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From Inside the Hive

From Inside the Hive

By Quiet the Hive
Quiet the Hive helps women identify what they want from their lives and careers, and arms with the toolkit and confidence to go you and get it. Listen in to thoughts, reflections and conversations with Jane, Founder & Director of Quiet the Hive, to craft a life and career that you love.
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Making Brave Choices

From Inside the Hive

Making Brave Choices

From Inside the Hive

Claire Hay... Conversations from Inside the Hive
In this episode, join Claire Hay and I as Claire shares her powerful story of strength and rebuilding through dark times. This conversation includes stories of domestic abuse and suicide attempts, so please be aware before listening. We do use some 'choice' language here as well as discussing sensitive issues, so you may choose not to listen when there are little around. If you need help or support around this issues, you can find useful information and contacts here: For support with suicide, there is further information here:
December 4, 2020
Alix Coleby... Conversations from Inside the Hive
This week I talk with Alix Coleby, founder of Core Stories Yoga. Join us as we explore her journey from never wanting to do yoga again into yoga instructor and how yoga changed her life. You can find Alix (and all her yoga genius!) at: Website: Instagram: @alixcoleby Facebook: @corestoriesyoga YouTube: Alix Coleby My Core Stories Blog Series: A little exploration of Pigeon Pose mentioned in the Podcast Discussion: And a link to Alix's favourite, Sadie Nardini
November 27, 2020
Lee Griffith... In Conversation From Inside the Hive
Lee has over 20 years experience in Comms and PR, and has recently left the corporate world to seek her own path. I always find it fascinating to talk to people who've made that leap, and Lee is no exception. You can get in touch and follow Lee here: or @leecgriffith or @leecgriffith
November 20, 2020
Nikki Hadcroft... In Conversation from Inside the Hive
I am delighted to bring you a conversation to inspire. Nikki Hadcroft is just amazing; a force to be reckoned with and the most inspirational woman I've met in quite a while.  This podcast touches on breast cancer, alcoholism and death and is pretty sweary (understandable given the context, right?!), so don't listen with the littles nearby. We talk about a few books and resources so I'm listing them below along with a few other resources that might be useful. You can follow Nikki on her journey, and get in touch with her here: and find out more about the fitness app here: The Universe Has Got Your Back by Gabriella Bernstein - Marisa Peer - Rapid Transformation Therapy - For support with breast cancer - For support with addiction - and The Poem The Guest House by Rumi (13th Century Sufi Mystic) This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes As an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all! Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture, still treat each guest honorably. He may be clearing you out for some new delight. The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in. Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond. — Jalaluddin Rumi, translation by Coleman Barks (The Essential Rumi)
November 13, 2020
Lesley Thomas... in Conversation From Inside the Hive
I'm so delighted to introduce you to the wonderful Lesley Thomas, Money Mastery Business Coach. We talk all things money mindset, and why it's so important to connect with your purpose, values and future self. Join the Money, Mind, Set, Go! Challenge here You can get in touch with Lesley via email: or through her website at Follow her on Instagram at @themoneymasterybusinesscoach
November 6, 2020
Beating Procrastination Toolkit... From Inside the Hive
Do you ever put things off? Procrastinate? Of course you do! We all do at some time or another. Today I want to talk to you about 12 simple, actionable tools to beating procrastination. (Features one small swear word - twice! Listen without littles, or with headphones - advance warning of when it's about to feature!) Beating Procrastination Toolkit: Download the accompanying Beating Procrastination Toolkit Get on the waiting list for: The Compass - The AWEsome Women's Retreat - Amazing Women Leaders - Books I mention: Playing Big by Tara Mohr (of course!) Essentialism by Greg McKeown Getting Things Done by David Allen
October 30, 2020
Take some time... From Inside the Hive
This is a short episode saying there isn't an episode this week! Take some time to focus on you and what you need. Book onto the Inner Critic Webinar on 28th October at 8pm via Eventbrite.
October 23, 2020
Kathy Weeks... From Inside the Hive
Kathy Weeks is a Mindset Transformer and a thoroughly fascinating one at that! We talk all things mindset, embracing failure and how to help children find a positive mindset early on. For the resources for You Are Awesome and Dare To Be You: For the corporate work: And stay tuned for Kathy's books! If you struggle with your inner critic or imposter syndrome and would love to be able to tame her a little, you might want to come on my Living with Your Inner Critic webinar taking place on the 28th October. LIMITED SPACES available. Sign up here...
October 16, 2020
Gemma Munro ...speaking From Inside the Hive
For those of you who follow me closely, you'll know that I have a huge professional crush on Gemma Munro after she saved me from a horrendous meeting (listen on to find out more!). I stalked her until she agreed to work with me, then become my friend, and now record a podcast for you! Join us as we explore manifesting, guidance and making leaps. Follow Gemma on And find out more at (including how to join a coaching circle) There are a couple of naughty words in this one, so listen with headphones if the littles (or your boss) are around! If you struggle with your inner critic or imposter syndrome and would love to be able to tame her a little, you might want to come on my Living with Your Inner Critic webinar taking place on the 28th October. LIMITED SPACES available. Sign up here...
October 9, 2020
The Quarterly Personal Review Challenge
I'm sharing what we've done so far on the free, seven day Quarterly Personal Review Challenge. Are you in? It's not too late - but there is a bit of catching up to do! Join here And for Three Things Sunday it's
October 2, 2020
From Inside the Hive with... Lorna Reeves
Have you ever struggled with your day job? Does it leave you feeling like it's the last place you want to be? Ever wanted to explore a side hustle as a way to move out? Listen to the incredible Lorna Reeves, Founder & Director of My Oh My Events and My oh My Weddings tell her impactful story about her shift away from the public sector. Be prepared to be moved. Follow Lorna at @myohmy_events or @myohmyweddings on the socials Find more at or The book Lorna couldn't remember the name of was Heal Yourself by Louise Hay Book your slot on the AWEsome Women's Retreat waiting list here or via
September 25, 2020
From Inside the Hive with... The AWEsome Women's Retreat
This bonus episode focusses on all things AWEsome Women's Retreat. The October Retreat is fully booked, but the waiting list is open for the Spring Retreat running from 19th - 21st March 2010. Find out all you need to know at The waiting list can be accessed by clicking here or via
September 18, 2020
From Inside the Hive with... Carrie-Ann Wade talking Small Biz 100
Carrie-Ann Wade and I are delighted to have been recognised in this years Small Business Saturday, a campaign to showcase the top 100 inspirational small businesses in the UK. We thought we should talk a bit about what lead to us setting up our own side hustles; Cat's Pajamas and Quiet the Hive. Find Carrie-Ann and Cat's Pajamas at and on the socials as @catspjs_UK If you'd like to nominate someone (or yourself) for the ialso100, you can do so here Follow f:entreprenuer, Small Business Saturday and i:entreprenuer on instagram at @fentrepreneuruk, @smallbizatuk and @ientreprenueruk  PS There are two swear words in quick succession - you might want to listen away from littles!
September 11, 2020
From Inside the Hive about... Purpose
I want to talk to you a bit today about purpose. It's a quick one, but with actionable steps you can take to think about what your purpose is and values are. Enjoy! Head to to sign up for The Compass before doors close on 21st August
August 14, 2020
From Inside the Hive with... Emma Boatman
Emma left a corporate role with no safety net and no new role. Five years later she runs the successful and award winning business Boatman Admin Services. Want a virtual assistant? Emma's your woman! Hear her share her wonderful story. Emma has kindly shared an incredible freebie with my listeners. Find the guide to delegating on her website, or just click here. You can reach Emma on Instagram @boatmanservices or on LinkedIn @emma-boatman Find her at Check out her amazing services and get yourself ½ a day a week back!
August 7, 2020
From Inside the Hive with... Jo Tocher
Jo Tocher is a loss specialist practicing the energy alignment method and is completely fascinating! She and I explore her role as a loss specialist and the way in which she works with energy. I found Jo's approach interesting and thought-provoking (and yes, I did carve a mental path to avoid the clutter this morning and managed a meditation and yoga session!). Enjoy! Find out more about Jo on her websites and (don't forget to sign up to her newsletter to be altered to the next visioning session) Follow her on facebook @Yourhealthyheartandmore and find the energy hub group she mentioned @theenergyalignmentmethod Find Notes to My Younger Self: Volume Three on Amazon
July 31, 2020
From Inside the Hive... AWEsome Edition
My co-collaborators and I talk about the AWEsome Women's Retreat. Carrie-Ann Wade (Founder and Chief Collaborator, Cat's Pajamas Communications) and Lorna Reeves (Founder and Director, My oh My Events) are two thirds of the AWEsome Women crew (I'm the third!) and we want to share with you the story of the retreat. We are down to just a couple of places left on the retreat and I wanted to be sure that you had all you needed to secure your place now before it's snapped up. I hope any remaining questions you have (including getting to know us a bit!) will be picked up here. Get in touch via Find out more and book your place today over at (that's also the home of AWEsome Women Online) Follow us on instagram at @awesome_womens_retreat
July 24, 2020
From Inside the Hive with... Margaret Sherer
Margaret Sherer is the Founder and CEO of Cittadine Marketing, has been recognised as an f:entrepreneur ialso100 (awarded to the most inspiring businesses in the UK run by women) and is, as I discovered, a really fascinating and fun woman to talk to. You can find Margaret at and you can follow her on instagram at @cittadinamarketing and join her community at @cittadinamarketing You can also reach her personally via LinkedIn at Margaret Sherer or link in with her business via cittadina-marketing  Some of the things we talked about were: The book, Atomic Habits - James Clear And resources that might help are available via Beating Procrastination Toolkit Making Brave Choices worksheet The Personal Review questions we suggested were: 1) Brainstorm your barriers and blockers. What's getting in your way (either self-imposed or otherwise) 2) Reflect on what you've done brilliantly. What are you great at? What have you got through? What have you achieved? 3) Who could you ask for help? Who could you help? 4) What do you want? What's important? 5) What am I feeling guilty about that I don't need to hold onto? For this last step, you could sign up for The Compass at
July 17, 2020
From Inside the Hive with... Annie Auerbach
Annie's book FLEX: The Modern Woman's Handbook is a revelation. Packed full of discovery of how flex can be brought into all aspects of your life, helping you to make the most of your work, home, mind, body and future. Join Annie and I as we talk all things FLEX; and a few other bits. There are a couple of mild swear words in our conversation (just to give you a heads up!) so headphones might be good if you're with littles! You can find Annie's book in all good bookstores including here Follow Annie on Instagram @annie.auerbach Find out more about Starling at
July 10, 2020
From Inside the Hive with... Verena Hefti
Verena is the Founder and Director of the wonderful social enterprise Leaders Plus. Leaders Plus work with individuals during maternity leave, shared parental leave and beyond to progress in their careers whilst enjoying their young families.  You can find out more about the Fellowship here Become a mentor for a fellow by reaching out here Verena also hosts a successful podcast which you can get from your favourite podcast platform by search 'Leaders Plus' or clicking here You can reach Leaders Plus and Verena at
July 3, 2020
From Inside the Hive with...Lowri Morgan
Lowri Morgan is blooming' incredible. She is an ultra runner (despite a being told after a rugby accident that she would never run again), BAFTA winning presenter for S4C, Eisteddfod winner, and has lived with a nomadic tribe in Namibia. She is one of the few people on the planet to have taken the 2.5 hour submersion journey underwater (that's just to get to the sea bed) to see the Titanic in her final resting place. She has completed the 200 mile Dragon Back Ultra Race, the 350 mile Arctic Ultra and the 220km Jungle Marathon. She is quite possibly the toughest women I've ever met.  She is a lesson in perseverance, in saying 'yes' and the woman who brings us the nine life rules of Nel. Buy Lowri's book, Beyond Limits from your local book shop or the usual outlets. Follow Lowri on Instagram @_lowrimorgan You can view the reruns of Her 333 (the journey of the Arctic Ultrarun) on player ( and Ras yn Erbyn Amser (The Race Against Time) on BBC iPlayer (
June 26, 2020
From Inside the Hive with...Liz Price
In this conversation Liz and I wanted to explore goals, but our conversation couldn't help but be impacted by all that's in the news at the moment and so we discussed some of the feelings and actions that the Black Lives Matter campaign is highlighting. It felt like a good place to go with the conversation. We pick this up at the beginning and towards the last third of the podcast. I promised to drop some of the things we spoke about here: If you're in the NHS contact your local leadership and life long learning team to access the coaching register ( The article Liz referred to is here ( If you want to make your own vision board, head here ( The fabulous post from Gem Cunnigham (@ggcunninghamis here ( And you can find Liz here ( You can also contact Liz at to arrange a free chemistry conversation
June 19, 2020
From Inside the Hive with...Carrie-Ann Wade
Carrie-Ann is the Founder and Chief Collaborator at Cat's Pajamas Communications and an expert in her field. I wanted to talk to her about brand; what it is, why it's important and how you can create it. This is not just about business, but about you as an individual thinking about your career and your approach to it. Enjoy! Reach Carrie-Ann at and follow her on all the socials - @CatsPJs_UK Join us at the AWEsome Women's Retreat Join The Compass to get to work on understanding your values, your drivers and what's important to you  Sign up to the Quiet the Hive newsletter for a unique discount on both the Cat's Pajamas Collaborative and The Compass. Read one of Carrie-Ann's recommendations: The Squiggly Career - Helen Tupper Hype Yourself - Lucy Werner 
June 12, 2020
From Inside the Hive with... Gemma Brunton
Gemma Brunton is an award winning photographer, Say Yes More team member, sometime adventurer, and just happens to have been one of my best friends for nearly 25 years! Listen in as we talk imposter syndrome, making brave choices and how we all have a bubble of specialness (my new go-to phrase!). Find out more about Gemma and book her for a shoot here - Join in with the Children of Salisbury Charity Project (Life After Lockdown) - And follow her on instagram and facebook. Find out more and join your local (super, super friendly) Yes Tribe here And find out more about the AWEsome Women’s Retreat at
June 5, 2020
From Inside the Hive with... Eleanor Clarke
Have you ever considered getting a coach? Want to know how to find a good one, or why you would need one? Listen to Eleanor and I ask we talk all things coaching; from the transformations that can occur, how it's helping during covid19 and why we both love it! You can reach Eleanor via email or through LinkedIn. She is going to be in high demand, so be quick off the mark if you are interested in having a chemistry conversation with her. Find out more about Eleanor and her coaching approach at You can also reach out to me for coaching too via
May 29, 2020
From Inside the Hive with... Jo Lee
I adored recording this episode with Jo. She is such a wonderful example of what we can achieve in life. The children's books she is writing will be just wonderful - I know it! We reference all sorts of things through out the conversation, so here they are incase you want to know more... Follow Jo on Instagram at @JoLee_2014 and on her blog over at Join The Compass Find out more about AWL (the Amazing Women Leaders Programme) Find out more about Vision Boarding with this free Quiet the Hive How to... ...and download the Beat Procrastination tool kit Read - The Doorstep Mile or Microadventures by Alastair Humphreys Join This Mum Runs (TMR) The most inspiring and dangerous (for your purse!) hashtag out there on instagram #artistsupportpledge (also #makersupportpledge). You've been warned! PS It's 168, not 178 (I gave us 10 extra hours in the week...imagine!)
May 22, 2020
From Inside the Hive With... Coach Debz
Joining Jane as the first From Inside the Hive guest, Coach Debz talks to us about all things energy. Find out what it is, why we need it, how to get it and (importantly as this goes out during week 8 of lockdown) how to balance good energy with bad. Get some practical hints on how to keep an eye on your energy levels, and find out what Coach Debz and Jane share in common as an instant energy lift! Find Coach Debz at @strongerinsideandout or connect with her over at her website for more amazing content!
May 15, 2020
Making Brave Choices
Join me, Jane from Quiet the Hive, as I explore what brave choices are, why they're important, what gets in the way of making them, and how to get past that.  Head here to download the Making Brave Choices worksheet, and access other great free content designed to help you be who you want to be. Head here to join The Compass, a four week online programme designed to reconnect you with what's important to you, for here for the AWEsome Women's Retreat. Join me for #threethingssunday over at Instagram Sign up to be the first to hear new content, get early access to programmes, and get exclusive material designed to inspire and motivate. Happy week ahead! Jane x
April 12, 2020
From Inside the Hive - Building your Resilience
Hear my top 10 tips for building your resilience.  In times of worry or anxiety, we all need to keep our leaky resilience buckets topped up. I'd like to share with you what I know works in terms of looking after our resilience. Use what you learn here to help others too. Why not send the link to someone who you think would benefit from building on their resilience. Join me for #threethingssunday over at Instagram Head here to see other great free content, designed to help you Sign up to be the first to hear new content, get early access to programmes, and get exclusive material designed to inspire and motivate. Happy week ahead! Jane x
March 15, 2020
AWL Visualisation - Overcoming Barriers
This is a guided visualisation to support Session Five of the Quiet the Hive Amazing Women Leader's Programme; Overcoming Barriers.
March 5, 2020