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Making Fun of Business

Making Fun of Business

By Rachael Kay Albers
Hey GirlBoss! JK. We don't pull that infantilizing crap around here. MAKING FUN OF BUSINESS, hosted by comedian Rachael Kay Albers, is the podcast for anyone who's been burned (or just bored) by the Online Marketing Industrial Complex. Where we swap B School for FREE SCHOOL, easy for honest, and goal digging for marketing in pursuit of meaning. You don’t need 10K, pay to play, or rosé all day to build a business and make an unforgettable impact in your industry. Come for the truth telling trash talk, stay to meet your new favorite thought leader. Spoiler: it’s you!
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#3. Gaslighting 101: You're a Gaslighter And I Am, Too
Content Warning: This episode covers sensitive topics including discussions of abuse. What's gaslighting got to do with business? Wait a sec. Back up the truck. What's gaslighting? This episode, originally entitled "Loving The Gaslighter Within," was recorded live on Instagram on March 3, 2021 and blurs the lines between “personal” and “business,” which is why I decided it was important to include it in this podcast scrapbook of burning it all down and building a better way. Because gaslighting isn’t a problem that clocks in or clocks out. “Business” is a fancy way of way of saying how modern humans meet each other’s needs in the marketplace. Who’s your daddy? Capitalism. Yeah. And Jeff Bezos. And if the Bez is our capitalist daddy, GirlBoss culture is our big sister and she loves gaslighting even more than fedoras and getting unstuck. Oh, what is gaslighting you ask? Google will give you its own version — manipulating someone into questioning their sanity — but I have my own take. And that’s what we’re talking about in this episode. If “business” is how we meet each other’s needs in the marketplace, gaslighting warps our sense of what we need to begin with. Gaslight. Gatekeep. GirlBoss. And speaking of the GirlBoss next door, little did I know, when I recorded this episode that a month later, I would be personally gaslit by the big sister of GirlBossdom herself, Jenna Kutcher. Yeah. That’s why you gotta subscribe to this show. Come to figure out what the hell is going on here, stay for the Kutchinator. I can call her that, she’s basically my ex. I’ll explain in a few episodes. For now, cnsider this episode a joint study session in The School of Gaslighting, where we're reviewing: 1) How to identify gaslighting; 2) Who are the gaslighters?; 3) The most important step in eradicating gaslighting. Plus the 3 types of people who struggle to identify gaslighting and why we each of us are ALL THREE TYPES! Because we are all: 1) living in a gaslighting world; 2) being gaslit; 3) gaslighting others. Seriously, though. What's gaslighting? Gaslighting is manipulating a person into questioning their own reality. And it's so finely woven into the fabric of our system, most of us can barely spot it anymore. Because it feels normal. Because it is normal. Gaslighting isn't someone else's problem. It's not something that other people do. It's our problem. And fixing it starts with finding, loving, and forgiving the gaslighter within. Thank you to Dr. Paul Holmes of The Emotion Management Program for changing my life and helping me save it. If you love the show, please do subscribe and review! If you hate the show, please send it to your enemies!
June 10, 2021
#2. Portrait of the Artist as an Unhinged Woman: The Making of FREE SCHOOL
This episode, originally entitled "Rach, You Ok? Srsly. We're CONCERNED," was recorded as a live video on Instagram on March 1, 2021. Get the full video experience at the Making Fun Of Business website. (This was the same day I recorded the spontaneous rough draft of my one woman musical comedy extravaganza-ish situation. You really had to be there. Luckily, you can. It's Episode #1.) This was only a few weeks after I started FREE SCHOOL, which I deemed "the greatest biz art experiment of all time." Partly as a dare to myself, partly as a wink to the lavish, overhyped promises of the industry. I'm in branding, remember? 😉 As I leaned into this experiment, I dared myself to say yes to every idea, letting that be my creative fuel, and letting that fuel drive my business. But this quickly became much more than a business experiment. In this episode, I tackle the questions a wild card woman faces when she colors outside the lines of her industry and community norms. Mostly, "Are you MANIC?!?" and its sister, "You know you can take something for that!" Come to spy on me, stay because I'm hilarious. Bonus! This episode throws in: 1) Why Big Clarity is a myth and confusing your audience is the wave of the future; 2) This just in: I'm an elder geriatric millennial because the only reference point I have for "glamorous ladies of today" is...Heather Locklear?; 3) How to make my doctor fall in love with you so you can bring me down; 4) UNSTUCK AS F*** (You'll have to listen to figure out what the asterisks stand for!); 5) Exploring the eternal mystery around how women make the transition from their late thirties to being a quirky old lady?!; 6) The Happiest Divorce on Earth?; If you love the show, subscribe and review! If you hate the show, send it to your enemies! 
May 30, 2021
#1. Saw This Coming A Mile Away: Rough Draft of A One Woman Musical Extravaganza-ish Situation
Travel back in time to the beginning of FREE SCHOOL, for this one woman musical comedy recorded (and completely improvised) live on Instagram on 3/1/2021. I had just announced my book, Saw This Coming A Mile Away, and here are the receipts because this episode predicted the future of FREE SCHOOL, touching on everything from The Game by pickup artist Neil Strauss to everyone’s favorite MAGA daddy, James Wedmore, to how I married the wrong man 365 times. And did I predict Rachel Hollis’ latest scandal a month in advance? How about Jenna Kutcher coming into my DMs and gaslighting me so I’d shut up already? Or a bunch of well meaning, left leaning white women calling the cops because I veered from Live Laugh Love culture and that must mean I’m “manic,” mentally ill, and must be medicated??? Yeah. I predicted it all. Plus, a rousing rendition of “God Bless Bezmerica” and an RKA’s History of the United States of America, loosely inspired by Howard Zinn and the skinny noodle men who colonized the country in the name of eventually building lots of Targets.
May 18, 2021
Hey I’m RKA and this is my new podcast, Making Fun of Business. My friends call me “Rachael Kay Albers” and my enemies call the cops or they just block me like Marie Forleo and my ex Dave Hollis. I’m the one woman Saturday Night Live of Business Comedy and the Court Jester of the Royal Shit Show that is Online Marketing. In 2021, I began the greatest business art experiment of all time, called FREE SCHOOL, with the goal of burning down the bullshit of online business to see what’s left standing. I ended up burning down my business, my marriage, and my reputation and now I’m showing you that you don’t need 10K or pay to play or rose all day to build a business or make a meaningful impact in your industry. See how a Phoenix rises LIVE while suddenly facing single motherhood and pivoting away from the branding business I ran for 12 years that ended up feeling more claustrophobic than a cubicle. I’m not here to replace your favorite thought leaders. I’m here to help you become the leader you need. And speaking of shit shows, this podcast aims to be just that. A big beautiful mess that doesn’t follow a particular format but, in FREE SCHOOL fashion, says YES to each new idea that arrives. Come to see a madwoman at work, stay for the only business podcast that puts FUN FIRST and let’s value take a backseat. There will be whistle blowing, surprise guests, and lots of midwestern mom jokes, dontacha know. This ain’t online marketing made easy or business made simple. There are plenty of girlbosses and the dickfunnels they rode in willing to lie to you and call it friendship. If you want to laugh your ass off while you clean your own toilets, yes that’s a Rachel Hollis dig, then buckle up and let the fun begin. Oh could you subscribe and leave me a review before Tiny Tony and a bunch of angry life coaches in hats ruin it for all of us??? THANKS I OWE YOU ONE!!!!!!!!
May 7, 2021