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By Reyna Simone
Taking time out of our busy lives to continually improve ourselves is extremely necessary. Yet, we've all fallen short in this regard at one point in our lives. Join teen entrepreneur and aspiring psychologist Reyna Simone every other Wednesday as she explores unique methods to empower and inspire more successful and happy lives. If you want to hear a new, fresh perspective about self-betterment, then this podcast is for you!
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Smaller Circle, Bigger Vision
In this episode, Reyna discusses friendship, why it's important, the kinds of people you should and should not surround yourself with, and how to make new friends.
February 17, 2021
Your Autobiography
In this episode, Reyna tells listeners about the ins and outs of journaling, and how could be beneficial to anyone.
February 7, 2021
Attitude Adjustment
In this episode of Queenpin, Reyna tells you a story about how she has adjusted her attitude about life during these past two weeks and gives listeners a few tips on how to have better attitudes.
January 20, 2021
New Beginnings & Resolutions
In Reyna's pilot episode, she discusses relevant topics such as learning from our experiences in 2020, setting achievable goals, and holding yourself accountable, while getting real with you about one of her own goals and how she plans to achieve it.
January 6, 2021