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The Dating Decoded Podcast

The Dating Decoded Podcast

By Queen Omi
Dinner guests break bread with @queen_omi @brooklion_ and @blakk_rambo as they make sense of the various aspects of Millennial dating. What better way to talk about such a loaded subject than over comfort food? Over dinner, they share lessons learned from current or past relationships and pass on wisdom gained from their experiences with the goal of helping you to attract, develop and thrive in healthy & purposeful relationships. So, let’s dig in!
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Ep101: Dating Defined
During the kick-off episode, @queen_omi celebrates the launch of the podcast and shares a meal with @sydfran96 , @dolo_chibu_ , and @c_bthree as they discuss whether they find themselves on the "traditional" or "progressive" side of the spectrum when it comes to dating in 2019, as well as their opinion on a significant hallmark of a good relationship.
October 16, 2019