). We also discuss how Londoners view Australians as backward country hicks (the same northerners view southerners) and, lastly, do a deep dive on the phenomenon known as “Third Culture” !
September 19, 2022
Gatekeeper Adrian
Hey what’s up people, welcome to season 4 of #QuarantineTalks 🙋🏾‍♂️! In celebration of #transgenderdayofvisibility and #transgenderawarenessweek 🏳️‍⚧️🙌🏾🏳️‍⚧️, we want to share a conversation that our host and, #FriendlyNeighborhoodNegro JC had with #Transactivist and artist Gatekeeper Adrian ! 😎🎙 In this super informative and free -flowing conversation, JC and Adrian discuss The meaning behind gender-based language, the issues that Black #transwomen and #Transmen face from BOTH the #LGTBQ 🏳️‍🌈 and African American Communities. And, how to protect Black Transwomen from violence! EVERY human on this planet, regardless of Ethnicity, Religion, Orientation, or, Gender is deserving of the RIGHT to simply exist and live as free people! If you’re not familiar, fearful or simply don’t understand things regarding the trans community, We hope this interview helps shed some light ! 💭💡🧐 #TheOVTNetwork #WeTellBlackStories To find out and/or donate to organizations that support Transpeople of Color CLICK HERE ---> Instagram: Patreon Youtube
April 04, 2022
Topsy Taiwo
Hey whats up people 🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♀️! This episode of #QuarantineTalksPodcast is another international guest: I got my boy @TopsyTaiwo🇬🇧! Topsy is Black Millennial #PropertyExpert 🏠 or #RealEstateAgent 🏡 in the States, #ContentCreator 👨🏾‍💻, #Dancer 🕺🏾🕺🏾 and host of @TOPCHAT and @PropertyPurchaser 🎙! Your #FriendlyNeighborhoodNegro @JCFromTheOVT 🙋🏾‍♂️ and Topsy discuss his appearance on #RealityTV shows and @BBC 📺, how the US #elections 📥 affect the #HousingMarkets in the #UK 📈, and what its like being a #BlackRealEstateAgent in #London 👨🏾‍💼🏘💷 ! Also, you won’t 🤯BELIEVE🤯the cost of #RealtorSchool 👨🏾‍🏫 in the #UK 🇬🇧 ! The #American education system is so trash 🗑 ! #COMMENT 💬 Below, #SHARE ↪️ and #LIKE 👍🏾 this video! Check out the FULL Video Episode on our Patreon link below! #TheOVTNetwork #WeTellBlackStories Instagram: Patreon Youtube
March 25, 2021
The Gayles
Hey whats up people 🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♀️! The second episode of #QuarantineTalksPodcast features Black Millennial Real Estate Developers, ESG Fund Managers and #PowerCouple @majesty_elize! They are the owners and creators of Evopia: a #nonprofit organization aimed at increasing the amount of #affordablehousing 🏘 in the US 🇺🇸and globally🌍 ! The Gayles and #FriendlyNeighborhoodNegro @JCFromTheOVT🙋🏾‍♂️ discuss all things #RealEstate 🏡, #ContainerHomes 🚃, #GlobalHousingCrisis 🗺 and the #pandemic 😷🦠. Then, last but not least, we talk about how these two met and what its like being #married to your #businesspartner 👨‍👩‍👦💍! #COMMENT 💬 Below, #SHARE ↪️ and #LIKE 👍🏾 this episode ! Check out the FULL Video Episode on our Patreon link below! #TheOVTNetwork #WeTellBlackStories Instagram: Patreon Youtube:
March 25, 2021
Ben Hurst
Hey whats up people 🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♀️! Welcome back to another season of #QuarantineTalksPodcast! We are back with full video 📼 AND audio 🎧 #podcasts ! 3️⃣-4️⃣ interviews will be dropping every month, #Netflix style! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 . Our FIRST episode features @therealbenhurst! Ben and your #FriendlyNeighborhoodNegro 🙋🏾‍♂️ @JCFromTheOVT discuss all things #toxicmasculinty ☢️, male sexual and mental health🍆, being a Tedx Talks speaker and more! . As always, #COMMENT 💬 Below, #SHARE ↪️ and #LIKE 👍🏾 this podcast!  Check out the FULL Video Episode on our Patreon link below! #TheOVTNetwork #WeTellBlackStories Instagram: Patreon Youtube
March 25, 2021
Hey whats up people! This very special episode #QuarantineTalksPodcast is featuring ANOTHER #international guest: @_iam_kenzo_ coming to you live and direct from the island of #Japan! Your #FriendlyNeighborhoodNegro @JCFromTheOVT and Kenzo discuss moving from #Baltimore to #Tokyo at 16 and deciding to stay, what its like being #BlackinJapan and what pre conceived notions the #Japanese may have and, adapting to the culture! Then we discuss Japan's extremely high rate of #suicide and #alcoholism and the nonexistent culture of #MentalHealth and walking #depression ! We also discuss #quarantine and #covid, #America and #Trump, and the love of his life and current fiance, @mm45 ! We round it off with tokyo vs #nyc trains, vending machines (they're are more of them than people) and the Japanese saying #Shouganai! #QuarantineReview #QuarantineTalksPodcast #ThOVTNetwork #WeTellBlackStories ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 Heads up: this episode closes out season 2 but, we do have more coming up for you very soon, so #staytuned ! Available on @Youtube and all #Podcast platforms, LINK IN BIO! Social Media:  Donations:$TheOVTNetwork 👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a COMMENT below and RATE us below!! 👇🏾
November 15, 2020
The Crawfords'
Hey whats up people! This episode of #QuarantineTalksPodcast has your #FriendlyNeighborhoodNegro @JCFromTheOVT talking with #powercouple @brandencrwfrd and @lenayascrawford ! #TheCrawfords, as I like to to call them, are a set of dope ass individuals from #atlanta who have the #blackowned #yoga studio @seviinyoga and a family therapy clinic @kaleidoscopeft ! ( Not to be confused with @kaleidoscopebeautyltd, another DOPE black owned business featured on this page! ) We dive into what prompted them to open Seviin studios and the #kemetic orgins of yoga—kemetic means #Africa btw--opening the #FamilyTherapy clinic and Branden's side hustle #vinatge boutique! We also talk about Collabing with other dope ass #ATL creatives like @thecamkirk and—as a majorkey—they give the dos and donts of being married, homie-lover, friends and business partners!!! Yall they both said the words ‘equally yoked’ at least twice so you know it real!! Givin @ciara and @dangerusswilson… Available on #Youtube and wherever #podcasts are casted!! #QuarantineReview #QuarantineTalksPodcast #ThOVTNetwork #WeTellBlackStories✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿  Social Media:   Donations:$TheOVTNetwork    👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a COMMENT below and RATE us below!! 👇🏾
November 11, 2020
5th Lettah
Hey whats up people! Your #FriendlyNeighborhoodNegro, @JCFromTheOVT welcoming you back to another episode of #QuarantineTalksPodcast! Today on the show #NewYork raised and #Atlanta based #rapper @WhoIs5thLettah discusses his musical origin story, creating his first full length album in 2014 and, then re-relasing that #album 5 years later to a broader audience! We also talk about life as an #indieartist, methods for content #distribution and of course, all things #hiphop ! . Also You guys may have heard me and @IamBlve talk about #genres in rap but 5th was actually the first person to bring this to the forefront and talk to me about it in detail! So, shoutout to both these #artists : great minds really do think alike! . And, Last but not least, we talk about how and what #quarantine and the #coronavirus has fucked up for him in 2020 (#SXSW performances with #Gherbo and touring around #Europe ) and we flesh out the age old hiphop debate: #Biggie vs Tupac! Check out the FULL interview link on #Youtube and your favorite #podcast platform in our bio! #ThOVTNetwork #WeTellBlackStories ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 Youtube: Social Media: Donations:$TheOVTNetwork
October 29, 2020
Hey whats up people! Today on #quarantinetalkspodcast your #FriendlyNeighborhoodNegro @JCFromTheOVT is speaking with the #grammynominated vocal arranger and producer @Jehreeus! Jehreeus has worked with such artists as @JanetJackson, @BjTheChicagoKid and @cordae just to name a few! He’s a musically inclined individual, gifted with #perfectpitch (look it up) he creates vocal arrangement sample packs with fellow arranger and perfect pitcher @GabeKunda and dope ass #tiktok and IG #mashups! . We also talk about #socialmedia , the negative affects its had on his psyche and how he Has managed to conquer his anxiety and depression when using these different platforms! And, then last but not least, we talk about how horribly racist #Texas is and how we can give it back to #Mexico ! Bwahahahaha (Our Bad Mexico) #QuarantineReview #QuarantineTalksPodcast #ThOVTNetwork #WeTellBlackStories ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 Youtube: Social Media: Donations:$TheOVTNetwork #QuarantineReview #QuarantineTalksPodcast #ThOVTNetwork #WeTellBlackStories ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
October 23, 2020
Sincerely Blve
Hey whats up poeple! #QuarantineTalks is back with a FRESH new episode! Your #FriendlyNeighborhoodNegro @JCFromTheOVT is sitting down with astrologist, a hood psychologist, #artist and #rapper :@iamblve ! We talk about his origin story: growing up in #BatonRouge, witnessing kidnappings (yea you read that right) being part of a legacy of #CivilRights activists in the area, His home life trails and tribulations, and his inspirations and introductions into #music, #poetry and #storytelling!  Then we talk about his three albums #Demigod #Inspired and Inspired 2, his month long #eurotrip to #Spain #Italy and the #UK expanded his worldview, and how #coronavirus has adapted his creative processes and understanding! Then, last but not least, we talk about how Louisiana is the smallest state in America (yes, you also read that right) #Sidenotes and points of correction: #RhodeIsland is the smallest state, #NewOrleans, founded in 1718 is actually older than the #UnitedStates (founded in 1776) but, is not older than #StAugustine in #Florida which is the oldest city established by europeans in 1565. #TheOVTNetwork #WeTellBlackStories ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 Youtube: Social Media: Donations:$TheOVTNetwork
October 21, 2020
Black Gals Quarantining
Hey whats up people! Today your #FriendlyNeighborhoodNegro @JCFromTheOVT has a SUPER special edition of #QuarantineTalks! It all started about a month ago, we wanted to create dialogue between #BlackAmericans and #BlackBrits ! We have so much in common: from the language that we speak ( #English ), to being #Black in #colonizer countries, and our shared love of Black American #PopCulture! Today, we bring you the fruits of that labor (or labour depending on country code lol): The #London - #Atlanta podcast connect with @Vicsanusi and @Jas_bw from @BlackGalsLivin!! . In our very FIRST crossover #podcast (dubbed #BlackGalsQuarantining ) JC, Vic and Jas talk about everything from the differences in #racism in the US and UK, the shared experiences in #PoliceBrutality, @LoveCraftHBO mixed heritage dating, and of course, #MentalHealth ! Then, we compare and contrast our extremely fucked up leaders @Borisjohnsonuk and @Realdonaldtrump and, in a SHOCKING turn of events, we predict #Trump getting #covid 2 weeks BEFORE it happened! Ashe to the ancestors…LOL . We are all in agreement that there’ll be a part two in the near future! #StayTuned !! #TheOVTNetwork #WeTellBlackStories ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 Social Media:  Donations:$TheOVTNetwork
October 09, 2020
Kyaris "KJ" Wade
Hey whats up people! This episode of #QuarantineTalks has #FriendlyNeighborhoodNegro @JCFromTheOVT welcoming our homegirl KJ (@Youcancallme_KJ) ! She is a #digitalmarketing strategist based in #NYC who has worked with #socialmedia #influencers like @TheBudgetnista and, most recently one of our FAVORITE concert experiences: @Afropunk!! . We talk about working for the #Blackest concert in the world, her favorite performances and experiences, life as a #liveevents professional during #covid, living in NYC peak corona, and both of her parents contracting covid! . Then last but not least we discuss sharpening her #DIY skills and how giving toilet paper and other essential products is the #NewNormal way to say: I love you! 💕😘😅 Youtube: Social Media: Donations:$TheOVTNetwork 👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a comment below and rate us below!! 👇🏾
October 07, 2020
Tina Fears
Hey whats up people! On this episode of #QuaratineTalks @JCFromTheOVT is chatting with @TinaFears of #StageReady LLC! We discuss her entertainment origins; form working and recording with some of the producers of #MariahCarey and #MichaelJackson, to moving to #ATL from #LosAngeles at a young age and the #CultureShock that ensued. And then we talk about founding Stage Ready: her production and talent management agency, while still managing to be talent herself! . Then we get into stage plays and producing with folk like @Brittanyinge of #BoomerangOnBET and @Brianjordanjr of #SistasOnBET and, how the homegrown and produced #ArethaFranklin stage play turned into her landing a role in the new @Natgeogenius biopic for #GeniusAretha ! And, last but not least, we talk about how #quarantine has rekindled her passion for painting! #LinkInBio ! . #WeTellBlackStories #TheOVTNetwork Youtube: Social Media: Donations:$TheOVTNetwork 👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a comment below!! 👇🏾
September 25, 2020
Eric Majette
Hey whats up people! This episode of #QuarantineTalks has @JCFromTheOVT chatting with a man that was nicknamed “Keeper of the Jewels” by the late #DickGregory himself: Eric Majette @themrmajestic! Eric got that name because he is the owner of a traveling museum of #BlackHistory with over 10,000 pieces! We discuss how his obsession with the record keeping of his family legacy, lead him to the eventual creation of this museum; Spending over a 100k thousand dollars to purchase artifacts from legends like #MalcolmX, #MarcusGarvey, and #MadamCJWalker…just to name a few! Speaking of Madam Walker: we talk about how historically inaccurate the #Netflix movie was, how the #AfricanAmericanHistoryMuseum in DC has tried to exploit Black History collectors, like himself, and the ways and means of how he acquires the pieces in his collection! We also talk about being pen pals with #LenaHorne, working with #RayJ in #China, our first ever trips to #Africa and last but not least, working on set with #TylerPerry! This is a Blickitty Black episode y'all so check it out!! #TheOVTNetwork #WeTellBlackStories Social Media:   Youtube: Donations:$TheOVTNetwork
September 22, 2020
Jen Farris
Hey what up people! On this episode of #QuarantineTalks @JCFromTheOVT sat down with a lady responsible for bringing to life some of the shows we know and love:  Jen Farris (@dpartur)!  Jen is a location scout and manager here in #Atlanta ! She has worked on projects like the Immortal life of #HenriettaLacks, Atlanta on #FX with @ChildishGambino, #BeingMaryJane and my personal favorite shows right now #HBO #LovecraftCountry and @Starz #PValley!!! . We talk about being involved in the locations department of major film sets, the importance of networking and job placement, and, being the only #BlackWoman on a #Hollywood movie set! And as a major gem drop,  Jen also tells us what to do if/when you're approached about having your home or #business being used by a film crew! . Then we talk about rubbing elbows with @Oprah (literally), being involved on the upcoming #NationalGeographic #Genius biopic for ArethaFranklin, and, last but not least: #CiviRrights and the importance of your #Vote ! #LinkInBio . #WeTellBlackStories #TheOVTNetwork Social Media: Youtube: Donations:$TheOVTNetwork 👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a comment below!! 👇🏾
September 16, 2020
Bami Kuteyi aka Bam Bam
Hey whats up people! This #QuarantineTalks has your #FriendlyNeighbohooodNegro , @JCFromTheOVT, welcoming a very energetic guest, all the way from the shores of #London / #Canada via the motherland of #Nigeria : @BamiKuteyi a.k.a. "Bam Bam" as she's known out here in these internet streets! A former online digital specialist at @Google, we talk about how the inclusion and diversity program she began, intended to be a healthy alternative to going for drinks at the pub, turned into @twerkafterwork! An international #fitness brand geared at empowering 1 million fearless females! . She also educates us on the history of #twerk : from #SouthAfrican origins all the way down to #NewOrleans ...I thought I knew but, she dropped a lil knowledge on me! And, she discusses how she manages to keeps her energy up for daily classes while spreading out the workload between herself and other instructors! . We also get into a sidebar about #diversity and how London is to the #UK, what #Atlanta is to #Georgia or #Miami is to #Florida , traveling internationally during the #pandemic , her weird, but helpful, obsession(s) and, last but not least: Bam Bam on reality TV??? Social Media: Youtube: Donations:$TheOVTNetwork 👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a comment below!! 👇🏾
September 06, 2020
Brandon Butler
Hey Whats Up Poeple! On this episode of #Quarantinetalks Your #FriendlyNeighborhoodNegro @JCFromTheOVT chats with Mr I-Cant-Believ-Its-Not-Butter himself: @Mrsuperbran, Brandon Butler! We Talk The Ideation And Creation Of @Butter.atl, How He Started This Media Company With The Full Backing, Support And Resources Of The Company He Works For: @daggeragency, And The Steps And Processes He Takes To Make Sure The #ButterATL Team Is A Well-oiled Machine! We Also Talk Velocity To A Dollar (one of his business mantras), Candy , Vitamin , And Painkillers (Not What You Think lol), Productivity And Workflow Hacks, And, How The #Butter Team Made Sure They Did #404Day The RIGHT Way (#Shoutout To @Att, Yall tried but......nah. 😅)  We Also Talk The Future For #DarkZuckerberg , Butter Expansion To Other Cities And The Thing That Brandon Feels Makes Him Most #Atlanna ... Give You A Hint It Involves A Strip Club...On The West Side...When He Was 13...🙈😳🕺🏾 Youtube: Social Media: Donations:$TheOVTNetwork 👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a comment below!! 👇🏾
September 03, 2020
Keith Parris
Hey whats up people! Today your #FriendlyNeighborhoodNegro @JCFromTheOVT chats it up with the bonafide, Icey Amputee Warrior @keithteboy_ ! JC and Keith talk his struggles growing up and how he's become so confident in himself! How #makeup gurus like @aaliyahjay, @jackieaina and @nikitadragun spurred his interest in the business of #beauty and, how the industry at large doesn’t give enough credit to the #BlackWomen and #BlackFemmes that helped create the movement! #Shoutout to @Ladieswhobrunchatl and @Rachiebabie! . We also discuss his feature with the #British #LGBTQ media outlet @Pink_News landed him the number 1 spot on #Snapchat and the difficulties of being #Gay in a #WestIndian family. Also, JC and Keith are both #Capricorns and they discuss the differences in #December and #January Capricorns! . Click the link in bio for the full episode! #WeTellBlackStories #TheOVTNetwork Social Media: Youtube: Donations:$TheOVTNetwork 👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a comment below!! 👇🏾
August 30, 2020
Hey whats up people! On today's episode of #QuarantineTalks , your friendly neighborhood negro @JCFromTheOVT sits down with #BeautyQueen and international business owner @BlessedUmu! Umutoni is the creator of @kaleidoscopebeautyltd a jewelry company with roots in #Africa and the #UK ! We talk her origin story and how she came to the world of #jewelry design and sale, her feature in @forbes, @bbcafrica, and @sheenmagazine magazines and the trails and tribulations of running  an #InternationalBusiness ! . We also discuss the unique position that African and #Caribbean #immigrants  face living in a quote-un-quote #FirstWorld country, being so closely tied to their countries of origin and the mental strain it causes. We also discuss the challenges facing the continent since #quarantine and #covid began. . And to finish off on a much lighter note; we talk about her being a pageant queen and swimming  with sharks……literally…. 😳🦈🏊🏾‍♀️😖 . #WeTellBlackStories #TheOVTNetwork . Youtube: Social Media: Donations:$TheOVTNetwork 👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a comment below!! 👇🏾
August 25, 2020
Hey whats up people! Today's episode of #QuarantineTalks has your #FriendlyNeighborhoodNegro @JCFromTheOVT chatting with an individual that is T.otally E.nthused A.bout M.aking A.rt R.eally R.eally TEAMARRR! (@imaliltcup). She is the first #singer #songwriter that we have had on the #podcast AND she is the first artist signed to #IssaRae 's #Raedio record label! JC and Tea talk working with Issa, #Yugioh cards and #anime , her first album #ThanksForTheChapstick , and she gives us the #OVTExclusive on why she pushed back her album #TeaTurnsToWine and released Before I Spill Myself ( #BISM ) instead. She also explains the meaning behind term she coined called #ButterflyDick . Also, were we the only people alive that didn't know that @dsmoke7 and @inglewoodsir were BROTHERS ?? 🤯 #WeTellBlackStories ------------ Youtube: Social Media: Donations:$TheOVTNetwork 👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a comment below!! 👇🏾
July 31, 2020
Hey whats up people! We are back once again with another fresh episode of #QuarantineTalks ! Today your #FriendlyNeighborhoodNegro @JCFromTheOVT got a chance to sit down and talk with the lovely, bubbly, culinary creator of @lime_hut_london: Ms. Afiya Titus.... MISS FI, if ya hungry 😝! Not only is she your new favorite #cook but, she is also co-owner and creator of @cocofinancial : a consultancy agency geared towards financial literacy and entrepreneurship of women in the #UK. . We talk about how her #Caribbean roots inspired her to start the #streetfood sensation, #LimeHut, the life altering food known to the rest of the world as #HalloumiCheese, life in #London during #quarantine, traveling abroad while Black. And, interestingly enough, we talk about how her time spent in the #USA unconsciously awakened her eyes to the #SystemicRacism #America is known for. . And last but not least, she weighs in on the age old #WestIndian debate: peas and rice vs rice and peas! ---------------- Youtube: Social Media: Donations:$TheOVTNetwork ---------------- 👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a comment below!! 👇🏾
July 27, 2020
J. Carrington
Hey whats up people! It's been awhile but we are BACK with another brand new episode of #QuarantineTalks ! This is the 20 episode of the #podcast and, as promised, a very special guest: this episode we have none other than your friendly neighborhood negro himself: @JcarringtonOVT ! He's been very active and present in #Seattle with the #CapitolHillOrganizedProtest aka #chop formerly #chaz! and producing and creating an original docuseries called “ #TellMeAStoryAbout ..” Friend of the pod @kool_kbeezy took time out of his busy schedule of new parenthood to be the interviewer for us on this episode! We talk about a little bit about my origin story, how The Overthought, or #TheOVTNetwork was created and of course get into the discussion surrounding #protests, #riots, #policemurder and the disease #America just cant seem to shake: not covid….#Racism.  Also, shout out to the very first #BlackOwned and operated #coffee brand in America: Blk & Bold! They're not paying me, this is not a sponsorship, I just root for everybody Black and they got damn good coffee!  Youtube: Social Media: 👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a comment below!! 👇🏾 ---------------
July 09, 2020
Christal Jordan
Hey Whats Up People! On This Episode Of #QuarantineTalks We have Ms. Christal Jordan ! Wondering Why Should You Care About Her? Allow Us To Explain: Ms. Jordan Is A Seasoned #PublicRelations Professional And The Creator / Ceo Of @EnchantedPR! She Talks Celebrity Relationships On @Fox5Atlanta And A Contributing Editor At @RollingOut Magazine! We Get Into Her #OriginStory: Going From Customer Relations At Barnes & Nobles In #Tulsa , Working With Ms Rhonda Freeman Baraka, And Her #PRFirm At #LaFace Records! She Clears Up The Difference In #Publicist And Public Relations And, Most Importantly What Makes A Good One! Then We Talk About Interviewing Influential People And #Celebrities Like @VanJones68 And #CharlamagneTheGod, Working With The Legendary @TheRealChilli Of #TLC And Her Son @TimeflyBye, And........ #VaginalRejuvenation And Facial Products With Her Client @Vology_ ! We Also Do A Deep Dive Into The Show #BlackAF , The New Generation Of #BlackMillionaires, #Colorism And #TylerPerry! (I Dont Make The Rules, He Just Makes The Shows) Youtube: Social Media: 👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a comment below!! 👇🏾 ---------------
May 27, 2020
Gabe Williams
Hey What's Up People! On This Episode of #QuarantineTalks @JcarringtonOVT sits down to talk with #SocialMedia Guru @Gabriel_Williams1 ! Gabe Currently Runs Social And Engagement For #iOneDigital: The Digital Branch Of #UrbanOne ---The Largest Distributor Of Urban Content In The #USA! Buuuuut, Back In 2007, Gabe And Co-founder @Raeholliday, Created The Game-Changing Blog Stuff Fly Ppl Like! We Discuss Going From A Backup Singer In LA, to T-Mobile Hustling In #NYC And Finally Becoming An Overnight Celebrity ! Then We Talk About How SFPL Separated Itself From The Pack, Why He’s Hesitant To Move Back To #LA And, Tips For Being A Social Media #Guru Like Himself! And, Last But Not Least, We Talk The Best Night Of His Life (That Happens To Include #Beyonce ) And Exchange Stories About meeting #KellyRowland.  Youtube: Social Media: 👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a comment below!! 👇🏾
May 22, 2020
Megan Alodie
Hey whats up people! This episode of #QuarantineTalks has us joined by a long time friend: @MeganAlodie ! Meg is a #yoga instructor, a #henna artist and a freelance #muralist ! Y'all she's basically the real-life #NolaDarling! She has managed to turn their #canvas -style #art into an actual, paid-ass living! We talk about the origin of henna tattooing, how she got her start drawing #mandalas in #nyc ,the new #netflix show #BlackAF and, last but not least the awkwardness of #ZoomParties and spoiled #uteri (which we think is plural for uteruses…don't quote us! 😅🙈) #WeTellBlackStories Youtube: Social Media: 👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a comment below!! 👇🏾 ---------------
May 16, 2020
Rea Davis
Hey Whats Up People! On this episode of #QuarantineTalks We're Joined By @IamReaDavis ! She Is A #Publicist Based In #LA, By Way Of My Mama Home State of #NorthCarolina. We Talk About Her Upbringing, How Her Mother (Also A Journalist) Would Give Her Press Passes To Major Events With One Stipulation: “Don't Come Back Without A Story” ! We Talk about Her Move From #Atl To #Cali And How She's Managed To Avoid #LATraffic, And Discuss This Debate About Productivity Vs #MentalHealth In #Quarantine ! Plus, She Tells The Story Of the Time She Fanned Out Meeting Jay And #Bey At The Surprise Birthday Party #AliciaKeys Threw For #SwizzBeatz ! Youtube: Social Media: 👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a comment below!! 👇🏾
May 13, 2020
Brittany Inge
Hey whats up people! On this installment of #QuarantineTalks we have a very special #actress, guest, #celebrity friend: @brittanyinge ! She plays Crystal Garret on the hit show #BoomerangonBET! We discuss her leading her own episode in #paris (shouout to @dimedavis) and, dealing with the #acting challenge of language barriers! Her first on-screen love scene and, working with childhood idol #kellyrowland! Then she describes what its like working with #LenaWaithe , being on #HalleBerry ’s IG and, the 3 surprising women she’d love to play in a #biopic ! Also, we play a little #DMVTrivia based on her #DC roots! This is a really fun conversation guys, lock in! Youtube: Social Media: 👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a comment below!! 👇🏾
May 08, 2020
FLR PLN (Floor Plan)
Hey whats up people! We took a look at our past #podcast episodes and noticed that they were majority #MEN. So, we have made it a focal point to interview and talk with more #WOMEN on the platform as a whole! Our next 5 #pods will be featuring prominent and popping #BlackWomen from the #USA and abroad! With that being said; this episode is featuring the lovely, #intelligent and #creative minds of @flrpln: @rachiebabie and @adialauren ! These ladies bring the dope shit you see on #IG and other online #boutiques, to marketplaces #IRL for a hands-on, in-person experiences! Focusing on #BlackOwned, women-lead, #beauty and apparel brands , FLR PLN upends the uber-expensive concept of the #PopupShop, into more sustainable and profitable business ventures! The thing that really strikes me about these #ladies is you can literally hear how simpatico they are: from finishing each other’s sentences, to the manner in which they respond to logistical questions! They give the do’s/dont’s of partnerships, why they created their brand and what sets them apart, and why they are strategically focusing on smaller markets than bigger ones! This is a DOPE interview, check it out! #WeTellBlackStories Youtube: Social Media: 👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a comment below!! 👇🏾
May 06, 2020
J. Boodie
Whats up people! This week's episode of #QuarantineTalks features an OG out here in these #VentureCapital streets: @JeffBoodie! Jeff is the #CEO and creator of @jobsnap, a #BizDev consultant and a #Masterclass aficionado where he demonstrates why he is, arguably, #Theplug to end all plugs! Today, we talk on the intersection of ethnicity and gender in the VC Community (or lack thereof), his podcast @7QuestionsPodcast, working for #Oprah and #OwnTV in his 20s, his close relationship with #GayleKing and the controversy surrounding the #KobeBryant interview! #SpoilerAlert*** y'all were WRONG for that, @snoopdogg im looking at you! 👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a comment below!! 👇🏾 Youtube: Social Media:
May 01, 2020
Lil Richye
Whats up people! This is JC and welcome to #QuarantineTalks! Today I got a good guy doing good things: @LilRichye is on the #podcast! We talk his partnership with the Charlotte @Hornets and the #BookBusTour, his appearance on the rap game with @JermaineDupri, working with @Zaytovenbeatz, touring with @DaBaby, and how authoring two books helped him work through #depression.  Mama Richye, bka Cookie but, formally known as Mrs. Kesha discusses what it's like raising a superstar and, how The Church has managed to keep them all grounded! I luh me some Mrs. Kesha and this whole family in general! Check It out!  👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a comment below!! 👇🏾  Youtube: Social Media:
April 26, 2020
J. Kits
Hey whats up people! I am JC and this is #QuarantineTalks! Today I got with me a fellow #Carolinaboy @j.Kits.Music ! First we #tbt and discuss his hustle from #Raleigh to #ATL, having a crucial hand in @Nickiminaj’s career, working with @Augustalsina and fellow #carolina producer @realskmusic! Then, we flash forward and talk about how meeting A&R Steve Clark ( @steverhythm ) lead to him producing the title track with @Nanakwabena on @Jidenna’s #85toafrica album! Scoring the #BlackLoveIs video with @directorx for #Tinder ! And, last but not least, we wrap it up by discussing his executive production on @kevinrossmusic’s latest album #Audacity! Also, if you know me, you know I'm big on #financialliteracy! During the middle of this we drop some major gems on managing your bread as a #FreelanceMusician, so def peep game and take notes! Leggo!  Social Media:  Youtube:  👇🏾 Like the episode? Leave a comment below!! 👇🏾
April 24, 2020
Dom King
⚠️Hey whats up people! This episode of #QuarantineTalks is one of the most fun musical conversations I've had in a WHILE! My boy Dom King (@iamdking) came through the pod kicked it! Dom is not only an A&R for major record labels but, he also has his own label,@thekrmg ! This producer/composer, discusses being an artist, coordinating writers’ camps and jam sessions, working with @directorx and for the #BlackLoveIs #Tinder video, upcoming projects, and a @mmacayres/@omarion collab 😳?? Also, @jcarringtonovt discusses his disdain for #GEasy music 🤷🏾‍♂️. Legoo! ⚠️
April 22, 2020
P. Mercado
⚠️Hey whats up people! On this episode of #QuarantineTalks, I have one of the absolute smartest people I know on: P.Mercado!! Pete is a bio-chemical scientist, the director of knowledge at revel, and a co founder of a mental health startup aimed directly at helping #POC in the #NYC area! Take a listen!⚠️
April 19, 2020
Pilot Mike
Hey whats up people! On this episode of Quarantine Talks I got my boi Mike Johnson aka Pilot Mike! Today we talk about him being a #BlackPilot, the lack of representation in the aviation industry and, of course how he's changing that! We talk about his second international home of Brazil and the state of things there! And of course, since he lives in LA, we talk about la traffic! #Shoutout to Republic of Pie in NOHO and Simply Wholesome on Slauson!!
April 16, 2020
Troy Taylor (Pt. 2)
⚠️On the second half of the interview with Troy we discuss the  difficulties and joys he finds working in the biz, not having a Plan B, and his favorite top 3 songs he helped create. We also talk about his hand in the hit tv show "Star" and his relationship with musical co-producer Johntae Austin, the Grammy Controversy and, his surprising, but fact-based take on Beyonce v Adele grammy snubbs.⚠️
April 11, 2020
Troy Taylor (Pt. 1)
⚠️ On today’s podcast we have 3x Grammy Award🏆 winning producer Troy Taylor! He’s been in the business for over 3 decades 😳 and has worked with everyone from Aretha Franklin to Jacquees! In part 1 of our 2 part interview we’re discussing his Mayoral campaign, finding and mentoring Trey Songz, and how to keep your 💰💰s SECURED and LOCKED🔐 tight inside of recording sessions! Gon’ head and press play!⏯ ⚠️ Like the episode? Leave a comment below!!
April 08, 2020
Kenny Ortiz
⚠️⚠️Só on today’s episode of #QuarantineTalks I’m chatting with my buddy Kenny Ortiz (@indieboy99) on what it’s like living in ground zero for #Covid19 in the states: #NYC 🗽. @Jcarringtonovt and Kenny discuss what it’s like in his borough of #Queens, the complexities of #SocialDistancing in such a populated city and, why life in #Quarantine is bearable when you have a #CoronaBae 👬 (#SpoilerAlert: I don’t. 😕) ⚠️⚠️
April 03, 2020
Kadir Gold
⚠️⚠️ On the first #QuarantineGlobal episode @Jcarringtonovt and @KadirGold discuss the climate in #London UK 🇬🇧, #Netflix Streaming Speeds, his brush in with US Customs and Border Patrol (😳), why Keri Hilson should really STFU about 5G🙊, a little myth busting *AND* why #British people would never use #Jergins 💦 Like.👍🏾 Listen. 🎧 Subscribe!📲 ⚠️⚠️
March 31, 2020
Nah Fam, We Aint Dead Yet.
⚠️⚠️In this episode we got some updates on the #stimulus bill, recent Covid exposure rates, details on a few states that are rolling back #WomensRights during the #Pandemic and, of course, Kentucky upping the anti on #VoterSuppression (yay). JC also goes deep about what this #quarantine means for Black Americans...especially in Atlanta. P.S. Nah fam, we actually AINT dead yet (also, yay). ⚠️⚠️
March 29, 2020
But, Did You Die Tho?
⚠️⚠️Hmmmm, on today's episode we discuss:  Netflix breaking the internet, job furloughs and layoffs, record breaking $2 Trillion Stimulus Package, Olympics and Other Sports being canceled. Online concerts and DJ sets...AND...Magic City going UP....on an IG Live Tuesday. Also, @Jcarringtonovt discusses stock trading with the #Robinhood app AND, triumphantly defeats an internet outage 🙌🏾 ! (Spoiler Alert: YES, he payed the bill 🙄) All this and more on this episode of #QuarantineTalks.⚠️⚠️
March 27, 2020
Is This How We Die?
The DEBUT episode of #QuarantineTalks!
March 25, 2020