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Queer Tampa

Queer Tampa

By Jaime Lopa
Queer Tampa is a podcast and quarterly happy hour where Queers in Tampa can come together and talk about issues that matter, meet new friends and learn more about the Queer leaders throughout Tampa Bay.
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Coming Out... AGAIN! Season 2 Premiere
Welcome to a new season of QUEER TAMPA! Where we talk about the realities of living a queer human experience in the modern world. In this episode Jaime shares his experience coming out as Trans, how he shared it, some of the challenges and some of the love. Ren shares how her identity has shifted, tips on how to go with the flow as your partner transitions and also her # 1 pet peeve. We LOVE YOU! Thank you so much for listening. Please share with someone who needs this. And come and join the conversation on Instagram, @queertampa
June 19, 2021
Quarantine and Civil Unrest: How the Queer Community can Show Up for What Matters Most with Queer Wellness Expert, Steph of Medicine Within LLC
In our Season 1 Finale episode Jai interviews Steph of Medicine Within LLC. about how the Queer Community can care for ourselves and show up during Quarantine and Civil Unrest. As an anti-racist, inclusive podcast we stand with Black Americans in our community and believe that Black Lives Matter. If you'd like to learn more about how we're showing up to build a better community - feel free to email us at About our guest Steph: Steph Ostrow is the owner of Medicine Within LLC. A LGBTQPIA+ affirming therapy practice that is body centered (somatic). Their practice includes mindfulness, mental health therapy, therapy from an anti-racist, bio-psycho-social perspective. In addition Steph is a Yoga teacher specializing in breathwork and is also a Massage Therapist. Where to find Step and connect with Medicine Within LLC IG: medicinewithinllc FB: Medicine Within LLC ---- EPISODE GUIDE AND RESOURCES: • Intro with Jai and Ren • Coping with COVID • FFT's (Fucking First Times) • How to self check-in (PHALT) • How white Queer people can call others into conversations about race • Stages of Change • Call to White Therapists • Preventing Burn-out during Civil Unrest • Organizations in Tampa to get Involved With
June 20, 2020
Queer Astrology: Debunking the Top Myths, Do's and Dont's and Our Fav Resources
In this episode Jai and Ren talk about their birth charts, roast each others placements and dive deeper into the best ways to use your birth chart (NO, IT'S NOT FOR STALKING YOUR EX...). To find your own birthchart: To read about placements and learn more: Favorite astrology podcasts: Favorite APPs: Costar
February 29, 2020
Queerness in the Military, Coming out to your Southern Baptist family and dating with Queer Business Owner, Karen Tamayo
Join us as we interview Queer Business Owner, Karen Tamayo of the Seminole Heights Athletic Center. We talk about what it was like to come out while active duty in the military, southern baptist roots and family dynamics as well as dating and what it's like to finally find the one! Check out Seminole Heights Athletic Center, here: Come and see us Wednesday, Jan 29 at Hooch and Hive at 5:30! We can't wait to see you!
January 21, 2020
How to Have Healthy Boundaries with Queer Wellness Expert, Steph, of Medicine Within LLC
Set boundaries like a bad bish this holiday season with our holiday survival guide! Today’s episode is a Holiday Survival Guide with Queer wellness expert, Steph and is packed with information, scripts and techniques to make it through your holidays in a healthy and loving way all while setting boundaries. Remember that at the end of the day we are strangers on the internet - please remember to consult with your physician and your Therapist for customized solutions for your specific situation. These techniques have worked for us - but please take what sounds feasible for you and leave the rest! If you’re looking for additional support and are not able to travel to St Pete to see Steph, please reach out to Jai and I and we’ll be happy to connect you with a personal referral to therapists in Tampa Bay who specialize in Sexuality and Gender Identity support. Shownotes: ESTABLISHING LIMITS AND PREPARING 14:56 RENS BINGO BOARD OF ANTICIPATION 19:50 9 WAYS TO SET BOUNDARIES WITH DIFFICULT FAMILY MEMBERS 22:16 DEAR MAN SCRIPT is at 32:00 NON VIOLENT COMMUNICATION 34:00 ABUSE VS PROBLEMATIC BEHAVIOR 36:00 Here are the links to Stephs sources: Here are the links to contact Steph/schedule: Project No Labels program:
December 19, 2019
Making your own Holiday Traditions and the Food that shaped us!
What are the holidays without FOOD and the rituals that shaped our memories? Join Jai and Ren as they share their experiences and encourage you to take your holidays back and make them however you want. Also don’t forget our December event is coming on Dec 22nd at 5:30 at Hooch and Hive. We’ll see you there!
December 17, 2019
Gender Identity, Pronouns and Long Distance Relationships with Queer Artist Kale Roberts
This week we interview Queer Artist, Kale Roberts! We talk about her identity journey from High School to present day, long distance relationships, art as life and more! If you or someone you know would like to be a featured guest please DM us @QueerTampa on Instagram! We strive to spotlight Queer voices and highlight the realities of living outside the norm. Our November meet up is SUNDAY NOV 24TH @5:30 AT THE INDEPENDENT in Seminole Heights! Date and location for our December event is TBD. To vote on a date and location please follow us on IG and let us know! We love you, Tampa! XOXO Jai + Ren
November 24, 2019
Friendships are like dating, Orlando Pride Recap, Becoming an Activist in your OWN way and MORE!
Friendships, pride and using your voice to influence change are at the heart of our second episode! Ren speaks up to call for more diversity and better representation, Jai's hair is STILL good luck and what would be on your friendship application? (Can you text me once a week to see how I am? Yes/No. Can you tag me in meme's? Yes/No.) Join the conversation on our Instagram page and let us know what you think about these topics! @QueerTampa
October 28, 2019
Wanna date? Coming out and our mission 🌹 (Intro)
Welcome to the premiere of Queer Tampa! In this episode you'll get to know why in the world we started this thing, what our hopes and dreams are (Mayor Castor, are you there?) and get a chance to learn more about us. From changing our hair to the good and bad of our coming out stories - come and join the party. The full season will be released in November 2019. Follow us on @queertampa and come hang with us at our monthly meet-ups.
September 29, 2019