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Rabbit Hole Studios Round Table

Rabbit Hole Studios Round Table

By Rabbit Hole Studios
Weekly discussions with our member artists about their work and how blockchain technologies can help liberate the creative class. Brought to you by the White Rabbit Collective and RabbitHoleStudiosDAO.

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3 - Meet Miles Bunch
Website details incoming! For now you can reach Miles at their email via
May 05, 2022
2 - Meet Sean T Conlon
This week we sit down with one of our founding members Sean T Conlon and talk about his journey as a creator, a father and a member of RabbitHoleStudiosDAO! Listen to his latest album here:
April 18, 2022
1 - Meet Cassie Chantel
Today we spoke with Cassie Chantel, one of our music studio tenants and art collective members! We discuss what her skillsets are, how we plan to collaborate, what the pitfalls of the current entertainment industry are and how we plan to solve them with RabbitHoleStudiosDAO and our in-house Hidden Hare NFT marketplace. Give her some follows!
March 25, 2022