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Saving People, Queering Things

Saving People, Queering Things

By Saving People, Queering Things
Abigail, Noah & Elayna watch Supernatural, with a focus on deep story analysis & queering the narrative. 🎙️👻🏳️‍🌈🥧 Season 3 releasing Mondays. Find us on the internet: We like rousing discussions about things that matter!
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Arrogance: Episode 3.06 (Red Sky at Morning)
Join hosts Abigail and Elayna, along with guest host Allie for a dive into ghost infested waters for Season 3, Episode 6! They talk about the cringe fashions of 2005, how Sam, Dean & Bela respectively deal with trauma, and how vengeful spirits can be stopped with… *checks notes* … the power of hugs? Find our social media and explore our episodes at!  Find Allie on Twitter and Patreon, or at her website,!
June 27, 2022
Self Awareness: Bedtime Stories (Season 3, Ep. 5)
In this takeover recap of 3.05, we've landed in fantasy land where nothing is quite how it usually is on Queering Things.  It's 50% Sam and Jacob being assholes to each other, 25% arguing about how to do the podcast, and 25% actual content.  Sam and Jacob argue about the 30-second recap, discuss fairy tales and the meta of a "fantasy story about fantasy stories" and observe how Dean stares into the camera, Office style.  Other features include the unconvincing rebuff of a gay joke, more discussions of Sam and Dean's parent/child dynamic, and Jacob's surprise when Sam actually shoots a demon. To find us on social media & explore all of our episodes, visit us at!
June 20, 2022
Shame: Sin City (Season 3, Ep. 4)
There's a lot of shame to go around, as Abigail, Noah, Hana, and Theo come together for a chat on Sin City. They discuss how Bobby has more braincells in one scene than the Winchesters do in the whole series, why Dean doesn't think he deserves to be saved, and dive deep into how hunters & demons define the devil. To find us on social media & explore all of our episodes, visit us at! Follow Theo on Instagram
June 13, 2022
Freedom: Bad Day at Black Rock (Season 3, Ep 3)
Bela is "confident but casual", Gordon is still on his anti-Sam mission, and we are once again asking the question of why John didn't share vital information with his kids. Turns out you're always unlucky if you're a Winchester! In this episode, Noah, Elayna & guest Alyssa talk about how the freedom of the rabbit's foot is ultimately a trap every character has to outsmart to survive.  Also featured: The first instance of "idjits" from Bobby, Bela as a foil for Dean, and the contrast of which of Sam and Dean's childhood trinkets John chose to keep. To find us on social media & explore all of our episodes, visit us at! Follow Alyssa on TikTok & Archive of Our Own (@fallenangelandpie), or Twitter & Instagram (@abnosomealyssa).
June 06, 2022
Vacation: The Kids are Alright (Season 3, Ep. 2)
Dean is sliding into Lisa's DMs and Sam is forced on the most awkward near-death vacation in 3.02: The Kids are Alright. Join Abigail, Noah & Renny as they talk about Lisa, get a shock when we realize how old Ben would be in 2022, and debate Dean's questionable but valiantly attempted parenting skills - all through the theme of Vacation. Oh, and Ruby is a demon.  To find us on social media & explore all of our episodes, visit us at!
May 30, 2022
Family: The Magnificent Seven (Season 3, Ep. 1)
Dean lives it up while Sam tries to find a way to save him, until they're interrupted by the seven deadly sins. Join Abigail, Noah, and Elayna as they discuss the importance of family in the season 3 premiere, offer a blessing for Tamara, and talk about why Bobby has more parenting skills in mere minutes of screen time than John Winchester had in his whole life. To find us on social media & explore our episodes, visit us at!
May 23, 2022
Saving People, Queering Things (The Trailer)
Join Abigail, Noah, Elayna, and friends as they watch the CW's retro series Supernatural with a focus on deep story analysis & queering the narrative.🎙️👻🏳️‍🌈🥧    Find us on the internet:   We like rousing discussions about things that matter!
May 18, 2022
Roadmap: Season Three Preview!
Ride along with our fearless co-hosts as they lay out the roadmap for Season 3! Mostly they have a bunch of chuckles while remembering to talk about the upcoming season of the show. What’s going to happen to Dean and his deal? Is Sam poised to go dark side for real? Will we continue to talk about John’s terrible parenting? All coming up in Season 3, every Monday.
May 18, 2022
Route Change: Season 2 Recap & Awards
In which Dad!Bobby enters the chat and everyone is Ellen kin! Join Noah, Abigail, and Elayna to celebrate surviving another season, while revisiting how Sam and Dean learned to carry on after losing their dad. Find out who's the best hunter, who has the most tragic arc, and who made us laugh the most, as we look back on the biggest moments from the epic second season of Supernatural! For more episodes, to send us a message, or to listen to this season's mixtape, visit! Find us on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Tumblr.
May 16, 2022
Free Will: All Hell Breaks Loose Pt 2 (Season 2, Ep. 22)
The end of season two is upon us, and the whole family came along for the ride! Abigail, Noah, Elayna, and Sam are joined once again by returning guest host Hana to discuss the iconic finale, All Hell Breaks Loose Pt 2 through the theme of Free Will. To listen & learn more, visit our website, Come share your questions, theories & blessings with us on Twitter, TikTok, Tumblr, and Instagram.
May 09, 2022
Season 3 Podcast Trailer
Join Abigail, Noah, Elayna, and friends as they explore the themes & lore of the CW series Supernatural through a queer, narrative lens.
May 05, 2022
Reality: All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 (Season 2, Ep. 21)
It's a Sam Winchester Birthday spectacular, as we announce our rebrand to Saving People, Queering Things, and discuss the first part of the season two finale. Join hosts Abigail, Noah, and Elayna, as they wonder along with the Winchesters how one defines reality when a demon's been pulling the strings. To listen to the episode & learn more about our name change, visit our new website, Come share your questions, theories & blessings with us on Twitter, TikTok, Tumblr, and Instagram.
May 02, 2022
Redemption: What Is and What Should Never Be (Season 2, Ep. 20)
When Dean finds himself trapped in a dream where he has everything he's ever wanted, he'll have to face the difficult decision between redemption and what's real. Join hosts Abigail, Noah, and Elayna, along with guest host Renny, as they dig into Dean's heart and the hard choices he'll have to make between saving his brother or living the quiet, peaceful life he could have had if he'd never become a hunter.  Find us on the internet:
April 25, 2022
Protection: Folsom Prison Blues (Season 2, Ep. 19)
Protection is the name of the hunter's game, but who deserves to be protected? In an episode where Sam and Dean make the voluntary decision to get arrested, Dean takes an anti-death penalty stance, we question if John thought the world needed to be protected from Sam, and we challenge the idea that Deacon is heroic based on the violence he exhibits. Our favourite conversation this week centres around Tiny, who is humanized in a really important way, and how his story is another mirror of the Winchester's relationships.  CW: fatphobia, child abuse, prison violence. Other references: The Boys, Bad Boys. Find us on the internet: Abigail references a theory from KJ & a headcanons episode we collaborated on which is available here: 
April 18, 2022
Enjoyment: Hollywood Babylon (Season 2, Ep. 18)
What kind of joy do we find in our work? It's a pop culture and meta madness extravaganza this week - join Abigail and new guest host Ian as they talk about 2:18: Hollywood Babylon through the lens of Enjoyment. They swap nerd stories, revel in all the moments where Dean gets to be an unapologetic dork on this case, and talk about Dean's Hollywood crushes.  Find us on the internet:
April 11, 2022
Innocence: Heart (Season 2, Ep. 17)
CW: Assault What is the meaning of innocence in a world that's full of monsters? Join Abigail and Sam as they discuss mirroring characters within this episode's narrative arc, as well try to define what exactly constitutes "evil" in a world that the Winchester brothers are learning is more morally gray than they were raised to believe. Find us on the internet:
April 04, 2022
Peace: Roadkill (Season 2, Ep. 16)
So will there be peace when they are done? Abigail and special guest KJ from Supernatural Opinions discuss this unique episode that is told almost exclusively from the POV of the very ghost Sam and Dean are hoping to put to rest. Listen in for an awesome talk about what it means for spirits to find peace, and how sometimes the hardest part is letting go. Find us on the internet: Listen to KJ on Supernatural Opinions:
March 28, 2022
Growing Up: Tall Tales (Season 2, Ep 15)
Growing up in the hunting life has never been easy, but Sam and Dean sure have a lot of it to do this episode. Join Abigail and Elayna for a our first romp with everyone’s favorite Trickster, who is causing a string of strange deaths that cause the boys to reach out to Bobby for help. We dig into unreliable narration, the boys mixed perceptions of one another, and more in this episode that’s dripping with both mischief and heart. Find us on the internet: Find Elayna online:
March 21, 2022
Disillusionment: Born Under a Bad Sign (Season 2, Ep. 14)
Can you be disillusioned if you never expect anything good to happen? Abigail and new host Elayna talk about how both Sam and Dean have their concept of each other shattered in this episode, how Dean again refuses to kill Sam (or to believe Sam could be evil), and the return of Meg! We talk about the free will of “nobody can control you but you” and how monsters are catching onto the fact that the best way to get to the brothers is through each other. Find us on the internet: Find Elayna online:
March 14, 2022
Mercy: Houses of the Holy (Season 2, Ep. 13) with Klaudia from Mystery Spotcast & RuPalp's Podrace
Who deserves mercy? Abigail & Klaudia explore "Houses of the Holy" and how Sam and Dean individually deal with questions of faith. They discuss how Sam's faith sustains him and how Dean's lack of faith is challenged.  Klaudia and Abigail also bond over their shared experiences in fandom on Tumblr in the 2010s and make many, many references to other works such as Tangled, Star Wars, & Doctor Who.  This is a spoiler-full episode, because we couldn't resist making connections to future storylines!  Listen for many Castiel, angels, and Destiel references in this episode. Spoilers for Seasons 4, 5, 11, and 15.  Find us on the internet: Follow Klaudia:  Listen to RuPalp's Podrace:  Listen to Mystery Spotcast: Fic Rec of the Week: Untangled by quwarichi:
March 07, 2022
Technology: Nightshifter (Season 2, Ep. 12)
What happens if we use technology out of fear? Jacob, Sam & Abigail explore "Nightshifter", the return of shapeshifters, and the tragic earnestness of Ronald. They reflect on the fact that Dean connects more with Ronald than Sam does and question what might have happened if the Winchesters had not pretended to disbelieve his interpretation of the situation. Abigail also takes a great deal of joy from saying "Mandroid", which does not help them seem any less Dean-coded. Find us on the internet: Follow Jacob Hagan on Youtube: 
February 28, 2022
Peace: Playthings (Season 2, Ep. 11) with Jessy (
What happens when pursuing peace becomes violent? Abigail and Jessy explore "Playthings", exploring how Sam and Dean's pursuits of peace are diametrically opposed and how their parentified relationship only makes that more apparent. They discuss Sam's morality, Dean's love for a classic queer-read character, and how gothic horror tropes contribute to the lack of peace every character has by the end of the episode. CW: This episode is often used for an interpretation that involves inc*st. We reject explicitly this interpretation, but we decided to leave our in-depth discussion of it out of the main episode, choosing to focus instead on a defensible interpretation that sees Dean as queer-coded and closeted at this point in the story.  We think that focus allows us to stick by the values that we are bringing to this show and these conversations. We know that this topic can be a difficult and painful one for fans and so we wanted to leave you the option of avoiding it easily. If you do want to hear that conversation, it will be available on our Discord server, which you can access through the Linktree at the bottom of this description.  Find us on the internet: Follow Jessi: on TikTok 
February 22, 2022
Trauma: Hunted (Season 2, Ep. 10)
How do we break traumatic patterns? Abigail & KJ explore "Hunted", how Sam is struggling with his anger, and how Dean chooses to respond to his fear. They also discuss how Ellen is a hunter parent without traumatizing her kid, how John makes Dean responsible for Sam's morality, and a queer reading, this time of Sam! *A Note this week: We had some technical difficulties with our platform which resulted in some edits being lost last minute, so there is more rambling than usual this episode! Find us on the internet: Find KJ: @lifemessesofKJ and their show Supernatural Opinions:
February 14, 2022
Judgment: Croatoan (Season 2, Ep. 9)
How do we make good judgment calls in bad situations?  Abigail & Hana explore 2.09, hunting ethics, and judgment's connection to salvation, particularly Sam's. Dean expresses (again) a desire to get out of the life, & Sam continues to fight his dark side. They also talk about the racism and misappropriation of indigenous history inherent in this episode's plot. Additionally, there is yet another example of Dean Winchester's complicated relationship with sexuality (#deanisbi)! CW for a (non-graphic) discussion of racism, colonialism, and the erasure of indigenous history.  The audio quality is a bit echoey at moments in this episode and we apologize for that!  Fanfic Recommendation: No Line on the Horizon: Find us on the internet:
February 07, 2022
Committment: Crossroad Blues (Season 2, Ep. 8) with Jaistiel,"Queen of Unpacking Supernatural"
What is worth committing your soul for? Jai and Abigail explore the repercussions of making a deal with a demon and the significant moral crossroads that Dean reaches in 2.08: Crossroad Blues.  They discuss what it means for Dean to carry the guilt of someone else's commitment, and speculate on how that decision will influence his self-perception and future choices. We had so much fun recording this episode that it ran long, so you can find our Fanfic recommendation section of the week discussed over on Discord! Find us on the internet: Follow Jai on TikTok: and Instagram: 
January 31, 2022
*Bonus* Stanford Era Headcanons with KJ from SPN Opinions
What were Sam and Dean doing from 2001-2005? Abigail & KJ come up with canon-based (and fan-based) theories for the Stanford era, including Sam and Jess' apartment, an AU theory where Jess knows about the supernatural, ideas about Dean & Lee Webb's relationship (#deanisbi), multiple headcanons about Sam's hair, Dean's GED, and more! Fanfic: Pity Party by yeehawdean67:  heard from your mother (she don't recognize you) by Schmuzzz: Crossroads Liar by deansmilkshakes: Forever Winter by pricelesstrashpanda: Headcanons from:  yeehawdean67 on Twitter. thursdaygirlgn on Twitter. schmuzzz on Tumblr transjess on Tumblr. Carrying Wayward on Twitter. Nelsonsmyname on Twitter. Sam's Fall Out Boy headcanon from casually neurotic on archive of our own. Find us on the internet:  Find KJ: @lifemessesofKJ and their show Supernatural Opinions:
January 27, 2022
Adversity: The Usual Suspects (Season 2, Ep. 7)
How does privilege affect how we experience adversity? Renny and Abigail explore 2.07 and ask the all-important question - how does Sam hack so many passwords? They discuss the clever way that the Winchesters use communication to overcome adversity. This week's supernatural being is the victim of this episode, which leads to a conversation about adversity, gender, and victimization.  CW for discussions of violence against women. Find us on the internet:
January 24, 2022
Jealousy: No Exit (Season 2, Ep. 6) with Frances from TikTok
Is it jealousy, or is it chemistry?  Abigail is joined by guest Frances to talk about 2.06, Jo's first hunt, serial killers, and jealousy. Sam and Dean are finally working with other hunters and it's complicated. Frances shares her extensive knowledge of the origins of this week's monster, and Jo and Dean bond and clash over their relationship with hunter fathers.  Find us on the internet: Follow Frances on TikTok: and on Twitter:
January 17, 2022
Sanctuary: Simon Said (Season 2, Ep. 5) with Jamie & Beth from Driver Picks the Podcast
What do you do when your mind is being attacked? Abigail, Jamie & Beth discuss 1.05, talk about the special children with their morally complicated powers, come up with a theory for why Ash knows Enochian, and rage about John Winchester's disconnection with other hunters. Also, more conversations about Dean + gender!   Find us on the internet: Listen to Driver Picks the Podcast: and follow Jamie on Twitter: and Beth on Tumblr:  
January 11, 2022
Willpower: Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things (Season 2, Ep. 4)
How do we have willpower of our own actions? Abigail & Noah talk about 2.04, the importance of consent, and how willpower gets twisted into abuse by this week's monsters. They also explore the battle of wills between Sam and Dean in relation to addressing their family trauma. This episode is anchored by the phrase "what's dead should stay dead", adding further fuel to the fire of Dean Winchester's self-hatred and heavily foreshadowing what is to come. Find us on the internet:
January 03, 2022
Valor: Bloodlust (Season 2, Ep. 3)
Is hunting valorous? Abigail & Renny talk about 1.03 and the introduction of Gordon Walker. Is a monster 'evil' because it's not human or because of the things it does?  Is shoot first, ask questions later the only way to hunt? They talk about the confidence that Sam brings to this moral quandary and the mid-episode flip that Dean makes. Finally, they have a theory about Ty Olsson's character Eli! Find us on the internet:
December 27, 2021
Survival: Everybody Loves a Clown (Season 2, Ep. 2) with KJ from Supernatural Opinions
How do we survive impossible grief? Abigail and KJ talk about 2.02, Dean's survivor guilt, the line between human and monster, and the introduction of Jo and Ellen Harvelle! They find it hilarious how Dean is unable to lie in a job interview, tragic when Sam drops a confirmation that he's not going back to school, and discuss Ash's possible backstory. They also talk about how Sam and Dean's perceptions of John have shifted since his death. Find us on the internet: Find KJ: @lifemessesofKJ and Supernatural Opinions:
December 20, 2021
Family (is Faith): In My Time of Dying (Season 2, Ep. 1)
Is family all about who we have faith in? Abigail and Hana discuss 2.01 and how Sam's choices in the Season One finale give Dean the ability to cling to life. They explore how John's authoritarian parenting breaks down when Sam refuses to rise to the revenge bait and how half-hearted attempts at connection are nullified by the lack of behaviour change. Hana shares their experiences with powerful sibling bonds and Abigail has observations about directing choices.  Find us on the internet:
December 13, 2021
Season One: Recap and Awards
It's awards season! Abigail & cohosts recap the events of Season One and give out awards, including favourite female character, character with the most potential, a character with the best arc and most tragic character. They also preview what we're excited about for Season Two! Find us on the internet:
November 22, 2021
Free Will: Devil's Trap (Season 1, Ep. 22)
In this Season 1 Finale episode, Abigail & Hana talk about Devil's Trap through the theme of Free Will, focusing on the big choice Sam makes between John and Dean and the moral quandry of what to do with a nearly-dead girl who has a demon keeping her alive but stripping her of free will. They also talk about the introduction of Bobby Singer, hunter extraordinaire and what his knowledge of the supernatural means for the Winchesters, the sexualization of Meg's character, the shift in Dean's relationship with John, and the still-unsolved mystery of the yellow-eyed demon. Next week we will be doing our final Season 1 episode, including an awards show for Season 1 characters, a thematic season recap, and what we're anticipating for Season 2!  Find us on the internet:
November 15, 2021
Memories: Salvation (Season 1, Ep. 21)
How do we sort through traumatic memories? Abigail is joined by three siblings: Hana, Noah & Theo for a conversation about 1.21, sibling feelings, and the continuing hunt for the demon. They talk about John & Sam's pre-season fights, "passable strategist" John Winchester, and the way that Dean positions himself in both his relationships.  Find us on the internet:
November 08, 2021
*Bonus* The Confession, Destiel, & It's Impact (#November5th)
Abigail talks about the Confession. And Cas. And Dean. They discuss why the events of 15.18 were significant to them as a queer fan and how Destiel and the Confession have impacted the fandom as a whole. They also talk about their favourite sources of Destiel content, including video essays, fanfics, video edits, and meta accounts.   We will return with our episode on Season 1, Episode 21 on Monday, November 8th! Everything talked about in this episode: Meta/Analysis: The Evolution of Destiel Dean being "overtly heterosexual" for 17 minutes Proudheller on Instagram Zephyr_Aria on Instagram SPN scenes that hit different now destiel is canon Fan-edits: "No Light, No Light"  dean & castiel / willow  Dean & Castiel - Explosions American Pie // the supernatural story Crazy Ex-SPN Fanfics: Psalm 40.2 Maybe Sprout Wings  In Due Time (Dean Winchester is Saved)  Repair Our Losses and Be a Blessing Hold onto your voice, hold onto your breath  For All You Young Hockey Players Out There, Pay Attention  My Self is Just Me: Please Get Me The Fuck Out  A different lover is not a sin Ninety-One Whiskey Find us on the internet:
November 05, 2021
*Bonus* 1.20 Coda: A Mini Conversation about the Supernatural Finale (with Alesha)
Alesha and Abigail take a tangential discussion into the events of Season 15: Episode 20 because of its connection to this week's Season 1: Episode 20. This episode does contain spoilers for the Supernatural finale. Find us on the internet:
November 03, 2021
Waste: Dead Man's Blood (Season 1, Ep. 20)
How can we know that we are not wasting our knowledge? Abigail & Alesha discuss 1.20, talk about the wasted information John held on to by not exposing his sons to more hunters, and explore how Supernatural handles its first crack at vampire lore. In an attempt to figure out what kind of characterization the writers were going for with John they come to some conclusions about his actual skills (and which skills he lacks) as a hunter.  Find us on the internet:
November 02, 2021
Masculinity: Provenance (Season 1, Ep. 19)
How is masculinity connected to economic status? Abigail & Jacob talk about 1.19, Sam's challenge connecting with Sarah so soon after Jess' death, and Abigail has a pet peeve concerning the Impala's presentation. Jacob also shares some personal stories about how masculinity limits boys from expressing emotional vulnerability, and they connect with how this episode demonstrates that. Jacob Hagan's youtube channel: Find us on the internet:
October 25, 2021
Impossibility: Something Wicked (Season 1, Ep. 18)
Does revenge make it impossible for us to see anything else? In this flashback episode, Renny, Abigail & Sam talk about 1.18 and are back to their favourite discussion topic: John Winchester's parenting. How are Sam and Dean circumventing the neglect of their childhood in their own hunting practices? Follow us on social media: and come talk to us about the show!
October 18, 2021
Youth: Hell House (Season 1, Ep. 17)
Is youthfulness the same as childishness? Abigail and Hana talk about 1.17, their own experiences of sibling bonding, and explore how Sam and Dean tap into their inner child through play. Abigail also uses the term "muck about" multiple times for no apparent reason. They talk about Dean and his complicated performance of masculinity and sexuality, as well as all the horror and adolescence tropes that show up in this episode.  Find us on the internet:
October 11, 2021
Peer Pressure: Shadow (Season 1, Ep. 16)
How and why do we resist peer pressure? Sam gets high, Jacob has a drink, and Abigail attempts to wrangle them both in for this discussion of 1.16. They talk about the weird flirting between Meg & Sam, the conflict between Sam and Dean about what happens after they kill the demon, and our impressions of the Winchester trio as a whole family unit.  Jacob Hagan's youtube channel: Find us on the internet:
October 04, 2021
Imagination: The Benders (Season 1, Ep. 15)
When is imagination dangerous? Jacob & Abigail talk about 1.15, creativity (both good & bad), and question what makes a monster a monster. In an episode with no supernatural creature, how do we think about the actions characters take to confront evil? They also talk about horror tropes and gender and Abigail has a revelation about the significance of Hibbing, MN within the Supernatural universe.  CW for violence, serial killers, and policing. Jacob Hagan's youtube channel: Follow us on social media: and come talk to us about the show!
September 27, 2021
Zeal: Nightmare (Season 1, Ep. 14)
Does what we're zealous about reveal what has hurt us? Abigail, Hana & Alesha explore 1:14, speculate in-depth about Sam's new abilities & talk about the connection between him & Max. They also talk about John Winchester's shitty parenting and the way that both Sam and Dean's particular zealous traits stem from their childhood experiences.  CW for discussions of child abuse and violence as per the episode's events. Find us on the internet:
September 20, 2021
Humility: Route 666 (Season 1, Ep. 13)
If we understand reality, will that make us humble? This week, Abigail & Renny explore 1:13, the magnificent Cassie Robinson, and ask the question "what is humility?" They discuss the humbling of white characters in this episode as they are confronted with racist violence and explore the significance of Cassie & Dean's relationship in humbling them both.  CW: This episode includes discussions of racism and violence. Find us on the internet:
September 13, 2021
Connections: Faith (Season 1, Ep. 12)
How do our connections with faith help us answer hard questions? Abigail is joined by Sam, Renny, & Hana for a discussion on 1:12. They talk about Dean's view of himself, his concepts of worthiness and salvation, and the contrast between Sam's internal faith and Dean's external faith. They also discuss Sam in a caretaker role and explore the imagery of hands, touch, and kneeling as visual symbols of faith and sexuality.  CW for discussions of religious themes.  Find us on the internet:
September 06, 2021
Heroism: Scarecrow (Season 1, Ep. 11)
What makes a hero? Abigail & Sam introduce their friend Jacob to the show with a discussion of 1:11. Jacob has some interesting theories about why Dean seems to be avoiding John (and who Meg really is). They also discuss how Sam and Dean's different reactions to John give us clues about their family dynamics.  CW for (brief) mention of real-life violence during the Going Meta segment. Jacob Hagan's youtube channel: Find us on the internet:
August 30, 2021
Suffering: Asylum (Season 1, Ep. 10)
What do we do when suffering makes us feel vengeful? Abigail & Sam discuss 1:10, the nature of suffering, whether or not Sam really is angry enough to pull the trigger on Dean, and how this episode brings to a head the conflicts that have been brewing all season. They also talk about Dean's love of horror films and continue to be disappointed in the lack of female characters talking to each other. Find us on the internet:
August 23, 2021
Maturity: Home (Season 1, Ep. 9)
What do you do when you're confronted with the spirits of your past? Abigail & Renny discuss 1:09, rant about John Winchester's lack of maturity and how it impacts his parenting, as well as discussing the (surprising) emotional maturity & vulnerability expressed by both Sam & Dean in this episode. There's also a great deal of love for Missouri Mosely! Find us on the internet:
August 17, 2021
Interlude: Why we're not recording "Bugs"
In this mini-update, Abigail talks through the decision to skip "Bugs" in our watch-through.  But this doesn't mean we're taking a week off...Episode 9, Home, will be available on Monday, our regularly scheduled release day! Find us on the internet:
August 13, 2021
Gratitude: Hook Man (Season 1, Ep. 7)
Do we own grief, or does it own us? Abigail & Hana discuss 1:07 and talk forced gratitude, religious guilt, emotional repression, and the show’s continual exploration of Sam’s ownership over his guilt and grief.  They also have their first sighting of bisexual Dean Winchester along with a discussion about queer reading, interpretation, & value-laden texts. CW for religious themes. Find us on the internet:
August 10, 2021
Sacrifice: Skin (Season 1, Ep. 6)
Is sacrifice inherently positive, or can it be manipulative? Abigail, Clair & Hana discuss 1:06, exploring how the show plays with making sympathetic monsters and how it uses those monsters to contrast with our main characters.  Find us on the internet:
August 02, 2021
Knowledge: Bloody Mary (Season 1, Ep. 5)
Do we really want to know the truth about ourselves? Abigail & Clair explore 1:05, the show's use of classic Americana mythology, and the quest for self-knowledge (or lack thereof) characterizing the characters in this episode. Find us on the internet:
July 27, 2021
Priorities: Phantom Traveller (Season 1, Ep. 4)
How do we choose our priorities in life? Abigail & Clair talk 1:04 and explore how Sam and Dean choose what to prioritize on this hunt and what that reveals about them and the show as a whole. They also talk about the show's monster lore, specifically in relation to its introduction of demons in this episode. Find us on the internet:
July 13, 2021
Fear: Dead in the Water (Season 1, Ep. 3)
Can fear make us courageous? Abigail & Renny discuss 1.03, exploring the ways that the show uses fear as a driver for courage and cowardice in its characters. They also discuss how great Dean is with kids and what we're excited to see in both Winchester's character arcs moving forward.  Find us on the internet:
July 06, 2021
Belonging: Wendigo (Season 1, Ep. 2)
Why is it so important to us to belong? Abigail, Sam & Hana discuss 1.02: Wendigo, and how it develops the Winchester's relationship and their Season 1 growth trajectory. They also address the problem of cultural misappropriation within Supernatural and this episode in particular. Find us on the internet:
July 06, 2021
Promises: The Pilot (Season 1, Ep. 1)
How do we honour the promises we make to each other? In this pilot episode, your host Abigail and their sister Sam discuss the first episode of Supernatural. The explore the promises that Sam and Dean make to each other, to themselves, and to the hunting world and talk about how the show introduces us to these characters.  Find us on the internet:
June 29, 2021