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Small Stories in a Big Country

Small Stories in a Big Country

By Queen Olivia Lucretia-Bourgeois Connie St Redfern III
Hi, I’m Connie, I grew up in small town New Zealand. I watched a lot of television growing up. Documentaries like Who’s the Boss, Growing Pains, Kate and Ally. When I was grown up, I went to the USA for real. These are some of my small stories in a big country, learning about the USA, and learning about myself too.
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Nuts, two ubers and all you can eat
All you can eat Indian restaurants I don’t speak all that much Māori but I am grateful for a discount Traffiking nuts Travel: there’s so much you have to take on faith Albuquerque, a tale of two Ubers
September 27, 2020
Plutonium, Sleeping pills and Mt St Hellens
Los Alamos The sleeping pills made me freak out about cat food on the concourse Piles of ash, Mt St Hellen Starbucks is a OK, but travel with a stovetop espresso pot
September 17, 2020
Twinkies, nuclear bombs and poop
Twinkies and directness Cheques The nuclear museum I never met a toilet I couldn’t clog. (To quote Evie, they could her her in Oxnard)
September 9, 2020
Skunks, Wigs and Lipstick
Skunks Wigtopia My first Nordtrom experience
September 8, 2020
Cash, Grass or Ass
Telling Canadian border control I’m here to see a Drag Queen LAX and are you staying in WEHO How gay is West Hollywood Gas and booze, cheap as hell Vehicular homicide and polite Portlanders make crossing the road a breeze
September 7, 2020
Sky train, fried chicken, and the Arizona heat.
Getting off the sky train in SF The “I left my passport in the uber” story Hi, I’m Connie and this is half of my lunch Roscoes Chicken and Waffles Wall mart, finally Cruising on the I5 Overheard in Arizona The national park with people movers and a performing stalactite Messing with distance, Australia and NZ
September 5, 2020
Right on red, The C word, and MC Escher
Right on red Taco Bell I’m getting every 4th word The C word Light switches Hard times in organic supermarkets The wrong train and the Escher room in SF
September 5, 2020