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Quirky Gems' Podcast: LIFE OFFLINE

Quirky Gems' Podcast: LIFE OFFLINE

By Quirky Gems podcast
Greetings! I'm Gem but you probably already know this or you wouldn't be here right?!, how's it going? You may know me from my podcast. Quirky Gems... Well welcome to the brand new series. LIFE OFFLINE. Theres three rules with this new series,

No job talk

No social media (yep you heard that right!)

Just things that I come across OFFLINE.

So tune in this will be interesting!

Gem ūüėä

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Episode 100: in conversation with Tracy Bailey content creator

Quirky Gems' Podcast: LIFE OFFLINE

Episode 100: in conversation with Tracy Bailey content creator

Quirky Gems' Podcast: LIFE OFFLINE

Looking to the lads
Is it harder for women to like their bodies, understand their style and accept it? Gem looks at this how she sees her body and how her hubbys perception changed how she views her style and body With thanks my two patreons to justmebeingmrsb and Debbie Become a patreon: Thequirkygem.wordpress.comTwitter:@gemsquirky Instagram:@gemsquirky
September 16, 2020
Nobody has it all together
Nobody has it all together. It's a misconception that everybody but us has it all together, Gem shares her view point in where she believes this might come from, could the misconception be a generational thing? Twitter:@gemsquirky Instagram:@gemsquirky patreon: Magic by Allerlei von Nicolai |
September 3, 2020
The unawareness of being aware
Okay, make yourself comfy. Gems come up with a theory about why some us may be feeling a bit anxious and uncertain right now and how yes, she feels a connection to sperm Instagram:@gemsquirky twitter:@gemsquirky become a patreon: Magic by Allerlei von Nicolai |
August 27, 2020
Are you a good friend?
Are you a good friend? This is the very subject we are looking at in this episode. How often do you DM or text your friends? Do you feel pressure to keep up with friends?  Instagram:@gemsquirky twitter:@gemsquirky become a patreon: Magic by Allerlei von Nicolai |
August 27, 2020
Podcasts I've been listening to lately (and being a guest on a radio show)
Are you in to podcasts, maybe your looking for new ones to listen too? Gems got you covered, talking about two podcasts she's listening to at the moment and also being a guest on a radio show. Instagram:@gemsquirky twitter:@gemsquirky become a patreon: Magic by Allerlei von Nicolai |
August 19, 2020
Guilty pleasures
Guilty pleasures, we all have them, gem looks at guilty pleasures, yeah so you can expect laughs and real talk and yeah Pokémon twitter:@gemsquirky Instagram:@gemsquirky
August 12, 2020
I won a competition!
Gem won a completion on Instagram tune in as she talks about what she's been craving since winning and what it's like getting cake through the post. twitter:@gemsquirky insta: @gemsquirky
August 12, 2020
It came from my phone.
It's a device that most of us have with us all the time, it can open the world up for us and also let us buy some really cool stuff. Tune in as Gem talks about this wonderful world of e-commerce and listeners share the best things they have bought from their phones. Twitter:@gemsquirky Instagram:@gemsquirky
August 6, 2020
What age were you when you first went on the internet and what would you...
Tell your younger self about it? Gem shares her story about going on the internet for the first time and how the internet has a way of becoming part of our lives. Also with shoutouts twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram: @gemsquirky
July 30, 2020
I returned to Instagram - but it's not what you think!
Just as the title suggests, yeah Gem returned to Instagram but it's not what you think. Tune in for an intriguing episode! twitter: @gemsquirky instagram: @gemsquirky
July 30, 2020
Facemasks and individuality .
So we in the U.K are preparing to wear facemasks when visiting shops, dentists and so forth, but how do you express individuality whilst wearing one?  twitter:@gemsquirky (Music promoted by
July 22, 2020
Comparison, we've all felt it at some time right? Gem shares her views on comparison, her experience and what it's been like since coming off instagram. Thequirkygem.wordpress.comTwitter:@gemsquirky 
July 16, 2020
Life Offline
Life Offline:¬† Join Gem in the first episode of the new series of Quirky Gems Podcast: Life Offline.¬† We talk communities, Instagram, portfolios, creativity and more.¬† So make a cuppa and take a listen! ūüėä (
July 10, 2020
July 9, 2020
July 9, 2020
Life in lockdown: in conversation with Tracy Bailey
Gem talks to Tracy Bailey about life in Lockdown, what Tracy's been upto, how she's been living with M.E, what she's learned since Lockdown and holograms -yes you read that right! twitter:@gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
May 8, 2020
In conversation with Sophie Ward: Life in Lockdown
First interview in the mini series, Gem talks to Sophie Ward about life in Lockdown, technology, coronavirus, Lyme disease, communication, swimming and Tik Tok, be prepared for real conversation and a bit of a giggle check out: Sophie's Tik Tok: @sophieward2 insta: @sophiewardy and website:
May 1, 2020
Gem: Life in Lockdown
Gems kicking off Life in lockdown a mini podcast series about lockdown due to Covid19, Gem talks what's new with her, how she's found lockdown and what she had planned for the future and shares two goals shes working towards. twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:@ gemsquirky
April 27, 2020
Episode 104: in conversation with Lily Luscombe endometriosis & running a business
In the last episode of quirky Gems podcast, Gem will be talking to Lily Luscombe, (@Endometriosis_survivor) about her endometriosis journey and how she balances it with running a business. Lily's website: Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky Music:
February 7, 2020
Episode 103: thats gastritis
Gem shares how she's been getting on with her tummy, what Gastritis is and what has helped. Gem will also be taking about her decision to move on from Podcasting. What she has gotten from podcasting sadfishing and how she feels about the future. Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
January 31, 2020
Episode 102: Tattoos & piercing I want in 2020
Are you thinking about having any piercings or Tattoos in 2020, Gems already done one. Tune in to listen to Gems plans for Tattoos and piercings and how one in particular has helped her migraine. Twitter: @Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky Music:
January 31, 2020
Episode: 101 the memory
Welcome to episode 101: the memory, in this episode gem talks about her first time - experiencing a migraine that is!, She also talks about her first memory of a  fibromyalgia flare up and how standing on a brick can hurt your pressure points and it doesn't help fatigue. With shout outs. Do you remember your first memory of chronic illness? Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky Music by:
January 23, 2020
Episode 100: in conversation with Tracy Bailey content creator
Welcome to episode 100 woohoo! In this episode Gem talks to content creator Tracey Bailey AKA Mrs B, they talk about Tracy's past employment in the RAF, blogging about babies and kids, CFS/Me, migraine,menopause, fibromyalgia and what a content creator is! So make yourself a cuppa, pull up a seat and prepare for laughs (there was no wine or alcohol involved we promise!) (If you hear any pauses please keep listening Gem got excited andaccidently paused the recording twice. - blame fatigue brain) Enjoy! ūüėä For more: Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky Music by Music by
January 17, 2020
Episode 99: I found my place.
So, after Gem reopened her Etsy, she made her first sale of 2020 and Gem wants to share how she feels about, expect laughs, excitements oh yeah and an awkward moment, but Gem insists, it wasn't her. Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
January 13, 2020
Episode 98 perception
So on the first week of January my body bought to me... Gem explains how shes been feeling under the weather both mentality and physically and what it is. Gem also talks about what's coming up on quirky Gems podcast For more: Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
January 10, 2020
Episode 97: its okay to be settled
Welcome to episode 1 of series 3. Gems talking new years resolution, her christmas and creativity! For more: twitter:@Gemsquirky instagram:@Gemsquirky Music by
January 1, 2020
Quirky Gems Podcast A Christmas Special
A Christmas special, a small gift from me to you, as a thank you for listening and being a part of Quirky Gems Podcast in 2019. There's been a lot. music by: Https:// Until January 2020 Merry Christmas! Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
December 6, 2019
Episode 96: A helping hand at Christmas.
Episode 96: A helping hand at Christmas, in this episode Gem talks about preparing for the festivities especially if you are worried about surviving with pain & fatigue. Packed with useful tips and tricks! Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
December 6, 2019
Episode 95: vote dont write us off
Episode 95. It's December and the general election is almost upon us. Have you thought about who you might vote for? Gem talks about her decision to vote, who she's voting for and why. Why not become a patron: Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram: @Gemsquirky
December 1, 2019
Episode 94: Podcasts ive loved this year
Welcome, welcome, welcome to episode 94. Gem talks about podcast episodes she's been enjoying this year. Maybe you'll like them too. What episodes have you been liking this year? Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:Gemsquirky
November 28, 2019
Eoisode 93: on the horizon
Welcome to episode 93: on the horizon, in this episode Gem talks about her hopes and plans for 2020. And there's a big plan in mind. Want to become a patreon: Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
November 27, 2019
Episode 92: what ive learned this year (and psychology of migraines)
Welcome to episode 92. In this episode Gem talks about what she has learned this year 2019. Gem also talks about her opinions on Social media, being called a "spoonie", reflecting on 2019 and she loves about podcasting. Want to become a patron? Twitter: Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
November 22, 2019
Episode 91 nose piercing & migraine
Ever wanted a nose piercing but you are a migraine sufferer? Gem talks about the story behind her newest piercing and if and how it affected her with migraines.  Want to become a patron?  For more: Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram: @Gemsquirky 
November 22, 2019
Episode 90: its already here #globalwarming (and migraines)
Global warming, it's already here right?, But what happened when the temperatures drops and you are a migraine sufferer? Gem talks about her experience with migraine lately and takes you on a trip down memory lane as she talks about her memory of being educated on the O-zonelayer. She also talks about her theories on why it is so cold. Be prepared for a right giggle! Twitter: @Gemsquirky Instagram: @Gemsquirky
November 20, 2019
Episode 89: migraine & my secret weapons in autumn
Episode 89 migraine & my secret weapons in autumn Get migraines? This episode is definately for you. Gem talks about her battles with migraine in Autumn and what has helped so far.  Quirky Gems Podcast  Twitter: @gemsquirky Instagram: @Gemsquirky
November 15, 2019
Episode 88 online vs highstreet
Welcome to episode 88 were talking shopping, which do you prefer the good old high Street or online shopping? Gem looks at this from a sellers perspective, different age groups, trusting online shops and could the future be pop up shops and learning from past generations? Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
November 12, 2019
Episode 87: woe is me and setting boundaries
In this episode Gem talks about chronic illness and the chronic illness community, what she's found, how it's affected her mental health, her experiences and her thoughts going forward. Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
November 5, 2019
Episode 86: A Halloween Special
Welcome to a spooky Halloween special. We're talking about experiences with spirits and ghosts! I dare you to listen!  Instagram: @Gemsquirky Twitter:@Gemsquirky
November 1, 2019
Episode 85: living with migraine
Are you a migraineur (migraine sufferer) then this episode is for you! With listener shoutouts were talking about what works and what doesn't. Gem will also be sharing her thoughts on the clock changing, not to mention something new coming to Quirky Gems Podcast. Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
October 28, 2019
Episode 84: what do you do for a living?
Welcome to episode 84 what do you do for a living?, Does this question annoy you? Gem looks at employment and what it means to different people and if the way we look at employment is changing  For more: Twitter: @Gemsquirky Instagram: @Gemsquirky
October 24, 2019
episode 83 second opinion: the turning point
Trigger warning: this podcast episode refers to suicidal thoughts and feelings. In this podcast episode Gem talks about her decision in regards to her hysterectomy choice. She talks about endometriosis and the apointment that turned her world upside down. Gem also talks about her feelings about the endometriosis community and the lesons she's learned. She also thanks some very special people. Quirky Gems Podcast Twitter: @Gemsquirky Instagram: @Gemsquirky
October 20, 2019
Episode 82 moving forward
In this episode Gem talks about her mental health whilst awaiting answers, what she's been up to in the past month, how it went when she cut her hair, endometriosis  and her plans for the future. Also with shout outs Twitter: @gemsquirky Instagram: @Gemsquirky
October 11, 2019
Episode 81 in a years from now.
In a year from now. Do your you give much thought to the future? What is something you would charge if you could? Gem talks about her plans for the future listeners also share their hopes.  Twitter: @Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky 
October 7, 2019
Episode 80 would you?
We all talk to people online, but would you have an online friend be a referee on your C.V or resume?  Well in this episode were talking just this!  Twitter: @Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky 
October 4, 2019
Episode 79: brexit as told by someone with a chronic illness.
Chances are you've heard of Brexit by now, everyday there's something new to hear about. In this episode Gem talks about her experience living through a recession both mentally and physically and why it still has an impact on her life. Gem also shares whom she's planning on voting for. Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
September 30, 2019
Episode 78 Dick pics
Welcome to episode 78, were talking "Dick pics", have you had one sent to you, have you had a random DM (Direct message) on social media From a random guy trying to chat you up? Join Gem as she talks about her experiences, and reads out listeners experiences too! Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
September 27, 2019
Episode 77 Endo & bloody PMS
Gem documents what PMS (or could it be PMDD?) Is like with endometriosis - what she feels physically, emotionally and mentally. Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
September 23, 2019
Episode 76 Rediscovering
Have you ever found something that reminded you of a happy time you had thought you had lost?  Check out pictures: Twitter. @Gemsquirky Instagram: @Gemsquirky
September 23, 2019
Episode 75 could you live without social media?
It seems like everyone has a device but could you live without Social media? Tune in to hear about what listeners think about it and how it impacts their lives Twitter: @Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
September 20, 2019
Episode 74 Endo, hysterectomy & Me
Welcome to episode 74 Endo, hysterectomy & Me, in this episode Gem talks about the next steps in her decision to have a hysterectomy for endometriosis, Gem talks candidly about her thoughts and feelings on choosing a hysterectomy.  Twitter: @Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky 
September 15, 2019
Episode 73: what would your Mum say if she saw (what you posted online)
If she saw what you posted online? In this funny episode were talking  about the time Gems Mum read Gems tweet. Gems asked listeners what's would your mum say if she saw what you posted on the internet? Would she be shocked? With listener shout-out outs. Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
September 13, 2019
Episode 72 : capsule wardrobe: what it is/ what it does?
Welcome to episode 72. In this episode were talking about a Capsule wardrobes, what they are and what they do. Join Gem as she talks about the change in weather and why it's important to love the clothes you have. Gem will also be reviewing a gift from a listener. Twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta: @gemsquirky
September 9, 2019
Episode 71 Stubborness feat. Gems Mum
Welcome to episode 71, in this episode Gem talks to her Mum about Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Anxiety and why you shouldn't give up if you are living with chronic pain! *Contains swearing* Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram: @Gemsquirky
September 6, 2019
Episode 70 A crafty minute - what about Gem?!
Welcome to episode 70, in this episode Gem talks about how endometriosis has affected her lately, a round up of how things have been the last month, from interviews with both Emma Kenny and Molly Fenton, creative projects, competition she won on Instagram and a few exciting things Gems Gonna try in the next few weeks. Don't forget to follow: Twitter: @Gemsquirky Instagram: @Gemsquirky
September 1, 2019
Episode 69: in conversation with Molly Fenton founder of the pad petition!
She's the 17 year old, Welsh power house, That you definitely should know about, meet Molly Fenton!, Molly talks to Gem about the pad petition, how it came about and why Molly is so passionate about letting women choose what they use when it comes to that time of the month! Trust me guys you don't want to miss it! Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
August 29, 2019
Episode 68 Branding: is a website for you?
In the third and final installment of the branding micro series at Quirky Gems Podcast were looking at whether you or your company needs a website? If so what one?  We take a close look at Weebly, WordPress and blogspot. We also look at how social media can help your website.  Don't miss: Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram: @Gemsquirky
August 26, 2019
Episode 67 in conversation with Emma Kenny: Trauma - what is it? & Creativity
She's one of Britains best loved pyscologists. Join Gem & Emma as they talk about Trauma, endometriosis, hysterectomy, spirituality and more! Twitter: @Gemsquirky Instagram: @Gemsquirky
August 23, 2019
Episode 66 Branding - target audience
Second installment of the micro series "Branding" this episode were talking target audience and how best to find them and advertise to them on social media! Well be looking at the different social medias and which one could suit you and your business. Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
August 19, 2019
Episode 65 folowingyour dreams with chronic illness
Tune in as Gem looks at how dreams change as you get older and how Gem made the decision to walk away from what she thought may have been an opportunity. Gem also talks about her battle both mentally and physically with endometriosis. For more: Twitter: @Gemsquirky Instagram: @gemsquirky
August 16, 2019
Branding: what is it?
Maybe you are looking at Branding for your business and don't know where to start? - or even what Branding is? Well join Gem as she talks you through what branding is. Branding - what is it is the first in a micro series here at Quirky Gems Podcast. We're covering. *Target audience *Colour scheme *Environment Twitter: @Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
August 14, 2019
Aliens - Do they
Do you believe in Aliens? Maybe you think you have seen one? (Enter strange music here) Gems going to be talking about signals, satellites, the anchor app and micro pigs. Don't miss it! Twitter: @Gemsquirky Instagram:@gemsquirky
August 11, 2019
A crafty minute -life lately
Join Gem as she talks about life lately, her first collaboration, a new migraine trigger and feelings lately. Be sure to follow: Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram@gemsquirky
August 5, 2019
Endometriosis the signs.
do you think you may have endometriosis? do you know what to look for? in this episode Gem shares her experience in discovering she has endometriosis, we talk, polyps, ovarian cancer, PMS , listeners journeys and why men suffer too. twitter:@Gemsquirky instagram:@Gemsquirky
July 31, 2019
In this episode Gem talks about volunteering, maybe you have thought about it or considered it? Gem talks about her own experiencein volunteering and listeners share their experiences too! Look out for helpful hints in what to look for if considering volunteering. For more: twitter:@Gemsquirky instagram:@Gemsquirky
July 26, 2019
Its okay if it didnt work out
following on from 'etsy my observations and news' episode Gem talks about how she feels after shutting down her Etsy shop. how taking a step back can be good for you and of course listener feedback! for more: twitter: @gemsquirky insta: @gemsquirky get involved in next episode: volunteering
July 22, 2019
Etsy - my observations and news
are you thinking of starting an Etsy or an online shop? maybe you don't know how to start? join Gem as she talks about her observations since being with Etsy. find out helpful hints, and find out Gems news
July 17, 2019
A crafty minute
join Gem as she talks about her latest crafting obsession, a round up of her month, hear listener shoutouts as Gem talks about what creativity means for her. Be prepared for humour! for pics check out: Twitter: @Gemsquirky instagram: @Gemsquirky
July 15, 2019
A womans right!
in this episode were talking pads, sanitary pads to be precise!. ever wondered whats in them? Gem has come across a petition to aim to get the ingredients of sanitary pads/towels listed in the packaging. you'll wanna check this out, you won't believe what you find out! for more: Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
July 11, 2019
Right to die
you've probably heard about right to die. join Gem as she talks about right to die, the mentality, society's view on it and how it must feel. also contains listeners views. thank you so much to everyone who got involved. for more Twitter:@Gemsquirky insta: @gemsquirky
July 8, 2019
We are talking about inclusiveness! With chronic health conditions, in work, education and more and what a fatigue flare up feels like for Gem. For more: twitter: @Gemsquirky instagram: @gemsquirky
July 4, 2019
Summer in June
in this episode Gem talks about the heatwave that Southampton has had a it's only June!, Gem also talks about a slightly embarrassing fashion moment! instagram: @gemsquirky twitter: @gemsquirky
June 29, 2019
Find out what gems been up To and why she's pushing for a hysterectomy  For more:  Twitter: @Gemsquirky, instagram: @gemsquirky , or etsy: 
June 27, 2019
Special episode: vocation
Do you think everybody has a vocation? Gem contemplates this, join her for this special episode where she talks about Radio presenting, employment, and the future. Available on Spotify and stitcher so Twitter: @gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
March 7, 2019
Episode 50 a reintroduction
avid listener or maybe you are new here. This episode is a reintroduction to Quirky Gems Podcast. Prepare for laughs! Available on Spotify and stitcherapp Twitter:@Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
March 7, 2019
Episode 49 In my atmosphere - my creative month
Make yourself a cuppa and settle in and join Gem as she talks about her creative month, her etsy shop, knitting, mental health and how to enter the smartwatch giveaway. Also available on stitcher app and spotify Twitter@Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
March 1, 2019
Surprise episode: endometriosis & depression
Join Gem as she talks about what's new on her endometriosis journey, we talk Hysterectomy, Menopause, pregnancy, PMS, depression & pain Also find out a little bit about Gems Giveaway. You won't wanna miss it. Twitter @Gemsquirky Instagram @Gemsquirky
February 27, 2019
episode 48: Part 2 listeners experience of CBD AKA Cannabis oil
So you are interested in CBD oil but maybe want some more reviews, Gem shares her Listeners experience of CBD oil so be prepared for shootouts and honest reviews! Missed part 1 'my experience of CBD oil AKA Cannabis oil' please check out: Twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
February 22, 2019
Episode 47 my experience with CBD AKA Cannabis oil
Maybe you have heard of it or curious about it, were talking CBD, in the episode Gem will be reviewing CBD infused body balm from Chronic Khaleesi (instagram) and sharing her experience as both an endometriosis and Fibromyalgia sufferer. For more: Twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
February 22, 2019
Special episode: Wheelchair Barbie
She's the doll most of us have find memories of and may spent most of our time playing with, join Gem on her take on 'Wheelchair barbie' from both a physical and mental health standing point, from a healthy child to a 'disabled adult' we talk, society, accessibility and education. Did you have a favourite barbie doll? Don't forget to share. Twitter:@Gemsquirky Insta:@Gemsquirky
February 16, 2019
Episode 46 : In conversation with Debbie Ingle Founder of
Are you a crafter and looking for a unique and affordable place to see your crafts? Have you heard of and would love to know more about it, then this is the episode for you! Gem talks to Debbie Ingle Founder of about the handmade community, childhood crafting and more! Twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
February 15, 2019
Episode 45 sex & chronic illness
So you have a chronic illness, so we don't do sex, right?! Wrong! Relax, press play and just have a giggle with Gem as she talks about sex and relationships, we talk about what sex is like if you have Fatigue or a painful condition, Gem talks about what sex education was like as a teenager and with listener shout outs, you know it gonna be a funny one! Twitter @Gemsquirky Instagram @Gemsquirky
February 8, 2019
Surprise episode - Tales of the phantom Nurse
Join Gem as she shares a little health update and did she actually speak to a ghost or phantom? Twitter: @Gemsquirky Instagram: @Gemsquirky
February 6, 2019
Episode 44 In my atmosphere - energy
my atmosphere - energy Join Gem for a January catch up, were talking moonstone rings, knitting , Gems listeners, shoutouts, endometriosis, fatigue spirituality and messages. Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram: @Gemsquirky
February 1, 2019
Surprise episode: CFS, emotions and the noggin
Talking about a 24 hour period with CFS, the emotions and what it's like for someone with CFS you'll be seeing it from Gems perception. Also talk of snow and Gems listeners Twitter @Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
February 1, 2019
Episode 43 endometriosis & Me
warning: harsh language and humour Do you have endometriosis? Tune in and join Gem as she shares what goes through her mind in an "endo flare". Gem talks about her journey so far, her relationship with Mother, pain, pregnancy and mental health with endo pain. Twitter: @Gemsquirky Instagram: @Gemsquirky
January 25, 2019
Surprise episode: Appropriate ME treatment Debate
It was the debate that every person suffering with CFS/ME prays takes place in the U.K government and it did! Join Gem as she talks about her take on the debate and what she thought about it from the mind of an individual living with CFS.  Twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
January 25, 2019
Episode 42 Something new
It's a few weeks in to 2019, how are you finding it so far? Join Gem as she shares what she has learned so far and why it was almost the end for Quirky Gems podcast but Destiny stepped in. Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram: @Gemsquirky
January 22, 2019
Surprise episode: Vulnerable
Join Gem as she talks about what it means to her to feel vulnerable, and how she's dealing with it. Twitter: @Gemquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
January 18, 2019
Episode 41 in conversation with Samantha Renke
She has many strings to her bow, Presenter, disability campaigner, actress and entrepreneur but Gem managed to catch up with Sam and talk about what 'inspiration' means to them and what its like being someone with a disability or chronic health condition today. Twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
January 18, 2019
Episode 40 In conversation with Donna Owens AKA Yoga my bed and M.E
Get comfortable and ready for a giggle! We're talking to Donna Owens of yogamybedandm.e Get ready for talks of spiritiality, business, CFS/M.E and why Donna wants to change how people view yoga! Don't forget to check out Gems Instagram to see images: Check out Twitter: @Gemsquirky
January 11, 2019
Episode 39 Acceptance
It's a new year, but same bodies, Gem talks about starting a new year and new plans with accepting what your body can and can't do. Twitter:@Gemsquirky Insta:@Gemsquirky
January 4, 2019
Episode 38 New Years Resolutions
Are you making new Years resolutions? Do you believe in them?, Do you feel the pressure to make them? Join Gem as she talks about her Christmas, lessons she learned and her new Years resolutions Happy New Year to all my amazing listeners! Twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
December 31, 2018
Episode 37 All the signs
If you love Spirits (not the fizzy kinds) feeling warm and fuzzy and Christmas then this episode is for you! Twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta:@Gemsquirky
December 19, 2018
Episode 36 hindsight
Are you more of a person that looks back in reflection of where you have been or forwards to where you are going? Twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
December 18, 2018
Episode 35 Bags, Bags, Bags!!
Do you have a painful chronic condition such as Fibromyalgia or Lupus? Listen as Gem and listeners explain the frustration of finding the perfect bag! (Who knew there were so many kinds?!) Twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
December 14, 2018
Episode 34 Self care part 2
Self care, social media fad or something we already do? Gem looks at what self care actually is, what it involves, the mindset of practising self care and the feelings you may feel if you already have self care in your life. Twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
December 11, 2018
Surprise episode: Gems take on smart devices
Do you have one?, If not then you have probably seen one. Gems talking smart watches but from the view of a person with chronic illness, also talking about smart kitchen appliances, technology and a debate on zombie apocalypse. Twitter:@Gemsquirky Insta:@Gemsquirky
December 6, 2018
Episode 33 in my atmosphere Live & Learn
What a year 2018 has been eh? Ups, downs & lessons! Join Gem as she looks back over 2018, what she got up to, opportunities, health & more plus shoutouts from listeners and how wool freaked Gem out! Twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
November 30, 2018
Episode 32 podcasts I've enjoyed this year
Are you an avid podcast listener? Did you find yourself downloading specific genres? Gem shares her favourite podcasts of 2018 and what she enjoys about them! Twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
November 27, 2018
Episode 31 CFS & Cold
It's November, it's cold, and Gems not liking it, but who else is struggling with it? Join Gem and some listeners as we talk about cold weather and health conditions, also discussions about poverty and the vulnerable in society in the colder months. For more info: Insta: @Gemsquirky Twitter: @Gemsquirky
November 23, 2018
Surprise episode: when Destiny says No
Do you believe in Fate / Destiny, Do you think it has a big influence on your life?, Join Gem as she talks about two occasions recently which Fate has stepped in. Twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
November 20, 2018
Episode 30 Friday Feeling
Someone, somewhere mentions it "Thank God it's Friday!" But do you get the " Friday Feeling"? Gem will be talking about what the "Friday feeling" feels like if you have chronic health, do you get it? Twitter: @Gemsuirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
November 20, 2018
Episode 29 The art of pacing (Part 1)
part 1 of two were talking about relaxing and being good to ourselves Are you good at pacing? Relaxing and taking YOU time? Gem explores the mind set of pacing and how it impacts her lifestyle How does it affect yours do you take the time? Twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta:@Gemsquirky
November 15, 2018
Episode 28 In conversation with Caroline Hiscock AKA empower arts
You join Gem as she has a chat with none other than Caroline Hiscock AKA empower arts (and the blogger Freya Fennec) they talk about adapting to life with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), creativity, positivity and how empower arts magazine came to be. For more information please check out: Twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
November 13, 2018
Episode 27 My knitting story
You join Gem for episode 27 where Gem talks about her knitting story and how not only is it a great past time but how she came to knit. and How it helps with her mental health. Gem also talks about Social media and how knitting helps gem Connect with her Nan! For more and to find out who the guy is(Insta stories) Twitter:@Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
November 8, 2018
Episode 26: In conversation with Claire Wilson AKA Claireabellemakes
Gem talks to a special guest Claire Wilson AKA Claireabellemakes about Migraines, freelancing and creativity they'll also be discussing social media and mental health. Check out: Twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta: @gemsquirky
November 6, 2018
Surpise episode: Fatigue & how my brain identifies it
Fatigue- do you have it?, Does it sometimes make you feel naff?, Join Gem and Deborah (Gems Mum) as they talk about Fatigue! Deborah has RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and fatigue and Gem has CFS(chronic fatigue syndrome) and possible Lupus and fatigue, there are some Thank yous, shouout and talk about Work, benefits and lifestyle! Twitter:@Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
November 2, 2018
Episode 25 Queen of the castle audiobook
Halloween special! We're going in to a haunted castle and we are going to meet friendly spirits who know how to dance! Great for any age and perfect to meditate to! Happy Halloween! Produced and Narrated by Gem Swallow Twitter:@Gemsquirky Insta:@Gemsquirky
October 31, 2018
Episode 24 Past lives
We couldn't let Halloween month go by without talking about something that most of us have a thought, opinion or belief in! Join Gem as we talk about past lives, The link between past lives and health, life lessons, soul mates, soul groups and tons more. There's also an important announcement. Twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta:@Gemsquirky
October 29, 2018
Episode 23 Crystals
You join Gem on episode 4 Of "Halloween month" at Quirky Gems podcast we talk Crystals, how Gem fell in to a connector took with them and how everything is interconnected. Were talking, vibes, protection, good times and jewellery! Check out: Twitter:@Gemsquirky Insta:@Gemsquirky
October 24, 2018
special episode: It's called recycling
You join Gem as after watching something on T.V about her local recycling plant and how it impacts the environment she's angry, passionate and is calling for change! Twitter: @Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemquirky
October 24, 2018
Episode 22 visitations
You join Gem for the third episode of "Halloween month" at Quirky Gems Podcast, Were talking about Spirit visitation! Maybe it's a relative, friend or even a pet, Were talking about what they mean to dream of a loved one that's passed! Twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
October 23, 2018
Episode 21 In my atmosphere: facebook, looms and kinder toys
In this episode Gem will be sharing what she's come across in a month, what new things she's in to, that rheumatology appointment!, What Autumn is like in Southampton, how Gems dealing with extreme exhaustion with Lupus and a little bit about a new thing coming in November for the podcast called "In conversation with" So why not catch up with Gem. As a bonus there is also a few photos on gems website to accompany this episode. Twitter: @Gemsquirky Instagram:@Gemsquirky
October 17, 2018
Episode 20 Random?!
If you have ever had brainfog, this episode is for you!, Gem will be talking about Brainfog AKA 'Fibro' and how it affects her brain but with humour, expect lots of laughs! For more info: Twitter:@Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
October 16, 2018
Episode 19 "It means I love you"
The second "supernatural" episode in Halloween month at Quirky Gems podcast, Were talking transition, spirits and loved ones we have lost and how they send little gifts to reassure us they're not only okay but they're also with us! For more info: Twitter: @Gemsquirky insta: @Gemsquirky
October 9, 2018
Surprise episode behind the curtain
In this surprise episode, Gem shares what its like to have a 'fatigue day' and the mindset of fatigue. real, raw and with tears. For more: twitter:@Gemsquirky Insta:@Gemsquirky
October 8, 2018
Episode 18 Reading of Tea leaves
Otherwise known as 'tasseography' Gem will be looking at Tea leaf reading and will be walking you through how to do a reading for yourself, she'll be talking about tools, spirituality, spirits, instincts and energies. Not to be missed. Welcome to Hallowen month on Quirky Gems podcast. For more Twitter:@Gemsquirky Insta:@Gemsquirky
October 3, 2018
Episode 17 Autumn & Fibromyalgia
Gem talks about the weather change and how it affects fibromyalgia, Were talking what Fibro is, Tips and tricks & clothing that helps. Check it out: Twitter: @Gemsquirky insta: @Gemsquirky
October 3, 2018
special episode: Sex is my religion let us pray and other quotes I see everyday
This surprise episode comes your way from Gem, looking at those quotes we see all around us - everyday - we don't even realise, in a fatigue flair Gem looks at these quotes and gives her opinion. An episode packed with laughter and innuendos! Have a listen, have your say: twitter:@Gemsquirky Insta:@Gemsquirky
September 28, 2018
Episode 16 Ableism
In episode 16 Were talking Ableism, what it means and how were affected by it, Were also talking disability, disability benefits, and judgement not only the different between able a d disablement but also of ourselves and employment. Thought provoking episode. Wanna have your say: Twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta:@Gemsquirky
September 28, 2018
Episode 15 Mainstream Media
In this episode Gem looks at Mainstream media, what it is, how it influences and how it changes through generations. Gem will also be talking about blogs, podcasts and youtube. Well be talking about if mainstream media connects with our lifestyles and who we are. For more info: Twitter:@Gemsqyirky Insta:@Gemsquirky
September 25, 2018
Special episode - my week away
special episode, Gem talks about her week away and why she needed it! We're talking menstrual migraine, ONE and endometriosis, Were also talking transition, stress, death, spirituality and Lethargy! Don't forget to subscribe! Twitter:@Gemsquirky Insta:@Gemsquirky
September 21, 2018
Episode 14 make up darling
Gem's, back after taking a little break, we'll be looking at make up, Gem will be talking about her first experiences with make up, and her regime today!, Were also talking glitter sticks, blue eyeshadow, Gems first experience with highlighter and a surprise revelation for Gem! Prepare for laughs! For more: Twitter: @Gemsqyirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
September 21, 2018
Episode 13 In my atmosphere "Flee gate"
Welcome to episode 13. Were talking knitting, crocheting,flees, brothers, crop tops and magnet clasps! expect humour and photos! Check out Twitter:@Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
September 14, 2018
Episode 12 Clean air
Were talking about the environment, lifestyle and how a bit of bad marketing can have an affect on our mental health and way of life. Expect laughs and conversation about politics (it's light I promise) the Ozone layer, weather and listeners opinions. For more: Insta: @Gemsquirky Twitter:@Gemsquirky
September 11, 2018
Episode 11 Scroll free september
social media, most of us use one platform or more. But does it affect your mental health, were talking communities, lifestyle and addiction not to mention are we becoming a "Nanny state" For more: Twitter:@Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
September 7, 2018
Episode 10 Slave to your word
in episode 10 we're talking about saying no without feeling guilty about it, putting ourselves first and accepting this is okay with both physical conditions and mental health conditions.I Twitter:@Gemsquirky Instagram: @Gemsquirky Why not subscribe?
September 4, 2018
Episode 9 Medically speaking
In this episode we're talking about medical ID's, what the advantages are of wearing them and how they can save your life. Don't forget to subscribe. Twitter: @Gemsquirky Instagram:Gemsquirky
August 29, 2018
Episode 8 Sew irregular
In this exciting episode well be talking about sew irregular zine, what its about why you really need to own a copy, well be talking about community, make do and mend, fast fashion, sustainability and also hearing the story of how this amazing zine came to be. So tune in and be inspired! Twitter@Gemsquirky Insta:@Gemsquirky
August 24, 2018
Episode 7 In my atmosphere
Be prepared for laughs as I talk about mermaid make up brushes,my little boy, the experience of wearing crop tops, the weather change, my voice over journey, cutting out sugar, and audiobooks! -hello Mike! And my latest makes. To follow and get new episodes to your inbox. Twitter: @Gemsquirky Instagram: @gemsquirky
August 21, 2018
Episode 6 Hobby or Business
In this episode we talk about the differences between a hobby and a business and things to think about when you are planning on starting a business, taking a deep look at the handmade business and what it means to have health conditions and start a business. You don't want to miss it. Twitter: @gemsquirky Instagram: @gemsquirky
August 17, 2018
Surprise episode: we're calling you Lupus
Surprise interactive episode. Talking about Lupus. the differences between Lupus & Fibromyalgia and life Pre diagnosis. Please check out: for pictures to go with this episode. Twitter: @gemsquirky Insta: @gemsquirky
August 13, 2018
Episode 5 wiser
were going to be talking about dreams and the people we find in our dreams, well be looking at Trauma and past experience but also looking at the positives of the here and now! Want to get involved? twitter: @Gemsquirky Insta: @Gemsquirky
August 10, 2018
Episode 4 Anxiety
hosted by Gem Swallow special guest Deborah (Gems Mum) returns for an episode you need to listen to as Anxiety is affecting more and more of us. Well be talking about how our Anxiety came about and how it feels. They'll also be readers shootouts and tips and tricks for anxiety. thank you to everyone who took part. For more Info:
August 6, 2018
episode 3 Who are our idols and how have they changed as we've aged?
presented by Gem Swallow and with special guest we talk about Idols, have they changed as we've aged? & What we look for in idols, we also talk about Arthritis, fatigue & lupus! Expect humour! A big thank you to everyone who contributed! Want to be a part of episode 4, were talking anxiety! For more check out
August 2, 2018
Episode 2 In my atmosphere
are you ready for episode 2?, I bet you are! in this episode I'll be talking about Zines, my shop, my brand new toy and a few shoutouts. You don't wanna miss it!
July 24, 2018
Episode 1 Turning the page
welcome to the first episode of Quirky Gems podcast. grab a cuppa, relax and take a break, find out what I've been upto and what's coming up. For more check out
July 20, 2018