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Thought Garden - Personal Growth In Nature

Thought Garden - Personal Growth In Nature

By Rachel Woods
Nature is my business partner, teacher and confidant.

Coaching, thinking, creating, planning and sustaining physical and mental health. Nature has much to teach us. Join me.
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Fungi, Worms and Assumptions
Thought garden is more to sow seeds for you to ponder than to give you answers to take away.  This episode is eclectic but with a point, a point about the things we assume rightly or wrongly.  I make no apology for any bad puns it contains
October 1, 2020
Whatever the Weather
How do you feel about the shift in the seasons?
September 16, 2020
In the doghouse - what we should learn from Human's best friend
Inspired by those I am a slave to and share my home with.  There are many lessons I have learned from my dogs.  Like how to relax with intent for example.  Each day is a masterclass of living in the moment and rebuking vanity in favour of fun and freedom
August 24, 2020
How and why nature matters in coaching
Join me where I outline the benefits nature can bring to coaching.  Whether you are a coach or you are seeking coaching.  I outline the  benefits, the power of nature in metaphors and why these things resonate so well with the human psyche.   A growing take on coaching practice that is worth consideration.
August 14, 2020
Ponder when you wander
Ponder while you wander encourages you to dial up your attention while walking, or sitting in natural spaces.  Using all of your senses to take in things you experience everyday and maybe notice something new
August 7, 2020
Welcome to Thought Garden
Welcome to the Thought Garden.  A place to pause and to ponder.  To recognise and celebrate nature and the impact gifted to use as human beings by the natural world.  Join me as I wonder about the health benefits of the great outdoors both for mind and body.  Also as I explore the physiological, neurological and spiritual side of nature lovers.  
August 3, 2020