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Queering Death

Queering Death

By Ori Basto Aguila
A podcast about the often taboo subjects of death, grief, loss, and spirituality from the justice and liberation approach and perspective of a trans and two-spirit Indigenous Muisca/Jewish death walker as well as their trans and gender expansive guests. Here we get comfortable on the virtual couch, creating a brave space for intersections of mortality, afterlife, ritual, cultural practices, and meaning making involved in loss in life and loss of life.
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Episode 5: Taina's Lost & Found

Queering Death

Episode 5: Taina's Lost & Found

Queering Death

Season 2 - Episode 2: Intersections of Grief & Pleasure with Sydney aka @sexysoupdumplings
What happens when you sit down with a Sydney? You get a discussion on the intersections of grief and pleasure, on releasing expectations, and on what it means to walk a polyamorous life even in loss.  About Sydney: Sydney Rae Chin (they/she) is a  Queer polyamorous non-monogamy sex educator and writer based in what is colonially known as Philadelphia. Their IG handle sexysoupdumplings is a hub for educational content and peer support geared towards non-monogamous people of color. Her degree in Media Arts Production from Emerson College has impacted how they create educational content with unpacking media, looking at social norms through a non-monogamy lens, and more. Sydney's Links: Website Instagram Substack Ko-Fi
April 26, 2022
Season 2 - Episode 1: You Lose Some, You Gain Some
Welcome to Season Two of The Queering Death Podcast where we are dedicated to the stories and lived experiences of queer and trans people at the intersections of grief, loss, shadowless, death, and end of life. Our lens here is justice and liberation. When we sit down on the virtual couch, our brave space is one of personal sovereignty and a willingness to reframe as well as have empathy and compassion for the views that may be different than our own.  My name is Ori. I am your two spirit and trans host. I am known as The Death Companion. These last few months have been nothing short of an adventure in patience, will, survival, and what it means to live fully as my authentic self. Personal loss has been my theme since our last season. And in this trailer I talk a bit about the balance of loss and gain. If you enjoy our work here, I ask one thing of you my dear listeners and that is to support this podcast by going to If you would like to check out my range of services as well as how to support me as your host please visit
April 26, 2022
The Lost Episodes: Episode 11 w/ Bunny
As we move into a new format for this podcast, we were able to dig up 4 episodes that were "lost." These episodes follow the old format and are incredibly enlightening. On this episode we speak with Bunny.  Bunny is a disabled combat veteran who has traversed the journey of twin loss as well as the the grief and death that confronts those who enlist. 2021 brought a reckoning with Bunny's identity as a half-Japanese and gender expansive human being.
December 30, 2021
The Lost Episodes: Episode 10 w/ Leah aka @bemoreboozeless
As we move into a new format for this podcast, we were able to dig up 4 episodes that were "lost." These episodes follow the old format and are incredibly enlightening. On this episode we speak with Leah. Leah is a special guest because I was Leah's family death doula during the pandemic due to the illness and death of her mother.  Leah is a sober spiritual mentor who is also a psychic medium. She is a gentle soul with a big heart, moving through healing. Leah's philosophy and message as a healing practitioner is that healing is a journey not a destination.  How to Connect with Leah Instagram: @bemoreboozeless Drop In Readings:
December 30, 2021
The Lost Episodes: Episode 9 w/ James
As we move into a new format for this podcast, we were able to dig up 4 episodes that were "lost." These episodes follow the old format and are incredibly enlightening. On this episode we speak with James. James and I formed a bond over Instagram after finding out we both were Indigenous, Two Spirit, and of Romani descent.  James Bio: James is an indigenous, two-spirit artist who is dedicated to healing practices that center their community. As a witch, James’ central question is: What is the medicine of the moment and how do we show up to the right now? Thinking through art that is for sexual liberation, leather crafts primarily, not just producing to produce but tailored to the needs, thoughts, and desire of an individual’s passion. They are committed to medicine embodiment and facilitating magic within themselves and their communities. As a professional Dominant they seek to provide empowerment for those that are willing to be vulnerable and ask for their needs to be met which in turns provides a healthy container for their nourishing tendencies and alchemizing neglectful caregiving trauma through mindful consensual sadism. How to Connect with James: Shop: Instagram: @odinsbrujx Instagram: @OcelotlsTrade Support James In their life transitions for 2022 including gender affirming surgery, recovery, as well as a return to ancestral land and traditions by donating to their GoFundMe:
December 13, 2021
The Lost Episodes: Episode 8 w/ Vanessa Carlisle
As we move into a new format for this podcast, we were able to dig up 4 episodes that were "lost." These episodes follow the old format and are incredibly enlightening.  On this episode we speak with Vanessa, an incredible human being who advocates for end of life care and sex workers.  Vanessa's Bio: Vanessa Carlisle (she/they) holds a PhD in Creative Writing, Literature and Gender Studies. Vanessa is the author of novels Take Me With You (2021) and A Crack in Everything (2010), as well as stories and essays appearing in PULP!, NinthLetter, Frolic, We Too: Stories of Sex Work and Survival, and many more. As a queer femme sex worker, death doula, activist, and educator, Vanessa's work calls for big change while celebrating the beauty and complexity of her communities here and now. How to Connect with Vanessa: Vanessa's Website: Buy "Take Me With You": Vanessa's course "Writing With Your Whole Body" at PULP! Public School: Instagram: @vanessacarlisle Twitter: @VCarlisle
November 26, 2021
Episode 7: Ask A Queer Death Worker With Tracey Walker
On this episode we sit down with queer death worker and advanced directive specialist, Tracey Walker, who serves the queer community and beyond, helping us sort through the inevitable yet protective paperwork to make sure our wishes, as queer and trans people, are carried out in end of life.  This episode is for everyone and dives into the power of pre-planning and having an advocate by your side to companion you through what may seem like a daunting and even taboo task. Tracey Walker is a queer death worker, a coach, and an educator you can find at and
July 12, 2021
Episode 6: Father's Day With Zaya
Zaya, a young gay Black man full of positivity and light, joins us for a special Father's Day episode where we discuss everything from what it was like to discovery his biological father and the aftermath of losing him again. Zaya also reveals a very special figure in his life who loves him and accepts him as just Zaya. 
June 20, 2021
Episode 5: Taina's Lost & Found
What happens when you find what you never knew you had lost? What happens when that finding is coupled with the finding of self and the realization you may have lost years to explore who you were as a Queer human being? This is Taina's story of lifting the veil on hidden truths. These truths would ultimately set her free and give her an incredible way to reframe family and identity through the lens of grief.
June 14, 2021
Episode 4: Josué's Media Medicine
This is a special episode for me as your host. I met Josué at a two-spirit pow wow this past year. That pow wow was a spiritually awakening and grounding event filled with so much medicine. The exact kind of medicine we talk about in this episode. Medicine that allows us as queer folk to move through a world that is often hostile, systems that seek to marginalize, and people who only desire a binary understanding of a world that has never been binary until colonization. And medicine that creates moments of healing when experiencing the loss of beloved family, biological and chosen.
June 06, 2021
Episode 3: Felicia's Legacy
For this episode, we sit down with Felicia, a well-known artist. Felicia is also a respected activist and advocate as a Trans woman of color and a queer Romani woman. We discuss the many losses that occur throughout a lifetime as a queer and trans person and how Felicia was able to transform those losses versus internalizing them by pursuing art, thus creating a legacy for herself and paving the way for others within the community to do the same. 
May 30, 2021
Episode 2: The Story of "O"
In this episode we sit down with a queer death companion known to us simply as "O." O weaves a story of shadow loss, or the loss that occurs in life. Shadow loss, often not recognized because there is no body to bury or human to mourn, is an all too familiar form of loss in the LGBTQIA2S+ community. It occurs in almost every facet, including the loss of friends and family when coming out. 
May 23, 2021
Episode 1: Meet Ori
Meet our host, Ori. Ori is a trans two-spirit multi-racial, ethnic, and cultural human being. In this episode they reveal moments of grief connected with an inauthentic self in childhood and what it felt like to rip the doors off the proverbial closet as a queer and trans person. 
May 23, 2021