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By OKTimileyin
Welcome to QueerCity , Nigeria's first LGBT lifestyle based podcast, nothing goes unturned !!! Talk about it, tell us your stories, we are having a conversation. Join the chat.. Awesome things happen here..
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Timeless Queer Defiance and it's consequences in Nigeria With Chude
"Defiance comes with consequences and I am comfortable with it". He speaks about gay rights in the Nigerian churches, at conferences and anywhere. On this episode of the Queercity podcast, we would be experiencing what the reality of speaking for LGBT+ rights in Nigeria is for Nigeria's own Chude Jideonwo. Chude is known for his active amplification of minorities issues with his big show #WithChude, where he has also created space to help bring Queer persons' narratives safely to the mainstream media.  Chude speaks of how empathy could be an approach to fighting for the rights of sexual minorities, and to furtherly engaging violently oppressive systems. Behind the scenes packing and Bisi Alimi's appearance on “The Dawn” in 2004,  and the interview with Faraphina magazine Timeless Queer Defiance and its consequences in Nigeria with @chude Jideonwo Join the community by conversation via #Queercitypodcast #7yearsLaterSSMPA #LGBTNigerianLivesMatter #LGBTpodcast #Queerlivesmatter  Credit Executive Producer: Queercity Media and Productions @Queercitymediaandproductions  Hosted and Produced by: Olaide Kayode Timileyin(QueerNerd) @OKTIMILEYIN  Guest: Chude Jideonwo Website: Upcoming event:
April 04, 2022
Nigeria's Road To LGBTI+ Decriminalization with Azeenarh Muhammad (@Xeenarh), Bisi Alimi, Olumide Makanjuola, Odi Agev and Cheikh Traore
7th, January 2014 the SAME-SEX MARRIAGE PROHIBITION ACT WAS SIGNED. 7 years Later after the SSMPA, are we on "Nigeria's road to LGBTI+ decriminalization" This conversation with Azeenarh Muhammad (@Xeenarh), Bisi Alimi, Olumide Makanjuola, Odi Agev and Cheikh Traore is to initiate us all to a space that questions, where we are with our activism? through the lens of "How, did we arrive here, and what is the state of our movement.  Join the community by conversation via #7yearsLaterSSMPA #LGBTNigerianLivesMatter #LGBTpodcast #Queerlivesmatter  Credit  Executive Producer: Queercity Media and Productions @Queercitymediaandproductions  Hosted and Produced by: Olaide Kayode Timileyin(QueerNerd) @OKTimileyin  Guests: Azeenarh Muhammad (@Xeenarh), Bisi Alimi (@Bisi Alimi), Olumide Makanjuola, Odi Agev and Cheikh Traore  Narration:@transgendergirlfriend  Soundtracks by and  Music: Fire! Fire!! In our country by Daddy Showkey, Thomas Sankara by Nahawa Doumbia Voice of Goodluck Ebere Jonathan on the SSMPA (Oxford Union Youtube)
January 10, 2022
Nigeria's Road To LGBTI+ Decriminalization with Azeenarh Mohammed
7th, January 2014 the SAME SEX MARRIAGE PROHIBITION ACT WAS SIGNED. 7 years Later after the SSMPA, are we on "Nigeria's road to LGBTI+ decriminalization" This conversation with Azeenarh Muhammed is to initiate us all to a space that questions, where we are with our activism? through the lens of "How, did we arrive here, and what is the state of our movement. Join the community by conversation via #7yearsLaterSSMPA #LGBTNigerianLivesMatter #LGBTpodcast #Queerlivesmatter Credit Executive Producer : Queercity Media and Productions @Queercitymediaandproductions Hosted and Produced by : Olaide Kayode Timileyin(QueerNerd) @OKTIMILEYIN Guest : Azeenarh Muhammad (@Xeenarh) Narration :@transgendergirlfriend Soundtracks by Planet-Purple Music : Fire! Fire!! In our country by Daddy Showkey Voice of Goodluck Ebere Jonathan on the SSMPA (Oxford Union Youtube)
January 09, 2022
Who killed 19 years old John in Lagos ?
Episode Summary  In the early days of July 2021, A 19 years old gay boy named John after meeting a supposed gay man online was kidnapped in Igando, Lagos. This episode of Queercity podcast seeks to understand the situations surrounding the kidnapping and death of 19 years old gay John. QueerNerd @OKTimileyin  would guide this narrative with the help of John's partner, John's Friend and another community member. John didn't deserve to die for being gay, or the horror of him bleeding to death after his parents paid 60,000 naira ransom. It's over 2 weeks since his death and burial, and we can't stop asking if his violator would ever get persecuted ? or this is just another "random gay gist".  Who killed 19 years old John in Lagos ? Credit  Executive Producer : Queercity Media and Productions @Queercitymediaandproductions Producer : Olaide Kayode Timileyin (@OKTimileyin) Voice over : TransgenderGirlfriend  Background Music:  Childlike is available on all major streaming platform @Censodd Socials Website : Instagram : @Queercitypodcast Twitter : @Queercitypod9ja
August 08, 2021
Getting Justice for Cameroonian Transwomen Shakira and Patricia amidst death threats with Hamlet.
February 8th, 2021 Transgender women were arrested for “attempted homosexuality” in the West African Country of Cameroon. These Transgender women in person of Shakira and Patricia were rounded up by the police at a public restaurant were they had gone to buy food. By the 11th of May, 2021 Shakira and Patricia were sentenced to 5 years imprisonments with 200,000CFA fine each. Joining The Queer Nerd (@OKTimileyin) on this episode is Hamlet from the Work for our Well-being Cameroon. An indigenous human right organization standing in for sexual minorities and other victims of social injustices, in this case, they are Shakira and Patricia’s legal counsel. Last week, Shakira and Patricia were granted provisional freedom and On this episode Hamlet and I discuss the term of their freedom, the risk that looms on the street, and the reality of being a transgender woman in a Cameroonian prison. A Production of @queercitymediaandproductions Host : @OKTimileyin Graphics : @OKTimileyin Socials: Adaora Reference: #ShakiroandPatricia #Queercitypodcast #LGBT #Cameroon #Oktimileyin
July 18, 2021
HIV stigmatization amongst Nigerian Gay men with Raldie Young
 HIV programming has been at the core of LGBTIQ activism in Nigeria, just like the United States of America. Reinstating that Nigerian Queer lives matter has always had a kind of entry attached to the HIV advocacy projects. Even Notable Gay men like Elton John have their lives dedicated to fighting the virus with projects extending to Nigeria and handled by numerous NGOs. Sadly, Gay men across the world are still far behind when it comes to erasing the stigma surrounding the virus, most especially in Nigeria, where HIV status amongst gay men is a determinant of how much socialization and sexuality one would experience. For an already marginalized community, I (OKTimileyin) spoke with Raldie Young of The "We no get name" podcast on "HIV stigmatization amongst Nigerian Gay men with Raldie Young". Produced and hosted by @OKTimileyin (QueerNerd) Instagram: @Queercitypodcast Twitter: @Queercitypod9ja Website: All contents are based on a fair usage license
July 12, 2021
Did Allah make sexuality innate in Islam: A crossover episode with Ynaija Non-Binary Blog
Ramadan has just ended few weeks ago and it was indeed another time for Muslim folks around the world to find compassion, empathy and humility, most especially towards their fellow Muslims. This does not exclude Queer Muslims who are Nigerian or are in other West African countries, but for most queer Muslims in these part of the world, there is a huge wall of interpretation, and cherry picking between sexuality and faith. On this episode of the podcast, We would be having a crossover chat with Ynaija Non-Binary Blog and i will be joined by Ado Aminu to discuss the innateness of sexuality in Islam, religious capitalism and women and queer folks as it's victim.  Produced and hosted by @OKTimileyin (QueerNerd) Instagram : @Queercitypodcast Twitter: @Queercitypod9ja Website : All contents are based on fair usage license call to prayer:
May 24, 2021
Queering Our indigenous and traditional literary narrative: A night in Ibadan
Telling Nigerian queer narratives isn't a thing i or anyone just started, queer narratives are rooted in our everyday storytelling, our oral history and our sacred spirituality. Erasure came upon queer Nigerians narrative with the advent of the slave trade and colonization, and during one of my Nights in Ibadan i spoke with Ayodele Olofintuade, for this episode of the podcast. Ayo is an author and a feminist who is in the business of reclaiming indigenous Queer, Nigerian, African and women narratives through her books and researches. Ayo takes us on a journey of the enbiness of the Orisas, how Ifa perceives humans as the "chosen one" and how our gaydar should have picked that Efunsetan was a "queer woman" .... One would expect this episode to end on Amala and gbegiri, but we eased out with a bowl of Garri with chicken. Produced and hosted by @OKTimileyin (QueerNerd) Instagram : @Queercitypodcast Twitter: @Queercitypod9ja Website :
May 18, 2021
This Queer Nigerian Prince has to marry a woman before his coronation begins: A tale of Culture, Identity, and Royalty.
Over the years past, the presence of queerness in African traditional royal history has experienced all kind of erasures. Much that we barely have or don't have proper documentation of "purple colored" queer folx that existed in pretty much time past. While the little we have from history tells us of a queer royalty in one of the largest traditional kingdoms in Uganda, that Kabaka (king) Mwanga II, who ruled in the latter half of the 19th century, was gay, this episode introduce us to a Nigerian Heir to the throne, whose community awaits his marriage before coronation. This narrative brings us  into a new perspective when it comes to queer narrative, it brings to the table the narrative between cultural belief, tradition, sexuality and spirituality. Dissertation of the throne isn't an option for him because according to the his father's experience, the Gods would come for him even in his dreams if he dares desert the throne.  Produced and hosted by @OKTimileyin (QueerNerd)  Instagram : @Queercitypodcast  Twitter: @Queercitypod9ja  Website :
May 10, 2021
Kidnapping, Extortion and Killing of Queer Folx in Nigeria, Nothing has changed.
Since 2016, I have paid keen attention to happenings surrounding the killing and violation of queer folx in Nigeria, the lack of investigation or legal concern what so ever. Few weeks ago, a young man of age 20 was caught in the web of these non state actors who kidnap queer folx and extort their families. Lagos state being a cosmopolitan city gives room for every form of persons to thrive, and as we know in this city, the definition of hustle is extremely relative, to the kidnappers of this queer person, violation of queeer folx is hustle, a day job for these gang of gaynappers led by EmmyBenard.. !! phewww !!! wetin man go do, this is 9ja, the existence of queer folx alone is threatened by THE LAW, BUT like I said, not just the government , we are being killed by our fellow Nigerians.  Produced and hosted by @OKTimileyin (QueerNerd) Words by Kanyinsola Bashorun Instagram : @Queercitypodcast Twitter: @Queercitypod9ja Website :
May 04, 2021
Living in Nigeria as a Queer and Disabled Woman; Tales from Oluyole Part 2
Can Queer people living disability like Oyedayo ever find love ? Last week, Oyedayo began her narrative of existing in Nigeria. On this week's episode, Oyedayo @Benedayo talks about finding love, a community of friends, and a tribe. Are the disabled ever included our activism ? a sense of community ? This Episode brings her to the table, and helps her help the community understand the shadows of our activism. Part 1 and 2 combined brings a mirror to our faces as a community, daring us to dare look into ourselves and further the Nigerian Queer Rights movements. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO PART ONE : Laila GoFundMe : Produced and hosted by @OKTimileyin (QueerNerd) Instagram : @Queercitypodcast Twitter: @Queercitypod9ja Website :
April 20, 2021
Living in Nigeria as a Queer and Disabled Woman; Tales from Oluyole Part 1
Queer folx in Nigeria are faced with daily violation experiences, most of which takes toll on our mental health and general wellbeing. In the past, Queer people have been in cases where their being abled body is their only escape from being killed, some women had had to protect themselves physically from abuse by physically fighting back. In a case where one is a Queer woman living with disability, it gets quite scary and lonely. Disability rights activist and Feminist Benedicta Oyedayo @Benedayo joins Queernerd @OKTimileyin on this episode, sharing narratives of this very important part of the Nigerian Queer rights movement, reflecting on childhood and growing up in Nigeria, Oyedayo narrates the struggle of existing in every day public spaces  in Nigeria, Navigating the educational system. Produced and hosted by @OKTimileyin (QueerNerd)  Instagram : @Queercitypodcast  Twitter: @Queercitypod9ja   Website :  Listen to the our last episode TOO
April 13, 2021
Just in the first three months of 2021, Ghana, Nigeria, and Cameroon have recorded cases of Violation of Queer folx. On the soil of west Africa, this isn't new again to media, with various socio-cultural and governmental institution militating against the decriminalization of LGBTIQ+ rights in Ghana and Nigeria in recent times. On this episode, @oktimileyin (Queernerd) discusses various cases of arrest of Queer folx from Nigeria, to Cameroon and Ghana. Noting the pattern of arrest across these countries, where all these violation of queer folks had happened in the the first month of 2021, comparing them to those of the past. Also, acknowledging the possibilities of the a new form of activism against the police, and the illegal arrest of LGBT folx in West Africa. Produced and hosted by @OKTimileyin (QueerNerd) Instagram : @Queercitypodcast Twitter: @Queercitypod9ja  Website : Listen to the 57 GAYS IMPRISONED Ifeoma Fafunwa : Who would choose to be LGBT and Nigerian. Watch here  ALL CITATIONS ARE BASED ON CONTENT FAIR USE. DONATE VIA OUR WEBSITE SUPPORT LGBT RIGHTS GHANA HERE
April 05, 2021
Season IV of Queercity Podcast is here and here till the month of pride, With inspiring QUEER stories and narratives from the soils of west Africa, celebrating the Wins against strong odds, and the struggle for freedom. Click on your subscribe button today !!! And Turn on your notifications. Produced and hosted by @OKTimileyin instagram : Twitter: website :
March 31, 2021
2019, at Ake Festival, Matthew Blaise at the festival's closing party  screamed "stop killing us , they are killing us, they are killing gay people" leaving us to question "who" ??? is killing gay people on this episode of queercity podcast, Queer Nerd talks about how  "OUR KILLER IS A CONVERSION THERAPIST", who  vehement kills of the LGBT persons in Nigeria follow link below to listen now !!! dont forget to support us today !!!! and join our digital empowerment program using the link below
May 04, 2020
Make 9ja Gay again : Our Roots
Homosexuality is no stranger to the Nigeria culture or language, for there seem to be a form of expression and representation across space and time.  Last week, we asked across various platforms what homosexuality is in various native language and this is what we got as responses. Make 9ja gay again. !!!!!
April 26, 2020
Nollywood Actor arrested for kito
Most Queer persons in Nigeria do not even know being LGBT+ in Nigeria is not a crime, talk less arresting their violators. On this episode, Queernerd speaks with Uchenna of Levites initiative on how a Nollywood Actor Chidi who is a commercial violator of queer rights in Delta state Nigeria was arrested.  Also tips on how to arrest your violators in Nigeria on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. get that kito arrested today !!! Facebook: Levites Initiative
April 20, 2020
How are the Queers doing in 9ja ?
Haven discussed what staying home mean for queer persons in Nigeria, it is imperative that we check on the community. on this episode we asked the Queers, "how are you doing" ................. enjoy this episode, as queernerd speaks with Queer persons across the country. 
April 12, 2020
#stayhome : Queer boys rant part 2 ( bonus ep 3) with fizzywezy
For real, this is the first time we are having a person twice on a row... dayuummm our guest this week is no other person than 1/4 of the starters of #EndHomophobiainnigeria, one of the visible anons of our community, silently queering up space and validating their safety for queer Nigerians, still the same from last week, @fizzywezy joins US as we converse from queer relationships on Twitter to things everyone queer should do during #covid19... we are queer here, we are LGBT here. 
April 05, 2020
Stay Home : The Queer boys rant #covid-19 (bonus ep 2)
The second week of our covid-19 bonus episodes, and our guest : @fizzywezy joins us on this week's queer rant... we would grow strong as we stay home as queer persons.
March 29, 2020
Bonus Ep 1- A New Landmark
Sadly, we can't continue productions for season 4, due to covid 19, but here is the gistttt.
March 23, 2020
Veni Vedi Veci
How best do we wrap off the season, we  you all for listening, grateful to the whole of season 3's team, our guests, our supporters, amidst others, on this episode, we say good bye to seasons III.
February 17, 2020
Toxic Masculinity in Queer Bodies
Happy holidays guys, on this bonus episode which was supposed to be our episode 3 for season 3,  we discussed toxic masculinity with @lady_yinn and @mattblaise, dragging and exposing it's stronghold on queer bodies, did we do justice to this, why not check this out. do check out Lakiriboto chronicles by Ayodele Olofintuade, on Amazon other reads : Sex and Sexuality: The Missing Historical Link by Eccentric Yoruba,
December 30, 2019
The horrors of stigmatization and homophobia for MSM in Ebonyi state, most especially PLWHIV.
November 05, i started working on this story after numerous report of the horrific state of health for queer men in Ebonyi state. Ebonyi State is in southeastern Nigeria. It is inhabited and populated primarily by the Igbo with the city of Abakaliki as its capital and largest city. Other major townships include Afikpo, Onueke, Edda, Amasiri, Unwana, Echara Ikwo, Agubia, Ụbụrụ, Onicha, etc. Wikipedia.  Other related links :
December 15, 2019
Mainstream media and LGBT+ advocacy in Nigeria
Like the recent uproar against Bisi Alimi, the mainstream media has always in a way or the other played a major role in LGBT advocacy either good but most times disservices , as they are the image maker for the total populace. On this episode Ademola (@lagostout) joins us to discuss ; Mainstream media and LGBT+ advocacy in Nigeria. Enjoy
November 04, 2019
Art, A tool for Queer Advocacy
At the just concluded Ake festival, there was a panel called “The Gender Binary And Everything In Between”, a panel which brings about inclusion of LGBT matters in creative spaces. On this episode we have our very own Lady Yin (@lady_yinn) discussion with us the interdependence of art spaces and queer advocacy, read below her opening poem... Call us by our names. Romeo Oriogun Dennis Macaulay Delle Chibuzor Ife Call us by our names! Not by the failed attempt at humor in pathetic insults aimed at us because we are vile and disgusting. Call us by our names! Cici Aisha Titi Halimah You call us strange, abnormal, unafrican because we love who we love in a definition of love you cannot accept because you have boxed yourself with a religion that tells you that man must love woman who must not love woman but must love man who can never love man. Call us by our names! Us who you have said do not exist! Us that are suffering from the white man’s disease, us that you have tried to wipe from history. Call us by our fucking names! Iliana Nkem Fola Tosin Dami We are your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives. We are the congregations in your churches, we are the soldiers in your army, we are the most diligent workers in the state’s service. We are more than the ambiguous, vague, seemingly nonexistent L-G-B-T, we are here, we are blood, and we are Africans, pure and strong so call us by our fucking names!
October 28, 2019
On this episode, deeper into the south west of Nigeria, To Meet Niyi, who would takes us through a journey that sees through the community of Isiwo, the Catholic Church and homosexuality, and leaves us with questions including “is homosexuality a no see, no hear, no say in the Catholic Church ? “
October 21, 2019
Yes Fat ! Yes Fem !
Overtime, Fat and effeminate queer persons across the world have experienced shaming for being who they are, on hookup site and dating sites like Grindr amongst others, people’s bios would vehemntly state that “No fat, No fem” and one is left to wonder, why ? On this episode Anon takes us through the journey of a I’m thousand experiences where being fat and effeminacy was the major card.
October 14, 2019
Queer Riot in Ago
And.... we are back .,.. Queercity podcast is back with the first episode of season III, and we are starting with “when should we ignore, when should we run and when should we fight back ? “Ago Queer Riot” Now on apple podcast, google podcast, podbean, Anchor etc.
October 07, 2019
The Nigerian Queer community has had her struggles rooted in some cultures , some of which had evolved over time, and some still held on to, joined on this episode is Daffodils, a veteran of the culture and a mother of a queer house.
May 05, 2019
Not gay enough
This episode seeks to address the notion that certain people aint being gay the right way ! Deigning the power of stereotypes, and what typical queer people should look or sound like. Can i borrow your gay manual please !!!!
April 28, 2019
Roles and Entitlement
Sexual roles had given birth to some gender roles and expectations in some relationship, Listen to how much danger it could cost a healthy relationship
April 22, 2019
Internalized homophobia is when a gay person sees being gay as a bad thing. In some cases, someone who is gay may reject his or her own sexuality. One who is struggling with internalized homophobia may also have an ongoing internal conflict over his or her feelings of sexual attraction and the desire to be heterosexual.
April 14, 2019
Kito & liars
This week Queernerd talk about the harms of hook up, with excerpt of a violated person., he calls for safety.
April 08, 2019
Three Men on my bed
Love y'all who attended #mentallyaware , dont forget to get the convo going. This week queernerd talks about the story of 3 men and a bed, an adventure made culture and fantasy... Enjoy
March 31, 2019
Too poor to be gay
Thanks to everyone who applied to volunteer for Queercity, also you could win a ticket to AHRDI's #MentallyAware dialogue, 29/3/19. This week QueerNerd talks about Classism in the Nigerian LGBT community, demystifying circles in circles in term of being classy or classless, the harm classism costs the community and if the queer community exist without class. Enjoy... Dont forget to visit Https://
March 24, 2019
Just 17 years, in bed
Pedophiles walk in our broad day light like they are in a lawless country, indeed a country that fails to protect her own is lawless, on this episode Queernerd discuss based on personal experience. Survey :
March 18, 2019
   Quite a number of people in Nigeria are living their true identity, despite the Nigerian anti-gay law of up to 14 years imprisonment , of these thread of persons are Peter Kass, Pamela Adie, Emmanuella , and until lately, Bobrisky came out as Nigeria’s first trans woman, wow !!! a crossdresser or a trans woman ???.....  what should Miss Sahhara say, didn’t she come out as trans, is Veso Oke fake??? On this episode Queernerd talks about how true Bobrisky is, and who is Nigeria’s first celebrity transwoman, is there even a transwoman in Nigeria ?  Bobrisky and the Nigeria LGBT community ?? Bob’s safe-house for Trans people. Join the discussion, link below……… available on itunes, spotify, google podcast, and every other place you get your podcast…………………………………………………….. Nigeria’s first LGBTIQ LIFESTYLE podcast……….we’re queer here, we’re LGBT here.
March 10, 2019
21 BREAK UPS, Zero heart break
Lets Kiki, gag and learn, no joke here hun, all of then ditched, talking about stalkers of a 21 years old..
March 03, 2019
Top 5 LGBT movies to see
Queernerds takes y'all through his top 5 LGBT movies that could be seen on youtube.... Enjoy.
February 24, 2019
August 2018, 57 men were alleged of having a gay initiation party somewhere in Egbeda, Lagos. Of the 57, 1 brave person tells us their ordeal with the Nigerian Government.
February 17, 2019
EnGAYged - Valentine specail
Just 2 queer guys talking queer relationships in Nigeria....
February 13, 2019
A day with Dan Yomi - Interview
Daniel Oluyomi Asaya (Dan Yomi) is the founder of “Living Free with Dan”, an initiative aimed at dispelling the myths around African Queerness and Mental Health. Prior to that, he served as the President of the Student’s Union at Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom and was the first Black person to be elected into this role. Dan holds a 1st Class honours degree in Information and Communications Technology and a Masters degree in Information Technology. He’s passionate about Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health.
February 11, 2019
Warri Homosensual
An episode made in pidgin english discussing the buts of the Nigerian LGBT community, make una follow gbadun the yarn.
February 03, 2019
He said "Kill All Gays"
Hunting has started, only evidences are needed, NPF hunting all LGBT persons in Nigeria, lest they should leave.. Listen has a gay Nigerian man shares his ordeal
January 27, 2019
Yay, the first episode of season II, takes us on a journey of the need of queer people to be involved in politics, just like Harvey Milk, we do well in political spaces too, Get your earphones plugged 😋
January 20, 2019
The Gays are Back- Brace up, Season II is here
Came back "queerfully brutal" Season II is back with loads of tips, get your flutes we're having champagne 😉 while we talk, gist, interview and tell our gay stories.... We're queer here, We're LGBT here.
January 16, 2019
Queerly Satan Not Today !!!!
Growing up in a very homophobic country like Nigeria can be tricky for persons who at a time were trying so hard to fit into societal norms.. On this episode, Queernerd discusses how to navigate through this hate out there. This is the last episode for season 1... We love you
December 30, 2018
Polyamory - Yay !!! Or an Excuse to cheat ???
"I have two boyfriends who are also dating each other they said" Polyamory ain't a new thing in 2018, it is 21st century and everyone is doing everything they could to stay fine and sane, polyamory is one of these for those who are out there to find love. Loving 2 or more persons at a time and also them loving each other without getting to lean on one side and ignoring the other. But then some folks has painted or choose to see polyamorous persons as simply those who simply want to cheat !!! Do you also think so ??? Listen as Queernerd takes you on a short journey of polyamory.
December 23, 2018
Leaving Nigeria - Queer Stories Series
Been Black is a thing, been Nigerian is another, being the two is an unending drama. In this episode Queernerd reached out to a queer Nigerian man, whose story is a full nostalgia walking on the streets of Lagos , covering child abuse, abusive relationships , scams, love and a turningpoint
December 16, 2018
Sipping the rainbow tea 🌈🌈
Teas are good for the soul, just as reading is fundamental, listen as Queernerd gists you on what happened in LGBTIQ space , serving celebration and spilling some walk of shame, don't miss out the RPDR As4 gist too...
December 09, 2018
You may not want to refer to someone as “queer” unless you know that’s how they identify themselves. When talking to someone about their sexual orientation, use the terms that they use. It’s okay (and often encouraged!) to ask what labels folks prefer.
December 02, 2018
Different factors build up a relationship, Love,sex and Money are part of these, which is important, which can a relationship live or exist without , what can you manage ?? Love is key, Sex is awesome and money is cogent .. Let's talk
November 25, 2018
"Hey Faggot" they said - QueerStory Series
The premier of our QueerStory series, Tyler comes up to tell us his story. Tyler is a young Queer Nigerian, who has experienced violations and decides to serve us the tea of his struggle, fight, and survival... Since the enactment of anti gay law, lots of non sate actors have taken to the streets to harass , and basically violate LGBT persons mostly on the basis of assumptions.
November 18, 2018
Dealing with sissiphobia 🌈
Sissiphobia is a common phenomenon amidst the LGBT community. And it takes different forms, from the #Nofems hashtag to verbal actions... Listen as queernerd speaks about it.
November 05, 2018
Run !!!
LGBT rights are human rights, and till they are respected, you have to stay alert security-wise, Run for your life, Run because these devils are behind you.
October 28, 2018
Gay boxes 🌈
This episode brings the matter of stereotypes to the table , and has the table shook by breaking off the pros and cons to roles act. It includes the negative impacts of everyone trying to fit into a box that can't accommodate us all, for we all are different beings and we are all on separate adventures, the episode serves the thrill of exploration, be yourself !!! Explore !!!
October 21, 2018
We don't live here anymore
We Don't Live Here Anymore tells the story of two teenage boys who become the centre of unwanted attention because of their sexual orientation. It leads the audience through an emotional and nuanced journey of two families upon the knowledge of their children’s sexual orientation. The movie mirrors the typical Nigerian society and shows how the two different families come to terms with their love and acceptance for their children. They are forced to confront “taboo” issues and navigate their realities at home, school, and in the society, at large. .
October 14, 2018
Are you out ?? Why are you out ??
October 08, 2018
September 30, 2018
No better you than the you that you're
September 25, 2018
Be Queer ! Be safe !!
August 29, 2018
June 01, 2018
Welcome to queer city
premier episode
April 06, 2018