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Taking the Quest

Taking the Quest

By Dom P
Taking the Quest is a podcast about learning and seeking truth. Think for yourself & Take the Quest in your life! Stay Strong, Stay Hydrated, Stay Online!
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Episode_2: Q and More w/ Brian J.
Hey everyone! Follow Brian and @BeeJaySee on twitter and read his first locked post. it is a thread that will tell you all you need to know! We talk about Q and much more! Got side tracked but that is FINE! There is so much going on it is sometimes hard to stay on track. Had a great talk with him!
September 1, 2020
Episode_1: Starting off with Jack Allen
Hey All!! Starting off my revamped pod with a great dude! Jack Allen from "Conspiracy or Just a Coincidence".
August 25, 2020
Taking The Quest Trailer
Welcome to Taking the Quest! Revamped! 
August 24, 2020