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Queen Of QUEENS, aka RUEBNER RADIO, Read The SIGNS Radio, & Rainbow Prophecy Channel

Queen Of QUEENS, aka RUEBNER RADIO, Read The SIGNS Radio, & Rainbow Prophecy Channel

By Queen Of QUEENS
Heavily autographical, always informative, Queen of Queens is direct from Galactic Federation. My topics are a direct result of My experiences. I'm an Astrologer, K9 expert, advocate for All Rights, a Survivor of severe Marginalization, Abuse, and Invisiblization and Trafficking, psychic Medium, EMPATH and Seer, Highly Sensitive Person, Healer, Rainbow Warrior and Queen, a MOM/parent, full blood Fairy Vampire Elf, self-identified Normie, Sacred Rights Professor, known Poet, Screenwriter, Fire Craft Master, and Dancer/Costume Designer/Choreographer, Honorably Discharged Pro-Domme...just listen.
New Moon In Gemini May 28 2022
I discuss the first non-eclipse lunatics in a month and a half, including the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aries that at its peak and with Moon and Neptune marked the recent tragedy in Texas. I educate on how the Moon is often a trigger for other arrangements with planets and its own nodes. I improvise some possible positive intentions for this amplified Martian energy for this lunation, and of course discuss some of what Gemini signifies.
May 29, 2022
The Real First Episode, recorded Feb 14, 2022
This episode was recorded while driving during a long distance to job on February 14th 2022. The 60 minutes ended right as I reached my destination. It was perfect timing. For some reason the audio is really quite terrible so please don't mind static noise in the background. Sorry if you can't handle it. I recorded this episode while I was still planning on naming the podcast "Rue the Day." That name I'm sure will be assigned to some other media that I produce. Discuss this podcast is as follows. Releasing story, origin of the podcast name that was going to be, getting used to monologuing on podcast, my history with my astrology education, nomadic system, recovery from trauma, sacredness, motherhood, healing the inner child, rainbow Consciousness and Rainbow in my history, water protection, water rights and many other rights, Uranus transits that I was going through at the time, my relationship with my name given at Birth and name and in general, advocacy, music, poetry, and eyesight Conor Oberst, Zach Dela Roca, Aesop Rock, and Bill Hicks.
May 29, 2022
Vocational Recovery #1: Let's go through this together. I seek you, you seek me... remember ICQ?
I read an article with the tag line "Need Income?" Then you need to read this." I read the article out loud. I admit to going through my vocational recovery in public. I narrate a body scan and emotional feeling assessment. I come up with the term "Sovereignty Coach." I discuss how we are Mirrors and seeking each other. I weave in Astrology by an improvise song, and provide education on what the 7th house represents, as well as correspondences of a certain plant. The article read out loud is available at Please visit my website at Hear some of my Music at Donate on paypal at,  cashapp at $blueowlspeaks or zelle at 252 639 1058. Contact me and enroll for paid time with me, consultation, or any other service at,, or 252 933 4955.
May 27, 2022
"Head for the Hills!" Why that is a really bad idea right now unless...
You have $$$$, land, or can survive in the wild on foot. Listen for more. Please visit my website at Music at Donate on paypal at, cashapp at $blueowlspeaks or zelle at 252 639 1058. Contact me and enroll for paid time with me, consultation, or any other service at Im also reachable at or 252 933 4955 if Telegram is prohibitive to you.
May 20, 2022
A Synchronicity Story & New Consult Offering on YOUR time.
I delineate a sychronistic happening and series of coincidences I had with an Amazon telephone helper. It's really uncanny. Please listen! It happening restored my faith that I am on the right path. The lesson is: let your language loose, be real, make the connections, love appeal! Also, I introduce a new offering for consultation for Astrology and Shadow Work Coaching. It is all through Telegram. $300 per hour (Retired Domme price, Astrology upgrade for free....for now. Won't last much longer than what it takes for me to catch up to myself) ON YOUR TIME THROUGH AUDIO, VIDEO, AND TEXT REDORDS Sliding scale available if you really need to work with me but can't afford that. Honor system.
May 19, 2022
Humility: What Is It? and how can We be Proud in Balance?
I discuss humility/humbleness and pride, and their connection as two sides of the same coin. I admit to this concept still being in seed stage. I connect it to the LGBTQ2SPKTh use of the word "pride." We must be proud AND humble as sovereigns. I reference to an instance of my personal past where I may have been too prideful, and explain how my position at the time did not allow for me to Be any less staunch, or for others to be more honored. I call for fair and equitable circumstances. I refer to the Tower of Babel. To contribute to My work, please route to cashapp: $blueowlspeaks, zelle 252 639 1058, or paypal My website is soundcloud is Or, you know where this podcast is. Please be well, listener.
May 13, 2022
Healing Attacks in Spiritual War, Standing Ground, Refusing to React
I'm resting after extricating a demonic force from my space. Demon was demonstrating my shadow. I weaved a path of nonviolence while being cast upon by violence. I am rewarded by peace. I reference covert narcissistic abuse.
May 12, 2022
Mother's Day 2022 part 2: my experience as a first year Mom
This is a feel good episode. I talk about how my experience and feelings on my first "official" Mother's Day differ from how I felt on my "in utero" Mother's Day. I reference David Breitbach, Chiropractor, and his teaching on how females health starts in the body and moves to spirit, and how motherhood has been helping me ground into my body (this day being a Taurus day). I reference the book Babies are Cosmic for its research and how it helped me to spiritually process my soul connection with my baby and how babies choose their parents, often to help them in life. NOTE: at some point in this episode I make a statement about the temporary disability of postpartum combined with pushing baby in stroller is comparable to using a wheelchair or assisting a person with a wheelchair. I just want to make it clear here that I am not saying they are the same, rather that there are similarities in that one must use a ramp, not be able to use stairs, have to hold doors open for double use, etc. In an emergency situation a baby is much easier to pick up and carry than an adult with mobility disabilities. I'm not trying to offend anyone, merely drawing a valid parallel. My physical abilities have changed quite a lot since birthing my daughter. Sometimes even 8 months later I have to hold on to the car or furniture to provide support. These sorts of issues were extant before pregnancy due to years of living and sleeping in quarters smaller than my height, to chronic trauma besides, the body keeps the score. I've used canes before, on and off, depending on flareups. These days I need all of my hands. I'm learning more and more about ableism and disability every day. Anyway, let's move on.
May 09, 2022
Mother's Day 2022 Podcast
I share an improvised chant that helps me to feel empowered and proud of the work I've been doing delivering food all these years. I reflect on forgiveness and not forgetting in my process of recovery from trauma and abuse in the context of ancestral healing. I reflect on gratitude and not looking back in anger or forward in fear but instead remaining open to positive changes in my life. I am witnessing myself at people around me cast and origin story all stepping up better. I explained how it seems to me that certain things have happened because people involved, on a soul level have needed it to happen and there was no other way around it. However, now we have passed that trial. This is delicate balance of healing and boundaries. Happy Mother's Day. May we give gratitude to our Mother 🌎
May 08, 2022
Racial Relations: Admiring Black Queens, and questioning Black Privilege to be at High Volume
I express my sincere admiration for Black Queens, their beauty and self-respect. I explore why there are much fewer White Queens on the street or in public, and why that same phenomenon results in the societal silencing of White people but allows Black people to be loud and public, even while being abusive. Food for thought: is being able to be public a privilege? Is privacy a privilege? I'm at this really uncomfortable intersection, calling for quantum change. Place awareness here so it may shift.
May 04, 2022
Working thru Envy while Homeless: forgiveness, and is it bc I haven't claimed my dark side?
I wax philosophical on my feelings of envy as a vehicular homeless Mom bringing food to Housed people. How am I complicit in this dynamic? Do the housed people understand the evil they are conducting to be housed and served? Do I have to claim my evil to have that too? Does someone have to suffer in order for me to have my needs met? Many would say No, including Teal Swan, and others who teach against the zero sum game, and for realizing abundance is possible for all. Also exploring how we are all one flare or collapse away from all of those deeds and infrastructures meaning nothing. I talk about my can of beans.
May 04, 2022
I'm Claiming my Sovereignty: my survival of a healing pregnancy and early postpartum.
I share much of my story here, of how I was advised to consider giving my daughter for adoption, how I saw 4 abortionists, how I was forced to claim homelessness in my home state and be funneled to a psychiatric trafficking "emergency housing" across the street from the abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Hell, which is a story in my dynasty's past. I reference certain figures who have helped me including Healing Elaine, Stanislav Grof, Julian Lee, and Moses Siregar iii
May 04, 2022
Healing Trauma with Forest Bathing. 1st person speech for NLP for teaching children.
Recorded right as I woke up on May 3, 2022. I express so much gratitude for being able to heal my neurology with a woodland location, location freedom, and freedom to do what is healthiest for me. I discuss why I speak often in the third person, for my daughter's neuro linguistic and language programming, reference poetic license, and talk about how my history as a child being forced to go to public school as a highly sensitive person caused severe neurological dysfunction that I am now able to begin to heal.
May 03, 2022
Grace O'Malley OG Rap Demo
Most of my music is here: and my website is at I can accept financial support at 252 639 1058 (zelle), (paypal), and $blueowlspeaks (cashapp) thanks for listening!
May 03, 2022
Intuitive Relocation Astrology: reading my relocated chart on Msy 2, 2022. How to focus on the good.
I've been moving apparently chaotically for a long time. But what has actually been happening is that I've been putting myself in the right places at the right times. For instance I look at how Pluto is directly on my Descendant here, and how Ven and Ju were together in an exact trine to my relocated Asc on the eclipse. You can't make this stuff up. The factors are too rare. It's intuition and divine orchestration. I also point out how although I've been trafficked by Uber, there is a higher and positive way of telling this story too, that I have been called and guided by a higher power to learn about relocation Astrology by field experience and the school of real life. & are my web portals. If you like my work and wish to support, please use PayPal, zelle 252 639 1058 or cashapp $blueowlspeaks thank you!
May 03, 2022
Slowing Down and Lightening Load. Sexual Energy Practices: Yoga vs Sex Magik. And, Tantra Yoga.
Practicing slowing down restores energy balance and capacity to function, as well as facilitates letting go of physically unnecessary objects. Exploring how energy practices can differ, from self contained Yoga, to sex magic. Tantra yoga is different from what we often refer to as Tantra. I reflect on the importance of keeping full alertness while driving, as I've seen careless night pedestrians a lot lately. This is a good episode to listen to for auric calming.
May 03, 2022
May 2 2022: Gratitude Practice and a Look at the Sunrise Chart here.
Looking at a symmetrical sunrise chart, major bodies only taking up 1/3 ("Bundle") pattern of the chart. It is held together (with Mercury guarding) by Moon and S.Rx Pluto in Antiscia, with Ven/Ju in Pisces in the midpoint. Lovely. I look forward to the next few days as important for my personal chart and transits.
May 02, 2022
Beltane "Day In My Life" closes up. Harrowing day and evening restored by act of kindness
Just as it says, and a short meditation at the end. Cashapp: $blueowlspeaks Paypal: Zelle: 2526391058
May 02, 2022
Beltane'22:What is happening to me isn't right. It must stop. I deserve better. I'm in a death trap.
Really, I'm not kidding. This has been going on for far too long. I can't sustain this any longer. Myself and my child MUST be provided for and given fair exchange and proper placement. I am doing the work and have been doing the work. I am falling. I am calling in all of my spirit and 3D allies. I am calling in my benefactors. Find this document and send help for me to get to my proper station. I declare an SOS on this situation that has been going on for years. Save our ships. Cashapp: $blueowlspeaks Paypal: Zelle: 2526391058
May 01, 2022
Beltane 2022 #4: I've been trafficked by Uber because I'm the best.
I guarantee that I'm the best all-demographic all-terrain food delivery driver in the USA. WHO is at the top of the chain? They have been using me to cover overflow all over the place. What sort of magic is that? Well, what I have to say is this: Https:// (a preview for my upcoming cabaret masterpiece). Please support us: Cashapp: $blueowlspeaks Paypal: Zelle: 2526391058 and visit my main site at
May 01, 2022
Beltane 3: Day In My Life. Autobio: Water Protector. Migrating again.
Why I should never have to buy water again, and information about my identity and work as a Water Protector. Why I am forced to migrate again. My connection with the Galactic Federation, and my job fixing and mending the surface ley lines and etheric field of this place. Cashapp: $blueowlspeaks Paypal: Zelle: 2526391058
May 01, 2022
Beltane 2022 #2: Using Words 4 Truth & Manifestation (contra Abraham Hicks), and A Day In My Life #1
See title. Please support at zelle 252 639 1058, PayPal, and/or cashapp at $blueowlspeaks
May 01, 2022
Beltane 2022 #1: Nature, I'm sorry that I have to keep this car engine running just to work.
My morning journal on May 1, 2022. If you like my work and wish to support me and my family, please finance at paypal:, Zelle: 252 639 1058, and cashapp: $blueowlspeaks. My website is
May 01, 2022
Why My Car's Name is White Privilege
Just what it says. This episode is pretty funny, in my opinion, though its core concept is not. Please consider promoting and adding to my life resources by supporting me at paypal:, zelle: 252 639 1058, and Cashapp $blueowlspeaks thanks for listening.
May 01, 2022
Food Delivery Gig Apps are a Human Trafficking Funnel. I AM LIVING PROOF.
Well, it's just what the title says. I explain the basics of what I've I've living for 4.5 years, having never been able to get my head above water with even bare bones rent that entire time. I have been forced to live in my car all over the USA chasing dollars to stay alive. It's unconscionable and easily found on other sources. I'm one of the strongest, too. I'm the bucko they can't knock down. Side note: there may be listeners who ask, "why didn't you just get another job?" I may explore that in another podcast, but the simplelest answer would be: severe disability from the trafficking itself and related and prior trauma, and unexplained circumstances, including over qualifications or bad matches for the dozens and dozens, maybe hundreds, of jobs I applied for during that time and never heard back from, and, well, it was not meant to be, as Spirit would not let me do any of those things because I have a higher calling.. Please consider helping my life and work: paypal at, zelle at 252 639 1058, and Cashapp at $blueowlspeaks. My website is thanks for listening.
May 01, 2022
Food for Life 2
Discussing how lack of access to healthy food and facilities to conduct basic life habits leads to wasting away, and facilitates unjust class stratification
April 29, 2022
Rainbow Family: Yes, We are Prophecized, but we are also USA MILITARY VETERANS.
I declare that Rainbow Family Veterans will be acknowledged and honorably discharged and honored further by the Federal Government and UN as we are by Intergalactic Federation. I explain some of the connections between RF and other Federal associated groups, and touch upon some differences.
April 29, 2022
Food for Life: A Call to Grow our Own on Land
I begin to discuss how present day slavery social structures prevent people from functioning on the land as living beings. I advocate for food autonomy and sustainable living. Referenced are lawn gardens, community gardens, food forests, and my allies Intuitive Public Radio.
April 29, 2022