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The Covey

The Covey

By Quail & Upland Game Alliance. The Covey
Presented by Quail and Upland Game Alliance. We'll talk all things uplands, gundogs and conservation to ensure hunting for future generations.
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Casey Kennett- The Covey
The voice behind the The Covey Casey Kennett, talks about his passion for the uplands and the bobwhite he chases in west central Indiana. He also talks about how he got involved in Quail & Upland Game Alliance, and how The Covey came to be about.
April 05, 2021
All Dogs With Jacob Burris of Jacob's Retriever Training LLC
On the third episode I'm joined by Jacob Burris, owner and trainer at Jacob's Retriever Training LLC. I have known Jacob for many years and we have done some hunting together. He has a very strong passion and knowledge for dogs. His love for them has lead him to his own business where he can train dogs for the everyday outdoorsman whether it be for waterfowl, upland, shed hunting or even just obedience. Jacob was the 2019 North American Shed Hunting Dog Ass. Open World Champion and also World Runner-Up. He enjoys both competition shed hunting and also wild antler hunting. He will talk talk training for a good shed and how he get them started and also the traits he's looking for when breeding for these shed dogs. I had a lot of fun with this episode and was present at Jacob's kennels when we recorded. It's always a blast to just set down and talk dogs! 
March 15, 2021
All Habitat With Mel Gajewski
On this episode we are joined by Mel Gajewski. Mel was a habitat specialist for Quail Unlimited in Illinois area. He is a very knowledgeable person when it comes to conservation for deer, turkey and small game.  He manages his family farm where he is fortunate enough to take deer and turkey  every season and also has a good population of quail established on it. He has a few DIY tips that anyone can do on property they own or have access to. He is full of knowledge and we have a blast chatting hunting, guns, dogs and conservation. 
March 10, 2021
Just The Beginning For QUGA
On the first episode of The Covey I have Jerry Johnson the Regional Director of the Quail & Upland Game Alliance. We talk about his passion for hunting and conservation as well as QUGA, their chapters, programs, funding, and also their seed sales program. I have gotten to know Jerry very well over the past few years. He has a ton of knowledge about upland and small game conservation and I have seen first hand what he has done.  
February 27, 2021