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Paradoxia: the podcast

Paradoxia: the podcast

By Rachel Vinciguerra
This podcast is about the paradoxes we hold as people—the gray areas, the cognitive dissonance. What does it mean to be a feminist and watch The Bachelor? To be politically-engaged and take time away from the news? Each episode I interview someone about the paradoxes they hold and how they reconcile. ‘Cause “we contain multitudes,” right?
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Episode 10. Political Action & Personal Rest: Holding Paradoxes this Political Season with Morgan Overton
In this episode, Rachel talks with Morgan Overton, a Pittsburgh-native, artist, organizer, and Policy Associate for the Women's Health Activist Movement Global. Morgan shares about her work in politics and community organizing. They discuss the upcoming presidential election and how we can both support politicians with policy ideas we believe in and hold them accountable. Morgan reflects on how her artwork has been at the intersection of political engagement and her own wellbeing particularly in her portrait of Antwon Rose II. Morgan shares her advice for using your talents to advance change while also taking the time you need to care for yourself. Host: Rachel Vinciguerra Guest: Morgan Overton Show Notes Mo in the Studio (Etsy): @mointhestudio (Instagram) Antwon Rose II Portrait by Morgan: Young Democrats of Allegheny County: Pittsburgh's Gender Equity Commission: 1Hood Media: Get Connected Email me, Rachel, with thoughts and ideas for future episodes: and follow @paradoxiapodcast and @rachelvinciguerra on Instagram
September 22, 2020
Episode 9. Avoiding the Single Perspective: Openness to Nuance While Abroad with Kelsey Ullom
In this episode, Rachel talks with long-time friend Kelsey Ullom about the intricacies of perception, learning, and service while abroad. Kelsey shares some frameworks for how universities, students, and lifelong learners can think about their travel that allows for more complex thinking and the importance of sharing a honest view of a place that doesn't draw on stereotypes when you return. Rachel and Kelsey talk about some examples of single-minded and open-minded thinking from their time in Haiti.  Show Notes Nadinne Cruz and Community-Based Learning, The Dali Lama and Emotional Disarmament, White Fragility, Dr. Robin DiAngelo, Write to Be No White Saviors Instagram, Campus Compact Fair Trade Learning, Get Connected Email me, Rachel, with thoughts and ideas for future episodes: and follow @paradoxiapodcast and @rachelvinciguerra on Instagram
September 15, 2020
Episode 8. Homophobia & Racism: Intersectional Experiences of Gay Male Sexual Assault Survivors of Color with Dr. Daniel Jacobson López
Rachel talks with Dr. Daniel Jacobson López, a Postdoc at the University of Pittsburgh who's work is centered on enhancing and developing trauma-informed, culturally-relevant and evidenced-based health care services for gay male sexual assault survivors of color. Dr. Jacobson López is also the first Latino PhD graduate from Pitt's School of Social Work and the first Chair of Diversity and Inclusion for Pitt's Postdoc Association. They discuss Danny’s experience being a part of a Zoom call with Latinx scholars that was "zoombombed" by a white supremacist. Danny shares about his research around the experiences of gay male sexual assault survivors of color and how racism and homophobia intersect in the ways these folks do or don't receive care and support in healthcare settings. *This episode is marked explicit for discussion of sexual assault.* Host: Rachel Vinciguerra Guest: Dr. Daniel Jacobson López Show Notes Danny's Bio: Pittsburgh Action Against Rape: RAINN: Anti-Defamation League: To report a zoom bombing incident or hate crime: Get Connected Danny's Email: Danny's Twitter: @danjlopez8 Email Rachel, with thoughts and ideas for future episodes: Follow @paradoxiapodcast and @rachelvinciguerra on Instagram Website:
August 11, 2020
Episode 7. Representation & Pushback: Trans Representation and the film "Disclosure" with Jam Hammond
Rachel talks with Jam Hammond, a social justice advocate living in Pittsburgh working with the Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations and Sisters PGH and a transman. They discuss the new Netflix documentary Disclosure which is the first documentary film of its kind to document trans representation in film and television from the perspective of transpeople. Jam shares his own experiences watching film and television covered in the documentary and the paradox of increased representation and increased violence that the documentary explores as well as some of the challenging intersections feminism has had in media with trans inclusion.  *This episode is marked explicit for some discussion of sexual intercourse in the films and television shows presented in Disclosure.* Host: Rachel Vinciguerra Guest: Jam Hammond Show Notes Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations: Disclosure Film: Sisters PGH: Gender Awareness in Pittsburgh Webinar: Get Connected: Email Rachel, with thoughts and ideas for future episodes: Follow @paradoxiapodcast and @rachelvinciguerra on Instagram Website:
July 22, 2020
Episode 6. Hope & Truth: Emergency Medical Care During COVID-19 with Megan Cook
Rachel talks with Megan Cook, an emergency medicine resident at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. Megan shares about her work as a doctor during COVID-19 and the tension between truth and hope that all doctors manage. They discuss Megan’s experiences in the emergency room with COVID patients and how she personally manages the complexity of this time both as a resident and in her personal life. Host: Rachel Vinciguerra Guest: Megan Cook Show Notes TIMES “TV Doctors’ Confusing Rule in the Coronavirus Pandemic” NYT “Black Coronavirus Patients End Up in Hospitals More Often, Study Finds” UN Women. “COVID-19: Emerging Gender Data and Why It Matters.” Unlocking Us. "Brene Brown on Comparative Suffering"  In Shock by Rana Awdish This American Life. "The Reprieve." Get Connected: Contact Megan with questions: Email Rachel, with thoughts and ideas for future episodes: Follow @paradoxiapodcast and @rachelvinciguerra on Instagram Website:
July 7, 2020
Episode 5. "Holding Opposites" with Creativity during COVID-19 with Rukmini Poddar
Rachel talks with Rukmini Poddar, a NYC-based artist, designer, and illustrator, about her watercolor artwork illustrating emotions. Rukmini talks about her work at the intersection of emotional wellness and creative storytelling. They discuss Rukmini’s recent piece on paradoxes called “Holding Opposites” during COVID-19 that has reached tens of thousands in the last couple of weeks and how creativity can be healing and connecting when we are dealing with emotional tension and duality. Host: Rachel Vinciguerra Guest: Rukmini Poddar Show Notes Rukmini's Website: Rukmini's Instagram Pages: @rockinruksi @dearruksi Richard Rohr's Falling Upward: Get Connected: Email Rachel, with thoughts and ideas for future episodes: Follow @paradoxiapodcast and @rachelvinciguerra on Instagram Website:
April 21, 2020
Episode 4. Yoga During COVID-19: Anxiety Overwhelm & Finding Center
Rachel talks with Laurel Chiapetta about how COVID-19 has had the effect of both inducing very real anxiety and turmoil for many, while simultaneously slowing us down and quieting the noise. Laurel shares about the difficult decision to close her physical yoga studio space and they discuss their experiences of both and how they have connected in new ways to their yoga practices during the requirement to stay at home during this pandemic and the impact that this situation has had on yoga studios, instructors, and in-home practices. Host: Rachel Vinciguerra Guest: Laurel Chiapetta Show Notes Get Connected with Laurel at Yoga U PGH: and Pittsburgh Yoga Council  Email Rachel, with thoughts and ideas for future episodes: Follow @paradoxiapodcast and @rachelvinciguerra on Instagram Website:
April 7, 2020
Episode 3. Social Media: Connective & Isolating with Priyanka Srinivasa
Rachel talks with Priyanka Srinivasa about social media and how it can be both connective and isolating especially during the time of COVID-19. They discuss examples of both isolation and connection and how they navigate this dichotomy. They discuss authenticity on social media, selfies, and how they promote their own healthy use of social media platforms. Host: Rachel Vinciguerra Guest: Priyanka Srinivasa Show Notes Social Network Sites and Well-Being (2019) The FOMO is Real: How Social Media Increases Depression and Loneliness (2018) Facebook's Red Notifications: Obsessive, Addictive Tiny Red Dots: Facebook Beta-Tests Controls that Turn off Those Angry Red Dots Gen Z and Feminism: How Social Media Has Reshaped Feminism (2018) (Pri's reference to a Plan International study was from an InterAction conference in 2019) Social Media Use and Depression and Anxiety Symptoms (2019): Teens and Their Experiences on Social Media (2018): Get Connected Pri’s Instagram: @world.before.her, #IWillGoOut Email Rachel, with thoughts and ideas for future episodes: Follow @paradoxiapodcast and @rachelvinciguerra on Instagram Website:
April 7, 2020
Episode 2. The Bible: Specific & Universal, Inclusive & Exclusive with Carrie Thompson
Rachel talks with Carrie Thompson about the Bible and its paradoxes through the words of Rachel Held Evans in her final book “Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again.” They discuss how the Bible can be specific and universal, how it has been used for exclusion and inclusion, and the ways it exists and has been read as both feminist and non-feminist. Host: Rachel Vinciguerra  Guest: Carrie Thompson Show Notes "Inspired" by Rachel Held Evans: Rachel Held Evans Obituary in the New York Times: Get Connected Carrie's Pitt Law: Pittsburgh Legal Income Sharing Fund (PLISF)  Email Rachel, with thoughts and ideas for future episodes: Follow @paradoxiapodcast and @rachelvinciguerra on Instagram Website:
March 24, 2020
Why Paradoxia?
Host: Rachel Vinciguerra In this brief intro, Rachel explains what prompted the idea for this podcast from both personal experience and noticing what has been happening in our communities, our society, and the media around cancel culture and how we negotiate learning about sexual assault allegations for societal figures. Show Notes/Links Michael Jackson's life showed us the journey from abused to abuser How to Discuss Kobe Bryant's Rape Case After Tragic Death's Aziz Ansari Story and the controversy around it explained Myth's Obscure Voodoo, Source of Comfort in Haiti Email me, Rachel, with thoughts and ideas for future episodes: and follow @paradoxiapodcast on Instagram
March 4, 2020
Episode 1. Place Identity: East & West Coast with Juliet Montrone
Rachel talks with her childhood friend Juliet about what it has meant to her to be attached to two places: Massachusetts, where she was born, and California, where she has lived for the past eight years. They discuss place identity and the different ways our relationships, rituals, and connections to those places shape who we are and how we understand ourselves and the world.  Host: Rachel Vinciguerra Guest: Juliet Montrone Show Notes  People, Place, Space (digital resource/book) There, There by Tommy Orange (novel) Home by Warsan Shire (poem) Hello Neighbor (Pittsburgh nonprofit) Get Connected Juliet’s Twitter: @jmontrone  Email Rachel, with thoughts and ideas for future episodes:  Follow @paradoxiapodcast and @rachelvinciguerra on Instagram Website:
February 19, 2020