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Sfas Emes Podcast

Sfas Emes Podcast

By Rabbi Yonah Bookstein
Exploring the profound teachings of the great Chassidic Master, the Sfas Emes, Rabbi Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter, the Ger Rebbe.
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The Big Picture: The real enemy of spiritual practice and how to have strength to fight it
We often lose sight of the big picture that God encompasses all of creation. Even when we are involved in performance of our spiritual practice we can lose sight of why we are doing what we do. Here the Sfas Emes reminds us that Shabbos helps us keep perspective. A fundamental Sfas Emes and critical paradigm for life.
August 20, 2021
Shoftim: Equilibrium and Joy
A Sfas Emes teaching on how to have equilibrium, perspective and greater access to God.
August 13, 2021
Choose Shabbos
We have many choices for how we spend our time. The choice of spending Shabbos engaged with family, Torah study and prayer gives us access to a spiritual connection which guards us emotionally spiritually and physically.
August 6, 2021
The Incredible Joy of Shabbos Chazon
In this episode we learn from the Tiferet Shlomo of Radomsk, Poland, who explains why this Shabbos is special, and the spiritual potential of every Shabbos.
July 16, 2021
A Clearer Version of What’s going on- Sefas Emes on Parsha Matos
The Sefas Emes Discusses the difference between our ability to perceive things during the weekday and on the Sabbath and how we attain more clarity.
July 9, 2021
Connecting to the Infinite: Techelet, Mezuzahs and Korach
What is the purpose of the blue string tied to the fringes of garments? How do we find a way of getting unstuck when we think we have hit a wall? What was Korach’s mistake? Join us for a inspiring class based on writings of Sfas Emes, Dr. Mark Rutenberg, and Rabbi Yonah Bookstein.
June 11, 2021
Everything Can be Transformed Into a Mitzvah
The Sfas Emes discusses how we can learn how to be spiritual in this world by learning more deeply about the episode of the sin of the spies.
June 4, 2021
Lord, Get me High: how do we elevate ourselves spiritually?
Can a person look for ways to hack spirituality and elevate themselves with tests and spiritual dangers? How can we connect closer to God?
May 28, 2021
What is the Nature of Spiritual Impurity?
Looking into the ideas of Tu'ma and Tahara, the golden calf, and the para adumah. Much thanks to Sfas Emes Blog for the insights that helped unlock this torah.
March 5, 2021
Miracles of Chanukah Today
What are deeper meaning of the menorah and why we light it today? How do we connect time, space and miracles with a mitzvah?  Today's class is in depth study of the Sfas Emes teachings on Chanukah in 1872. The Sfas Emes Podcast is text-based study  of the Sfas Emes with Rabbi Yonah Bookstein , Alevy Center for Jewish Life and Learning @ Pico Shul in Los Angeles --> Join our WhatsApp Group here: ==>> To sponsor this class please visit:
December 18, 2020
Creating Angels
Learning the Sfas Emes on Parsha Vaysihlach, Class Dec 4, 2020. Text-based study  of the Sfas Emes with Rabbi Yonah Bookstein , Alevy Center for Jewish Life and Learning @ Pico Shul in Los Angeles --> Join our WhatsApp Group here: ==>> To sponsor this daily class please visit:
December 5, 2020
Creating Sacred Time
The Sefas Emes on Parsha Chaya Sarah with Rabbi Yonah Bookstein, from LA's Pico Shul
November 24, 2020
Shabbos is the Key to Spritual Knowledge - Parsha Toldos
The Sfas Emes in his first discourse on Parsha Toldos discusses the metaphor of the wells that Yitzchak dug, how Eisav fooled his father and more! In memory of the Schulenrien Family of Warsaw killed by the Nazis. pls Forgive the bad recording.
November 23, 2020
Secret of Harmony in the Universe
Korach rebelled against Moses, but it’s much deeper. Korach rebelled against the oneness of creation and God.
June 27, 2020
Mission Possible: fixing the world
In this extraordinary torah the Sfas Emes explains how we are specifically born into this world to pursue a mission only we can do.
June 19, 2020
Bringing the Light
The Sfas Emes on Parsha Behaloscha teaches how the Torah’s commandments / Mitzvahs bring spirituality into the world and our lives. He discusses how Shabbat and the weekday aren’t opposites, but rather one helps the other, and many other cool things!
June 12, 2020
My Soul’s Yearnings
The Sfas Emes on Parsha Naso. How are we both spiritual and physical beings? How can experience connecting to the Divine ? Shabbat provides an answer and a way.
June 11, 2020
Sefas Emes on Shavuos
An inspiring 20 minute class on the real meaning of Torah lishma, and the purpose of Torah study. Our torah learning is memory of the Szuldenrein Family killed during the Holocaust and for a complete recovery for Zvika Chaim ben Helina Shaindel.
May 25, 2020
Going Towards God
The Sfas Emes on Parsha Bechukosai in 5632 analyzes how we attach ourselves to God on the highway of life.
May 15, 2020
Becoming Pure - Parsha Emor 5632
Purity teaches the Sfas Emes is a state of connection to God. Refining our character and removing that which inhibits connections to God, is our work during the Counting of the Omer. Based on the teachings of Rabbi Nosson Chayim Leff.
May 8, 2020
Reconnecting our Souls
Join us as we study the Sfas Emes on Parsha Yisro. In-depth look at connections between Shabbos the 10 Commandments and our souls.
February 14, 2020