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How To Live A Way Chill Life

How To Live A Way Chill Life

By Rachel Hammond
Introduction to Way Chill Life and The 80 a guided meditation program.
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Waychill Living- Life After Death of the Material World
Join Kay and Rachel as they discuss the final episode of "The Good Place"  Both Kay and Rachel talk about what this episode meant to them.    They do talk about the final episode, so if you haven't seen it be aware they give away the ending.    Kay shares how the TV was similar to messages she received of life after death.   
February 1, 2020
Waychill Life: Welcome to The Age of Aquarius- Divine Feminine Energy is Kicking Ass and Taking Names
Following the first conversation with Kay A, we go deeper into what 2020 energy mean.  We look into a vision Kay had that symbolizes the shift of the paradigm from a patriarchal society to a society of equality and balance.  This is a very intensive break down, and we go deep into very sensitive topics. This episode is made for open minds that are ready to burst wide open.   On a personal  note from Rachel, this is one of the deepest messages I have discussed in public.
January 31, 2020
Waychill Life: 2020 Downloads and Meet Kay Adkins
This episode of Waychill Living we dive right into 2020 energies, and go into depth talking about the new downloads we are receiving.  Also we have a new guest Kay Adkins, she is a Reiki Master with wonderful insight.  Join us as we break down the "woo-woo" into what it means for daily living.  This episode we talk about what is Reiki, what are downloads and start to talk about the great Shift!
January 18, 2020
Way Chill Life Presents The Inner Child
This podcast focuses on the Inner Child.  Rachel gives simple definitions of 3 parts of the Self- Inner Child, Middle Self / Ego, Higher Self with a fun story to help understand who the inner child is within each of us and why it's important to connect with this part of yourself.  Learn about connecting with your Inner Child and what could come of it!
September 18, 2019
How To Live A Way Chill Life: Bathroom Spirituality
Way Chill Life presents a new way to start your spiritual journey- in your own space!  This lovely episode will give you detailed way to start your day in a balanced present manner.  Find a great way to be a peace first thing in the morning!  No experience needed, and nothing to buy- just find yourself each day.
September 4, 2019
Welcome To The 80 and Way Chill Life
First episode for Way Chill Life introducing Rachel Hammond and her new weekly guided meditation and spiritual talk The 80.  This LIVE online meditation and lecture will help you sleep better on Sunday nights to release the Manic Mondays.  The 80 is designed to give a spiritual guidance in your own space, for you to connect with yourself and your guides.  No experience is necessary, so learn about The 80. Find out more at 
September 4, 2019